Glassmorphism Website Examples

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Coffee - Glassmorphism Website Examples

1. Coffee

First on our list is the very cool website, Coffee. I love how they styled their website using the glassmorphism aesthetic which made the website look more bright and more fun. The fonts that they used also complimented the background, and they didn’t overpower any design on the website. They did a great job of making the design well-balanced. Cool!

Reflect - Glassmorphism Website Examples

2. Reflect

The amazing thing about Reflect is that it actually does reflect a fantastic design. You will simply like exploring it because everything is flawless and well-polished. The website loads quickly, which means you won’t get bored easily, which is something I appreciate about it. They selected complementary hues that enhanced the design, giving it an appealing aesthetic.

T.RICKS - Glassmorphism Website Examples


This is probably my favorite design on this list out of all of them. This website really oozes beauty and futuristic feelings everywhere you look. Everything is clean and flawless, from the color scheme to the shapes and fonts that were employed. This website is a must-visit since it is attractive to the eye and is really entertaining to look at.

Graphic Website Examples

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TOMMY GRAPHICS - Graphic Design Website Example


This website is spotless and reminds me of Japanese pop/anime! Haruki Tominaga never failed to present his artworks appealingly! He even has a blog too about his day-to-day thing. Way to go!

Epok Design - Graphic Design Website Example

2. Epok Design

If there were a contest for best website animation, Epok would probably get the top place. The way their display their projects doesn’t disappoint. Visit this website to know what I’m talking about. I’m sure you’ll be amazed as you scroll up and down!

Razvan Garofeanu - Graphic Design Website Example

3. Razvan Garofeanu

Razvan Garofeanu’s website is de rigueur! Despite its simplicity, he never failed to impress me with his knowledge, brands, and awards. I like how he employed Bluegreen, a pleasant and calming color that exudes stability and knowledge. Excellent work!

Green Website Examples

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Intuit - Above The Fold Website Examples

1. Intuit

Intuit is a global technology platform that helps our customers and communities overcome their most important financial challenges. The website has a simple and easy-to-navigate style that is very user-friendly. It has a lot of white spaces that make the most out of the website, making it look clean and minimalist. You should definitely check this website if you need some inspiration.

Ezoic - Adsense Website Examples

2. Ezoic

Ezoic is an automated website testing company that enables publishers to evaluate and optimize ad placements and website layouts. Through their help, you will improve your traffic and revenue which will make your website grow in no time. The colors on the website are simple but look cool, the white and green work well together. Very cool!

nerdwallet- Affiliate Website Examples

3. NerdWallet

Many people associate the color green with nature, conjuring up images of lush grass, trees, and forests. However, money, luck, health, and envy are also popular connections with the color green, just like NerdWallet! For those of you who don’t know, NerdWallet is a finance company that believes that everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence.

High Converting Website Examples

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Limepay - Clean Website Example

1. Limepay

First on our list is Limepay, an innovative, brand-first payment platform that gives control, knowledge, and ownership of the customer experience back to brands. Their website may look simple but it’s sophisticated and I love how sleek everything looks. The large text highlights the service that they offer. I also love the logo which looks modern and stylish. Well done!

Primer - High-Converting Website Examples

2. Primer

Students at Primer Microschools learn at their own pace, follow their passions, and receive the individualized attention they need. They’re on your side, building educational institutions that encourage students to be more ambitious, inventive, and independent thinkers. This is a great way for children who have a hard time socializing. If you want your children to have quality education, visit Primer now.

Een Nul Agency Website Example

3. Viral Loops

I really love Viral Loops’ graphic illustration on its homepage. The white spaces became colorful and looked a lot more playful because of the creative drawings on them. The website looks alive and inviting as you visit it, you will also not have a hard time navigating it since it’s very easy to control and browse. Make sure to give them a visit.

Interactive Website Examples

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Pierre Herme - Interactive Website Examples

1. Pierre Herme

Pierre Herme has one of the dark aesthetic designs a website could have. I like how it tells a story through interactions, which is definitely aesthetically pleasing. For sure, the audience will enjoy navigating this website as well so make sure to check this one out now.

An Deiner Seite - Interactive Website Examples

2. An Deiner Seite

Blackster is an independent Munich-based investment firm, with a portfolio of successful and impactful businesses. Blackster creates a minimal yet dynamic design suitable for competitive and innovative approaches. You’ll learn so much about web design if you visit this one! 

Japanese Web Design - The Shift

3. Nurture Digital

Nurture Digital is a collection of different brands all on one website. You can look at your favorite brands on this website and see what’s new for them. I love the pastel color of the design which brings more life and color to the website itself. Go check it out now!

Lead Generation Website Examples

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Databox - Lead Generation Website Examples

1. Databox

Databox is a business Analytics platform built to help you understand what’s going on with your business. KPIs from cloud services, spreadsheets, and databases in one place. Their website has a well-balanced amount of colors and graphics on it, so I can say that it’s well-polished. It seems like they planned the design well to match their business. Well done!

RedShelf - Lead Generation Website Examples

2. RedShelf

RedShelf’s website really has a great color combination. I love the red, white, and gray that were placed all over the website. They didn’t overpower each but instead created a harmony that made the website aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of the audience. I know for sure that anyone will be easily enticed once they see that a website is well-polished.

ElleVest - Lead Generation Website Examples

3. ElleVest

ElleVest is a financial company by women, for women. They are here to help women build wealth so that they can live the lives they want — because when women control their own money, everyone is better off. This is a great platform that not just helps women but also empowers them. If you want to know more about it, visit their website now.

Light Website Examples

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Teapot Creation One Pager Website Example

1. Teapot

I like how to website instantly captures the attention of the visitor with the geometric shapes, teapots, and animation. On this website are some super creative details to be found. I love that this teapot website is actually a 3D art studio.

Sakari One Pager Website Example

2. Sakari Sake

Looking for a super clean one-page website? Check out this example! This sake company with its pale color scheme and popping products is of outstanding quality. Wonderful!

Mel Noakes - Coach Website Example

3. Mel Noakes

This website is visually pleasing. The colors used are soft so it really displays warmth and is very inviting. I also love the chic and friendly-themed photo above the fold. This definitely makes a good impression on its visitors.

Minimalist Website Examples

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Birch - Clean Website Example

1. Birch Community

Birch, a sprawling estate of greenery and refuge for the city-life-weary located north of London, has a remarkably witty website worth exploring. This Waltham Cross-based accommodations begins its website’s landing page with an aerial view of a snowy terrain where different groups of people have gathered. What’s unique about it is that the groups of people are actually vectorized videos that are miniaturized on a seemingly snow-filled illustration of their estate. These miniature vectorized videos of people are used generously throughout the layout of the website’s other sections as part of the design. Coupled with an interactive menu and humorous photos, these videos give a sense of fun that one can recapture in their community. Clever!

Toy Fight - Clean Website Example

2. Toy Fight

Toy Fight has a rather intriguing name for a creative partner, what more the visuals they use in their website’s homepage: two 3D mannequins of naked men. This award-winning agency sure delivers the message of their unconventional ingenuity when it comes to creativity and design. Beyond the angry mannequins, the website packs beautiful typography, light animated effects, warm colors, and clean layout in one. Click the link to learn more about them!

Studio Twofold - Clean Website Example

3. Studio Twofold

Studio Twofold markets itself as a strategic partner for smart and creative design solutions. This two decade old full-service studio for various creative needs exhibits their prowess impressively in their website. Besides the clean design, the website has fun typing animations, subtle super-imposed geometric shapes blended with white backgrounds, and powerful call-to-action messages. Their image slider with interesting effects gives an oomph to a company’s portfolio of clients. Go on! Don’t miss this one out.

Modern Website Examples

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Elegant Themes - WordPress Website Example

1. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is a startup that helps other startups build great websites. This renowned provider of WordPress themes first became famous for releasing Divi, which is regarded as the most advanced in features and which is the same theme I used in my website. Elegant Themes’ website has super nice moving animations on the homepage that includes a console of their product’s features. Clicking on a feature would seamlessly play a video that has been incorporated in the page’s design. Neat! They sure did a great job at showing their product’s capabilities.


2 . Bluehost

Bluehost, as the name implies, is a webhosting company for ecommerce stores and websites created with WordPress. This company also offers a host of other services to help businesses setup their online presence such as domain name registration, email servers, website design, and web development. Their website is structured with conversions in mind with its upfront copyrighting on current promotions supported with compelling call-to-action messages. Overall, the website has an upbeat layout, appealing visuals, social backing, and cool color scheme. This website definitely deserves a spot in this list.

TheConciousInk - Modern Website Examples

3. TheConciousInk

The modern on this website is the artwork itself. I love the doodles that she makes which represent her own style when it comes to art. The comic sans font never fails to make a website look more modern and friendlier since it has a lighter vibe. Awesome job!

Neumorphism Website Examples

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Day and Night - Neumorphism Website Examples

1. Day and Night

First on our list is the simple yet stunning website of Day and Night. The website looks well-polished and well-designed based upon browsing it. The design is unique and simple at the same time which makes it more aesthetic. I love the simple color palette that they chose since it gives the website a clean and neat overall look. Good job! - Neumorphism Website Examples


Next is the very simple and clean, Creatsy. I love the minimalist design that they chose for the website, it makes the whole page more stunning and enticing to the audience. The clean style of the layout may be simple but I believe that the design attracts the audience more because of its simplicity and calmness. A must-visit website!

Nicecard - Neumorphism Website Examples

3. Nicecard

Nicecard’s website is truly a work of art or maybe I just love it so much because of its unique color palette and style. I like the dark style of the design but it still looks friendly because of the color orange that stands out because of the black background. I like everything about this website, so you should definitely visit it.

One Page Website Examples

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Banorama - High-Converting Website Examples

1. Banorama

The animated background of the profile is just stunning. The sky scheme combo of the theme flatters the view of the website. The animations and the design flourishes are absolutely amazing and fit the website so well!

Noodz - Lifestyle Website Examples

2 . Noodz

Look at this creatively designed website! The combo of green and pink and a little bit of yellow gives a lustrous appearance. There are some really fun animations and jokes here too which make this one a must-see!

Drifttime One Pager Website Example

3. Drifttime

“Step on your game, keep clients smiling and increase your value” makes websites more valuable to attract viewers. The video on the website makes everything clear. You can also meet the developers by visiting the Driftime website.

Orange Website Examples

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1. Humbleteam

First on our list for the orange website is Humbleteam. Humbleteam designs products and services that deliver a digital experience at the intersection of users and business needs. In terms of design, they have a great color combination that makes orange a playful color and makes it very compatible with any color.


2 . Jetson

Jetson has more of a playful color combination of orange and yellow on its website. I love how they used orange as the main color and yellow made it more standout. Since they are selling medicines, I believe that orange is the perfect color for it. Awesome!


3. iteo

Iteo looks like Humbleteam because of the color palette that they used. Although orange may not be the primary color of the web design, it grabs your attention since it stands out among the black and white background. The website has a simple design and less text on it which makes you focus on the overall design of the page.

Parallax Website Examples

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Recap After Use

1. Recap After Use

Recap After Use has a black and white color scheme which just basically screams minimalist and trendy. The overall design of the web page is well-polished and you will definitely love interacting with it as you scroll furthermore. The large text is a great way to create emphasis for the title.

The Dockyard Social

2 . The Dockyard Social

What I love about The Dockyard Social’s website is the modern color palette. It’s very unique and it can easily catch the attention of customers. The website is well-design since it comprises patterns and shapes that are trendy. They also have a great menu that is easy to navigate so no customer will have a hard time browsing it.

Web Design & Art History

3. Web Design & Art History

The Web Design & Art History shows how the evolution of aesthetics in web design has paralleled that of visual art history. It may have a simple landing page because of the color combination they chose but as you scroll, you can see how visually stunning a simple artwork can be.

Pillar Website Examples

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Wine 101

1. Wine 101 Learn the Basics

If you are of the people who love wine and want to know more about it, then this pillar page is for you. Wine Folly created a very informative page for wine beginners to teach them more about it which is very helpful. The page is straightforward but packed with information that will not bore you.

Yoga Poses

2. A-Z Directory of Yoga Poses

For the women out there, for sure you will love this pillar page especially if you’re into yoga. A-Z Directory of Yoga Poses has a variety of poses you choose from and copy in the comfort of your own home. The page has a very peaceful aura and you will surely learn a lot from it.

What is Wine

3. What is Wine?

Another pillar page from Wine Folly is very interesting, especially for people who just started to learn about wines. The whole page may have a lot of white spaces but it is full of information and it will make you interested to learn more about wines. Cool page!

Pink Website Examples

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Victoire Duoy - Pink Web Design

1. Victoire Duoy

Victoire Duoy’s website is refreshing to the eye. As you scroll down, all illustrations are connected by a thread. Such a nice concept to let visitors stay willingly from start to finish. Pleasingly done!


2. Bond

The relaxing soft pink of this website is contrasted by red, blue, and white, resulting in a tight color scheme that runs across the website. The charming vector graphics keep the color pattern and create an attitude of community, support, and cooperation. Despite their abundance, these pictures do not clutter the page and instead help the content stand out. The Chap typeface lends a little retro feel to the design, adding to its pleasant and easygoing vibe.

SE Beauty Studio Makeup Artist Website Example

3. SE Beauty Studio

This web design is a great example of how you should leverage a personal touch to create an instant connection with your visitors. I also love how they split up their pricing in clear elements. Verry convenient!

Purple Website Examples

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Limepay - Clean Website Example

1. Limepay

Limepay’s color scheme. Are you kidding me? The website of Limepay did an extremely great job at making the website come ‘alive’ just by using the right colors. I love it. The shoe floating on top of the checkout adds an extra dimension to the homepage.

Purple Web Design - utrust

2. Utrust

Utrust is a startup in the famous ‘fintech’ niche. I love how their web design is minimal and almost simple. However, don’t be mistaken; building such a clean design is harder than it looks.

Purple Web Design - Phoyd

3. Phoyd

When you think this website only has professional graphic details and formal copywriting, check out the ‘web design,’ ‘web hosting’, and ‘about us’ pages! These add more value to Phoyd’s website. And as a result, it builds a connection and a sense of trust with his potential clients.

Red Website Examples

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Infrared - Red Website Example

1. Infrared

Infrared is your one-stop website for everything red and trendy. You can see here on the website lots of modern graphic design details as well as smooth scrolling animations. Have a look at this awesome website!

Nuasin Next Generation Charter School - Red Website Example

2. Nuasin Next Generation Charter School

Utrust is a startup in the famous ‘fintech’ niche. I love how their web design is minimal and almost simple. However, don’t be mistaken; building such a clean design is harder than it looks.

Superlist - Red Website Example

3. Superlist

Superlist wows you with its amazing 3D animation above the fold. And that’s not all there is to this website. Try and see for yourself how this website leverages cool scrolling animations

Static Website Examples

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Static App - Static Website Example

1. Static App

If you want to host static pages for websites, all you need is Static App. As you browse it, the attractive design will definitely make you feel better. Visit this concise website to take a look at its creative idea, and you might learn something!

Arm Creative - Static Website Example

2. Arm Creative

A full-service creative agency, Arm Creative creates memorable, authentic, and results-driven marketing campaigns. You can find small layouts on this website, which I’m sure you’ll like. Additionally, the design is mobile-friendly. What I like about the website is its use of of white spaces, clean and easy to look at.

Phylum - Static Website Example

3. Phylum

Yes! Whether it’s graphic designs, videos, animations, or colors, Phylum is the only website you need to visit if you want sleekness. The website is noteworthy because of its modern design. View this website now if you want to learn more!

Black Website Examples

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Paula Piedrahita Black Website Example

1. Paula Piedrahita

You can definitely tell this website is made by a graphic designer. Every facet of this website from the color scheme to the text, this one is absolutely perfect.

BlackFin Tech - Dark Website Example

2. BlackFin Tech

Professional and creative! What’s not to love about this website? A noteworthy feature of BlackFin Tech is its image slider. Have a look at the design, I can say it is one of a kind!

DMS Technology - Black Website Example

3. DMS Tech

Looking for a classic web design with compact layouts and sleek photos? DMS technology is for you. I’m sure you’ll also love its color scheme – mainly composed of black, blue, and white! The colors make the website have a cleaner look.

Responsive Website Examples

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1. Glossier

If you are a make-up enthusiast, I know for sure that you know the brand Glossier. Glossier has been out in the market for a long time now so it is not new already that we love their products and tried them. Their call to action is timely right now since it’s already the holiday season.

East London-Liquor Store - Responsive Website Examples

2. East London Liquor Company

From the East End of London, amongst canal-side warehouses and old-school boozers, East London Liquor Company distills, imports, and serves a range of award-winning gins, whiskies, vodkas, rums, and kick-ass cocktails. Visit their clean and very organized website to learn more about their booze! Each product will leave you interested.


3. Hulu

We know Hulu as another option if we want a wide range selection of movies. They have almost everything we want from different genres, all you have to do is pick and play it. If you subscribe now, then you are already good to go. Just chill now and watch a movie!

Yellow Website Examples

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Wild Fi - Yellow Website Examples

1. Wild Fi

First on our list is the awesome-looking website of Wild Fi. You will definitely get wild once you see the design of its website, everything is just flawless and stunning. The shade of yellow that they used is not hard on the eyes, and you will have fun looking at it as you browse the page more. I also love the copy that they placed on the landing page, it works really well.

Ritual - Yellow Website Examples

2. Ritual

I love the copy that will greet you once you visit their page. The whole website just screams sophistication all over it and I know for sure that you will now regret visiting this one. The font style used also matches the vibe well since they are going for a clean and healthy aura to endorse their product. This is a must-visit website!

Mr. Dogographer - Yellow Website Examples

3. Mr. Dogographer

This website is just simply adorable and fun to look at. The witty name of the website just adds more fun to it and makes it more interesting. I know that you will enjoy this website as well, so make sure to visit this one now and have fun browsing their page.

Blue Website Examples

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Wild Fi - Yellow Website Examples

1. Fleece & Thank you

A beautiful photo appears on your screen as you open the website. The image gives users an immediate idea of what the website is about. The font used goes with the website’s theme, nothing fancy but impacting the reader’s mind.

Azure Group - Blue Web Design

2. Azure Group

The first look on this website is a top-view image of the sea. This gives a sense of trust and calmness to its audience. Scrolling further, various graphics with compelling call-to-action buttons are featured in a slider.

Waterhouse Wade - Blue Website Examples

3. Waterhouse Wade

Do I need to say more about this blue-colored website? Everything about Waterhouse Wade just simply exudes polished ideas and design. The name of the brand really reflects on the color scheme that they used which is a great idea. Definitely check this one now to learn something new for your own website. Just simply amazing!

Futuristic Website Examples

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Lusion - Futuristic Webiste Examples

1. Lusion

The future is all about this website! I’m immediately in awe of how AMAZING the animations and graphics are on the homepage. It’s true that Lusion is where real-time magic starts. Lusion’s founder’s goal is to use the correct technology to close the gap between abstract ideas and immersive experiences. Very cool!

ILAB - Futuristic Website Examples


ILAB is a digital creative agency with a focus on advertising, web design, and branding. You’ll see from this website that black-and-white patterns are still popular today despite their age. The mix helps the fonts, images, and other visual components of this website stand out. This is the one if you’re looking for color ideas with a clean, sophisticated look!

Zeya Marx - Futuristic Website Examples

3. Zeya Marx

Zeya Marx’s website is on another level of futuristic style. I love the glitch effect on the design and how it makes the website look more interesting. Once you scroll down, you will more interesting photographs that will catch your attention since it is aesthetically pleasing. Awesome work!

Dynamic Website Examples

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Facebook - Website Review

1. Facebook

First on our list is the very famous Facebook. I mean, we all know that and I believe we own an account in order to communicate with the people we love. I think we are all familiar with Facebook’s design, so all I can is it is simple yet remarkable. Way to go, Facebook!

Hubspot - Dynamic Website Examples

2. Hubspot

A CRM platform called HubSpot brings everything a growing business needs to provide best-in-class customer service together in one location. Because they made the pastel colors look more attractive, I absolutely adore the website’s color design. I really like the font type they chose because it gives them a distinctive brand. Awesome!

Twitter Help - FAQ Page Examples

3. Twitter

Twitter, an online microblogging site that disseminates 280-character messages known as tweets, had a significant impact on politics and culture in the early twenty-first century. Twitter is more appealing because of its simplicity, and the website’s simple navigation is a plus. Good work!

Flat Website Examples

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Boylen - Flat Website Example

1. Boylen

Boylen, an Australian-based creative studio, provides future and current clients a simple looking and straightforward website. A 2022 TechBehemoths multiple awardee, Boylen exudes boldness in its color scheme that makes a memorable impression on the viewers. I for one love how some texts in green captured my attention. This decade-old company also used nice mouseover effects for graphics, modern yet clean layout, bulleted lists for easy reading of content, and dropdown effect for its FAQ section. A well-planned website.

Tala - Flat Website Example

2. Tala

Tala’s website offers visitors a minimal yet modern design. Yes, their website may look lackluster at first with its black theme but it eventually oozes with fun. Thanks to vibrant product photos, mouseover pop-ups and various text effects. This sense of fun comes from Tala being a crunchy, freeze-died, flavorful fruit packaged as a delightful snack. Nice concept of maintaining branding online here.

MAWO - Flat Website Example

3. Mawo

MAWO is a Polish brand of clothing that means little and few. This belief in minimalism extends to their website’s design that is dominated by photos using very little text. Their choice of photos, by the way, echo this minimalism as well as its objects and models strikingly convey the beauty of simplicity. Such consistency is a very good way of strengthening one’s brand and building a good following of one’s products. Beyond the visuals, their website also uses a clean layout and good functions such as giving language options, a live chat, and an online shop.

Unique Website Examples

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Robby Leonardi Web Design Portfolio Example

1. Robby Leonardi

Robby Leonardi’s website has got to be the most creative website example. The design is extremely playful – both literally and figuratively. Also, they clearly know how to give an excellent first impression. Click the link to see what I’m talking about. You won’t be disappointed. 

Joshua Mccartney Web Design Portfolio Example

2. Joshua Mccartney

On this site, you will find a collection of Joshua McCartney’s work during his time in New York & London as a senior art director, demonstrating a broad spectrum of his abilities. From art direction to hands-on design, static to motion, lighthearted to earnest, his main purpose is to build memorable things with wonderful people. 

Viral Loops Startup Website Example

3. Viral Loops

Viral Loops is a referral marketing tool which helps you to explode your website with new visitors. We’ve used Viral loops to create virality with multiple websites. It allows you to build a sustainable referral scheme which helps you to grow your website rapidly.

Easy Website Examples

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Femme Fatale Easy Website Example

1. Femme Fatale

A unique and creative website that starts off with an awesome video. Once you scroll down, the website feels like you have entered space with its speckled design. Not many colors are used but that is partially why the website catches one’s eye. Click the link to learn more about Femme Fatale! 

Benny Cuppini Photography - Easy Website Examples

2. Benny Cuppini Photography

This website from Benny Cuppini is really easy to navigate. You can access different pages by just clicking on the tabs that you are looking for. The colors on the page is also what I love about it. The color combination is easy on the eyes and aesthetically pleasing. I know you will love this page as well, visit them now!

Dragonfly Wave Webdesign Website Example

3. Dragonfly Wave

Dragonfly Wave’s website is full of life because of its aesthetic color scheme, stylish fonts, clear value proposition, call-to-action, and web design worth your time. If I were you, I’d visit this website quickly to learn more about Marci,  the woman behind Dragonfly Ave.

White Website Examples

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Samantha Evans - Actor Website Example

1. Samantha Evans

Samantha Evans is an actor, writer, improviser, and creator. You can see this talented artist’s bubbliness and oozing confidence in her photos. Additionally, what struck me most about this website is Samantha’s name in elegant font style on top of every web page. Love it!

Allison Linker - Static Website Design

2. Allison Linker

This minimalist website enthralled me because of its simplicity and authenticity. With only six photos displayed on the homepage, you would want to explore the website even more. Clicking on each photo redirects you to a page that, again, has a minimalist feel to it with thin fonts, soft colors, lovely photos, and embedded audio and videos.

Belinni - White Website Examples

3. Belinni

Well, you can that this website by Belinni Management is white since it is full of white spaces. The minimalistic approach to the design makes it more interesting and aesthetically pleasing since the audience will now focus on the beautiful photograph of the model on the landing page. Well done!

Dark Website Examples

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General Condition Cloudways Website Example

1. General Condition

A warm welcome from this website with a creative and fun page above the fold. Below the fold, the black and white content continues to be very fun and enticing with lots of great images, animations, and write-ups. So nice to see!

KBI Cloudways Website Example

2. KBI Digital

The overall black and white theme is very nicely implemented on this creative website. The color combination makes it immediately identifiable. The sliding pictures of the guests make the website more trustworthy.

Tyler Grace - Dark Website Examples

3. Tyler Grace

Now, this is something different. Not only the colors of this website are dark but even the content itself. I like how they depict art beautifully and convey meaning differently. This can be too much for someone who is sensitive but if you are someone who wants to understand an underlying meaning of art, this might be for you.

Japanese Website Examples

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Japanese Web Design - Satoshi Kuroda


Satoshi Kuroda’s website is full of life. As you visit, you’ll be welcomed with engaging photos to inspire you to scroll down with enthusiasm. Images are a simple way to improve your website’s user experience. Visual information accounts for 90% of all information we perceive and transmit to our brains. Images can help you attract attention and direct your visitor’s gaze.

Ryogo Toyoda - Responsive Website Examples

2. Ryogo Toyoda

A little background: Ryogo Toyoda is a 3D illustrator, motion designer, and author born and based in Tokyo. He specializes in 3D Design, character design, and motion design projects. His website will be your next favorite! I can feel it. Ryogo Toyoda’s animations are one of the best I’ve seen. He did an excellent job of showcasing it online.

Japanese Web Design - Alnico Design

3. Alnico Design

Alnico Design plans and produces various items and designs necessary for shops, mainly in small shops. This website has the cutest way of displaying its products for visitors to buy. Believe me when I say everything they sell is beyond adorable and will make you purchase from time to time! Check them out right now.

Clean Website Examples

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Norm Architects Clean Website Example

1. Norm Architects

Norm Architects is an expert on designing furnitures to houses using soft, minimal styles and earthen colors without forgeting functionality. This minimalist and natural approach to designing Norm Architects similarly implemented in their website. The overall color theme of the website is off white made elegant by the crisp photos of their finished projects, which are presented in an animated image slider. Below this are other projects layouted neatly—a good way to learn how to use tile spacing and size keeping images to make a difference. It is very classy and very inspiring!

Firescript Clean Website Example

2. Firescript

Firescript is a freelance web designer and developer based in Canada. Their website uses beautiful imagery, especially on the homepage which is a mountainous terrain that signifies a journey of creation. This company, after all, believes that “anything is possible” when it comes to “digital experience.” A flourishing fire in the logo is just the cherry on top on the right amount of energy can create beautiful things. Love it! Click the link to learn more about Firescript!

Tallow's Retreat & Dove Studio - Clean Website Examples

3. Tallow’s Retreat & Dove Studio

When it comes to the cleanliness of a website, this example is the one you should take inspiration from. The homey vibe of the page just makes it livelier and easy on the eyes. Remember that white spaces can make a website look cleaner and sleek, especially if you use it effectively. Visit them now!

Museum Website Examples

27 inspiring examples → view all of them here

Norm Architects Clean Website Example

1. Tokyo National Museum

Despite its serious nature, the Tokyo National Museum’s website appears vibrant and engaging. You will definitely enjoy the background image of this one because it remains visible even when you scroll down, creating an enjoyable experience. In addition, the pages are brimming with captivating images that entice you to delve into each one!

Firescript Clean Website Example

2. Auckland Museum

The website is visually captivating with its entertaining and vibrant background images. It is evident that the web designer thoroughly enjoyed creating this website, as there is no dull aspect and each element showcases a distinct and artistic style. This website is both crazy and fun!

Tallow's Retreat & Dove Studio - Clean Website Examples

3. Canterbury Museum

The Canterbury Museum has a very modern and attractive website. A visually striking color scheme is achieved by strategically placing bright colors on white backdrops. This is the best option for you if you like clean, uncluttered web pages. Amazing content awaits you at the link.