Bakery Website Examples

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Land & Monkeys Bakery Website Example

1. Land & Monkeys Bakery Website Example

If you’re looking for a bakery website example, Land & Monkeys is one of the most inspiring I’ve seen so far because it stands for “Dream Fair, Eat Fun”! The menu is uncluttered, and the video background is stylish. The style closely resembles a magazine with plenty of white space in between and colorful photos. Amazing work!

Grandir Bakery Website Example

2. Grandir Kyoto

For over three decades, the best artisan bread in Japan has been Grandir Kyoto. Grandir Kyoto did a fantastic job at displaying eye-catching product photos above the fold. It not only genuinely engages website visitors, but it also makes their bread and pastries’ fluff and texture visible. Just by gazing at it, I’m becoming hungry!

Real Women Beauty Website Example

3. Dubravica

The pinnacle of sophistication is Dubravica. The website has the same sophisticated tones. This is clear in the designer’s choice of earthy tones to evoke the texture of their bread and the company name’s gold color. The website’s basic style and utilization of themed merchandise round out the sophisticated atmosphere they create online.

Coffee Shop Website Examples

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Mr Claude Coffee Website Example

1. Mr. Claude

With a friendly and peaceful image above the fold, Mr. Claude greets viewers. In a very subtle way, the header disappears as you scroll. Also, the colors on this website go together so beautifully when you take a closer look at them. The epitome of consistency.

Nom Nom Coffee Shop Website Example

2. Nom Nom

For your fancy coffee website inspiration, check this out! Black and gold colors work so well if you want to go for a more elegant kind of website. The luxurious theme makes you want to drink coffee like a royalty. This website also presents details in a straightforward manner. Nice!

The Bow Coffee Shop Website Example

3. The Bow Window Cafe

Using boutique accents from the images, The Bow Window provides you with a comfortable setting and laid-back vibe. The header of this website is another significant aspect. The shop’s address and contact information are also prominently displayed, along with the logo!

Food Truck Website Examples

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Puddin' - Food Truck Website Example

1. Puddin’

Puddin’ offers sweets, one of the best comfort foods we all enjoy. Their website is as vivid and vibrant with color options as their products are delectable. The softly groomed, black background of the homepage shot pairs beautifully with the wonderful pink hues. You should check out the excellent food truck website Puddin’.

ISLYNYC Jewelry Website Example

2. Triple Jay’s Pizza

When you visit the website for Triple Jay’s Pizza, your mouth will undoubtedly water. Everyone adores their handmade pizza, which looks quite good. They are also a top pizza restaurant in the area, so you know their goods are fantastic and delectable. Everything is perfectly polished and coordinated in terms of appearance, right down to the typeface they chose.

The Cookie Bar - Food Truck Website Example

3. The Cookie Bar

One of our all-time favorite sweets, cookies, are sold at The Cookie Bar. I can promise you they are one of the best places you can buy a treat from with the variety of delectable and highly enticing varieties of cookies. Despite having a straightforward layout, their website’s colors and typeface work well together. The logo is incredibly imaginative and cute.

Restaurant Website Examples

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Cutie Pies Pizza Restaurant Website Example

1. Cutiepies Pizza

Do you want to see a bold restaurant website example? A web design that doesn’t go for the safe option, but makes a statement? Have a look at this one. I love their tagline, combined with the juicy image. They filled the website with amazing images and enticing call to action buttons. Great work!

Rialto Restaurant Website Example

2. Rialto

Germany is the home of the restaurant Rialto Wismar. I adore how they mix delicate lettering with huge, strong graphics. A few entertaining scrolling animations on the website give it a lively air. I love the elegant aesthetic of the whole page. Really motivating!

Green Rebel Restaurant Website Design Example

3. Restaurant Green Rebel

A Canadian restaurant under the name of Green Rebel is really a must-visit place. An amazing backdrop movie on their website gives you the impression that you are inside the restaurant. The typography, pictures, and scrolling animations are all flawless. Fantastic restaurant webpage!

Bar Website Examples

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Vig Bar

1. Vig Bar

Vig Bar claims to be a “hidden gem” in New York’s charming Nolita area with its party-friendly spaces. They have three areas designed for a variety of affairs from birthdays to just hanging out with friends. This modern-designed bar composed of a Front Room, Back Room, and Outdoors has an extensive menu of liquor and alcoholic drinks, as well as, merchandise for patrons. Their website have a very interesting splash video that loads a different set of animation on each mouseover or mouseclick. Looking for a bar website inspiration that oozes with confidence and has witty content? Go check out the Vig Bar.

Ivy Bar Website Design Example

2. Ivy Bar & Grill

Ivy Bar & Grill offers a unique and memorable experience for New Yorkers and alike wanting to unwind with friends after work under a cozy ambiance and modern furniture. They also offer a VIP area for those who wish to spend an intimate dinner with loved ones. I love the homepage photo used on this bar website example! Its vibrant colors definitely capture the visitor’s attention and prompt them for a visit. On top of that, when you scroll further, the content is featured elegantly in chic graphics. And oh, don’t get me started with the video on the 360° viewing of the bar’s interior. Perfect!

Cask Bar & Kitchen

3. Cask

New York’s Cask Bar & Kitchen delivers authenticity and craftsmanship from their tavern-style interiors to their locally crafted alcoholic beverages and fusion cuisine. This penchant for quality and beauty is clearly seen in their website—from the above-the-fold homepage photo to the awesome feature they have for the visually challenged! They have an Accessibility Menu represented by an eye illustration situated at the bottom right corner of the website. When clicked, a menu opens that allows visitors to choose the website’s display settings suitable to them. Then there’s their inspiring menu design that, besides the sharp macro shots of the food, have the cleanest and prettiest layout I have seen by far!

Food Website Examples

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Maer - Food Website Example

1. Maer

Maer’s website is very stylish for the world’s most nutritious food. I like how they displayed seaweed attractively that piqued people’s interest rather than drove them away. Bravo!

John Bateman - Food Website Examples

2. John Bateman

The website by John Bateman will make your mouth water because of the delicious-looking photographs of food. He can make everything look expensive, even a piece of bread can make you hungry because of how good he is at taking photos. This is definitely food heaven, so check them out now!

Delassus Group - Food Website Example

3. Delassus Group

My mouth was open the entire time I was on this page! To be honest, I just want to hug its designer and say, “you’re freaking awesome!” Delassus never failed to entertain me from start to finish. Their entire opening introduction has just sealed their position as my favorite food website example!

Franchise Website Examples

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1. McDonald’s

Well, I think we’re all familiar with our good old friend, McDonald’s. Their franchise has been going on all over the world and I believe that there wouldn’t be a country without one, that’s going to be weird if they don’t have one.


2. 7-Eleven

This children’s shopping website is very pleasing to the eyes. From the pastel colors to the adorable photos of the model, it will surely make you scroll for more. But it doesn’t end there, their logo will is very eye-catching, especially in the eyes of children. Great job!


3. Starbucks

Oh well, who wouldn’t know Starbucks, right? They’re very famous for their delicious coffee and pastries. For everyone who loves coffee, I’m sure that they’ve tried this once or they even go there now every day just to make sure that they start their morning with a delicious cup of coffee.

Liquor Store Examples

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East London-Liquor Store - Responsive Website Examples

1. East London Liquor Company

From the East End of London, amongst canal-side warehouses and old-school boozers, East London Liquor Company distills, imports, and serves a range of award-winning gins, whiskies, vodkas, rums, and kick-ass cocktails. Visit their clean and very organized website to learn more about their booze! Each product will leave you interested.

Bottle Haus Liquor Store Website Example

2. The Bottle Haus

The Bottle Haus has the prettiest and most organized menu to beautifully feature each of its drinks. I love how aesthetically everything is, leading you to click on each without hesitation. Check out everything from whiskey to wine! 1500+ bottles
to choose from. 

Market View Liquor Store Website Example

3. Market View Liquor

Looking for your favorite new wine? You might want to check out this lovely and friendly website to find the one! There are plenty of reasons to make Marketview Liquor your source for buying spirits and wine online. They have a large selection of wines eligible for free shipping when you order six or more bottles. To save even more, mix and match a case of 12. 

Mega Menu Examples

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Puddin' - Menu Website Design

1. Food Network

If you are a food enthusiast and you enjoy cooking food, you should definitely check Food Network in order to learn new recipes and share it to your family. They are well known for a variety of recipes to choose from and how simple the instructions are when it comes to the procedures. You can now learn to cook your favorite dish at the comfort of your own home with the help of Food Network.

Starbucks - Mega Menu Examples

2 . Starbucks

The greatest slow-smoked BBQ in Middle Tennessee can be found at Smokin’ Buttz Food Truck. They serve wonderful food and have been featured on some local news networks, so I’m sure many people are familiar with them because of this. Their website has a bright, stunning hue that works nicely with the style they went with.

Curry Up Now - Menu Website Design

3. Curry Up Now

Curry Up Now is a must-try if you’re in the mood for some tasty and authentic Indian food. This is a wonderful chance to introduce everyone to a taste of their culture. Although their website is lots of white space, they made the most of it with their unique logo design to make it the site’s focal point.