Accountant Website Examples

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Azure Group - Blue Web Design

1. Azure Group

Azure Group helps businesses strategize for the future by giving insights behind the recorded financial data of their operations. The essence of what they do is beautifully encapsulated by an aerial shot of a team of rowers in a canoe race, which requires great teamwork and clear foresight to win. In addition, the top-view image of the deep sea gives a sense of trust and calmness to its audience being a blue color. Scrolling further, various graphics with compelling call-to-action buttons are featured in a slider.

YPTC - Accountant Website Example


The background video on YPTC’s website homepage was amazing in telling their company story. Overlaid with a slogan in strong typography, the content above the fold really explained the website’s purpose. Another notable detail on its website is the use of the classic blue and orange color scheme, which could also be seen in their choice of photos and graphics. These complementary colors are well-balanced by generous white areas to keep the professional flare in the website’s overall design.

CPA Australia - Accountant Website Example

3. CPA Australia

I could not but notice the cleanliness of the design and the planning that went into the layout of this website. This could be most felt by visitors the moment they click on the Menu and see the volume of information this website holds, which is not as obvious because of its simple and modest yet trendy design. CPA Australia sure knows how easy people can spot credibility from first impressions and through a website’s design. After all, it is one of the largest accounting organizations in the world for encompassing 100 countries with 170,826 members as of date.

Advisor Website Examples

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Edelman Advisor Website Design

1. Edelman Financial Engines

Whether it’s a professional advisor website design or classic arrangements of website elements, Edelman Financial Engines got you covered. I love the color scheme of this website, it makes the website have a cleaner look. You can never go wrong with blue!

Guided Agency - Advisor Website Example

2. Guided Agency

This marketing and business consultancy agency is headquartered in Dubai. It is impressive how Guided Agency has created a contemporary web design by combining motivational graphics with simple typography. Nice! Click the link to learn more about them!   

Prophet Website Design

3. Prophet

Oh yes! You should take advantage of the opportunity to look into this consulting firm’s website. In addition to Prophet’s minimalistic web design style, a compelling background film made this website the best it can look. Very inspiring! For those interested, Prophet releases the potential of individuals, organizations, and brands to improve the world. They aid customers in overcoming obstacles to achieve extraordinary growth. To help you find and seize game-changing opportunities, they provide the insight, rigor, and expertise you require.

Financial Website Examples

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Green Assets Wallet Financial Website Example

1. Green Assets Wallet

A very creative website with a lot of unique touches, the Green Wallet Assets website is a prime example of a great financial website. The subtle animations and curves make this website special.

Hype Finance

2. Hypefin

You can never go wrong with Hypefin’s color scheme! The bold colors and creative graphics give an awesome playful vibe you don’t see often with financial websites. The unique approach is a great way to stand out. Excellent!

Flux - Financial Website Example

3. Flux

The 3D illustration above the fold looks so aesthetic and it fits well with the overall web design. What’s also impressive about this website is the visually-pleasing collection of graphic designs, animations, and its color scheme!

Coach Website Examples

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The Modern Renaissance Man – Coach Website Example

1.Modern Renaissance Man

So this first example deserves some explanation. Wow – this is an inspiring one! First of all, this color scheme generates a luxurious vibe. But I’m just getting started. As soon as you scroll down the homepage, you’re hit with some epic scrolling animations. Everything about this website just ‘fits’. Well done, compliments to the Love Pixel Agency for designing this one!

Marie Mbouni Coach Website Example

2. Marie Mbouni

High achievers can access an endless future with Marie Mbouni’s assistance thanks to the connection between the mind, body, and heart. She exuded strength and assurance, which made me feel safe, and her devoted spirit infused the website with passion. Visit her website right away to discover courage, clarity, and focus while letting go of internalized anxieties, limiting beliefs, and unfavorable thought patterns.

Italian Doctor Website Example


This website for life coaching is just simply amazing and a breath of fresh air. I love the meaning behind their name which is Joy On The Inside & Out, which is inspiring. Even the color palette that they used for the website is calming and matches their branding well. You will learn a lot from them so check them out!

Agency Website Examples

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1. Dapper

Dapper uses the latest tools and technology, unparalleled creativity, and the best talent to help you realize your full online growth potential. If you like fresh, quality content and a refreshing color scheme, this website has both to satisfy you! Don’t hesitate to click the link. 

Pigment Agency Website Example

2. Pigment Branding Studio

Pigment Branding Studio has some stunning background videos for you to check out! Rember this; a website with a video background has the potential to stand out among static website home pages. Visit this agency website design to learn  thing or two! 

Een Nul Agency Website Example

3. Een Nul

Een Nul is a small web design agency focusing on custom websites. As you visit the website, you’ll be welcomed with awesome scrolling animation with a touch of green color tones as part of the playful web design. Click the link to see what I’m talking about. 

Corporate Website Examples

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Thora Corporate Website Example

1. Thora

This corporate website is very classy. The fullscreen video gives users a very nice example of the business the website is involved in. Below the fold, Thora is a great website filled with excellent images. Savor the Scandinavian style of healthy living wherever you are by clicking the link! 

Blackster - Corporate Website Example

2. Blackster

Blackster is an independent Munich-based investment firm, with a portfolio of successful and impactful businesses. Blackster creates a minimal yet dynamic design suitable for competitive and innovative approaches. You’ll learn so much about web design if you visit this one! 

Japanese Web Design - The Shift

3. The Shift

The Shift doesn’t just create future-inspired projects but innovative designs as well. You can see here lots of modern website elements that take it to the next level with their imagination and creativity. Click the link if you’re engaged in projects that transcend the boundaries of technology, design, science, and creativity to “shift” things. 

Electrician Website Examples

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Rio Electric - Electrician Website Examples

1. Rio Electric

A family-run electrical contracting business, Rio Electric serves the East Valley and the greater Phoenix area. To give their clients the finest experience possible, they have been working since 2006. Everything looks more polished on this website because of the white space. You can tell when you arrive on a website that has been updated frequently throughout time.

III Points - Event Website Example

2. Mister Sparky

The website has a lot of information since Mister Sparky is “spark raving mad” about electricity. They offer pertinent information, and the copywriting is excellent! Good work! For some interesting information, historical nuggets, and recommendations to assist you with anything from A to Z while insuring the safety of your house, click the link.

Kollmann Electric - Electrician Website Examples

3. Kollmann Electric LLC

Homeowners and landlords contact Kollmann Electric LLC for all of their electrical requirements. They provide everything, including new home wiring, simple repairs, and appliance installation. The website exudes trustworthiness because the designer utilized blue tones for the pages. Superb choice!

Isurance Website Examples

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Stone Insurance Agency - Insurance Website Examples

1. Stone Insurance Agency

Stone Insurance Agency will definitely make you feel safe and insured when it comes to your money because of their years of expertise. We can find a lot of testimonials on their websites and that is when you can tell that the website is reliable and trustworthy. Check them out now!


2. Insurance Jack

Insurance Jack is a hassle-free insurance that will help you find the right insurance that fits your lifestyle. It will give you options and compare everything, so you can choose the right one for you. What I also love about the website is the playful and bright background that gives the website more life. Well done!

Brown & Brown Insurance - Insurance Website Examples

3. Brown & Brown Insurance

Since 1939, Brown & Brown, Inc., a renowned insurance brokerage company, has provided individuals and companies with risk management solutions. You can determine they are dependable and trustworthy enough based on their many years in the industry. If you desire devoted clients, this is a crucial factor. Well done!

Government Website Examples

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Bloomberg Government

1. Bloomberg Government

You can tell by the design of this website that is it well-constructed and well thought of. I love how everything matches each other perfectly. The website is very neat and well-presented to the audience so it is really respectable for me.


2. GSA

The landing page of GSA looks very friendly and comfortable to look at. The overall feels of the website are not very intimidating and you won’t even think that is it a government website. If you want a friendlier approach to your audience, check GSA now.


3. Maximus

I personally love Maximus because of its cool name and website layout. The purple and white color palette really matches each other well. The overall vibe of the website makes it look so friendly and truth be told, the website doesn’t even look like a government website at all.

Law Firm Website Examples

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Garcia Garcia Law Firm Website Example

1. Garcia & Garcia

The attorneys at García & García Attorneys at Law, P.L.L.C. focus on complex immigration and criminal cases as well as basic family and deportation representation. On their website, it is evident how they are really passionate about helping people with immigration cases. The copywriting itself carried the whole website – go check it out.

Brownson Law Firm Website Example

2 . Brownson PLLC

Brownson PLLC is a Minneapolis law firm with extensive experience in Minnesota, North Dakota. A map illustration on the “About” section is a great addition to the web design. It is uncommon to see maps on a website so this absolutely captures one’s attention. Cool!

Taylor Law Firm Website Design Example

3. Taylor Vinters

Taylor Vinters is a global legal and advisory practice, supporting innovation ecosystems and the businesses that drive them. Their website is just what you expect from a firm that supports innovation. They took creativity to the next level by incorporating contemporary and futuristic images into their web design as well as showcasing new events, ideas, and articles.

Politician Website Examples

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Jumaane Wiliams - Politician Website Examples

1. Jumaane Williams

Jumaane is dedicated to ensuring fair opportunities for all New Yorkers. His campaign is being driven by ordinary people rather than companies and huge real estate. His passion is evident throughout his webpage. The typography, color palette, and stock photos all convey professionalism and devotion. Excellent work!

Joe Biden - Politician Website Examples

2 . Joe Biden for President

It’s impossible to deny how the color blue has taken over the website. I’m referring to the blue tones in the font and background. It is, indeed, a color associated with optimism. For a politician’s website example, the designer made the correct decision by using it as the primary color.

Doug Jones - Politician Website Examples

3. Doug Jones

This website is all about Doug and his career in fighting impossible battles. I admire how quickly he established an excellent and trustworthy name for himself. Seems like a great one just like his website design!

Private Equity Website Examples

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LLR Partners

1. LLR Partners

LLR Partners is a lower middle market private equity firm investing in technology and healthcare businesses. The professional-looking website will surely earn your trust instantly and it will guarantee you that you are in good hands. Check their website now to learn more about them.

The Vistria Group

2 . The Vistria Group

I love the simplicity of their homepage. Their logo is very stunning as well and I think this is what makes them stand out. Their tagline is very well-thought as well which will make you agree with them and invest instantly.


3. Cinven

Cinven Group Limited operates as a private equity firm. The Company invests in consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, industrials, technology, media, and telecommunications sectors. Cinven Group serves customers worldwide. By visiting their website you will learn a lot about investing and it may even lead you to invest as well. Check them out now!