Artist Website Examples

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Andreas Varro Artist Website Example

1. Andreas Varro

Andreas Varro’s internationally awarded and published artwork represents human behavior through the medium of satire art. He uses conventional methods to create props and construct scenes.  You will love how Andreas really created an amazing artist website example. This is definitely a website on which one can say, ‘I’m looking at a piece of art.’ Well done, very inspiring!

Julio Artist Website Example

2. Julio Dolgado

This artist website example is definitely one you should check out. I love the bold colors and the powerful images throughout this design. Bold colors seem best when they have something to contrast with. A rich color scheme would be incomplete without one or two complementing color wheel shades. Using too much of one hue, especially a bright one, can be overwhelming.

SLMKMR - Artist Website Examples


This website made from Pixpa looks clean and sleek. The white spaces on the page make it look balanced and harmonized. Plus, what I love more about it is the elegant photographs that show how professional and great they are at what they are doing. The placement of the logo makes it easier for the audience to remember the brand.

Cartoonist Website Examples

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Sofia Warren Cartoonist Website Example

1. Sofia Warren

What do you need in a cartoonist portfolio? A cartoon, of course! The focus is fully on the cartoon in this example and everything else is stripped back, making this one very well suited for its purpose. The overall minimalistic look is what I really love about this website.

Isabelle Feliu - Cartoonist Website Example

2. Isabelle Feliu

Isabelle Feliu is an illustrator and painter from Québec city based in Oslo. This website is such a lovely sight to see, thanks to its beige background color, and captivating illustrations revolving around the world of fashion, design, nature, and travel.

Do Not Fret Citizen - Cartoonist Website Examples

3. Do Not Fret Citizen

Oh my gosh! This is all I can say about this website. Just look at the awesome illustrations of the artist and relevant they are now in our generation. The color palette is just pure perfection that it leaves me speechless already. What are you waiting for? Give them a visit now and be amazed by the awesome artworks.

Illustrator Website Examples

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Victoire Duoy - Pink Web Design

1. Victoire Duoy

Victoire Duoy’s website is refreshing to the eye. As you scroll down, all illustrations are connected by a thread. Such a nice concept to let visitors stay willingly from start to finish. Pleasingly done!

Clara de Lorenzi - Illustrator Website Examples

2. Clara de Lorenzi

This website is full of digital illustrations and simple animations with lots of colors and popping characters. I love how adorable every corner is. It surely looks like a comic book!

FERN - Illustrator Website Example

3. Fern

Fern is an animation and design firm that values both craftsmanship and collaboration. This website is a personal favorite. As you scroll down, you’d feel like you’re watching a short animation that tells a heartful story. Very unique!

Photography Website Examples

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Marina Palacios Photography Website Example

1. Marina Palacios

At first glance, Marina Palacios’s website has you enthralled and amazed for a minute or two. The beautiful display of wedding pictures gives you a peek at what it might look like and attracts immediate attention. Check out this one for its beautiful symmetry and soothing color schemes.

Iwink Photography Website Example

2. Lwink Photography

If you’re looking for a photographer specializing in dancing, you’ve probably heard of L. Wink, one of the top photographers in the business. This photographer is one of the most well-known artists in this genre, not only in the United States but also internationally. The sleek display of photographs gives you a pretty good idea of how L-Wink Photography will cater to your needs.

Dan Henry - Photography Website Examples

3. Dan Henry

If you are looking for a great photographer around New York, you just got lucky since Dan Henry is there! You can see the works of art on his website, and I know you will love them just as much as I did. The collage of photos shows his flexibility as a photographer. Well done!

Videographer Website Examples

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Reawaken Productions Videographer Website Example

1. Reawaken Productions

The website for Reawaken Productions has a simple layout and simple navigation. The website has a dramatic atmosphere because of its dark background, which is perfect for the services they provide. Its website design is notable for the eye-catching image that is shown above the fold, after which a video will soon begin to play.

Jack Holmes Videographer Website Example

2. Jack Holmes Film

Jack Holmes Cinema tells stories in a fantastic way. I adore how interesting and welcoming this website’s “about me” page is. The ideal method to showcase the videographer’s expertise in the aforementioned areas is with a humorous bar chart showcasing his abilities. The futuristic appearance of the landing page even has me smitten.

Veritas Art Pictures Videographer Website Example

3. Veritas Art Pictures

With pictures and videos of people living their daily lives in their natural conditions, Veritas Art Photos is one of the most humanely themed websites. The addition of a beautiful font accentuates the authenticity and mood of the website design. This website offers a neat user interface, obvious call-to-action buttons, and engaging text overall.

Animated Website Examples

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Waze - Animated Website Examples

1. Waze

Waze calculates the best route to a user’s destination based on real-time data from the app’s users, taking into account traffic congestion, construction zones, speed traps, accidents, and other potential roadblocks. Their website has a lot of white spaces but the overall design does not look boring because of the playful and fun graphics that were placed on it. Awesome!

Your Plan, Your Planet - Animated Website Examples

2. Your Plan, Your Planet

Your Plan, Your Planet is an interactive way to understand your environmental impact and learn simple, science-based ways to improve it. They have a very simple and minimalist web design on their website. It may be simple but the color combination used for the website is simply stunning because of the pastel-themed aesthetic that they are going for. Great job!

Pete Nottage - Animated Website Examples

3. Pete Nottage

Now, this animated website is simply fantastic. Pete Nottage’s website has a lot of colors and is very fun to look at because of how creative and unique the design is. It seems like the designer planned the design well and ensured that everything will look well-polished on the output. The moving graphics are mesmerizing. That’s a very brilliant design!

Architecture Website Examples

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Elegant Inc Architect Website Example.png

1. Elegant Inc Architects

Get ready to see a classy architect website with Elegant Inc Architects. Gone are the days when dark and patterns have been a big part of the design process. Today, white backgrounds are interspersed with black and gray to exude a beautiful overall design scheme, just like this one! Simplicity is still a major trend and a white background is the epitome of simplicity.

Chestnut Architecture Website Example

2. Chestnut Living

Chestnut Living recently updated its website. It now showcases the company’s diversified services from designing homes to providing an ambient space to enjoy coffee and a facility to purchase local goods. I like the way they clearly presented these three new divisions of the company in a clean, straightforward, and simple way. Simplicity, after all, is one of the values Chestnut Living identifies with. They also have a great portfolio project and an upfront call to action “build your dream house.” Nice work!

The Little Architecture Company Website Example

3. The Little Architecture Company

The Little Architecture Company similarly uses lots of white spaces on their website. I love how this Solihull-based company contrasted the white spaces with large, incredible images of their completed projects. The use of a slider to present these images provided a minimalist yet powerful effect on the website’s overall design and feel. Plus, I also liked how they highlighted their customer’s testimonials, which added a personal touch to their professional design.

Content Creator Website Examples

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Amanda Cerny - Content Creator Website Examples

1. Amanda Cerny

The first person on our list is the stunning Amanda Cerny. She is more than just a lovely face; she is also a wellness fanatic and someone whose material will make you chuckle. As her website is colorful, much like how she makes people’s days happier, it really portrays her personality. Well done!

Just See WPX Website Example

2. Marie Forleo

The website for Marie Forleo really screams sophistication and strength. The images of her giving a talk just demonstrate how intelligent and well-spoken she is to share her life experiences and the lessons she has learned. It’s quite eye-opening how the large font stresses the question about starting a new life. Awesome!

Siur WPX Website Example

3. Justin Bieber

Who wouldn’t recognize the well-known Justin Bieber, after all? He’s been around the music business for a while, and I’m confident you can even name one of his songs. His coolness as a person and a musician is clear on his website. You’ll be captivated by his website’s amazing graphics once you view it. Good work!

Landscaping Website Examples

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Lawns and Palms Landscaping Website Example

1. Lawns & Palms

Oh yes! This one satisfies all the requirements for what makes an excellent website. An interesting video that plays in the background, an obvious call to action that appears above the fold, and last but not least, a lot of social proof! Very inspiring! Visit this one and see for yourself. 

Harrison Landscaping Website Example

2. Harrison Landscape Co

This US-based landscaper definitely understands the power of great images. If you want to take inspiration from their website, you should definitely check them out now and see for yourself how great their page is. I love how they showcase portfolio projects throughout the entire website. Inspiring!

Valingo Landscaping Website Example

3. Valingo Landscapes

Oh yes! Valingo clearly hired a – very – professional web designer to build their website. I love how they use a blended background image with a powerful call-to-action button. The overlay style of the layout is very fresh to the eyes and I’m sure that the audience will love it too. Amazing example!

Painter Website Examples

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Ace Painting Website Example

1. Lawns & Palms

Oh yes! This one has everything a good painter website should have. A clear headline, a great background image and a clear call to ation above the fold.

London DPG Painter Website Example

2. London Painting Group

Oh yes. I love this design, as it’s very clean and professional. I like how this website has a clear UX which points users to requesting a free quote. I bet they convert many visitors into customers!

The Good Painter Website Example

3. The Good Painter

This UK based painting business clearly hired a professional web designer to build their website. I like how they use a team picture as a background image, as it instantly helps you visualize who you’re doing business with.