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Reviewed: the best Music website templates

Best Music Templates of 2024 | 21 instant downloads

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Best Music website templates

1. Waverly Template

If you’re looking for a lively, vibrant, and colorful design layout, go with this amazing template. You will definitely like the layout pack’s page layouts, use of color backgrounds, high-quality images, and unique section designs! Overall, what a nice option to consider. 

What we love about this music website template

  • Lively and vibrant
  • Nice call-to-action buttons 
  • Lots of whitespaces 

2. Carmine Template

Prepare to create stunning websites with the all-new Carmine template. This template set is ideal for any music website. The modern design style, varied layouts, and high-quality photos will help you quickly attract new consumers. What are you waiting for? 

What we love about this music website template

  • Love the colors combined with the typography  
  • Bold design 
  • Big, bold fonts 

3. Octillo Template

This wonderful-looking template is a welcome present for all music enthusiasts. The layouts incorporate a wonderful mix of old and current design features and bespoke images and icons. Furthermore, the layouts for displaying online programs are appropriate for online music instruction. Fantastic! 

What we love about this music website template

  • Amazing and bold design
  • Great for music events 

4. Cruz Template

This template is intended to provide you with all the styles, layouts, and elements required by your website. Aside from specific and developed pages that will help you attract new clients, the Alejandra Cruz layout bundle also includes high-quality photos that you can use for free and for any purpose.

What we love about this music website template

  • Amazing music event template
  • I love the unique style

5. Wycoff Template

There is no better approach to developing a music party website than this one. With various clean templates at your disposal, your website will be up and running in no time, ready to persuade visitors of your gigs and unlimited fun! Take a look at this one right away!

What we love about this music website template

  • Cool music party template
  • Big and bold images 

6. Vandam Template

This template has bold text and a clean design. If you want to stay uncomplicated, I suggest using this one to promote your content. The simplicity and ease of use can make or break your website experience. Streamlining your website design may increase conversions, improve user adventure, save time and money, and improve search engine rankings.

What we love about this music website template

  • Fantastic music event page
  • Cool design 

7. Event Venue Template

To create an elegant layout pack for your next website, you should look into the Event Venue Layout Pack for Divi. This layout collection includes stunning custom photos, illustrations, and effects. It can not only be used to make a stunning event venue website but also to create any other form of the website!

What we love about this music website template

  • Dark theme with nice contrasting details
  • Simple color blocks look fantastic 

8. Podcast Template

With Divi’s new Podcast Layout Pack, you can design beautiful podcast websites from start to finish! This layout pack’s color palette and background graphics give it a mysterious and intriguing vibe that your visitors and listeners will adore! Aside from that, you can switch between two separate episode sites.

What we love about this music website template

  • Soundwaves in the background
  • Player above the fold 

9. DJ Template

If you’re looking for a lively, spirited, and kaleidoscopic layout set, go no further than the DJ layout pack. It’s a versatile layout collection that may be used to create websites for various creative professions. This layout pack’s page structures, usage of gradient backdrops, and distinctive section designs will undoubtedly appeal to you!

What we love about this music website template

  • The word DJ pops
  • Nice double gradient

10. Polaris Template

This template is intended to make an impression. All pages have stunning font design components, bespoke images, and eye-catching color combinations. The bundle includes everything needed to meet the needs of any music festival website! Check this one out.

What we love about this music website template

  • Epic music festival template
  • Simple color blocks look fantastic

11. Jotterpress Template

This wonderful template has a nice layout with large-scale images and great typography. Throughout, the design is vivid and crisp. The background pictures creatively and effectively stage the material. I especially like the CTA on the Services page. Excellent!

What we love about this music website template

  • Classy design 
  • Incredibly easy to set up 
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