Bluehost Website Examples

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Superhero Cheesecake Bluehost Website Example

1. Super Hero Cheesecak

The well-balanced text and graphics are quite aesthetically pleasing and go nicely with the color scheme. The website has a fantastic appearance because of the colors, which are really distinctive. The website’s name is really endearing and will probably draw visitors. Visit this page to find out more!

Rooster Marketing Bluehost Website Example

2. Rooster Marketing

They may find an excellent portfolio on the website Rooster Marketing. The website is more innovative because of its movable content. The website looks neat and professional because of the white areas. Also, it causes the main design to stand out and become the focus of attention. Don’t forget to check out this page!

Courts Design Bluehost Website Example

3. Courts Design

A pleasant website with lots of bright and joyful design features is Courts Design. At first sight, this website appears to be pretty simple, but as you explore it further, the more original and cool it becomes. On the homepage, a striking and intriguing artistic shot is displayed. Awesome!

Elegant Themes Website Examples

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Elegant Themes - WordPress Website Example

1. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes leads by example. The moving animations on their homepage are super nice. They do a great job at showing their product capabilities.


2. Ainslie Walker

Oh yes! Ainslee Walker has an amazing Divi example. If you’re going to pick one to be inspired, let it be this one. The background video combined with subtle movements throughout the website is simply awesome!


3. Idaly Beauty Spaces

Idaly is a workspace community for beauty professionals. Their website is very well designed with classy touches. The scrolling animations make this website come alive. Love it!

Elementor Website Examples

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Lech Rudnicki Elementor Website Example

1. Lech Rudnicki

Lech Rudnicki is a storyteller, web designer, and marketing genius. The thing I like about his website is that he’s both visually strong and uses a lot of whitespaces. Whitespace is one of the most misunderstood parts of a good web design. In fact, it is frequently perceived as space and thus a waste of screen real estate. However, whitespace is one of your design’s most valuable aspects, just like Lech Rudnicki did!


2. Gidimo

Gidimo is all about “helping every kind of learner succeed” at a massive scale through its fun platform–a mobile app–where learning is easy. Envisioned to bring out the best in everyone and help transform lives, it empowers students of all ages to learn at their pace and even earn rewards. Their website, which uses lots of white spaces coupled with pale blue backgrounds, incorporates the sense of fun with nice animation, simple effects, and 3D cartoon characters. With this really fun and creative website, Gidimo invested in a page that could last for years. The framework is fairly basic, but fun animations, characters, and images make this website so cool!

Trelements Elementor Website Example

3. Trelements

Trelements is a website full of creativity. The website’s designer did a great job of creating perfect harmony. There aren’t too many images on the homepage, and everything is easy to read. A website with too much going on can be distracting. Consider how difficult it is to read a magazine. Too many graphics and text make concentrating harder, and you’ll likely turn the page. The same is true for a website like Trelements. You must strike a proper balance between space, text, and graphics.

GatsbyJS Website Examples

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Braun - GatsbyJS Website Example

1. Braun

Braun, a consumer products company, emits warmth, modernity, and transparency through its great choice of neutral color scheme. Shades of black, brown, and white easily encourage visitors to explore more of what the website has to offer. Another great thing about this website is when you click on the ‘explore’ button above the fold, you get redirected to a very soothing page with 3D animations of their product.

Impossible Foods - GatsbyJS Website Example

2. Impossible Foods

The first thing that captures a visitor’s attention is the website’s highlighted content above the fold. And Impossible Foods aced that! With clear copywriting, vibrant yellow background, powerful font, and of course, engaging visual media, one would definitely take the next step in exploring the website.

SEOMonitor - GatsbyJS Website Example

3. SEO Monitor

SEO Monitor has some of the best infographics out there. Their web design showcased their services by featuring clean infographics in black and white with accent colors that aesthetically pop out of the screen. Another noteworthy feature in their web design is the scrolling portrait illustrations of various members of their team.

GoDaddy Website Examples

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Coco River Organics

1. Coco River Organics

First on the list is Coco River Organics which is just simply stunning. The whole website is very classy because of the sleek color of white and light blue. Since they are selling organic products, it is understandable that it will lean closer to a clean website design for its website. You will definitely enjoy browsing their website for easy navigation.

Impossible Foods - GatsbyJS Website Example

2. Women Working in Technology

Women Working in Technology strives to educate, connect, and inspire women and their male allies working in technology. This is a great advocacy that everyone should know about because this is women’s empowerment and it also shows gender equality. The website is very simple yet powerful since it showcases the beautiful women working in technology right now.

Folly Coffee - GoDaddy Website Examples

3. Folly Coffee

For those who love coffee and want to try something new, you should definitely check Folly Coffee’s website. They have tons of coffee to choose from and all you have to do is shop ‘til you drop. Their website is very playful and unique when it comes to its design. The graphics placed on the packaging of the products make them stand out. Great job!

Shopify Website Examples

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Partake Foods - Shopify Website Examples

1. Partake Foods

Partake Foods makes super delicious, real and healthy, allergy-friendly foods for your kids. I love the design of the website since it is child friendly and it can easily attract customers. The colors they use are bright which makes their website look friendlier and more colorful. This is definitely a great example to start our list. Job well done!

Package Free Shop - Shopify Website Examples

2. Package Free Shop

Airbnb Secrets is a website that will help Package Free Shop sells sustainable, green, eco-friendly, plastic-free products to help you live a zero-waste, minimalist, and low-impact lifestyle. They have great advocacy that can help the planet heal. The design of their website matches well with their advocacy, so you can really see their own branding through the style of the website. Well done!

BLK & BOLD - Shopify Website Examples

3. BK & BOLD

If you are a coffee lover and looking for something new, then Blk & Bold might be the brand you are looking for. Their brand desires to unite coffee and tea lovers worldwide through a common interest of investing in community, specifically for the youth. This is an inspiring and unique way to promote an advocacy. Keep up the good work!

Squarespace Website Examples

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1. Squarespace

Let’s start with the elephant in the room. What’s the actual website from Squarespace like? Well. It’s incredible! The colors, the animations, this is definitely an inspiring website you should check out! Get everything you need to power your website here. 


2. Michelle Gee

Michille’s website demonstrates that excellent web design does not require a complicated layout. The color-coded blocks give the website a crisp and organized appearance that adds to the page’s overall structure. In addition to that, the color scheme is quite relaxing to look at. Fantastic stuff! 

Foodshot Squarespace Website Example

3. Foodshot

This website is highly pleasing to look at in terms of its layout and the pictures accompanying the many posts. In addition, Foodshot has a distinct and eye-catching appearance, thanks to the puzzle pieces scattered across the site. Excellent work!

Webflow Website Examples

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Conversion Bear - Webflow Website Example

1. Conversion Bear

Oh yes! Want to see a cool website that has both a clean layout and highly converting buttons? Conversion Bear has it all! Honestly, this website just ticks all the boxes. They have nice visuals, easy to navigate content, simple animation, social backing, and great copywriting! I particularly liked their animation that demonstrates how their app helps companies easily match their advertisement to their brand. The animation shows the ease of just ticking buttons in the app while a demo ad changes in color and content while it does so. Very inspiring!

Joseph Berry Webflow Website Example

2. Joseph Berry

Joseph Berry has an interesting animation on his website. The text on the homepage moves left to right, while the background photo changes as visitors move their mouse from left to right. The text links to the sections of the website once it is clicked with the mouse. The animation changes once inside each section and prompts a change in the text color on the mouseover. Besides the animation, the website has a nice black, off-white, and neutral color scheme. The website is straightforward and leads visitors directly to an online music platform where Joseph Berry’s debut album can be heard and bought. Nice work! 

Nuro Webflow Website Example

3. NU:RO

Watches have never looked so hypnotizingly chic, but this website understood the assignment the assignment. NU:RO is a minimalist analog watch. The watch has two dials, with hours at the top and minutes at the bottom. When they rotate, the time is shown in the middle inside the hourglass. NU: RO’s website design will have you reeling and interested. The website’s chic layout makes you want to buy all the watches. Way to go!

Weebly Website Examples

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Ashleigh Green - Weebly Website Example

1. Ashleigh Green

Ashleigh is a freelance illustrator from BC, Canada currently based in Dijon, France. This website boasts wonderful and expressive line drawings with playful, feel-good color palettes. And you’ll find plenty of cheery characters and plants throughout the website

Douk Snow

2. Duok Snow

Douk Snow is an online store that takes prospective purchasers deep inside the process of the UK company’s unique, handcrafted snowboard creation.  I love how a slideshow illustrates what distinguishes the company and adds a coupon as a well-placed call to action for interested visitors.

Kiko Rodriguez - Weebly Website Example

3. Kiko Rodriguez

Kiko Rodríguez is a versatile artist and graphic designer based in Miami. He uses illustration as a primary language for reflection and meditation. In his work, he experiments by fusing traditional and digital techniques. 

Wix Website Examples

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Influencer Website Examples - Tobias Becs

1. Tobias Becks

Tobias Becs is a freestyle footballer from Norway. More specifically, he’s the world champion. Well, clearly he hired a professional to build his Wix website. This clearly shows Wix is a serious platform when it comes to building amazing websites! Don’t forget to click the link to learn more about him. 

Film Folie Wix Website Example

2. Film Folie

Film Folie provides services for creating stories for others through their videography expertise. The visual content is sure to take your breath away without hesitation. Lead primarily through crisp images; it walks us step by step on how to make our brand stand out. Fantastic! 

Thank God It's Monday - Wix Website Example

3. Thank Gif It's Monday

Creativity with purpose! Thank God It’s Monday is the award-winning design and branding work of Craig Valentino. This website readily features his works on the homepage for the viewers to see. This is a great move for a portfolio-focused website!

WooCommerce Website Examples

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Wild Souls Woocommerce Website Example

1. Wild Souls

This super creative website shows how it’s done! There is a lot of time and love invested in this website and you can tell. Great stuff!

Blovd - WooCommerce Website Example

2. Blovd

The bold colors and creative images give an awesome playful vibe you don’t see often with B2B websites. The unique approach is a great way to stand out. Excellent!

Essential Gourmet - Woocommerce Website Example

3. Essential Gourmet

Essential Gourmet epitomizes the brand’s commitment to premier quality in every sense! The image looks so aesthetic and it fits well with the overall web design. What’s also impressive about this website is the visually-pleasing collection of images and color scheme!

WordPress Website Examples

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Mighty Landing Pages Website Example

1. Mighty App

This website is a magnificent rainbow of hues. The moving image on the home page is the main draw, though. Simply move your cursor over the image to observe the magic. Mighty is a new browser that saves you time and increases your productivity at work by loading pages more quickly, finding documents quickly, and maintaining speed even with hundreds of open tabs.

Customer Landing Pages Website Example

2. provides a simple aesthetic with purple undertones. The main picture is intriguing because it appears to have been hand drawn. The website appears to be quite tasteful and organized overall. Check out this automated messaging platform for tech-savvy marketers who want more freedom and control when creating and distributing data-driven emails, push alerts, in-app messages, and SMS.

Fortmatic Landing Pages Website Example

3. Fortmatic

Although Fortmatic advocates for simplicity, the design is quite gorgeous! The vivid hues stand out against the lovely black-and-white backdrop. The information is clearly structured, and the graphics are animated. What a cool thing! The layout is trendy and uses simple yet attractive animation. Good placement of call-to-action buttons aided by lots of social backing, which make this company look more credible than what it is already known for. To find out more about the top blockchain businesses, click the link.

WP Bakery Website Examples

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Chris Lema WPBakery Website Example.png

1. Chris Lema

Lech Rudnicki is a public speaker, coach, and writer. Looking at his website, I feel like I’m seeing a person I know. It’s the way he uses storytelling to connect with his visitors, combined with personal images. Very inspiring!

2. Prime Optical

The creative text-based content is written in an appealing style and the visuals are added to support it. I like how the colors of the logo are represented throughout the entire website.

Hiraya Solutions WP Bakery Website Example

3. Hiraya Solutions

Ideas are easy but their implementation may sound tricky. It is the web design, digital marketing, and consultancy site that promises quality solutions. The design of the website clearly states the core mission and is simple and straightforward.

Divi Website Examples

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Elegant Themes - WordPress Website Example

1. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes leads by example. The moving animations on their homepage are super nice. They do a great job at showing their product capabilities.


2. Ainslie Walker

Oh yes! Ainslee Walker has an amazing Divi example. If you’re going to pick one to be inspired, let it be this one. The background video combined with subtle movements throughout the website is simply awesome!


3. Idaly Beauty Spaces

Idaly is a workspace community for beauty professionals. Their website is very well designed with classy touches. The scrolling animations make this website come alive. Love it!

Wix Blog Examples

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Charcoal Wix Website Example

1. Charcoal Magazine

Want to experience freshness? Visit the Charcoal website, and you will enjoy every minute of reading the students’ funny stories and immense talents. Charcoal is a multimedia arts, culture, and fashion publication celebrating young artists of color and their stories! If you’re looking for a website that wows visitors with a slideshow on the homepage, is easy to navigate, and looks great, you’ve found it.

Zion - Wix Blog Examples

2. Zion Adventure Photog

Zion & Southern Utah is such a nice blog website to stay at if you’re planning to have a southern trip like a local. They provide the information you will need to survive and enjoy the experience. I specifically love the chosen color scheme and typography of this one because it screams adventure and excitement! Overall, the website’s design is polished and provides a pleasant visual experience.

Lizzy Hadfield - Wix Blog Examples

3. Lizy Hadfield

Lizzy Hadfield’s website is a blog filled with her daily adventures. Oh, how lovely is that? I want to try that as well! If you want to do the same thing, you can explore her creative layout toward image placement and adorable typography! I bet you’ll love the overall aesthetic of her page design! She doesn’t miss when it comes to displaying big, high-quality images edited like a film. 

Wix Business Examples

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Mane - Wix Business Examples


Mane Ethical Hairdressing aims to open a salon that doesn’t affect the planet. They welcome families with children and work hard to make their salon a welcoming and comfortable environment for them. How inspiring. If you’re into simple salon websites with many high-quality images, this is the one to observe! Such a nice business to know through. 

Manalulu - Wix Business Examples

2. Manalulu

Manalulu is founded by Jason Momoa – a famous actor with a good heart for his family and the environment. Manalulu’s goal is to help Mother Earth by diverting one less plastic bottle from the ocean’s trash heap. This is the one to visit if you’re into great copywriting and awesome background videos! I’d say they are convincing. After visiting this website, I am considering using a reusable water container to help save the earth we all adore.

Anne Jensen Wix Website Example

3. Anne Jensen

Anne Jensen’s website is designed in such a way that customers must love to come back. The products are presented in a beautiful and eye-catching way. The website design showcases intricate details. This is the one if you’re into revolutionary invention, beauty, and luxury. What are you waiting for? Click the link! 

Wix Photography Examples

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Leesha Williams Wix Website Example

1. Leesha Williams

Now if you’re a photographer, you better use some amazing pictures to create your own website. That’s definitely what this example did. Combined with a powerful personal message on the homepage, I think this is a great example to follow. Leesha WIlliams on top! 


2. Oakwood

Here’s another one in the photography/video space. Oakwood created its own style by using some cool fonts combined with beautiful images. Definitely check this one out! This is the one if you’re into nice font choice, great to explore homepage, and cool color schemes. 

Kristy Hoadley Wix Website Example

3. Kristy Hoadley

The photography services provided on Kristy’s website are magical.  I am fascinated by her beautiful photography.  Her method of showing her services is the most unique, bringing pictures to life. Click the link to see how clear navigation, an informative header, and a striking interface make a website exceptional. 

Wix Store Examples

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Anne Jensen Wix Website Example

1. Anne Jensen

Anne Jensen’s website is designed in such a way that customers must love to come back. The products are presented in a beautiful and eye-catching way. The website design showcases intricate details. This is the one if you’re into revolutionary invention, beauty, and luxury.  

Valeria Monis Wix Website Example

2. Valeria Monis

The Valeria Mons website features beautiful handmade ceramic pieces.  I became obsessed with hand art at a glance.  Each piece of art tells a story of the artisan’s hard work. The designer, Valeria Monis, is an interdisciplinary designer and artist with a keen eye for detail and a penchant for excellence. Born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, reared in Haifa, currently residing and working in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and seeking inspiration elsewhere. 

International Diamond Importers - Wix Store Examples

3. International Diamond Importers

If “luxury” was a website, it would be like this one! The International Diamond Importers took image quality as their main advantage. This Wix store website example shines with jewelry being displayed from left to right, with the appropriate amount of information. Brilliant! Click the link to see various collections. 

Wix Landing Pages 

11 inspiring examples → view all of them here


1. Wix

Wix has the most beautiful landing page illustration. Despite being a professional website builder, they never failed to add beauty and aesthetics to their website. I urge you to visit this one to see how carefully thought-of color pastels can make a difference! Nice.

Olidillon Wix Website Example

2. Olidillon Design

Whether it’s promoting a brand or marketing, your concerns are all taken care of.  Olidillon’s landing page design uses parts of modern technology and artificial intelligence. If you visit this website, you’ll be amazed by its solid background colors that give life to everything.  

Izzy Wheels Wix Website Example

3. Izzy Wheels

As the beautiful smiles of the two girls greet you on the website, you can’t resist exploring the site further. With masterpieces of wheels for wheelchair purposes, it’s no wonder why wheelchairs can’t be a fashion statement. This is the best example if you want to learn how color choices make every landing page stand out. 

Wix Portfolio Websites 

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David Milan Portfolio Website Example

1. David Milan

David Millan is an art director and lettering artist. I love how he constructed his portfolio around this lettering art. His homepage is filled with portfolio projects and does a great job of showcasing his creativity. Click the link to see what I’m talking about!

Thai Pham Portfolio Website Example

2. Thai Pham

Thai Pham is a photographer based in Vietnam. Her website is so incredibly clean; no fluff can be found. This is a great example to study if you desire to build a minimal yet powerful portfolio website! As you click the link, you’ll immediately understand why simplicity is beauty

Studio Bagaz Portfolio Website Example

3. Studio Bagaz

Studio Bagaz is an agency based in Israel. This is definitely an inspiring portfolio example. Actually, when you check this one out, have a look at the ‘contact’ page. It’s awesome! Everyone understands that a page with corporate information is an essential component of any website. The truth is that the more unique your Contact page is, the more likely it is that a visitor will be interested in what you have to offer, regardless of the business you are in.

Wix Wedding Websites

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French Knot Studio Wix Website Example

1. French Knot Studios

The French Knot Studios website has excellent ways to plan events. The website is designed for all types of devices, which is very praiseworthy.  I admire the way they have presented their services. This is the best example if you’re learning about French Knot navigation bar. 

Philip Nicole Wedding Website Example

2. Philip & Nicole

Phicole charms you with its cute graphic illustration above the fold. Exploring more of this website’s pages is a delight to the eyes. Trust me! You’ll see lots of visually-pleasing images, which are all extensive to boot! Have a look at this great website. Click the link immediately! 

Nikki and David Wedding Website Example

3. Nikki & David

If we’re talking about a straightforward and contemporary design for a wedding website, then Nikki and David have got you covered! You can also pick up a thing or two about how to make the most of beautiful photographs and a film that has been hilariously altered.

Wix Restaurant Websites

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Beautiful Rind - Wix Website Example

1. Beautiful Rind

Cheese! I suggest you look at this color-coordinated website if you are looking for a restaurant with all kinds of cheese. They have an extensive menu to choose from, so you wouldn’t have problems with what to choose. Also, they have cheesemonger-approved beverages that will make your day. Visit the link and learn more about Beautiful Rind! 

Independent Innovative Caterers - Wix Restaurant Websites

2. Independent Innovative Caterers

Independent Innovative Caterers is a nice, assuring website to visit if you are aiming of looking for an ideal partner for your nourishment needs. They offer sustainable partnerships with restaurants to give fooders a delightful eating experience. Expect greatness and a unique approach to food as you click the link! 

Jean Francois Bury Wix Website Example

3. Jean Francois Bury

Jean Francois Bury is a passionate chef who wants nothing but the best for his customers. If you want to see awesome video backgrounds and high-quality images of a restaurant, this is the one to go to. In 2018, the Chef opened his restaurant “CABANE” in the historic district of Nanterre.