Beauty Website Examples

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Gintong Bukal Beauty Website Example

1. Gintong Bukal

A pristine-looking website that uses the rule of thirds to place visuals and text. It radiates peace and tranquillity with its composition as well as colors.

The Village Spa Beauty Website Example

2. The Village Spa

The Village Spa offers relaxation not only in their services but also in their website design! The minimalistic use of colors, fade-in visuals, and minimum text make this a visually appealing website that is easy to use.

Real Women Beauty Website Example

3. Real Women Spa

Going through this spa website is delightful, to say the least. It elegantly uses rose pinks and whits to radiate a feminine vibe. It is simple yet beautiful.

Fashion Website Examples

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Maison Ullens Fashion Website Example

1. Maison Ullens

A very clean and tidy website, Maison Ullens stands out in simplicity. Their fashion is nicely displayed and the image above the fold perfectly fits for a fashion house. Very classy!

Sick7 - Fashion Website Example

2. SICK⑦

SICK⑦ is a brand of self-embodiment. This website simply creates its own expression – definitely a fresh and original design you can take inspiration from.

NA-KA - Fashion Website Examples

3. NA-KA

Wow! That is all I can say about this website’s design. I love how modern and trendy the color palette that they use for it. The neutral tone blends well with the spaces giving it a more neat and sleek appearance that matches their aesthetic well. The website just looks high-quality and beautiful.

Jewelry Website Examples

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Greenwich Jewelry Website Example

1. Greenwhich Jewelers

Greenwich St. Jewelers is a tiny, family-based firm owned by local New Yorkers. If you’re into websites with amazing images, clean design, and nice chat features, this is the one you should visit! Greenwhich has the best layout you could ask for, with pieces of jewelry that will satisfy your wants.  

ISLYNYC Jewelry Website Example


ISLYNYC is a laser cut acrylic jewelry and accessories brand created by Carrie Morrissey in Brooklyn, New York. Their tiny crew of expert artisans is passionate about art and unique ideas. You’ll love how artistic this website’s logo is combined with stylish fonts! 

The Diamond Store Jewelry Website Example

3. The Diamond Store

The Diamond Store has created its website to help you, the consumer, find the best jewelry for your budget and to make your special event memorable. This is accomplished through clear and simple design, sophisticated software, and great customer service.  

Makeup Artist Website Examples

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Maria Charles Beauty Website Example

1. Maria Charles

I’ve never seen a more professional make-up artist website than Maria Charles’. The photos, font, and spacing are all incredible. The color scheme of earth tones they use is ideal for the design. It is critical to simplify your design, such as this one, to increase the number of people who see the most important sections of your information. Awesome!

SE Beauty Studio Makeup Artist Website Example

2. SE Beauty Studio

SE Beauty Studio is an excellent example of how you can use a personal touch to make an immediate connection with your visitors. They will trust you and your services the more you connect with them. The website looks stunning thanks to the feminine color palette. I also like how they break down their pricing into distinct elements. It’s extremely convenient!

Jessica Cheetham - Makeup Artist Website Examples

3. Jessica Cheetham

Jessica Cheetman is a talented makeup artist! You will find yourself scrolling through her works and enjoying them a lot. Her website may look simple but because of the colorful photographs of her work, makes the website look fun and bright. Every photo has its own story and you will find it awesome!

Shoes Website Examples

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Butter Shoes Website Example

1. Extra Butter

Extra Butter is a high-end, forward-thinking New York boutique and independent lifestyle brand. EB has made its name by curating a best-in-class range of products, great customer service, and a signature cinematic experience in its flagship store on New York City’s renowned Lower East Side and its fresh new shop in Long Island City, Queens. Come and see what a unique website design should look like! 

Allen Edmonds Shoes Website Example

2. Allen Edmunds

Bring added refinement to every family dinner, wedding, and formal occasion this season—and all year round—with Allen Edmunds’ sharpest oxfords, loafers, and brogues in the most sophisticated materials.   This website is easy to understand because of its whitespaces. You won’t have any problems shipping here! 

Flight Club Shoes Website Example

3. Flightclub

Flight Club has developed from a one-stop sneaker destination to a cultural hub for sneaker fans and novices alike, carrying the rarest exclusives and valuable sneakers. I suggest shopping on this website because the items are organized, and they have a great style to approach you into buying. They also have a clear call to action, so you can follow them on every social media account. Go! 

Barber Website Examples

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Bonefade Barber Website Example

1. Bonefade Barbers

Whether onsite or online, Bonefade Barbers in New York exudes style. On their website, large, clear images are combined with the script and bold typography. This has a sleek layout and is set against a bluish-gray and black background. The call-to-action “Book Online” stands out the most because they liberally repeated it across the page without being obtrusive to viewers.

ALS Barber Website Example

2. Al’s Barbershop

The website for Al’s Barber Shop has a black-and-white design. A classic, the website includes a static, non-scrollable landing page with one image and links on a top menu to its many sections. It provides a wealth of details on them, including news about media coverage and an online booking form. The Denver-based barbershop is famous for its superiority in men’s grooming, haircutting, and style.

Mustache Barber Website Example

3. Mustache Barbershop

Like the unusual name of their business, Mustache Barbershop, I would describe their website as cute. They use a neon-light look for their logo, which is displayed on a black background to give it a strong yet refined appearance. It has a call-to-action “Book Now” button that is strategically placed where it should be, so website visitors will first see it.

Clothing Website Examples

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Swap Shop Clothing Website Example

1. The Swap Shop

If you are looking for a feel-good way of shopping, then The Swap is the one for you. This website offers you to swap your clothes or recycle them for you then you get points for doing so that you can use for shopping for other swapped clothes as well. Cool, right? I really love the idea!

Childs Stylist Clothing Website Example

2. The Child’s Stylist

This children’s shopping website is very pleasing to the eyes. From the pastel colors to the adorable photos of the model, it will surely make you scroll for more. But it doesn’t end there, their logo will is very eye-catching, especially in the eyes of children. Great job!

Soraya Clothing Website Example

3. Soraya Da Piedade

The elegant piece of wedding gown will welcome you as you enter their page. Everything about this website just shows elegance and will make you feel like a princess as you scroll through their products. This will be a store that makes every girl’s dream come true.

Massage Examples

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5 Star Massage Website Example

1. 5 Star Massage

The website for 5 Star Massage in Patong is distinctive, stylish, contemporary, and welcoming. This website provides a wide range of written and visual materials, including deep tissue massage and sports massage besides calming essential oil aromatherapy. Visit this website to rec

Eastside Massage Website Example

2 Eastside Massage

With the aid of massage therapy, Eastside Massage has devoted itself to reducing stress and pain in the muscles. Simply put, I adore this website’s soothing color palette. Indeed, the color green has a soothing effect. Being the hue of spring and rebirth, it also stands for development and rejuvenation.

Fix London Massage Website Example

3. Fix London

Fix London is a network of dedicated therapists under one roof. They offer comprehensive write-ups in classic layouts about their services, including Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Massage, Pilates & Physiyoga. The website’s layout design is both dynamic and clear, creating visual points of interest that guide the reader through a piece of content without overshadowing its message. 

Salon Examples

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DashBar - Static Website Design

1. DashBar

DashBar is a lovely website with shades of pink to look aesthetic. Since then, pink has had a profoundly joyous vibe to it. It’s like coming ‘home,’ a familiar pleasant spot deep within everyone’s heart where there are no concerns, you’re never lonely, and you have everything you’ve ever desired in life.  What a nice choice for a salon website. 

The Salon - Salon Website Examples

2 The Salon

The Salon is an award winning beauty salon
in Seattle. You’ll love how organized and neat this website is with its clean black-white color combination. Choosing a color scheme for your website is one of the most significant — and challenging — decisions you can make when developing a website. You want it to be consistent with your brand identity, call attention to the most significant components on your site, and elicit a specific response from visitors. Check this one out for inspiration!

Parlour - Static Website Design

3. Parlour

A black and white color scheme is a popular choice in web design. It can draw attention to typography, photographs, and other visual elements. It can make user selections easier and present initiatives or items in a daring, innovative manner. I’m urging you to visit this website to understand what I’m talking about. Parlour knows how to use color to make a satisfying outcome.