Academic Website Examples

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Lee Taber

1. Lee Taber

Lee Taber’s website is very simple and pleasing to the eyes. His photo on the side will be the first thing that will welcome you once you enter his site. You will also be able to get to know him easier since he displayed a paragraph that describes him. Cool!

Dr. Samantha Fecich

2. Dr. Samantha Fecich

Dr. Samantha Fecich’s website is friendly and adorable looking. The cup of coffee that welcomes you will make you feel she will be very easy to talk to and you will learn a lot from her. The front of her website shows a lot of her personality and she seems very fun to be with.

Dr. Alex Burchmore

3. Dr. Alex Burchmore

This website screams aesthetics and history. The very classic style of the landing page is such a nice move in order to introduce yourself and what you are doing in life. Dr. Alex Burchmore is surely an art historian and arts writer that will amaze you with his works, So cool!

Elearning Website Examples

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Laurent Bouty - eLearning Website Examples

1. Laurent Bouty

First on our list is the very cool Laurent Bouty. His website may be simple but I know for sure that we will learn a lot from him. The colors on his website complement the image of himself as the background. I love the large tagline in the center which is very inspiring and enticing to look at. Great job!

Dyslexia Deb - eLearning Website Examples

2. Dyslexia Deb

More than a portable blender, BlendJet is a movement to make healthy happen anywhere. I love how Blendjet’s website features product images and videos with consistent colors. If the colors vary between channels, you risk losing recognition, harming sales, and portraying a disorganized and unprofessional image. Consistent brand coloration can significantly increase brand identification, hence increasing sales and engagement!

Khan Academy - eLearning Website Examples

3. Khan Academy

In order to provide students the freedom to learn at their own pace both inside and outside of the classroom, Khan Academy provides practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard. It is an age-appropriate resource for personalized learning. The website offers you the chance to pick up new skills or hone the ones you already have. Cool!

School Website Examples

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Italian School - Static Website Design

1. Flavia Italia

Flavia Italia is a website with great animations and a nice color scheme. If you’re an avid fan of those two, you can visit this website to learn something.  Color is a very powerful tool in website design. It can be used to grab attention, express meaning, stimulate desire, drive conversions, and even earn the allegiance of a customer. Color selection requires considerable consideration and, when done well, can influence how visitors interpret what they see just as much as layout and content.

The School Trip - School Website Example

2.The School Trip

The School Trip is not an educational instution but an arm of it in providing children with incredible ways to learn outside the four corners of their school. They suggest amazing activities and resources to schools where children can have engaging experiences such as through trips to attractions, galleries, theatrical plays, and workshops. Being a resource for such undertakings, their website contains interesting information on it that is presented in a clean layout with beautiful images. I just love how organize the content is and easy to navigate.

Olive School - School Website Example

3. Olive School

Birmingham’s Olive School is one of the schools under the Star Academies network, which is one of the leading educational providers in the United Kingdom. For a school platform, this website did an excellent job of making the design friendly and energetic—using refreshing colors dominated by green and white. I love how this chosen color scheme combined with a clear call to action above the fold and a clear menu structure to make every information accessible and easy to find.

Teacher Website Examples

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Karing for Post Partum Teacher Website Example

1. Karing for Post Partum

Orange is the new black? Well, indeed it is with this website’s colors. This postpartum website is perfect for all mothers in terms of service but also a user-friendly interface.

Man Talks – Membership Website Example

2. Man Talks

I seriously love this website example. It shows how you can use powerful images combined with the right call to action buttons – and make it a highly converting website. This website was created by the Love Pixel Agency, and is one I would definitely recommend you to have a look at!

Laurent Bouty - eLearning Website Examples

3. Laurent Bouty

Alternating visuals along with a large blue banner makes the website simple and minimalistic in looks. However, the best part is the animated visuals and gallery-style pictures.

Student Website Examples

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Ben Emdon - Student Website Examples

1. Ben Emdon

Ben Emdon’s website is simple yet pleasing to the eyes of the eyes. With the unique color combination of blue and pink, it will definitely get the attention of the audience and will make everyone want to know more about him. His website has a lot of large text which creates an emphasis on who he is and he can be remembered easily.

Package Free Shop - Shopify Website Examples

2. Sonu Sourav

Sonu Sourav has a simple website with a color combination of blue and white. The color palette that he chose may be simple but ut brings cleanliness and calmness on his website that makes everything look well-polished. The design of the website is well-balanced because of how he positioned everything. The menu is very accessible and easy to navigate as well.

BLK & BOLD - Shopify Website Examples

3. BSrinjoy Majumdar

Now what I like about Srinjoy’s website is the pastel color palette. The soft brown that she uses is very unique and shows a lot about her personality. The way she presented the information about her is well-organized to where everything looks sleek already. The font style is very modern which is very easy to read and aesthetically pleasing.

Informational Website Examples

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The Verge

1. The Verge

The Verge is an informational website about technology. They have a black background but a very colorful graphic visual that can make the readers enjoy their time there. They are not only focused on technology but also on entertainment and science, you will definitely learn a lot from its website so check them out now.

Conde Nast

2. Conde Nast

Conde Nast is an informational website about the fashion industry. If you are a fashion enthusiast, you will enjoy browsing here and learning something new from its website. They also have inspiring stories touching your heart and inspire you to achieve your dream.

MorningSide Dental Care

3. Morningside Dental Care

Morningside Dental Clinic provides high-quality private family dentistry, as well as NHS services for children and an emergency dentist. They are one of the best dental clinics in town so you know you are in good hands once you contact them. Cool!

News Website Examples

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ABC News - News Website Examples

1. ABC News

If you’re someone who watches the news every day but suddenly can’t because of personal reasons, you can visit ABC News. They have various trending videos for you to check out. Also, they have news for every topic, so you will still be updated wherever, wherever you are. 

CNN - News Website Examples

2. CNN

CNN is a famous news platform wherever you are. If you haven’t seen its website, you definitely should to keep yourself updated with what’s happening worldwide. CNN has a neat and organized Featured Section you could explore on. You could also search a specific topic with ease. 

BBC - News Website Examples

3. BBC

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the national broadcaster of the United Kingdom. Aside from giving its visitors the news they deserve on its website, they also have every report in various languages. How cool is that? Wherever you are, you can read any article in the language you are most comfortable reading. 

Student Portfolio Website Examples

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Kabel Miksha Ligot

1.Kabel Mishka Ligot

Kabel Mishka Ligot has a very minimalist portfolio. You can see a very clean and full of white space design with a picture of him in the middle. This is a very clean and fancy design since it looks very peaceful and easy to look at as you get to know him more.

Cho Laam Yuen

2. Cho Laam Yuen

Cho Laam Yuen has a very adorable and simple student portfolio. You will be greeted with her smiling photo and her name in a large text in order for you to remember her easily. The nude color palette suits her very well and shows her sophisticated and classy vibe.

Brandon San

3. Brandon San

Brandon San has a very great student portfolio. With the background image that maximizes the background, it is very refreshing to see how much he is enjoying what he is doing. The wide smile he’s giving us is a sign that he loves what he is doing.

Training Website Examples

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EdApp - Training Wesbite Examples

1. EdApp

First on our list is the simple and clean-looking website called EdApp. They have a page full of white spaces that make the website look minimalist and sleek. The stunning photograph will also catch your attention since it seems like it’s the center of attraction on the homepage. If you want to learn more about the website, visit them now!

Alison - Training Website Examples

2. Alison

Alison is one of the world’s largest free learning platforms for education and skills training. Their color palette is remarkable since it stands out once you visit their website. The elements on the website are well-balanced and create a good impression on the visitors to the page. They are helpful, especially if you want to enhance your skills. Great job!

Fireart - Drop Servicing Website Examples

3. Better Explained

Better Explained has a cute and adorable color palette. The pastel background makes the website appear friendlier and approachable. The website is helpful to those who are having a hard time with Math and wants to sharpen their skills in that subject. I also like the font style they chose for the website which made it more trendy and modern.

Child Care Website Examples

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EdApp - Training Wesbite Examples

1. The Goddard School

I absolutely love how the Goddard School has chosen to embrace simplicity over flashy looks! Parents will absolutely adore this website! It’s so user-friendly and a breeze to navigate. Not only that but the website’s pages load lightning-fast, delivering all the must-know info for everyone in a snap!

Alison - Training Website Examples

2. The Learning Experience

I find this website delightful to visit, as it is filled with adorable illustrations from top to bottom. Furthermore, the color scheme exudes a joyful atmosphere, ensuring that there are no dull moments whatsoever. Both parents and children can enjoy themselves here! 

Fireart - Drop Servicing Website Examples

3. Little Sprouts

The website has a charming and whimsical quality, reminiscent of a storybook for young children that has been brought to life. The color scheme, illustrations, and typography chosen for the child care design are absolutely adorable and perfectly suited for the theme. Overall,  fantastic!