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1. Kristen Lee Calligraphy

Look at the creative design of the website! You can definitely tell there’s a lot of work on this website even though it’s very limited and concise. There is no word too much here. The writing style used in the website enhances its attractiveness. 

Things we love about this web design

  • White and muted colors fit so well here
  • Use of calligraphy on a calligraphy website is a must!
  • Very attractive images

2. Levon Biss

An awe-inspiring first look at Levon Biss and his work is nothing less than jaw-dropping. The high-resolution photographs combined with the modern yet not subtle style of the website will have you invested in every picture, and it truly portrays the artist’s skill.

What you can learn from this great photography website design

  • Modern and bold design
  • The art looks amazing
  • Classy write up

3. Lena Steinkühler

Lena Steinkühler is an artist based in Hamburg. She definitely knows what she’s doing, and you’ll experience the same after visiting her website for a few seconds. The incredible background images showcase her portfolio projects – and yes – they look incredible!

Things we love about this web design:

  • Amazing 3D art
  • Cool typography
  • Very unique design style

4. Michiel de Graaf


Michiel de Graaf is a designer based in the Netherlands. I love the way he showcases his portfolio projects in a minimalistic and funky way. Very inspiring portfolio example!

What you can learn from this great Personal website example:

  • Fun copywriting
  • Nice portfolio examples
  • Clean design

5. Wendy Ju

Wendy Ju definitely created an awesome personal portfolio example to showcase her projects. I love the scrolling effects combined with incredible images and the beautiful and fun animations. Make sure to check this one out!

Things we love about this web design:

  • Unique web design style
  • Very clean design
  • Nice layout dividers

6. Michael Schmid


Michael Schmid is a developer based in Germany who created one of the most minimal portfolio websites I’ve ever seen. It contains almost no text, yet it looks awesome. Have a look at the animations on this website!

What you can learn from this great Personal website example:

  • Cool animations
  • Clean design
  • Fun domain name 

7. David Milan


David Millan is an art director and lettering artist. I love how he constructed his portfolio around this lettering art. His homepage is filled with portfolio projects and does a great job at showcasing his creativity.

What you can learn from this great Personal website example:

  • Very powerful images
  • Nice logo design
  • Lots of portfolio examples

8. Frederik Wagner


Want to see an actor website that feels like a movie poster? Have a look at this one. This website is so clean and brilliant, there is nothing I would change. Amazing job!

What you can learn from this great actor website design

  • Very unique style
  • Cool full-screen images
  • Great creative borders

9. The Marcus

Marcus has outdone himself with his website’s amazing graphics. The photographer knows how to engage everyone, and indeed his hard work has paid off. Before knowing his services, his portfolio can clearly be seen on his website

What you can learn from this great photography website design

  • Glorious motion graphic designing
  • Alluring photograph display with various celebrities
  • Attractive changing color schemes with moving design of the website

10. Dominique Krause

Dominique Krause is a coach who helps clients to focus on what they want. I like the testimonial part on the bottom of the homepage, which clearly add credibility to Dominique as a coach. Well done!

Things we love about this website design:

  • Nice color scheme
  • Great, personal images throughout the design
  • Lots of whitespace throuhout the design
Julio Artist Website Example

11. Julio Dolgado

This artist website example is definitely one you should check out. I love the bold colors and the powerful images throughout this design.

Things we love about this website design:

  • Bold images
  • Clean design
  • Nice shapes

12. Sofeya Graham

Sofeya Graham is a great example of how you can leverage a powerful ‘about’ page to create a personal connection with your website visitor. Great storytelling!

Things we love about this website design:

  • Clean web design
  • Easy on the eyes, lots of whitespace
  • Powerful web design

13. Zapheria Bell

Talking about a powerful background image. Zapheria Bell really nailed it. There’s no way you can look at this website and not be inspired to take your life to the next level! Another cool feature I like is the ‘Start here’ section in the menu. Clever!

Things we love about this website design:

  • Incredible images
  • Clear call to action above the fold
  • Classy color scheme

14. In the Know

This fantastic website giving young people in New Zealand a guidebook about sexuality uses an interesting way to navigate. All the design flourishes make this a stand-out website with a great purpose. Clicking through the website you encounter all kinds of different features, typefaces, and images. Fantastic stuff!

Things we love about this web design

  • Very creative and extensive
  • Use of Maori language snippets
  • Great typography

15. Precies Lies

The fashion-fitting cloth wear pictures for women on Precies Lies perfectly to let you stay up to date in society. So hang on and discover more about what the website provides you to transport your taste to the next level!

Things we love about this website design:

  • Modern web design with classy pictures
  • An amazing and smooth scrolling bar 
  • Colorful layout with script providing a catchy look!

16. Siân Quipp

Siân Quipp did a great job at converting website visitors into clients. The website uses a clean design and leverages a consistent color scheme. Truly inspiring!

Things we love about this website design:

  • Clear call to action above the fold
  • Great, personal images throughout the design
  • Very clean website

17. Nadinne Dyen

Nadinne Dyen has a somewhat different web design approach. Above the fold, the website is super minimalistic. But when you scroll down, you get to know the face behind ‘the website’. Nice design!

Things we love about this website design:

  • Clear call to action above the fold
  • Incredibly clean and minimal design
  • Nice scrolling animations

18. Illo

Oh yes. Looking for a modern portfolio website example? Illo definitely is one to watch!  This design studio created a bold portfolio design by using powerful colors combined with big fonts. Love it!

Things we love about this web design

  • Awesome animations
  • Very unique web design
  • Lots of whitespace

19. Gabs Coach Sportif

The owner of Gabs Coach Sportif is visible in almost all of the photos, which creates a personal connection with the visitors of the site. This is a good move for a local business!

Things we love about this website design:

  • Good, personal images and some great stock photos
  • Clean design with nice spacing
  • Clear call to action above the fold

20. Fancois Diedericks

Francois Diedericks leverages an animated – yet powerful homepage design. It’s awesome to see how much you can bring a website ‘alive’ simply by using clever animations.

Things we love about this website design:

  • Nice animations
  • Conversion focused web design
  • Great images

21. Lisa Lent

What beautifully serene wedding photos! Lisa Lent Photography knows how to capture the audience’s attention with their mesmerizing featured photos from previous clients and the many perks listed for future clients.

What you can learn from this great photography website design

  • Elegant and adorable design that looks appealing at a glance
  • Informative & structured website complying with its’ purpose
  • Easy access to queries and communication channel

22. Mathieu Stern

Mathieu Stern’s website gives you an idea about his fantastic editing and graphic skills on the first look. Visitors won’t regret choosing Mathieu Stern and his team to portray their picture just the way they like.

What you can learn from this great photography website design

  • A fantastic method for photograph display
  • Easy to use information side-bar 
  • Excellent and attractive graphic design

23. Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith Photography will make you have beautiful daydreams. Her photography portrays elegance but also the love between people from all parts of the world. If you’re looking for photography website examples this is a great one. The subtle color, graphic design, and arrangement of the images are just stunning.

What you can learn from this great photography website design

  • Elegant graphic design 
  • Symmetrical arrangement of photographs
  • A beautiful color scheme that complements the photograph

24. Rachel Rodgers Photography

Rachel Rodgers’ photography website will transport you to different places with different people. The new unique way of showing the photography is mesmerizing while also fun to watch. Bold colors and creative borders make this a brilliant and quite original website. Nice!

What you can learn from this great photography website design

  • Unique use of color and typography
  • Playful graphics
  • Great social proof

25. Andre Ormset

The first look on the website shows quite a different way of showing Andre Ormset’s art. Instead of a traditional collage, the photos are stacked underneath each other. Plenty of whitespace enhances the feeling of complete focus around the art on this website.

What you can learn from this great photography website design

  • Easy-access navigation
  • A splendid array of photographs
  • Beautiful graphic design presentation

26. Glenn Catteeuw


The live display of white and black flowers is no exception. The black background is another catcher adding to more appeal for this website.

What you can learn from this great Personal website example:
  • Unique animations
  • Quite an innovative web design 
  • Interesting interface

27. Muramoto Meguru


The live display of white and black flowers is no exception. The black background is another catcher adding to more appeal for this website.

What you can learn from this great Personal website example:
  • Unique animations
  • Quite an innovative web design 
  • Interesting interface

28. Lotte Bijlsma


This web is sophistically designed with a white background and light-colored layouts. Highly appealing! Each layout has a different story to tell with a decent writeup. 

What you can learn from this great Personal website example:
  • Sophisticated web design 
  • Nice choice of colors 
  • Very user-friendly interface

29. Andy Hardy


The picture of mountains gives bold and courageous vibes. scrolling down gives the nice unwrapping of the layouts of aesthetic pictures. With that, the black background highlights the photography.

What you can learn from this great Personal website example:
  • Aesthetic photography 
  • Unique captivating web design 
  • Innovative interface

30. Musab Hassan


An amazing display of an aesthetic picture at the start is very nice. The colorful pointer is amazing to give you a lovely experience of driving over the whole website to discover features. 

What you can learn from this great Personal website example:

  • Innovative interface. Quite lovely! 
  • Smooth scrolling pointer 
  • Lively choice of colors

31. Nahel Moussi


Nahel Moussi built an amazing portfolio website. The scrolling animations as you explore this portfolio are super inspiring. I love the visual effects as you tap on one of the portfolio projects. Love it!

What you can learn from this great Personal website example:

  • Bold design
  • Great scrolling animations
  • Cool portfolio reel

32. Simon Daufresne


Simon Daufresne is a designer based in Paris. This portfolio example is about as minimalistic as possible. Very inspiring!

What you can learn from this great Personal website example:

  • Incredible scrolling objects
  • Nice animations
  • Great website set up

33. Anirban Bhattacharya


Anirban has a great actor website example you should check out This website was built with the Divi builder which allowed him to implement some cool animations. This web design uses lots of whitespace and has a consistent color scheme going on. I love it!

What you can learn from this great actor website design

  • Super clean design
  • Great menu structure
  • Lots of whitespace

34. David Huynh


Definitely make sure to check out this actor website example! David Huynh took a different approach when designing his website. This website is super minimal and probably didn’t take a lot of time to build. Yet the design is very inspiring!

What you can learn from this great actor website design

  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Lots of whitespace
  • Clean design

35. Jay Pharoah 


Oh yes! Jay Pharaoh has an incredible actor website! The color scheme, the buttons, the shapes. Everything about this website feels professional and funky. Well done, Jay!

What you can learn from this great actor website design

  • Unique design
  • Nice animations as you scroll down
  • Great pictures

36. Jon Lindstrom


Jon Lindstrom is an American actor with a nice website! He uses an eye-grabbing background image above the fold, followed by some great testimonials which add a lot of social proof. I like the minimal design of his primary menu!

What you can learn from this actor website design

  • Unique design
  • Engaging background videos
  • Great color scheme

37. Josh Grisetti


Josh Grisetti clearly understands the power of a powerful background image. There’s no way you can open this website and not stare at this image for at least 3 seconds. Inspiring actor website!

What you can learn from this great actor website design

  • Clean design
  • Clear call to actions
  • Great, big pictures

38. Rhiannon Navin

The author Rhiannon Navin’s website has such a powerful theme with a combination of bright colors. A really clean and simple design with eye-catching but small touches of red to direct the viewers’ attention. The overall website is designed in a gracious style. Great stuff!

Things we love about this web design

  • Simple but stylish
  • Lots of call to actions
  • Great social proof

39. Haven and Hustle

The Haven and Hustle website starts in an affectionate manner by presenting a statement “So nice to meet you”. The portfolio of a smiling face with the theme “Celebrating the Modern Working MOM” enhances the glamour of the portrait. The website is very classy with stylish black, white, and pink colors. Love it!

Things we love about this web design

  • Great color scheme fitting with the theme
  • Amazing images
  • Attractive design details

40. Albino Tonnina

Albino Tonnina is a senior front-end developer at Workshare, London. He definitely “understood his assignment” as one would say. Why? Check this awesome website and it’ll do all the talking.

Things we love about this web design

  • Entertaining user experience
  • Vibrant color scheme
  • Compelling graphics and scrolling animations

41. Josh Rubietta

Josh is a dynamic, multifaceted artist seeking to change the world with music and dance. This web design has a funky and cool vibe, thanks to Josh’s visuals and fun-themed photos. This website doesn’t only impress you with Josh’s skills, but also with his fun personality.

Things we love about this web design

  • Refreshing color scheme
  • Funky personality seen through photos
  • Impressive resume

42. Vashti Harrison 

Part author – Illustrator – filmmaker Vashti Harrison is an artist originally from Onley, Virginia. Her love for cinematography, screenwriting, and storytelling is showcased in this authentic web design.

Things we love about this web design

  • Lots of white space
  • Heartwarming illustrations and book covers
  • Attractive visual media

43. Dara Hart

As a vocal artist, songwriter, coach, and teacher, Dara leads with her whole heart. Through her wide lens, extensive skills, creative gifts, and pure passion, Dara combines her strengths to inspire, support, and help others love their body, find their voice, know their strength, embrace their power and reach their highest potential.

Things we love about this web design

  • Aesthetic and trendy content
  • Empowering imagery
  • Unique gradient color scheme

44. Ali Wong

Ali Wong is a stand-up comedian, writer, and actress. This website starts off with a confident look on the actress’s face. Scrolling further, you’ll witness her versatility and passion for her craft.

Things we love about this web design

  • Vibrant color scheme
  • Stunning visuals
  • Conversion-focused layout

45. Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg is an author, industry leader, and educator in social media and visual marketing specializing in Pinterest, Instagram, and social media for small businesses. This website also has that feeling you get from the mentioned social media platforms. Awesome!

Things we love about this web design

  • Elegant font style
  • Soft color scheme
  • Gentle and graceful photos

46. Adeline Siksik

Adeline is an independent WordPress website designer, project manager, and digital marketer from France. This website takes advantage of white space, serif fonts style, and bold text.

Things we love about this web design

  • Featured customers and partners
  • Featured projects
  • Visually pleasing color scheme

47. Ellen Skye Riley 

Captivating! As soon as this website loads, visitors are welcomed with an alluring illustration of who I assume to be Ellen herself. Ellen is a designer, a presentation wizard, a storyteller, an illustrator, a photographer, a motion designer, a teacher, and a lifetime student. And according to her, “visual storytelling is the cream cheese to her bagel.”

Things we love about this web design

  • Wide range of visual media on her portfolio 
  • High-quality motion graphics
  • Minimalistic web design

48. Libby Peterson 

Libby Peterson is a freelance reporter and writer for The New York Times. If you’re looking for a website with a great collection of projects without compromising the overall layout of the web design, this is the one. This website offers you mind-blowing photos and graphic designs that you can definitely learn so many things from.

Things we love about this web design

  • Aesthetic color scheme
  • Contemporary, cinematic, authentic, and empowering images
  • Creative and compact portfolio layout

49. Emily Hogarth 

Emily is a Scottish designer and illustrator living and working in Edinburgh. She strives to capture the magic every day. Working from her studio just outside Edinburgh, she creates intricate paper-cuts and illustrations. Her designs are unique and bold, yet retain a fresh and delicate beauty.

Things we love about this web design

  • Personal images create a connection with visitors
  • Simple web design
  • Stunning illustration works

50. Filip Felbar 

Filip Felber is a senior web designer & art director helping companies communicate with their audience in a meaningful way. This one-pager portfolio website may look lackluster at first but what’s great about this website is that it does its main job, and that is to showcase projects.

Things we love about this web design

  • Simple one-pager website that redirects visitors to various portfolios
  • Monotonous color scheme
  • Straightforward website layout

51. Fabio Formato 

Fabio is a videographer from Italy (made in Naples) who had the chance to work for big brands and small beautiful ones. This website displays his passion for innovation and digital business models, considering the right exploitation of online, data, and technology as an essential lever of business transformation.

Things we love about this web design

  • Smooth scrolling animations
  • Text crawlers and animated texts
  • Unique mouse cursor

52. Ricardo Sanprieto 

Truly amazing! This website instantly captures its visitors’ attention from the get-go with an interactive design above the fold. Ricardo Sanprieto focuses on the creation of new experiences for users and interactive experiences in real-time.

Things we love about this web design

  • Unique scrolling feature
  • Awesome featured projects
  • Compelling content above the fold

53. Alexander Sakhnenko 

Alex is a photographer based in Kyiv, Ukraine whose mission is to show reality from its better side through photography. This playful website won’t disappoint you when it comes to creative call-to-action buttons, awesome graphic designs, and visuals that will inspire you.

Things we love about this web design

  • Sleek and funky graphic designs
  • Wide range of imagery
  • Visually-pleasing arrangement of website elements

54. Martine Myrup 

Martine Myrup is a visual artist from Denmark. This website starts off with an eerie image from one of his projects and this gives the audience a sense of mystery and out-of-this-world experience. Scrolling further, you’d be amazed by this website’s unique content that you’d only be witnessing here.

Things we love about this web design

  • Contemporary and bizarre images
  • Unique color scheme
  • Uncomplicated web design

55. Hugo Bazin 

Hugo is a UX/UI Designer and is currently the lead designer of Randstad Solutions Canada. For over 8 years, he’s nurtured strong design expertise that puts the user first.

Things we love about this web design

  • Sleek user experience
  • Fun write-ups seen through the use of emojis
  • Smooth and flowing scrolling feature

56. Ryan Hannebaum 

Ryan is “a Kansas city creative, generally.” He is quite a funny one! I love the copywriting on this website. One would definitely note his humor through his write-ups. But when you skim through his projects, that’s when his professionalism comes to light.

Things we love about this web design

  • Subtle graphic designs and animations
  • Soft color scheme and font style
  • Interactive logo on the navigation bar

57. Johannes Kempe 

Johannes is a freelance graphic designer and creative based in Hamburg, Germany. This website offers you design ideas you wouldn’t expect to be witnessing, which is a breath of fresh air from the usual graphic designs you’d see from typical designer websites.

Things we love about this web design

  • Minimalistic and trendy content
  • Johannes shares his personal life story 
  • Fun content upon scrolling from above the fold

58. Ilya Kulbachny 

Ilya is a founder of Cosmos Studio and jury at Awwwards. He creates award-winning websites, NFT-projects, and awesome UI. This website’s content above the fold is one of the most imaginative and innovative user experiences I have encountered so far – definitely something that you shouldn’t miss out on!

Things we love about this web design

  • Bold and powerful typography
  • Amazing scrolling and text animations
  • Thumbnails pop up whenever the mouse hovers on top of project titles

59. Michael Albor 

Michael has received rave reviews in all aspects of hair care, from haircuts to extensions and beautiful event updos, he would tell you that color and form are his true passions. His work on some of the most talked-about photoshoots shows time and time again that Michael Albor does not follow trends—he sets them.

Things we love about this web design

  • Premium and fancy web design
  • Classic neutral color scheme where golden tones stand out
  • Featured awards and press reviews

60. Kevin van der Wijst 

Kevin is a Dutch designer living in Valencia, Spain. He specializes in designing digital products, such as apps and websites – usually covering anything from UX and concept development to designing and prototyping interfaces. The first look on this website will enthrall you with its playful design, vibrant colors, and fun interactive animations.

Things we love about this web design

  • Aesthetic color scheme
  • Creative font style is introduced in the write-ups
  • Images pop up upon mouseover

61. David Hellmann 

David is a designer and developer with a vision of creating and building websites to communicate a feeling of joy and comfort that shall invite users to come back. This website is a great example that incorporates timelessness with innovation. What I also love about this website is its personal copywriting – very authentic.

Things we love about this web design

  • Black background lets images and texts be in the spotlight
  • Impressive selection of his works
  • Clean and minimalist design on his blogs

62. Botond Raduly 

This website welcomes you with an energetic and striking text animation that basically introduces Botond Raduly himself. He is a front-end developer with an international client portfolio. Scrolling through this website will take you to a whole lot of content and an entertaining user experience.

Things we love about this web design

  • Wide range of content
  • Attention-grabbing content above the fold
  • Smooth fade-in animations
Inspiring Personal website templates,

These are my favourites.

BONUS – Here is my favorite template

Life Coach School Template Website

Personal Website Template


Why this is such a great template:

  • Clean design, great to turn visitors into customers
  • Wordpress compatible, easy to customize
  • Free download if you’re a Divi member

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BONUS: Elegant Themes


Although this one officially shouldn't be in this list - I couldn't keep this one from you. Elegant themes has amazing website themes and leads by example. Their own homepage looks stunning.

What you can learn from this great  website

  • Playful design
  • Clear call to actions
  • Great user experience

More website examples

xuva modern website example

Modern Examples

Limepay Startup Website Example

Startup Examples

xuva modern website example

Divi Examples

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Checklist: 5 ways to make your personal website beautiful and highly converting

1. Don’t break the 5 second rule

The moment a visitor lands on your website you only have 5 seconds to make a good impression.

That’s 5 short seconds to convince your visitor to stay on your website – and don’t hit the ‘back’ button.

Make sure the text on your website is appealing and gets your visitor excited. Don’t waste the first 5 seconds of somebody’s visit with unnecessary fluff.

2. Don’t confuse your visitor with too many call to actions

Great call to actions draw the attention of your visitors.

That said, you don’t want your call to action buttons fighting for the attention of your visitor. Pick the most important call to action for that page, and go with it.

In case you want to show multiple call to actions anyway, make sure to give them a different design, with your primary call to action being the most notable one.

3. Design mobile-first

Last year over 52% of all the website traffic worldwide came from mobile devices.

More than half of the website visits are on a mobile device.

This percentage will only increase in the coming years, therefore the mobile design of your website is crucial for the success of your personal website.

When designing your website, think about mobile design before you build your desktop website.

4. Watch people using your website without telling them what to do

Once your website is ready it’s time to launch. Well, almost.

Invite some friends or colleagues and put them in front of a computer. Ask them to pretend to be potential customers and have them visit your website.

Now sit next to them, and don’t say anything (this will be harder than you think).

Do this with at least 5 people and learn from their behavior:

  • Did they follow the steps you expected them to?
  • Did your website load fast enough?
  • Was everything clear to them?

5. Collect real testimonials from real members

By now you probably realized social proof is extremely important when it comes to building a great website. Take it to the next level, and add testimonials from your members.

Don’t write them yourself, don’t ask your friends to write them. Everybody will feel something is off.

Want to go for the perfect score? Include video testimonials. Trust me, this will turn your website into a conversion machine.

Growth hacking: 3 powerful strategies to promote your personal studio website

1. Go viral with a viral give-away


You send your website to 5 friends. Who each send it to 5 friends.

Now these friends also send it to 5 friends.  Oeh la la! Continue this loop for a while, and your website is actually going viral.

Viral Loops is a referral marketing tool which helps you to explode your website with new visitors.

We’ve used Viral loops to create virality with multiple websites. It allows you to build a sustainable referral scheme which helps you to grow your website rapidly.

2. Use local SEO

SEO is a great way to attract local clients. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and helps you to get free website traffic through search engines.

Check out these articles about local SEO if you you want to learn more about this:

3. Do a press release

Yaiks! A press release? That’s not for personal website, right?

Well. It is actually. Journalists LOVE small businesses and the entrepreneurs behind them. It makes sense – if you’re at a birthday party, friends are probably always asking how your business is doing.

Everybody loves entrepreneurs.

Write a press release about a milestone your company achieved. It doesn’t really matter what it is your company did, just make it juicy and interesting.

Create a list of journalists and reach out to them. The key in this process is the follow-up. If you’re just sending them just one email you’re probably not going to have a lot of success. Remind them at least once within a period of 7 days.

Being featured by local news outlets actually is good for your SEO. The more websites mentioning you on their website, the higher you’ll rank in the search engine.


What makes a good personal website?

A personal should have a clean design, be easy to navigate and include a lot of social proof. Have a look at this page for great example websites.

How to create a personal website?

  1. Analyze the best examples on this page
  2. Make notes of what you like – and what you don’t like
  3. Design your own site with this a drag & drop website builder 
  4. Publish your website with our recommended hosting platform.

How much does a personal website cost?

A web designer will charge anywhere between $1800 and $4800 for a decent website. However, this article will teach you to do it yourself for less than $100.

What information is needed on a personal website?

Your website will need at least the following pages: ‘Home, About us, Contact, Timetable. To create trust with your visitor it’s important to show lots of pictures and videos of your classes.


You're now ready to get your Personal website up and running!