Band Website Examples

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New York Beegees Band Website Example

1. New York Beegees

Based in New York, the New York Bee Gees Tribute Show has sold out performances at The Paramount Theater and BB King NYC, as well as regular performances at The NYCB Theater at Westbury, Resorts World Casino, Empire Casino, and The Suffolk Theater. The band performs all of the classic disco hits from the 1970s. As you visit this website, you’ll be welcomed by a dark background and lighter-colored text, enhancing image contrast, eliciting a stronger emotional response from visitors, and maybe reducing eye strain

Incognito Band Website Design

2. Incognito

Incognito chose a black-white-combination to make its website look organized and professional. The web designer knows that in web design, a black-and-white color scheme is a popular choice. It can draw attention to typography, photographs, and other visual elements. It has the potential to make user selections easier and present projects or products in a daring, innovative manner.

The Knights Band Website Design

3. The Knights

The Knights, who are small in size and repertory, are devoted to changing the orchestral experience and removing boundaries between audience and music. They seek to engage with contemporary culture through lively performances that honor the classical tradition and our passion for musical discovery, guided by an open-minded spirit of camaraderie and collaborative effort. Do not forget to visit this professional-looking website to learn more about this band! 

Event Website Examples

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Fathom Event Website Example

1. Fathom Producers

Fathom Productions is a creative agency well known for designing events with an experience focus. The ambition to create incredible experiences to share with the world is what drives Fathom Producers. Awesome! Their website is carefully constructed, with well-organized, user-friendly content that is visually appealing thanks to excellent typography and a sleek layout. It has a black-and-white design concept.

Burlington Weddings And Events - Event Website Example

2. Burlington Weddings & Events

Dark gray and white make up the website’s distinctive color scheme used by Burlington Weddings and Events. This is engaging because of the vivid images, chrome yellow touches added by the vector icons, script typography, and magazine style. I like their Virtual Tour part that lets prospective clients get a feel of their venue and facilities for their special events.

The Cornerstone - Event Website Examples

3. The Cornerstone

The Cornerstone is a wedding and event venue that you can rent for your special occasion. The website is pure elegance and class. I love the stunning photograph they incorporated with the page since it showcases the beauty of the page. If you are looking for a venue to hold an event, this might be the one you’re looking for.

Podcast Website Examples

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Puddin' - Food Truck Website Example

1. Laura Dawn

Oh yes, this is another awesome website created by the Love Pixel Agency team. Everything about this website just makes sense. The picture of Laura perfectly matches the background graphics and even the typography. The testimonial screenshots add a lot of credibility, very thoughtful!

Newsworthy Podcast Website Example

2. The Newsworthy

The Newsworthy keeps you well-rounded and up-to-date on a wide variety of stories from politics to tech to entertainment and more! In their casual and concise style, viewers are guided through the website on what matters the most. Click the link now to learn more about them!  

Collective Podcast Website Example

3. The Collective Podcast

The Collective Podcast brings you bi-weekly episodes of entertaining, informative, and honest discussions with creative industry leaders worldwide. Aside from its clean and organized setups, you’ll explore work/life balance struggles. This is the best example if you want to learn more about the use of whitespaces. 

Theatre Website Examples

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The Shed Theatre Website Example

1. The Shed

The website for The Shed has one of the simplest designs I’ve ever seen, which is fantastic! This website’s simplicity and usability have the power to make or ruin your experience. People look forward to a straightforward and uncomplicated digital experience. The use of simplicity in website design has numerous benefits! Believe me.

Sydney Opera Theatre Website Example

2. Sydney Opera House

Everyone is familiar with the Sydney Opera House. Even if you are far away, you have probably heard this name a few times. With over 10.9 million annual visitors and over 1,800 performances seen by over 1.4 million people, it is the most well-liked tourist site and busiest performing arts venue in the nation. Check out the webpage to see some useful information!

State Theatre Website Example

3. State Theatre

State Theatre’s website is so refined! I mean it. You’ll be welcome with high-quality images combined with stylist fonts as you click the link. The overall website looks expensive, and I’m pretty sure the images are grander in real life. Wow! Don’t be shy. Visit Sydney’s most iconic venue for film, theatre, music, and more.

Casino Website Examples

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Dream Vegas Casino Website Example

1. Dream Vegas

A website called Dream Vegas has the most fantastic background animation! I advise reading through each page if you want to find out more information on that specific affect. They have animation in addition to a really clear call to action and a pleasing color design.

Midas Casino Website Example

2. Casino Midas

An entertaining casino website, Casino Midas features tons of lovely pictures, fascinating animations, and excellent content. The best website to visit if you want to have fun and make money is this one. Go! Everyone is welcome to start spinning and winning in order to partake in the thrill.

Pokerstars Casino Website Example

3. Pokerstars Casino

Visit a universe where the most well-liked casino games are played. You can occupy your leisure time anyway you like at this online casino. Enjoy traditional card and table games, variations of casino poker, or a selection of slots, including exclusive games. Visit the website by clicking the link to see it!

DJ Website Examples

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Maer - Food Website Example

1. Zomboy

Zomboy is the British founder of Rott N’ Roll Records renowned for his “horror take” in engineering or composing music. Zomboy consistently delivered this branding through his website, which never failed to be engaging and techy. The website loads with a splash animation of a techno graphic of Zomboy’s mascot—a silhouette of a skeleton made lively by neon light and fluid effects.

Carl Cox DJ Website Example

2. Carl Cox

Carl Cox is a veteran DJ and a legend in his field. His website offers all this valuable information about him in a way that one won’t get bored. Every detail one needs regarding him—from biography to discography and current gigs—is intact on the website. I love the use of various typography to deliver his powerful message on the homepage on the “new era” he is in right now in his life.

Dubfire DJ website example

3. Dubfire

I’m not sure whether you’ve noticed, but our screens have recently become darker. Dark mode (also known as dark theme or night mode) is a popular style theme for websites and apps, which is why you may have noticed black backgrounds sprouting up everywhere, just like in this one. Dubfire never fails to look classy while giving you the fun you need just by looking at the design elements. Nice one!

Entertainment Website Examples

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1. Sterling Entertainment

Enter the world of entertainment with a website flooded with striking visuals, smooth animations, and informative details. Aside from these three, I also love Sterling Entertainment’s color scheme because it gives a feeling of coolness. Create unforgettable experiences with them though high-quality event entertainment. 

III Points - Event Website Example

2. III Points

If you were to visualize music, this website is how it would look like. Trust me. In the beginning, the stunning prism of rainbow colors sets the website apart from others. III Points is truly a visual treat! Take your festival experience to the next level by checking them out. 

Rachel Collins Entertainment Website Example

3. Rachel Collins

Orange and Green might not be a common color combination but after seeing this website, it definitely should be! Green is a complementary color to orange, so pairing these two colors together works wonderfully. The website starts with a gigantic visual which changes into two bars after scrolling down. A very creative concept!

Gaming Website Examples

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East London-Liquor Store - Responsive Website Examples

1. Game Informer

First on the list is the cool-looking website of Game Informer. I love the playful and friendly design they displayed on the landing page. I also love the color palette that may look dark but because of the smiling graphic of the game character, it makes it look less intimidating. Well done!

Wayfinder - Gaming Website Examples

2. Wayfinder

Wayfinder is an animated journey across the poetry of the land. I love the animations they placed on the website since this will definitely attract more attention from the audience. Everything looks well-polished, so make sure to check this website now.

Sage - One Page Website Example

3. Sage

If you are looking for a personal training app that will enhance your skills when it comes to League of Legends, then you should download Sage on your phone. They will help you become a better player and give you tips to rank up in the game easily. Awesome!

Membership Website Examples

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Membership Website Examples - The Point

1. The Point Magazine’

The Point is a print and digital magazine of philosophical writing that embodies two distinct but complementary convictions! Visiting the website will calm you as you scroll because it is organized, has lots of whitespaces, and has decent fonts. What a job well done!

Membership Website Examples - On That Ass

2. On That Ass

Are you looking for the best boxer shorts on the Internet? Look no further. This website will make you decide whether to purchase all of their products or sign up for a boxer membership! I love how they provide visitors with detailed instructions on what to do to avoid confusion. Not only are they helpful, but their website is pretty unique!

Membership Website Examples - Anytime Fitness

3. Anytime Fitness

Getting fit doesn’t work if you only focus on fitness. Also, going it alone should never be a sign of strength. Anytime Fitness coaches support you in a way no one else can with the best fitness and holistic help inside the gym – and out. This website is inviting with dynamic colors and effective copywriting to get you into wellness. Check them out!

Meet the Team Website Examples

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Digital Marmalade - Meet the Team Website Examples

1. Digital Marmalade

Digital Marmalade is a London-based digital agency – web application developers, mobile app developers, web designers, video and motion graphics designers. Their website has full of colors, especially on its meet the team page. I love how bright and fun the page looks. It has a touch of modern design, so I’m sure everyone will enjoy browsing that page. Great job!

Rock Kitchen Harris - Meet the Team Website Examples

2 . Rock Kitchen Harris

Rock Kitchen Harris’ meet the team page comprises a sophisticated and calming color palette. The royal blue creates a very elegant and sleek style for the page. The fonts used as well were well-matched, especially in how they used large text to highlight the words that they want to give emphasis on. If you want to see a great web page, try to give them a look now.

Curry Up Now - Menu Website Design

3. The Correspondent

The Correspondent is an online platform for unbreaking news, committed to collaborative, constructive, ad-free journalism. Together with their 20,000 members, they want to change what news is about, how it’s made, and how it’s funded. Their website has a soft color palette contrary to how strong and powerful their advocacy which I find very awesome. You should check them out!

Public Speaking Website Examples

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Kindra Hill Public Speaker Website Example

1. Kindra Hall

Oh yes! This one has everything a good public speaking website should have. A clear headline, bright images, and nice video footage. The inspiring tagline on the landing page will easily capture your attention because of the large font that they used for it. I also like the color palette which is very calming and has a professional vibe as well. Awesome!

Erin King Public Speaker Website Example

2 . Erin King

Oh yes. I love this design, as it’s very clean and professional. I like how this website has a clear UX which points users learn more about Erin. The design that they use for the page is modern and has a vibrant color palette which suits her branding well. Very fresh and inspiring design! Check this out now!

Clint Pulver Public Speaker Website Example

3. Clint Pulver

Say hi to Clint! Yes, this website does a great job of transferring energy to its visitors. Everything about this design feels upbeat and inspiring. You can easily tell that he is great at what he is doing since the website exudes professionalism and fun at the same time. Definitely make sure to check this one out!

Singer Website Examples

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Los Didos Fresh Music Website Design Example

1. Los Didos Fresh

When you browse this page, you’ll hear some really calming music. Los Didos Fresh is a website where you can jam online and view fantastic discography against a gorgeous black background. Do not pass up this opportunity. To view stunning images and a silk website design, click the link.

Paris Creative Music Website Design Example

2 . Paris Creative

Lou Paris is a DJ you should count on for your most important events. If I were you, I’d click this website right away to learn more about him as a person and as someone who can contribute technical expertise to an occasion. Lou’s website is worth your time as it has great background images with a great flow of content items.

Laura Ashley - Singer Website Examples

3. Laura Ashley

This pretty singer will definitely make your heart beat fast because of how sweet her voice is. Laura Ashely proved to us that she is more than a pretty face but also a very talented woman. Her website looks stunning just like the smile that will greet you when you visit her website. Check it out now!

Teaser Website Examples

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Flyt - Teaser Website Examples

1. Flyt

Starting off strong with a beautiful website, Flyt. The design works well with the branding that they are going for. Since they are a travel agency, their name matches well, and the background photo as well of a beautiful aerial view of an island. It will definitely excite the potential customers of this teaser website. Awesome job!

Soon X - Teaser Website Examples

2 . Soon X

Soon X is a simple yet outstanding website design for a teaser. The white spaces give the page a clean and sleek vibe that makes it more attractive. The dominant color of red stands out and creates a great impact on the website. If you are looking for a simple yet awesome design, then this is the one you are looking for.

Laura Ashley - Singer Website Examples

3. The Bay

This template for a teaser website is definitely playful and creative. The pink background color gives it a unique and youthful vibe that this generation will definitely enjoy. The large text on the side also adds spice to the design that can attract the attention of the audience. This is a great template if you are looking for one. Cool!

Dance Studio Website Examples

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Flyt - Teaser Website Examples

1. Steezy

Steezy’s website is a total blast as it’s jam-packed with fun and excitement! Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by captivating videos showcasing individuals gracefully dancing.  What a fun way to connect with visitors and get them grooving on the dance floor too! Overall, this one appears to be friendly and inviting. 

Soon X - Teaser Website Examples

2 . CLI Studios

CLI Studio’s website exudes a classy and hip vibe, thanks to the designer’s choice of a sleek black aesthetic. As you explore, you will come across numerous captivating dancing videos that will provide you with top-notch entertainment. I bet you’ll love the portion where you get to meet the studio’s instructors and learn about their areas of expertise.

Laura Ashley - Singer Website Examples

3. 808 Studio

I love how 808 Studio’s web designer decided to go with pink for a dance studio web design! As a result, the pages have an aesthetically pleasing appearance, simultaneously providing comprehensive information pertaining to the studio. Overall, this design appears to be simple yet inviting.