Web Designer Website Examples

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Robby Leonardi Web Design Portfolio Example

1. Robby Leonardi

You’d definitely love what you see on Robby Leonardi’s website. Not only is the design extremely playful, but even the experience is a must-try! This website is truly one of a kind. The website establishes contact with the audience. It promotes two-way communication in a platform where you cannot interact directly with a user. According to studies, people are more likely to convert to, return to, or promote interactive websites.

Joshua Mccartney Web Design Portfolio Example

2. Joshua Mccartney

This website has a very captivating visual above the fold *definitely the dog’s*. Kidding aside, Joshua McCartney definitely leverages his witty and humorous side by incorporating his fun ‘tone’ in the website’s copywriting. This website has a collection of Joshua’s work from my time as a senior art director in New York and London, which demonstrates a wide range of his abilities. From art direction to hands-on design, static to motion, lighthearted to solemn, his major goal is to create memorable experiences with amazing people.

Toy Fight - Clean Website Example

3. Toyfight

Toy Fight makes quite a good impression on every page of this website. Featuring 3D animations in plain vibrant backgrounds grips the viewer’s attention. And wait till you explore more because this website has so much in store for you! The advantages of 3D animation extend beyond its ability to attract viewers to a product or service; it can also effectively and creatively express your company’s vision in a visually appealing way just like this one! 

Node.js Website Examples

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Klaviyo Nodejs website example

1. Klaviyo

Klaviyo’s web design is composed of a refreshing color scheme, simple fonts, and a conversion-focused layout. Those factors are what make this web design still a classic. You can never go wrong with simplicity to best represent your service, right? And their website features case studies!

Paypal Nodejs website example

2. Paypal

Paypal has a simple and clean web design. I love how they have a 3-page gallery above the fold, overlaid with persuasive copies and call-to-action buttons. They have an embedded YouTube video as well explaining further what service they offer.

Groupon Nodejs website example

3. Groupon

Groupon may have a lot going on on their website but they managed to keep it clean and organized. The search bar as call-to-action, in this case, is very ideal for their web design to get visitors browsing right away. Also, their images are so engaging you want to avail their promos and discounts.

ReactJS Website Examples

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Path Robotics - Black Website Example

1. Path Robotics

Path Robotics’ website has an unconventional but definitely great design! With a black background, white font, and grayscale images, the subtle accent colors made it even more interesting and innovative. On top of that, when the mouse cursor hovers over a call-to-action button, cool colors pop up.

Globus - Reactjs Website Example

2. Globus

Creative and vibrant! Not only that, they have a unique user interface that visitors will surely enjoy. The first three pages move horizontally with every scroll. Upon reaching the fourth page, it then proceeds to move vertically along with smooth scrolling animations. Awesome!

Storytale - Reactjs Website Example

3. Storytale

Storytale is a platform that provides high-quality illustrations to its users. The search bar above the fold as call-to-action, in this case, is very ideal for their web design to get visitors browsing right away. Their illustrations did almost all the work in beautifying their design. Keeping the website simple, their graphics become highlighted even more.

React Native Website Examples

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Facebook - Dynamic Website Examples


With only a compact call-to-action section and straightforward copywriting, Facebook has a simple design and a conversion-focused layout – and this works well with this type of platform. Simplicity and effectiveness at its best.

Skype - React Native Website Example

2. Skype

Skype’s website has a clean design. You can never go wrong with a sleek and simple layout that best features your services. They have clear call-to-action buttons and a great copywriting style! Great choice of including a limited-time-only promotion above the fold!

Instagram - React Native Website Example

3. Instagram

Trendy, of course! Instagram’s website is never out of style. With a white background, the call-to-action section and “instagrammable” photos are highlighted. Similar to Facebook’s web design, it has a conversion-focused layout – simple and effective.

Microsite Website Examples

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Website Grader

1. Website Grader

Hubspot’s Website Grader is a very simple yet very colorful website to visit. You will be greeted by the bubbles of color on the sides of the web page. It has a very simple navigation since all you have to do is input your website name and your email.

Antes Do Tempo Existir

2. Antes Do Tempo Exisitir

This website is very fun to look at and has a fun and colorful designs all over it. You can tell that the web designer really had fun making this one since there’s no boring side and everything has a unique style carved into them. What a crazy but fun website!


3. Pushforward

Another colorful website to visit and have some fun with. The website is all interactive especially on the menu part wherein when you over the menu it changed color which is very cool. You should definitely check out this website and have some fun with it.

Mobile Website Examples

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Autowash Carwash Website Example

1. Autowash

The website for Autowash is bursting with color, giving each element the life it deserves. Their chosen colors support their corporate identity, promote sales, and even direct customers to particular web pages. Love it! They may be able to tell you where it is if you stop by. All locations during business hours have free vacuums available!

Crystal Car Wash - Carwash Website Example

2. Crystal Carwash

Crystal Carwash makes people happy by always delivering a sparkling clean and shiny car. You’ll feel better about your car after visiting one of our locations, no matter what you drive. I like how they used videos to remind visitors to keep an eye on their vehicles. The approach is distinctive and appealing! Outstanding work.

Dropless Carwash Website Example

3. Dropless

Dropless is a completely digital service that allows you to easily schedule, manage, and pay for a car wash or valet service in seconds. Simply sign up, schedule your wash, and leave the rest to them. I like how the designer used shapes to highlight who they are and what they can do. It’s unique and intriguing to look at!

SAAS Website Examples

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SEMrush - High-Converting Website Examples

1. Semrush

Semrush has this simplicity in its web design that I really admire. Not to mention their content is not compromised! What I loved the most about this website is them featuring some of the world’s leading brands that use their services. A clever choice on that one!

dropbox homepage

2. Dropbox

Clean, minimal, and straightforward – these are the words that describe Dropbox’s web design the most. The texts on the homepage were very clear and well written. They did a great job in conveying what service they offer and that is “keeping life organized and work moving—all in one place”.

Streak SAAS Website Example

3. Streak

Aside from its clean and modern design and engaging graphics, Streak provided one of the best copywriting for a SAAS Website! Their “Features” page delivered detailed information about the services they offer by highlighting their most important features.

Technology Website Examples

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Technology Website Examples - GitHub

1. GitHub Mobile

GitHub Mobile is a complete development platform to build, scale, and deliver secure software. This website displays the cutest characters as part of its design. The characters look like they come from a Disney movie! Learn how GitHub’s people, products, and platform create positive and lasting change worldwide.

Technology Website Examples - Android

2. Android

Android looks like a page from a fashion magazine. The use of color combinations, shapes, and font add life to this website without hesitation. I love how they used green, white, and orange altogether. Green is a complementary color to orange, so pairing these two colors together works wonderfully. The colors are gentle, cheerful, lively, and fun.

Technology Website Examples - Phone Arena

3. Phone Arena

At PhoneArena, they believe in the power of technology to deliver a better tomorrow. They live for the adventure of discovering innovations, dissecting what matters, finding hidden gems, and, most importantly – revealing the truth to our readers. Do not forget to visit their techy-looking website for the latest news about mobile!

App Landing Website Examples

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1. Brightlock

Brightlock has a sleek and neat web design on its website. Using neutral colors and white is a great combination that is very trendy nowadays. The font that they used balanced everything out since it looks well-polished. The image they used is high quality, so it gives a more stunning visual to the overall look of the website. Well done!

Cash App

2. Cash App

Cash App is the number one finance app in the App Store. They claim to be the easy way to send, spend, bank, and invest which is true since they wouldn’t be number one if not. Their website has a lot of aesthetic elements placed on it which compliments the whole website and makes it look more playful.

Technology Website Examples - Phone Arena

3. Slack

Here on My Codeless Website, Slack is our main platform for communication. As a user of Slack, everything is easy to navigate, and it’s an effective way to communicate with other people. They have an awesome color scheme and the things you can do with this app are limitless. That is just amazing!