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The best mobile website examples of 2022.

1. Autowash


Autowash’s website is full of colors giving every element the energy it deserves. Their chosen colors help strengthen their brand, encourage sales, and even guide visitors toward specific pages of the website. Love it! You might wanna visit them to see where it’s located. Free vacuums are available at all locations during business hours!

What you can learn from this great carwash website design

  • Lots of whitespaces
  • Engaging background video
  • Great color scheme

2. Crystal Carwash


Crystal Carwash makes people feel good by delivering a crystal clean and shiny car every time. No matter what you drive, you’ll feel better about your car after visiting one of our stores. I love how they used a video to urge visitors to watch their cars. The approach is unique and inviting! Way to go.

What you can learn from this great carwash website design

  • Amazing images
  • Unique design
  • Great look and feel

3. Wash My Car


With over ten years of experience working with the highest-quality products and brands, Wash My Car guarantees the highest standards of care within the industry. If cleanliness was a website, this would be it. Their booking system is the best I’ve seen – everything is already there. All you have to do is make up your mind with the type of vehicle, date, and time. 

What you can learn from this great carwash website design

  • Great background image
  • Great copywriting
  • Clear call to action

4. Dropless


Dropless is a fully digital service that allows you to schedule easily, manage and pay for a car wash or valet in seconds. Simply register, book your wash, and leave the rest to them. I love how the designer took advantage of shapes to feature who they are and what they can do. Pretty unique and interesting to look at! 

What you can learn from this great carwash website design

  • Great background video
  • Great color scheme
  • Clear call to action above the fold

5. Go Wash My Car


A car wash. Delivered to your door. Don’t you just like it when a website knows how to get your attention? Go Wash My Car doesn’t only have a good tagline, but the website’s overall appearance looks very modern! The shapes, colors used, and animation are up-to-date with the trends. Awesome work! 

What you can learn from this great carwash website design

  • Great look and feel
  • Great background image 
  • Perfect call to action

6. Schmicko


Schmicko’s website feels very luxurious and informative. I love how they answer the most frequently asked questions, so you don’t have to question everything. Everything is laid out for you to appreciate. Not many Sydneysiders have the free time to wash their car themselves, so have your cars washed here asap! 

What you can learn from this great carwash website design

  • Great images
  • Clear color scheme
  • Lots of call to actions throughout the website

7. Fine Shine


Fine Shine provides a range of services including car wash,car detailing, paint protection, window tint, wheel repairs and bumper bar/panel damage. As you visit their website, you’ll be greeted with red hues. To be honest, it almost looks like a Ferrari website! Haha. Nonetheless, they did a great job of creating a website worth looking at. 

What you can learn from this great carwash website design

  • Simple yet effective design
  • Lots of whitespace
  • Clear call to action

8. Fabulous Freddy’s Carwash


Fabulous Freddy’s Carwash provides a fabulous experience to everyone and their vehicles at the highest quality, convenience, value, and service. This website is very friendly to look at, with red hues all over. The red parts highlight the page while bringing energy and power to it. This is also a strong motivational color, which calls the users to take an action. Awesome work!

What you can learn from this great carwash website design

  • Great big images
  • Lots of whitespace
  • Clear call to action above the fold
Inspiring website templates,

These are my favourites.

BONUS: Elegant Themes


Although this one officially shouldn't be in this list - I couldn't keep this one from you. Elegant themes has amazing website themes and leads by example. Their own homepage looks stunning.

What you can learn from this great  website

  • Playful design
  • Clear call to actions
  • Great user experience

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What makes good mobile website examples?

A great carwash design should have a clean design, be easy to navigate and include a lot of social proof. Have a look at this page for great example websites.

How to create mobile website examples?

  1. Analyze the best examples on this page
  2. Make notes of what you like – and what you don’t like
  3. Design your site with this drag & drop website builder 
  4. Publish your website with our recommended hosting platform.

How much do mobile website examples cost?

A web designer will charge anywhere between $1500 and $5000 for a decent website. However, this article will teach you to do it yourself for less than $100.

What information is needed on mobile website examples?

Your website will need at least the following pages: ‘Home, About us, Contact, Portfolio’. To create trust with your visitor, you must show lots of pictures of your team and your latest projects.