Non-Profit and Charity Website Examples

Non-Profit Website Examples

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New Story Non Profit Website Design Example

1. New Story

New Story is a nonprofit organization tackling one of the world’s biggest problems: homelessness. At New Story, they’re rallying the generous, the dreamers, and the change-makers to build a world without homelessness. And they won’t stop until everyone has a safe place to call home. This is a special and great advocacy to promote that everyone should participate in. Awesome!

Arctic Ice Project Non Profit Website Example

2. Arctic Ice Project

Arctic Project is determined to fight the battle against global warming with a website design like no other. The frosty blues combined with impressive visual representations make this website one of a kind. If you are one of the people who wants to save and protect mother nature, then this website is for you. Visit the website to know more about science! 

National Buffalo Non Profit Website Example

3. National Buffalo Foundation

National Buffalo Foundation focuses on the current needs of the industry and the general public while working to expand the financial resources needed to fund some very promising future projects. With a mission to be the major trusted funding source for bison research and education, this website piques the interests of its visitors through compelling content and designs. Great job!

Church Website Examples

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New Purpose Church Website Example

1. New Purpose

New Purpose Church makes use of the powerful combination of a black and white theme and crisp, big visuals highlighted with beautiful typography on its website. Led by the tandem Pastor Cody and Emily Woodlee, the Tennessee-based church has a simple mission of helping people know Jesus and find purpose in life. The website gives off a modern vibe that connects with people of all ages.

Central Baptist Church Website Example

2. Central Baptist Church

“A church where Jesus changes everything” is the main message Central Baptist Church conveys to visitors of its website. Banking on the power of using lots of white spaces and large, sharp images, the church was able to deliver its message with its clean layout and design. They have a heartwarming and impressive video with an overlying text, which covers all the church’s messages and activities important for website visitors to know.

Quick Answers Church Website Example

3. Quick Answers

Quick Answers is a Christian apologetics blog run by 30-year-old Youth and Worship leader Shaun Lee Samson. The auditor by profession who hails from Bahrain aims to provide the “reasons for faith in Reasonable time” by answering questions from Jesus to salvation and heaven and hell, among others. Using a brief description of the issue and corresponding scriptural reference where applicable, I love just love the organization of content on this website.

Community Website Examples

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1. really has a lot of white spaces going on on their website. But it doesn’t look empty because of the photos of the people which show the community they have. Their tagline is very simple yet impactful which I love the most. Great job!

Community Corporation of Santa Monica

2. Community Corporation of Santa Monica

Now, this community website is very touching, especially the tagline. The warm words make you feel that you are very welcome and you are safe in their community. The different shades of green make you feel that peace will be in your heart once you join them. Well done!


3. Community

What I love about this style is it is very timely and trendy. The black and white color scheme is very Gen Z and I think they will love it as well. The welcoming message is very heart-warming as well and everyone who will use this software will surely love it. Very inspiring!