Personal Blogging and Lifestyle Website Examples

Blogger Website Examples

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Detailed - Blog Website Example

1. Detailed

Oh yes. This one definitely deserves a spot in the list of the best blog examples. Glen Allsop is the founder of this blog and he is a legend in the bloggers’ world. The design of his blogs feels very ‘light’ and easy on the eyes. I definitely would recommend this blog for those planning to start theirs. First, there’s subtle animation blended in the layout. Second, it uses an interplay of clean fonts that aid to the professional character of the blog while making the content easy to read. Finally, it uses the classic black and white scheme, nice graphics, great copywriting, and modern layout.

Convince & Convert - Blog Website Example

2. Convince and Convert

Commended by the Content Marketing Institute as one of the world’s Best Content Marketing Blogs, packs in a palette of pastel colors for buttons and graphics paired against a muted background to make its posts and copywriting stand out. The blog writes about content marketing and social media strategies that are so informatively and interestingly-written, it would surely convert readers into avid fans of the industry. This is coupled by smooth curves and smooth fonts in the layout that will surely make learning from their blog more enjoyable than it already is. Definitely have a look at them!

Copyblogger - Blog Website Example

3. Copyblogger

Copyblogger has been providing writers and business owners with valuable guides and techniques in creating superb online content since 2006. Founded by writer-entrepreneur Brian Clark, the blog now has a team of SEO and Content Marketing experts that not only provide free information but also train those interested in being successful copywriters. The blog’s design sparingly uses splashy visuals or any visual for that matter except for the photos of the writers of each blog post. The-colored blue call-to-action buttons and large fonts for headings and blog post titles are used as main design elements, which visitors and subscribers of the blog don’t mind being mostly writers. Plus, the blog posts’ summaries are really kept short to make skimming easy. Inspiring!

Lifestyle Website Examples

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The Cut - Lifestyle Website Examples

1. The Cut

If neatness was a website, it would be The Cut. As you click the link, you’ll be surprised by how organized and uncluttered everything is because of the whitespaces. Remember: white space emphasizes the most significant items on your website. This will not only draw the user’s attention to your material, but it will also speed up conversions.

Salty - Lifestyle Website Examples

2. Salty World

Salty is a 100% independent, membership-supported newsletter buoyed by the voices of women, trans, and nonbinary contributors worldwide. As you visit this website, you’ll be interested in scrolling down and exploring all pages because of how gorgeous the front covers are! You’ll also be welcomed with a feast of colors, so get ready! 

13Rosso - Lifestyle Website Examples

3. 13Rosso

13Rosso is not your ordinary agency since they got everything you are looking for. The elegance and class that the website exudes are simply mesmerizing. The color scheme made them look a little intimidating but still very professional. I know you will enjoy browsing this website, so check it out now!

Personal Website Examples

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White Web Design - Kristen Lee

1. Kristen Lee Calligraphy

Look at the creative design of the website! You can definitely tell there’s a lot of work on this website even though it’s very limited and concise. There is no word too much here. The writing style used in the website enhances its attractiveness. 

Levon Biss Photography Website Example

2. Levon Biss

An awe-inspiring first look at Levon Biss and his work is nothing less than jaw-dropping. The high-resolution photographs combined with the modern yet not subtle style of the website will have you invested in every picture, and it truly portrays the artist’s skill.

HeHymn - Personal Website Examples

3. HeHymn

Perfection! This is all I can say about this website. Everything is just personalized which I love since it shows how creative Daniel Wright is as a person. The color palette and the font style just match well together and create an aesthetically pleasing design for the website. This is a must-visit website, so check it out now!

Landing Page Website Examples

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Mighty Landing Pages Website Example

1. Mighty App

This website is a mighty explosion of colors. The main highlight however is the moving visual on the home page. Just hover your mouse on top of the visual to see its magic. How awesome!

Customer Landing Pages Website Example

2. serves a minimal design with hints of purple. What’s interesting is the main visual which has a hand-drawn feel to it. Overall, the website looks very elegant and clean.

Fortmatic Landing Pages Website Example

3. Fortmatic

Fortmatic believes in simplicity but the design is pure eye candy! The vibrant colors pop over a beautiful black and white background. The visuals are animated and the information is neatly organized. How cool is that!

Influencer Website Examples

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Shadow & Act

1. Rick Williams

Rick William is an entrepreneur, business strategist, and coach for emotional intelligence mastery. He backs successful entrepreneurs, musicians, investors, trainers, and personalities. If you visit his website, you’ll love how classy and organized everything looks because if the chosen color scheme. A black-white combination really does the work of making anything look professional without too much effort! Nice!

Contact Form 7

2. Laura Dawn

Laura Dawn motivates leaders to become unstuck, find their center, and take centered action by their inner sense of purpose through merging mindset, somatic coaching, and plant medicine. I urge you to visit her website to learn more about psychedelics! I bet you’ll love how engaging her page is, filled with moving animations and stylish fonts.

Influencer Website Examples - Nadia Anya

3. Nadia Anya

This clean and organized website is Nadia’s space to document everything she loves, from fashion to beauty, lifestyle, and travel. Her page’s simplicity improves the legibility of her website design through its consistency and uniformity. This will ensure that the users are focused on the spaces that she wants to focus on. Second, the clean-cut look of the website improves the first impressions of the given user. Nice work!

Copywriting Website Examples

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From Scratch Copywriter Website Example

1. From Scratch

From Scratch is a multilingual team of experts who care about one thing:
Building a fairer, greener future — which is also more fun. The chosen color scheme is an absolute wonder, making every page look adorable and full of energy! The designer used the perfect color scheme to highlight elements like buttons, important texts, and subsections. Love it!

Benjia Shaw Copywriter Website Example

2. Benji Shaw

My go-to copywriting website example is Benji Shaw because of the shapes and incredible animations. Visit his website to view examples of his superb works shown against a simple black background. His choice of a black background creates a sense of emptiness that makes the website appear to go beyond the boundaries of the screen.

KBI Cloudways Website Example

3. KBI Digital

This artistic website does an excellent job of carrying out the concept of black and white throughout its design. Because of the way the colors go together, it can be recognized right away. Also, the website earns higher credibility due to the rotating photos of the guests.