Travel and Tourism Website Examples

Tourism Website Examples

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Vela Nordic Tourism Website Example

1. Vela Nordic

Let’s start with their quote: Let’s discover the Nordic and Arctic together, all it’s wonders and great infinities.” I love it. This website is a true winner, as it has a slick design but communicates the right information at. thesame time.

Cebu Wonda Tourism Website Example

2. Cebu Wonda

Oh yes. I love this design, as it’s very clean and professional. I like how this website has a clear UX which points users to their contact page. Very fresh and inspiring design!

Story Scape Tourism Website Example

3. Story Scape Travel

I like how this website chose a color scheme and used it throughout the entire design. On top of that, the pictures are simply amazing. When you’re building a tourism orientated website, make sure to invest in great images like these.

Travel Agency Website Examples

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Adams And Butler - Travel Website Example

1. Adams & Butler

When you visit the website of Pixel Grade for the first time, you will immediately become fascinated by the numerous tones they provide with varied descriptions about the firm’s credibility. The rotating themes are an excellent method to improve their expertise and attract attention to what they have to offer. 

Global Nomad - Travel Website Example

2. Global Nomad

The Global Nomad promotes travel by offering pre-made travel packages that may be tailored to a person’s interests, needs, and budget. Users of their website may simply select from a variety of vacation packages, specify their desired length of stay, choose the planning process they are interested in, click “Plan My Trip,” and presto! The screen loads with a unique trip experience.

Blue Orange Travel Agency Website Example

3. Blue Orange Travel

Blue Orange Travel uses innovative technology and trusted sources to suit client demands while creatively enhancing luxury and business travel. Their logo, which is a globe with an orange slice cut in half and blue paint on top, symbolizes their unique persona, which is also reflected on their website. Anyone who wants to develop an innovative travel agency design should take inspiration from them.

Hotels Website Examples

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Ultima Corfu Hotel Website Example.jpg

1. Ultima Corfu

BOOM! This hotel website example just drops on you like a bomb. It’s impossible to visit the Ultimate Corfu website without being astounded by what you see. This website is very inspiring even if you don’t want to create one for a hotel. Visit them right away to see more visually appealing images and be inspired to create a beautiful one as well.

Aguas De Ibiza Hotel Website Example.jpg

2. Aguas De Ibiza

For those who want to create a new hotel website, this sample hotel website is the ideal source of ideas. The video backgrounds and typography are incredibly inspiring! Video backgrounds are more effective at grabbing viewers’ attention than solid-color or image backgrounds. The section that is above the fold is the first thing someone sees when they visit your website. 

Silo Ridge Hotel Website Example.jpg

3. Silo Ridge

A hotel called Silo Ridge is in the Hudson Valley. They do a fantastic job of showcasing their services in their video background, which is genuinely inspiring. You stand a better chance of piquing their interest and keeping site visitors for longer if you use a video background. Check it out right away to see some breathtaking images. Fantastic work!