Actor Website Examples

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John Travolta - Actor Website Example

1. John Travolta

The legendary John Travolta, multi-awarded for his versatile roles including in “A Civil Action” where he received the US Broadcast Critics Association’s Alan J. Pakula Award, uses the classic black-and-white theme in his website. It opens with his most recent photo and a personal message complete with his signature–design elements that are really welcoming to visitors. Despite his very colorful and sometimes controversial career, the website is simple, clean, and well-organized–a mirror of his real-life personality as one of Hollywood’s most humble and down-to-earth personalities.

Anirban Actor Website Example

2. Anirban Bhattacharya

India’s renowned theater actor and director Anirban Battacharya is a natural-born artist. Besides his acting and writing stints, he is also into photography and sketching. His website captures his eye and talent for the Arts as it is designed in a trendy and colorful way, as well as, features his photos and artworks. I like the contrast of colors used in the website where black and white photography–besides its use to evoke dramatic emotions and convey elegance–is paired with hues of orange. The website also has a trendy layout, a cool animated counter of career highlights, and mouseover effects. I love it!

Tom Mooney Actor Website Design

3. Tom Mooney

Tom Mooney uses a powerful image to ‘welcome’ you on his actor website. Also, the dark color scheme makes his website feel powerful and luxurious. Indeed, black provides good contrast for all colors, enhancing the look and feel of your website. Colors with high contrast between the text or images and the background should be used. A black/gray background contrasts well with most colors, far more than a white background. Great actor website example! 

Author Website Examples

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Maria Felipe Author Website Design Example

1. Maria Felipe

Maria Felipe is an author who writes about happiness. I love how she leverages a personal image above the fold, combined with a clear call to action. Not to mention her color theme of scarlet red and white that exudes vibrance and is quite appealing. Plus, lots of sharp visuals, a clean layout, and light animated features for the content that keep the website from being dull. Great website!

Ane Riel

2. Ane Riel

Danish author Ane Riel has four international bestsellers with 14 nominations by various awarding bodies. Her novels have won seven literary awards in 2019. Her website then offers an English translation alongside its Danish-written content. Besides that, the website opens with an eye-grabbing full-page image of the author against a black theme. A very great way to grab the attention of your visitors!

Elsebeth Egholm

3. Elsebeth Egholm

Elsebeth Egholm, a journalist from Denmark, gained international recognition in 2011 with the TV series “Those Who Kill,” which made her one of Denmark’s most well-known crime writers. Her website’s content and visuals are well-organized, which is something I find appealing. The website’s black-and-white design also makes it simple for users to buy her books directly from her using its online shopping feature.

Blogger Website Examples

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Detailed - Blog Website Example

1. Detailed

Oh yes. This one definitely deserves a spot in the list of the best blog examples. Glen Allsop is the founder of this blog and he is a legend in the bloggers’ world. The design of his blogs feels very ‘light’ and easy on the eyes. I definitely would recommend this blog for those planning to start theirs. First, there’s subtle animation blended in the layout. Second, it uses an interplay of clean fonts that aid to the professional character of the blog while making the content easy to read. Finally, it uses the classic black and white scheme, nice graphics, great copywriting, and modern layout.

Shopify - Blog Website Example

2. Shopify

Shopify is a renowned e-commerce platform and facility for businesses the world over. Their blog is an added service to help companies with strategies to increase their sales online and overall business performance. The blog’s design is simple and clean using a header image of a photo paired with a muted background overlayed with a compelling message and a call-to-action button. Immediately below it are the categories of blog posts for faster reading while above it is a dropdown menu, their logo, and another call-to-action button for a free trial of their services. While an expandable side menu and a search field along with the main feature are the next thing one sees upon scrolling down the blog. What comes next are the recent posts of the blog tiled neatly in two columns with lots of white spaces in between. Clever way to hook your readers!

Orbit Media Studios - Blog Website Example

3. Orbit Media Studios

Orbit Media Studios does a great job of making their blog feel valuable and powerful. The typography, the color scheme of black to white with reds in between, and uniform-cut photos makes everything feel clean and tidy. These are elements of design that give credibility to what they do as a team of experts targetting to make the internet a better place through website design, development, optimization, and marketing. I personally love how very professional the design of their blog is, as well as, how informative its content. Well done!

Model Website Examples

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Jessie Andrews – Model Website Examples

1. Jessie Andrews

Jessie Andrews is a modern self-made woman. She is a sought-after worldwide designer, in-demand brand builder, mainstream actress, and fashion week front-row regular. If you’re free, I encourage you to visit her professional and minimalistic website to see more of the path she was destined for, from covers to the runway! 

Ira Pavlona - Model Website Examples

2. Ira Pavlona

If you want to see someone who has had a dazzling career, being published in Elle, Vogue, Tatler, L’officiel, Nylon, and Harper’s Bazaar, Ira Pavlona is the one. As you visit her website, you’ll be welcomed with her photographs and endless achievements in the world of fashion Fascinating!  

Kamila Gareeva - Model Website Examples

3. Kamila Gareeva

This one’s different and formal. Although it is minimalist, they used the color black instead of white to fill in the spaces which makes her photo the center of attention once you visit the page. I also love the font they used for her page since it looks classy and matches her personality well.

Personal Trainer Website Examples

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Lift Chicago

1. Lift Chicago

If you are looking for a personal trainer based in Chicago, then Lift Chicago must be the one for you. Visiting their website, you will be welcomed with the videos of their personal trainers and you will see how great they are at what they are doing. Click the link to know more about their services! 

Jim Karas

2. Jim Karas

I love the calm vibe of this personal trainer website, especially with all the blue shades as their color palette. Their tagline is also remarkable since who doesn’t want to strengthen both mind and body, right? You should definitely check Jim Karas out!

Zakk Paez - Personal Trainer Website Examples

3. Zakk Paez

If you are looking for a great personal trainer, then Zakk Paez might be the one you are looking for. His website not just focuses on physical training but also mentally which is a need when you are training yourself. You can look at his training packages that will suit your current health status. Awesome!

AdSense Website Examples

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The Med film festival looks like it comes from film noir. The animated picture of the water gives a beautiful filmy look, and the posters are very creative. Check out this one and learn something that may be useful in the future. As you visit, you’ll be welcomed with a beautiful visual appearance, scrolling movie posters, and multiple CTAs if you to contact them.  

Package Free Shop - Shopify Website Examples

2. Playwire

Playwire is dedicated to helping publishers and app developers accelerate their business by amplifying ad revenue and operating more efficiently. Their website has a lot of white spaces but it doesn’t look empty because of the elements that they placed on the home page. The large font plays a big role as well to emphasize what their website is known for. Cool!

KBI Cloudways Website Example

3. SHE Media

SHE Media created the Meaningful Marketplace platform to provide economic opportunity to our community of women-owned and minority-owned publishers and creators. What I love about this website is the advocacy they have which is women’s empowerment. They help each other grow and that is something that most people should learn. This is a must-visit website, so check it out now!

CRO Website Examples

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Fresh - eCommerce Website Example

1. Fresh

They established Fresh in 1991 with the goal of providing environmentally and human-friendly natural products. Their website’s color scheme, which includes pastel pinks, blues, and white, is quite feminine. Their member-based online store offers convenient features like order monitoring and rewards for every purchase.

Ellis - eCommerce Website Example

2. Ellis

Ellis is a well-known company for beautifully lovely bridal gowns in London. Their stunning website takes aback anyone when they view it. The gallery of breathtaking photographs with models wearing various gowns from the current collections, shown in black and white and in full color. Visit this website because it will undoubtedly tempt visitors to click on its call-to-action buttons.

Brian Holden Design - HTML Website Example


High-end and long-lasting travel accessories made by Nortvi include bags, luggage, sweaters, and even phone cases. I enjoy how their website showcases the products with clear, up-close pictures from different perspectives in both videos and photos. Along with the elegant layout, I appreciate the well-done mouse-over effect on the buttons, which is very novel.

Personal Website Examples

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White Web Design - Kristen Lee

1. Kristen Lee Calligraphy

Look at the creative design of the website! You can definitely tell there’s a lot of work on this website even though it’s very limited and concise. There is no word too much here. The writing style used in the website enhances its attractiveness. 

Levon Biss Photography Website Example

2. Levon Biss

An awe-inspiring first look at Levon Biss and his work is nothing less than jaw-dropping. The high-resolution photographs combined with the modern yet not subtle style of the website will have you invested in every picture, and it truly portrays the artist’s skill.

HeHymn - Personal Website Examples

3. HeHymn

Perfection! This is all I can say about this website. Everything is just personalized which I love since it shows how creative Daniel Wright is as a person. The color palette and the font style just match well together and create an aesthetically pleasing design for the website. This is a must-visit website, so check it out now!

Testimonial Website Examples

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Huel - Testimonial Website Example

1. Huel

Huel (Human + Fuel) is a nutritionally complete food formulated by James Collier. With that in mind, featuring registered dietitians & nutritionists in the testimonials section is such a great move to further build trust and connect with the viewers!

Native - Testimonial Website Example

2. Native

Native offers viewers a minimalist and at the same time classic testimonial design. I love how the stars are very much highlighted because of the white space. Nice!

Musee - Testimonial Website Example

3. Musee

Now, this is where testimonials meet aesthetics! Seriously, I love the design. It is minimal, it has a lovely soft-muted color scheme, and the images? the BOMB!

Web App Examples 

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BMW - Web App Examples

1. BMW

BMW has a gallery-like layout as the main feature of its web design. It is a creative way to feature a great volume of visual media and articles – from scenic landscapes to bustling cities, simple graphics to cool 3D animations, and people to fast-paced cars – just about everything under the sun.

Spotify - Web App Examples

2. Spotify

Spotify’s website is basically a straightforward one. It focuses on conversion, hence its simple web design, clear call-to-action buttons, and brief but persuasive copywriting in bold fonts. This website’s logo also stands out as well – timeless, distinctive, and simple in form.

AliExpress - Dropshipping Website Example

3. AliExpress

In an online shopping platform’s website, keeping it clutter-free could be a challenge. However, AliExpress still manages to keep a clean user interface. With round-edged images and text borders, consistent simple fonts, and white background, the website has an overall neat design and menu structure.

Wedding Website Examples

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Helen Josh Wedding Website Example

1. Helen and Josh

Helen and Josh creates a unique wedding website that starts at the bottommost part of the page. It takes you on a unique scrolling experience and creative storytelling that seem straight out of a children’s storybook.

Jess & Russ - Dark Website Example

2. Jess and Russ

Jess & Russ is where fantasy meets elegance. This is the perfect website to be inspired by whimsical concepts and elegant typography. And I also love the text art above the fold, it’s very original!

Marry Monday Wedding Website Example

3. Marry Monday

Now, this is what you’d want in your modern wedding website! The most noteworthy feature of this website is the innovative gallery where you can drag the interface to explore and tap photos to expand them!

Wedding Planner Website Examples

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I Wedding Mexico Wedding Planner Website Example

1. iWedding Mexico

What an amazing website! It starts of with some powerful background images which rotate every few seconds. Then it features a nice ‘about us’ text which makes you connect with the founder. I like how this website uses unique shapes to tie all the content blocks together.

Barefoot Bride Wedding Planner Website Example

2. Barefoot Bride

Oh yes. I love this design, as it’s very clean and professional. The images feel so professional and intimiate. It makes you feel like you’re already at your own wedding!

Cohesion Wedding Planner Website Example

3. Cohesion Events

Have you ever read a headline and thought to yourself: ‘Oh wow, that’s exactly what I’m looking for?’. That’s what you want to achieve when someone lands on your website. And it’s exactly what Cohesion communicates. “Taking care of the planning, so you can relax and celebrate”.

I like how this website chose a color scheme and used it throughout the entire design. On top of that, the pictures are simply amazing.