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17 Best Minimalist Websites of 2023 [Inspiring Examples]

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Ralph de Groot – My Codeless Website
The best minimalist websites of 2023.

1. Birch Community

Birch, a sprawling estate of greenery and refuge for the city-life-weary located north of London, has a remarkably witty website worth exploring. This Waltham Cross-based accommodations begins its website’s landing page with an aerial view of a snowy terrain where different groups of people have gathered. What’s unique about it is that the groups of people are actually vectorized videos that are miniaturized on a seemingly snow-filled illustration of their estate. These miniature vectorized videos of people are used generously throughout the layout of the website’s other sections as part of the design. Coupled with an interactive menu and humorous photos, these videos give a sense of fun that one can recapture in their community. Clever!

Things we love about this website design:

  • Modern web design with classy pictures
  • Lots of whitespace
  • Nature inspired colors

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2. United Studio Network


UNS Studio Network is very futuristic in their designs, which is a principle they hold to in whatever they do. Thus, their website is as futuristic with its special effects such as cascading rotating texts and zooming visuals on mouseover. It is also visually breathtaking with the full page background photos of their compeleted projects in full color with an overlayed powerful message. Their menu similarly has an interesting layout for the names of the sections and unique text effects. A a website that adheres to the most popular design standards available is much desired by companies. However, how much of a website’s success can be related to its visual appeal? You better click this one to find out.

Things we love about this website design:

  • Amazing background picture
  • Clean design with lots of whitespace
  • Nice font styling throughout the website 

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Toy Fight

3. Toy Fight


Toy Fight has a rather intriguing name for a creative partner, what more the visuals they use in their website’s homepage: two 3D mannequins of naked men. This award-winning agency sure delivers the message of their unconventional ingenuity when it comes to creativity and design. Beyond the angry mannequins, the website packs beautiful typography, light animated effects, warm colors, and clean layout in one. Click the link to learn more about them!

Things we love about this website design:

  • Great color palette
  • Funny images
  • Lots of social proof by showing previous clients

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Studio Twofold

4. Studio Twofold


Studio Twofold markets itself as a strategic partner for smart and creative design solutions. This two decade old full-service studio for various creative needs exhibits their prowess impressively in their website. Besides the clean design, the website has fun typing animations, subtle super-imposed geometric shapes blended with white backgrounds, and powerful call-to-action messages. Their image slider with interesting effects gives an oomph to a company’s portfolio of clients. Go on! Don’t miss this one out.

Things we love about this website design:

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Patrick David

5. Patrick David


Italy’s UX/UI Designer and eveloper Patrick David has an impressive website to boot. Besides using elements in the design attributable to his native land, he also integrated awesome animation and effects in it. No wonder his website has received commendations and citations from various online award giving bodies. In addition, he uses great copywriting and great call to action throughout his website.

Things we love about this website design:

  • Unique style
  • Great copywriting
  • Great call to action

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6. Spring/Summer


Two-time Creative Circle Digital Agency of the Year Awardee Spring/Summer Spring/Summer used color contrasting in its website to make it very appealing. I love the colors used, which changes even for its vertical menu as one scrolls down the website. There are a lot of images on this website that stand out and really “create lasting impressions” that in turn evoke “product desire” that this digital design agency is known for. I especially love the presentation of photos alternating with powerful copywriting on the company and its projects. Looks very artsy! Great one.

Things we love about this website design:

  • So colorful
  • Lots of whitespace when text is used
  • Interesting navigation style

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7. The Little Architecture Company


The little Architecture company is based in Solihull and focuses on housing. Their homepage consists of a great slider and uses incredible images. I love how minimal yet powerful this architecture website is. This is the one if you’re looking for a reliable team who specializes in housing, delivering new-build and refurbishment projects across the West Midlands, Warwickshire and Worcestershire, and further afield in Dorset, Somerset and Shropshire.

Things we love about this website design:

  • Great pictures
  • Clean design
  • Lots of whitespace which makes the website easy on the eye

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8. Hy


Manufactured by ZOKU, Hy takes the daily workout and ear phones to the next level with its built-in intuitive virtual assistant and Naked Sound technology. This sweat proof open ear wearable allows full-spectrum sound, responds to voice command, and tracks workout progress, among many other jaw-dropping functionalities. As small and compactly powerful this gadget is, so is the design of its minimalistic style website. Hy’s website visually stands out from the rest with its full-page vibrant action photos, complementary typography, and trendy layout. A few of the titles are animated, which adds an extra flair.

Things we love about this website design:

  • Subtle animations
  • Elegant design
  • Incredible use of visuals

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9. Robert M. Gurney


Ever heard the saying: “an image says more than a 1000 words?” Clearly, Robert did. He doesn’t waste any words describing his portfolio projects but shows it in slick, tiny images arranged neatly in columns and rows against an all white background. The output? A visually appealing and professional design. Go take a look at this website to learn a great way of displaying client projects and personal portfolios!

Things we love about this website design:

  • Unique design
  • Great way of displaying previous projects
  • High-quality images

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10. Wendy Ju


Wendy Ju, who has a passion for designing meaningful experiences for people, definitely created a modern portfolio through her website. This NYC-based UIUX designer has a minimalist website that has gray for her color scheme, which is a dull color and often not used in similar websites. Despite the unique color choice, the website remained appealing because of her choice of vibrant colored photos for her client projects. The use of simple animation that appears on mouseover also adds to make the website interesting. Definitely make sure to check this one out!

Things we love about this web design:

  • Unique web design style
  • Very clean design
  • Nice layout dividers

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11. Firescript


Firescript is a freelance web designer and developer based in Canada. Their website uses beautiful imagery, especially on the homepage which is a mountainous terrain that signifies a journey of creation. This company, after all, believes that “anything is possible” when it comes to “digital experience.” A flourishing fire in the logo is just the cherry on top on the right amount of energy can create beautiful things. Love it! Click the link to learn more about Firescript!

Things we love about this web design

  • Simple but stylish
  • Call to action above the fold
  • Great social proof

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12. illo


Based in Italy, illo packages itself as “a very creative studio” on art direction, colorful aesthetics, illustration, motion design, and storytelling. Their website delivers their brand promise with its colorful content–a spectrum of powerful colors from white to green–and interactive features combined with big fonts. Love it! illo definitely is one to watch when it comes to modern portfolio and clean website examples!

Things we love about this web design

  • Awesome animations
  • Very unique web design
  • Lots of whitespace

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13. Donut


Donut is a great example of minimalistic web design. Their website uses little text but relies on a clean and powerful design. Their main call to action button looks very enticing and makes you want to click before you even read it. I also love the soft, rounded typography that matches their logo and used to highlight important messaging, which gives a friendly feel to its somewhat serious content.

Things we love about this website design:

  • Clean web design

  • Clear headline
  • Awesome button design

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14. Green Peas For Breakfast

The Green Peas for Breakfast is an idea making machine. This small studio specializes in creating websites with unique styles, amazing typography, and great color schemes. The color scheme they use in their website is just yummy to look at–like a strawberry latte paired with a slice of banana bread for breakfast! That’s lots of white, pink, and mocha aided with a conglomerate of multi-colored illustrations cleverly blended with black and white photos and what-have-yous. All these neatly presented in a clean layout and very light animation. Indeed, they know how to turn “visions into beautiful realities.”

Things we love about this website design:

  • Clever visuals
  • Amazing typography
  • Incredible color scheme

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15. Dragonfly Wave

I’m sure you’ll love Dragonfly Wave’s cursor as it is cute, creative, and user-friendly. This is the website to see if you want to learn more about cursors. While they may seem unimportant, cursors are one of the most essential elements of any operating system. They deliver one of the few ways for users to interact with the interface and perform various movements.

Things we love about this website design:

  • Clear value proposition
  • Clear call to action
  • Clean web design

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16. Yui Moreau


Korean-born and now France-resident Yui Moreau’s website has the most awesome website to look at. A full-page video composed of various clips including from an anime cartoon greets website visitors in silence. Overlayed to this video is a synthesis of what to expect from this website: a visual presentation of Moreau’s expertise: digital art. Scrolling down the website unravels incredible design, funny copywriting—like “scroll or die—and various interactive features that keep one engaged. Click the link to learn more about this mysterious Digital Art Director.

What you can learn from this great resume web design

  • Incredible design
  • Funny copywriting
  • Very interactive

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Sedberg School

17. Sedbergh School


Elegant is the perfect word to describe the Sedberg School’s website. The website, after all, is thematic of this academic institution’s 500 year legacy in the United Kingdom. Thus, earth tones–copper to burnt sienna–are prominent in its color scheme. While touches of dark gray–the color of its official mascot: the siberian husky–blend in the design’s ample white spaces and clean layout. (They even have photos of a real live husky in different areas of the school with its personnel and pupils.) Just lovely!


What you can learn from this great web design website

  • Clear call to action above the fold
  • Great color scheme
  • Nice scrolling animations

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Inspiring minimalist website templates,

These are my favourites.

BONUS – Here is my favorite template

Futuristic Website Template


Why this is such a great template

  • Clean design, great to turn visitors into customers
  • WordPress compatible, easy to customize
  • Free download if you’re a Divi member

BONUS: Elegant Themes


Although this one officially shouldn't be in this list - I couldn't keep this one from you. Elegant themes has amazing website themes and leads by example. Their own homepage looks stunning.

What you can learn from this great  website

  • Playful design
  • Clear call to actions
  • Great user experience
xuva modern website example

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3 Award Winning Web Designers I recommend

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Kegan Quimby
Kegan is a freelance WordPress designer/developer. He works with businesses of all sizes to share their story. He builds websites that are fast, mobile & SEO friendly, and built to last!

✓ He specializes in WordPress design and development. From branding to e-commerce, to mobile, and everything in between.
✓ He has a focus on small to medium size businesses but also has enterprise clients.
✓ Clients include Level Up Digital Media, Center for Human Insights by User Testing.

Vrrb is an award-winning creative agency based in Los Angeles.  14+ years of experience building extraordinary websites, applications, and digital solutions for the world's most recognizable brands.

✓ Our core services include branding, website design/development, mobile apps, digital strategy, and ongoing support
✓ We engage with established companies (50+ employees), as well as funded startups looking to turbocharge their growth.
✓ Clients include Ferrari, Visa, HP, UCLA, and Behr Paint.

Lovepixel Agency
We Build Highly Converting Funnels / Brands / Websites that people fall in Love with.
Personal Brands, Authors, Speakers, Influencers, Coaches, Consultants. Check my video to see how we work 👋

✓ This web design agency specializes in custom websites using WordPress.
✓ They focus on a personal touch that allows the visitor to connect with the website. Great for personal brands!
✓ Clients include Oto Gomes, Laura Dawn, Sigrid Tasies.


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What makes a good minimalist website design?

A great minimalist website should have a clean design, be easy to navigate, and include a lot of social proof. Have a look at this page for great example websites.

How to create a minimalist website design?

  1. Analyze the best examples on this page
  2. Make notes of what you like–and what you don’t like
  3. Design your own site with this a drag & drop website builder 
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How much does a minimalist website cost?

A web designer will charge anywhere between $700 and $1000 for a decent website. However, this article will teach you to do it for less than $100.

What information is needed on a minimalist website?

Your website will need at least the following pages: ‘Home, About me, Contact, and Portfolio’. To create trust with your visitor, it’s essential to show lots of pictures of your brand.

You're now ready to get your minimalist website up and running!