Real Estate Website Examples

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Developwise Real Estate Website Example

1. Developwise

Oh yes. Develop Wise really created the perfect real estate website example. The background video, combined with the enticing call to action button above the fold really tells the story. I love how they use scrolling animations to make the website come alive!

Partners Real Estate Website Example

2. Partnerz

Partnerz is a different type of real estate website. They help individuals to list their houses on AirBnb and take care of everything. I like how they use nice visuals to explain their concept. Well done! This is the best examples out there if you’re looking for great animations, clean design, and a clear call to action above the fold. 

Mariah Hamm Real Estate Website Example

3. Mariah Hamm

Mariah Hamm has her own real estate agency. The background image above the fold creates a good vibe. I like how she thought about every detail in the website. The typography, the color scheme, it all just works really well together. Click the link to know more about her! 

Consulting Website Examples

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Laurie Ruettimann

1. Laurie Ruettimann

Laurie Ruettimann offers first-rate and unique services to a range of industries through innovative solutions that improve lives and jobs. Her website promotes her well-known persona with black-and-white themes, strong font, and up-close pictures of her beaming with life. Its call-to-action messages, which are incorporated into the layout as text boxes aligned with one another, caught my attention in particular.

Syl Webdesign Website Example

2. Syl

SYL, based in Luxembourg, offers consulting services with a cutting-edge methodology. This was shown in the splash or opening video on the SYL website. According to the video, a group of experts like them put a lot of effort into creating something lovely. Customer testimonials that are presented on the website do speak to SYL’s ability by providing its employees with practical management solutions.

Stefanie Bauer-Vemuri - Consulting Website Examples

3. Stefanie Bauer-Vemuri

Stefanie Vemuri’s consulting website just exudes professionalism and intelligence all over it. I love the inspiring content and goals that she wants to achieve upon teaching her clients. One thing I noticed about the website is how simple it looks yet it is loaded with information that will surely inspire you to help her with her goal.

Flower Shop Website Examples

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Plantsome Flower Website Example

1. Plantsome

Plantsome is a flower shop which was originally founded in the Netherlands. This successfull ecommerce business recently expanded to Canada and raises the bar for all flower shops. Their design, copywriting and conversion pscychology is next level. Very inspring!

Floral Dreamin Flower Shop Website Example

2. Floral Dreamin

This Canadian florist is completely different from the e-commerce store you saw above. However, this one is very inspiring! Have a look at the big images and nice scrolling animations as you explore the website.

Jennifer Flower Shop Website Example

3. Jennifers Flowers

Want to build a website that feels like a ‘nice and friendly shop around the corner’? Have a look at this one!

Clean Website Examples

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Norm Architects Clean Website Example

1. Norm Architects

Norm Architects is an expert on designing furnitures to houses using soft, minimal styles and earthen colors without forgeting functionality. This minimalist and natural approach to designing Norm Architects similarly implemented in their website. The overall color theme of the website is off white made elegant by the crisp photos of their finished projects, which are presented in an animated image slider. Below this are other projects layouted neatly—a good way to learn how to use tile spacing and size keeping images to make a difference. It is very classy and very inspiring!

Firescript Clean Website Example

2. Firescript

Firescript is a freelance web designer and developer based in Canada. Their website uses beautiful imagery, especially on the homepage which is a mountainous terrain that signifies a journey of creation. This company, after all, believes that “anything is possible” when it comes to “digital experience.” A flourishing fire in the logo is just the cherry on top on the right amount of energy can create beautiful things. Love it! Click the link to learn more about Firescript!

Tallow's Retreat & Dove Studio - Clean Website Examples

3. Tallow’s Retreat & Dove Studio

When it comes to the cleanliness of a website, this example is the one you should take inspiration from. The homey vibe of the page just makes it livelier and easy on the eyes. Remember that white spaces can make a website look cleaner and sleek, especially if you use it effectively. Visit them now!

Auto Repair Website Examples

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Precision Auto Repair Website Example

1. Precision Auto Collision

This is a cool one! I love the bold color scheme and powerful introduction video above the fold. Very sleek, smooth, and top-notch quality. Another notable feature of this website is its great choice of images. Awesome stuff!

Diesel King Auto Repair Website Example

2. Diesel King

If you’re looking for a simple auto repair website that doesn’t overwhelm viewers with complicated designs and details, Diesel King might be the one for you! This website only displays the essential information they want their viewers to know.

Barnett Auto Repair Website Example

3. Barnett Auto Repair

It is always a safe choice to use a classic color scheme as seen on this website.  Overall, the web design is pretty straightforward and easy to follow. Have a look at this great example!

Cleaning Website Examples

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The Maids - Cleaning Website Example

1. The Maids

You can never go wrong with The Maids’ color scheme! The blue and yellow colors stand out from the web pages and this makes a lasting impression on the viewers. Excellent!

Service Master Clean - Cleaning Website Example

2. Service Master Clean

Service Master Clean instantly grabs the viewer’s attention with the way they play with a unique color scheme and by displaying a feel-good video above the fold. This website fearlessly showcases their uniqueness and style. Great layouts to boot!

Cleaning Authority - Cleaning Website Example

3. The Cleaning Authority

The image above the fold is so heartwarming and it fits well with the overall web design. This builds a sense of trust and connection with the viewers. What’s also impressive about this website is the visually-pleasing collection of graphic designs and color scheme!

Car Dealer Website Examples

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1. Infiniti

They artistically crafted luxury vehicles under the Infinity name while maintaining performance balance. The organization incorporates the same characteristics into the design of their website. The website exudes a sense of sophistication thanks to clear images of their newest models set against a black background and a wise choice of font. Visit them and learn about the various benefits that INFINITI-certified used cars offer.


2. Dodge

They may see an image slider on the landing page of this website. This is a fantastic method of displaying a website’s primary material. The website’s design also stands out for its traditional color palette of black, white, and red with a few accents of blue and yellow. Then there is the original presentation of the photos, which results in a symmetrical arrangement. Amazing work!


3. Chevrolet

The reality behind the claim that Chevrolet is the “Most Awarded Brand For New Car Quality” may be shown by looking at their website. The fade-in motion of the photographs adorns the website, which has a clean structure thanks to the large white spaces in it. Overall, the web design is quite clear and easy to follow. Please have a look!

Carwash Website Examples

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Auto Wash

1. Auto Wash Car Wash

New York’s Auto Wash Car Wash has a fairly simple but professionally-designed website. The homepage header uses a background video that shows a glimpse of what happens when clients drive into their car wash facility. Overlayed with text on the date of their establishment and a logo of their recent award, the background video highlights the equipment used in their car wash and the friendly staff that ensures quality service for clients. The website is predominantly blue in color, which is apt for it is the color of water that, in turn, gives a refreshing look. This is supported by the organized layout of content, lots of white spaces, and complementary colors that emphasize important information. Overall, the website is full of color and strengthens their brand identity. Love it!

Crystal Car Wash - Carwash Website Example

2. Crystal Car Wash

Crystal Car Wash’s website opens with a full-page, looping video of a hand writing “Wash Me” on a mud-dried surface–presumably that of an automobile’s! It’s a rather comical video that seems to say the automobile is begging its owner of its need to be cleaned. Beyond the video, the website uses good copywriting, lots of interesting photos, and ample call-to-action messaging. Navigating the website is easy since it is organized and clean. While a good feature of the website is the online shop of their services and membership options, as well as, gift cards.

Wash my car Carwash Website Example

3. Wash My Car

With over ten years of experience working with the highest-quality products and brands, Wash My Car guarantees the highest standards of care within the industry. If cleanliness was a website, this would be it. Their booking system is the best I’ve seen – everything is already there. All you have to do is make up your mind with the type of vehicle, date, and time. 

Construction Website Examples

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Codus Construction Ltd - Construction Website Example

1. Codus Construction

Based in Yorkshire, Codus Construction prides itself for creating buildings of exceptional craftsmanship. Their website is very trendy in design and features from the beautiful landing page to its smooth animations. I like how they emphasized their strengths as a company through a bulleted format creatively highlighted as a sidebar to a backgrounder on them. Plus, their very neat and attractive portfolio. Note that online portfolios are no longer limited to specific disciplines or industries. A professional online presence is more crucial than ever and having an online portfolio will undoubtedly boost your exposure and presence.

Codeless Construction Example Website

2. Codeless Construction

Our team made the first construction website example! I love the content blocks, it’s very structured. Good website structure is crucial for SEO. Even if your other SEO efforts are excellent — you use keywords correctly, have accurate meta tags, and so on — if your site’s structure isn’t robust, those efforts won’t bring the rewards you desire. Definitely inspiring!

Apertura Arquitectonica - Construction Website Examples

3. Apertura Arquitectonica

Although this is an architecture website, I still love the idea of how they build a house on a paper. The effort and time to create your dream house is something that we should appreciate. You can see on their website the beautiful pieces that they made, so you can easily trust them. Job well done!

Factory Website Examples

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Andrews Manufacturing Website Example

1. Andrews Manufacturing

Oh yes! This one has everything a good website should have. Engaging images, lots of whitespaces, and a clean design. Click the link to learn more about them. They have a nice scrolling animation for you to appreciate! Great one. 

Lear Factory Website Example

2. Lear

Oh yes!!! This website is absolutely incredible! I love how the background video makes the website come alive like no other. Definitely, an example to study very carefully! Learn what motivates greatness by clicking the link above. This one is worth your time if you’re into global automotive technology. 

Friendly Factory Website Example

3. Friendly Factories

I love this website! Have a look at this artist-like color scheme. Combined with some powerful images, this makes a very inspiring manufacturing website! As you construct your website, you may believe that photographs are a “nice to have” feature that serves no use other than to look pretty. However, graphics on your website do far more than just create a lovely picture. 

Funeral Website Examples

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Mannings Funeral Website Example

1. Mannings

For the better part of 30 years, Mannings Funerals has performed funerals for the Sydney community. You might want to go to this website if you’re seeking for one that will meet your needs and is “easy on the eyes.” The information on Manning’s website is comprehensive without being overpowering.

Wibberley Funeral Website Example

2. N S Wibberley

Feel free to browse N S Wibberly for a traditional website feel, whether you’re ready to organize a funeral for yourself or a loved one or you’re just thinking about saving for the future. I adore how they used gold to highlight a design and elevate the objects around it.

Friendly Factory Website Example

3. Friendly Factories

I love this website! Have a look at this artist-like color scheme. Combined with some powerful images, this makes a very inspiring manufacturing website! As you construct your website, you may believe that photographs are a “nice to have” feature that serves no use other than to look pretty. However, graphics on your website do far more than just create a lovely picture. 

Home Builder Website Examples

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Aspen Homes

1. Aspen Homes

Welcoming you once you visit their website are high-quality photos of their sample home structure that are truly majestic. Seeing those houses makes you want to contact them already and let them build your dream house. The colors of the website are very pleasing to the eyes and everything else just seems wonderful.

Toll Brothers

2. Toll Brothers

With years in the industry, Toll Brothers have been one of the most trusted home-building companies in their town. From the cozy houses up to the vacation houses that you are seeing in magazines, they can build it for you, all you need to do is contact them. Check them out now!

JDG Constructions

3. JDG Constructions

JDG Constructions will welcome you to their website with their tagline “We build great homes” and they are right. Their website leans more towards the minimalistic and neat style wherein there are a lot of white spaces but it doesn’t look empty since the images of their sample houses become the highlight of the site.

Niche Website Examples

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Slack - Niche Website Examples

1. Slack

Slack is a business messaging app that links users to the required data. Slack changes businesses’ communication by uniting people to work as a cohesive team. Here on My Codeless Website, we use this app as well as a form of communication with each and as a person who uses it firsthand, I must say that it’s a great app.

The Savvy Backpacker - Niche Website Examples

2. The Savvy Backpacker

The Savvy Backpacker provides tips on how to organize and get ready for a backpacking trip. The most well-known source for them is their blog, but James has also written a backpacker’s manual. I love how they help other people to create their own adventures by giving tips and tricks on how to make the most out of their trips.

Poon - Niche Website Examples

3. Poon

This website is just so fun to look at since even if it has a simple design, the illustration is really relatable. I love how he presents himself to the audience as a cat-lover UX/UI designer. It makes the website look more interesting and friendly. I just love the whole idea of this website. Cool! 

Interior Website Examples

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Silvana Lehn Interior Design Website Examples

1. Silvana Lehn

Silvana Lehn chose a very unique web design style for her interior design business. This website uses lot of whitespace and abstract shapes. Truly inspiring!

Golvhuset Interior Design Website Examples

2. Golvhuset

Golvhuset is an interior design agency based in Värnamo. Their website uses a lot of whitespace and has images placed on interesting locations. Although you probably don’t understand the copywriting on the website, definitely have a look at this one!

Anoushka Allum Interior Design Website Examples

3. Anoushka Allum

Anousha Allum did a great job of positioning herself as an interior design expert. I love how her website is filled with whitespace and clean shapes. Well done!

Notary Website Examples

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Vanner Perez Website Design

1. Vanner Perez Notaries

Vanner Perez Notaries offers cost-effective rates, helpful professionals, and services built on the best technologies. In other words, everything you – and the many firms who’ve switched to them recently – really need. This website welcomes you with an oddly satisfying video of vehicles moving on a busy road which is calming in a way. And I must say, well done!

Bronx Website Design

2. Bronx Mobile Notary Service

Bronx Mobile Notary Service, LLC brings professional and courteous notary services directly to your door anywhere in New York City’s five boroughs, as well as parts of Long Island, Westchester, and Rockland Counties. This website is a classic example of professional web design; from the simple color scheme to the fonts used, you can tell they are very professional. Check it out!

Greig Website Design

3. Greig Notary Services

Tony Greig has been providing notary services in Sydney since 2007, and has offices in Bella Vista in the Hills, as well as St George and Sutherland Shire. This website combines classic professional design with modernity, as evidenced by the use of web page headers and a bold sans serif font. I also like how the color palette is calm and professional.

Plumber Website Examples

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Northstart Plumbing Website Example

1. North Star Plumbing

Absolutely love the background image for the homepage! This superman model can engage visitors and think that North Star Plumbing is the best plumbing service they could get their hands on! Also, the website displays nice videos and even great copywriting! 


2. Tony la Martina Plumbing

Tony LaMartina Plumbing Co. has been family-owned and managed since 1982. They feel that a competent plumber is more than just a stranger who comes into your home to repair some parts, leave you with a bill, and clean up the mess. A good plumber, in their opinion, is clean and pleasant, guides you through each problem and remedy, and is committed to protecting your family’s long-term health and safety. T How cool is that to have someone to rely on like them? Visit their website to find out more information! 


3. GM Plumbing Corporation

GM Plumbing Corporation is dedicated to providing the best solution for your house or business. They have proudly served Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside counties for decades and look forward to collaborating with you to discover the best solution to your plumbing problem. You’ll love how neat and organized this website is! Come and see what they can offer you.