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5 Things I Love About Pixpa for Portfolios

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Do you need help creating a stellar web-based portfolio or resume? You need to check out Pixpa for portfolios. It’s a one-stop shop where creative types can set up shop, promote their work, and make a profit. After trying out Squarespace, Wix, GoDaddy, and WordPress, Pixpa is the best portfolio website builder I have ever used. It has an ideal combination of user-friendliness and powerful features! 

If you’re new to portfolios and are interested in making one, let us tackle first what it is and why people use it. 

What are portfolios, and why do people use them? 

Today, you can showcase your abilities, experiences, and completed works in an online portfolio (digital or e-portfolio). One example is a video channel, a website, or a blog. You can include a resume, a statement of your abilities and expertise, photos of class work or design samples, audio and video, charts and schematics, process flows, and more!  

When and why do people utilize portfolios? A platform to exhibit and advertise one’s creative works is becoming increasingly crucial for everyone. It doesn’t matter what medium(s) you work in. A portfolio will allow you to reach a wider audience and provide a better sense of your skillset. They are a powerful visual extension of your CV and cover letter, showcasing your talents and projects in a way that stands out. They also help you keep track of all your projects, no matter how varied their subject areas are. If you want to make one immediately, I would love to recommend something. Here are five things I love about Pixpa for portfolios. 

1. There’s zero necessity for you to learn how to code.

Although the familiarity with markup languages such as HTML and CSS is helpful for every aspiring web designer, it is no longer needed. Pixpa is an all-inclusive platform that allows creative professionals to effortlessly construct and maintain their Portfolio Websites, Shops, Client Galleries, and Blogs without needing to learn any coding.

Anyone can streamline their online presence using Pixpa’s drag-and-drop website builder. You can join up for Pixpa’s free 15-day trial to get started making a website!  Just enter your login information for the Pixpa studio. Everyone who signs up for a Pixpa Studio trial account will have immediate access to the service’s full suite of features.

2. A simple, all-in-one graphical tool for making websites.

You can create a website as a digital portfolio to promote your work and facilitate online sharing and sales. Pixpa is a cheap and simple website creator for photographers, artists, designers, models, and other creative professionals! 

Let’s examine some areas to learn about Pixpa to help you create your website.


Pixpa’s Dashboard is where you’ll want to head first, as it houses all the tools and resources needed to start making your website. Your studio will wait for you when you log in to your free trial account. The tools for creating your site are conveniently located on the left side of the control panel so you can get started immediately.

Custom Domain 

Pixpa is one of the few website creation platforms that lets you use your own domain name. Thanks to this perk, you won’t have to pay extra to avoid being tied down to a name you don’t like.


You can create and edit the site’s tab with the Website tab. You may quickly and easily add this area’s galleries, pages, and other navigational elements. Check out the available options for enhancing your website’s navigation.

Client Galleries 

Client galleries are password-protected areas where consumers can view and buy photographs from a photo shoot or event. If you’re a photographer or event planner and want to sell your work online without the effort of creating your website, then this option is for you.

Remember that a gallery page is not just a gallery; it is a portfolio of your work because it best displays what you have done and can accomplish for your potential consumers. This is especially useful if your work involves photography, art, fashion, and weddings


Pixpa allows you to create two distinct sorts of shops. The first is a dedicated online store for physical products, and the latter is eCommerce galleries store for selling images. 

Online photo galleries are meant to sell tangible products like prints and digital files. Gallery functionality for online stores is included in all pricing tiers. In addition,  all options provide access to the aforementioned dedicated store, which is perfect for selling tangible goods and services online. 

Store and eCommerce galleries 

You can either provide a service or sell tangible goods on your website. Easy to incorporate into your existing Pixpa site. You can start selling your work in minutes, even if you don’t know how to code!

Mobile Gallery Apps

With Pixpa, you can build custom mobile gallery apps for your customers. Spread your workaround, raise your profile, amaze your customers, and grow your brand! 


Blogs are an integral aspect of your site. They aid in attracting targeted traffic to your site by providing useful resources to your target audience. Pixpa provides built-in blog features so you may post and publish your blogs regardless of where you are. Because of bandwidth constraints, many website builders need help to provide users with sites that load quickly. Now that you know Pixpa has unlimited bandwidth; you can rest assured that your website will load quickly without hiccups.


Changing your website’s theme and adjusting to that theme to achieve the desired appearance and feel can be done in the Design tab. Ensure to spread the word about your brand and bring in more customers.


The Settings tab is where you’ll make any adjustments to the look and feel of the site. In the Settings tab, you can modify various crucial settings. Be informed while you can! 

3. More than 150 elegant, mobile-friendly layouts.

The website templates provided by Pixpa are cutting-edge, mobile-friendly, and flexible to your specific tastes and needs! Wix and Squarespace have been useful to me when showcasing my creative work, but Pixpa does a better job of showcasing my photos and designs than anyone else.

Pixpa’s drag-and-drop builder makes it possible to create any kind of custom page with a streamlined UI and attractive templates surpassing Squarespace and Wix (in my opinion). This helps me immensely in terms of efficiency. 

4. 24/7 customer service via chat and email.

Help from Pixpa’s website professionals is available around the clock via email and live chat. Every time you have a question, you can count on getting an answer in less than 5 minutes!  If you have more questions about using Pixpa, check out their comprehensive guides and tutorials in the Help Center.

My experience with Pixpa’s agent was positive overall because my inquiries were responded to. As you can see, Pixpa prefers that you use their live chat service to contact them. The live chat button is always visible at the bottom right of the webpage.

5. Reasonable pricing.

How To Embed YouTube Live Stream On Website

Pixpa’s pricing options range from $6 per month for the Basic package to $12 per month for the Creator package, $18 per month for the Professional package, and $25 per month for the Advanced package.

A basic online portfolio is what the Basic plan is all about. You can only use it to shop online or write a blog. The primary differences between the plans are the amount of available storage and the maximum number of products per store! 

A free trial period of 15 days with each plan allows you to evaluate the service and decide based on your experience. After your trial period ends, you must commit because Pixpa does not provide a free plan like many other website builders. But if you’re just starting, the standard plan is cheap and has everything you need.

You can make monthly or annual payments (for a maximum of one year at a time). Discounts are available if you pay for the service each year instead of monthly. Pixpa now only accepts payment through the three major credit card networks: Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. PayPal is not accepted as payment for your subscription.

In addition, all Pixpa plans are discounted by 50% for students. A discount code will be sent to your inbox as soon as you sign up for the free trial, and send an email to the support team containing your student ID.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pixpa for Portfolios 

  • How can you become a member?

You can try out Pixpa risk-free for 15 days with all its features intact. The trial can be initiated without providing any payment information. Try it out for free by signing up now.

  • How to switch to a paid membership?

At any moment during the free trial period, you can begin your subscription by upgrading to a premium plan. The free trial period finishes once a subscription is initiated. You can subscribe to them on a monthly or annual basis.

  • When it comes to money, how long is the guarantee?

A 30-day money-back guarantee covers all new subscriptions. Throughout the first 30 days of your Pixpa subscription, you can get a complete refund if you decide the service isn’t for you.

  • What kinds of payments does Pixpa take?

Credit cards are accepted as payment methods (MasterCard, Visa, and American Express). 

  • Can you change your Pixpa subscription?

Yes. Anytime is good for switching membership levels. Depending on your new plan, your bill may be changed, and a prorated fee or rebate applied to your account.

  • Is there a cancellation policy? Can you get my money back?

Your Pixpa subscription is cancelable at any moment. All payments made during the last 30 days can be refunded if you are on an annual plan. Paid monthly subscriptions are non-refundable.

  • Can you expect assistance when you create your website?

Absolutely. Pixpa is here to help you every step of the way as you create a beautiful website.

  • Can teachers and students get a discount?

Yes. For academic institutions, Pixpa provides a 50% discount on all pans. Isn’t that convenient? 

  • Should you learn how to code to create a website?

Pixpa is a professional website builder where you do not need to know how to code. Thanks to our intuitive drag-and-drop editor, you’ll have complete control over your site’s look and feel.

  • Can Pixpa sites be seen on a mobile device?

Your Pixpa website’s pages and galleries will display beautifully across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices thanks to Pixpa’s adaptable design (desktops, tablets, and phones).

  • How can you sign up as an affiliate for Pixpa?

Apply to join the Pixpa Affiliate Program. No costs are associated with being a Pixpa Affiliate Partner Program member. To begin marketing Pixpa, the team will review your application and grant you access to your affiliate account if accepted.

Wrap Up 

Isn’t Pixpa for portfolios great? I hope every piece of information here encourages you to consider it! Remember to disseminate your online portfolio to the extent it serves its purpose!

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