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How to successfully choose a domain name

How to Choose a Short and Memorable Domain Name [2023 Guide]

Are you trying to think of a short and memorable name for your business? Well, continue reading this article in order to learn more about it.

Since it will ultimately determine how your audience will find and recall you, picking the right domain name for your business is crucial. Your domain name serves as your online identity, so you should pick one that not only suits your company but is also simple to advertise.

You’re not the only one who struggles with brainstorming or discovers that all of your potential domain name ideas have already been taken. Fortunately, there are a number of actions you can take to assist in creating the ideal domain name for your company or blog.

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How to choose a domain name that is short and memorable

If you’re prepared to launch your company’s online presence, you should pick a domain name that is consistent with your brand. Customers can trust your website and locate it easily this way. You can choose your domain name by following a few simple guidelines.

To help you select the ideal domain name, follow the steps listed below.

1. Use .com as an extension

You have probably visited a lot of websites, and .com is the most widely used domain extension. Other respectable or widespread options include .org and .net.

A more whimsical choice should be avoided because it may come across as unprofessional or unreliable. if it’s available. If you have your heart set on a domain name but version is not available, .org, .net, or .co are also respectable substitutes.

2. Choose a short easy-to-type name

A simple-to-type domain name is essential for internet success. While keywords are crucial, you shouldn’t overextend your domain. It is preferable to have a short, memorable domain name.

Customers may mistype or misspell your domain name if it is lengthy and complex. The best sentences are brief and uncomplicated.

3. Make it unique and memorable

It might be challenging to come up with a domain name that is both unique and true to your company and yet clear and concise. But that is undoubtedly feasible. 

Focus on your brand name and what you sell while researching your specialty to make sure your domain name is also drawing in the desired internet audience.

Once you have a name in mind, discuss it with your closest friends to ensure that it sounds good and makes sense to others.

4. Research everything

Check to see if there is a registered business using the same name before registering a domain name.

Check to see if the name you’ve chosen isn’t already taken by a company, is protected by copyright, or is trademarked. It might cause a legal issue that will cost you a lot of money and take away your domain!

5. Be quick

Don’t wait to register your chosen domain name because there are already millions of them registered online, and more are being added every minute.

In order to assist you in obtaining the ideal domain name, domain registrars like Bluehost will recommend alternative names if you are having problems finding an available one.

6. Maintain and expand your brand

Consider investing in different domain extensions and misspelled variations of your domain name to safeguard your brand. This stops rivals from registering other versions and guarantees that customers are sent to your website even if they input it incorrectly.

7. Avoid double letters, special characters, and numbers

Each of these components adds another barrier that users must seek to cross in order to access your website. Not to mention that if visitors try to look for your company’s website online, these components are prone to errors. 

Your domain will be easier to type and more recognizable if you avoid using double letters. If your domain requires these, be sure to register the various versions.

8. Put some keywords

Using keywords is crucial in a domain. You can inform search engines about your website’s subject by including keywords in your domain name.

When you concentrate on keywords, your brand and domain name will both help your SEO. In order to have a chance of ranking, seek low to medium-competition keywords as you come up with ideas, and make sure the keywords accurately describe your company.

9. Check the spelling and punctuation

Make sure the domain name you select is simple to say and spell. People will find it simpler to remember and type it accurately into their web browser if they do this. You may check this by asking others to spell the name back to you after you say it aloud.

10. Consider your target audience

When selecting your domain name, keep your target audience in mind. Consider utilizing a region-specific domain extension if you are targeting a certain geographical area.

11. Try a domain name generator

It can take a long time to manually search for each domain name. Domain name generators can help in this situation. These free tools run an automatic search for the keywords you choose, producing hundreds of creative domain name suggestions.

12. Keep in mind your future growth

It’s critical to pick a domain name that will work with your business’s future growth and expansion strategies.

Make sure to think of a name that will be flexible to match the energy and branding of your company in the many ways it could evolve.


Although it may seem small in the overall scheme of building a website, your domain name immediately conveys information about your company to audiences or potential clients.

A carefully crafted and researched domain name can improve your site’s search engine rankings and give visitors a clear picture of what to expect when they arrive at your page. Considering this, it’s crucial to take your time in order to get a domain name that is ideal for you.


How significant is a domain name to a business?

It gives your company more professional credibility and distinguishes you from the countless get-rich-quick scheme websites out there. An excellent domain will generate awareness and draw visitors.

After launching my website, can I alter the domain name?

After registering a domain name, you cannot change it. It can no longer be changed once it has been purchased because it is stored in Domain Name System (DNS) databases. Domain names already registered can only be transferred between new owners.

What should my budget be for a domain name?

We shouldn’t expect to pay more than $20 a year. Keep in mind to check for oblique charges, discount fraud, and sly language in the contract’s conditions.

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