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Best Agency Templates of 2024 | 25 instant downloads

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Are you looking for the best agency website templates for 2024? I’ve got you covered! ūüėĄ

After months of thinking, planning, and discussing the moment is finally there. It’s time to build an agency website.

Many people invest TONS of money to build the perfect agency website. But I’ve got a better idea for you. Use what’s already out there.

Use a pre-made agency template and customize it to your preferences. Are you ready to start your adventure?

Let’s dive into the best agency website templates of 2024!

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25 best agency website templates of 2024

1. Fashionisu Template

Any company or person can totally use this format in the creative industries to promote their stuff, get new customers, and spread their ideas. The colors and animations¬†are super fun and full of life! Awesome for keeping guests entertained and involved the whole time! I’m loving it.

What we love about this template

  • Perfect for creative industries
  • Fun and lively animations¬†
  • Vibrant color scheme¬†

2. Socialight Template

Make your website stand out with this stylish, modern, and aesthetically pleasing web design template. I believe it’s great that they have a special gallery for you¬†to show off your¬†finished works! See what I mean by giving it a try on your own. Parallax strips, which are always useful, are included as well.

What we love about this template

  • Trendy, cutting-edge, and aesthetically pleasing web design template
  • Has a one-of-a-kind gallery for displaying finished products
  • Organized design for your material¬†

3. Boost Template

This cutting-edge layout will set your business out from the competition. Its flexible layout and entertaining word animations are both useful features. The main blue color helps to convey an air of reliability and professionalism. Overall, this works wonderfully for marketing and agency websites!

What we love about this template

  • Innovative design
  • Professional vibe¬†
  • Balanced color scheme¬†¬†

4. Change Template

This template is a total showstopper! With its elegant design and eye-catching color palette, it’s practically begging to be used by agencies. The colors establish a mood, spark creativity, and give your work a sense of order. Make a good impression with this!

What we love about this template

  • This template enlivens your brand
  • Beautiful color scheme¬†
  • Refined aesthetic¬†

5. Planet Template

This design is super rustic and has a chill color palette that’s perfect for professional agency websites. I really like how Wix made the design feel so natural. Use it wisely to show off your goals and capture the vibe of your company. Give it a try today! This is perfect for focusing on your content.¬†

What we love about this template

  • Professional and approachable design
  • Perfect for focusing on your content¬† and staff¬†
  • Well-designed and functional¬†

6. World Template

Make a powerful website¬†with this eye-catching design. The provided¬†full-screen background image, bold typography, and large buttons¬†will¬†entice site visitors to learn more about your organization and contact you!¬†Any task may be completed quickly and easily with the help of this template. It’s like getting a gift!

What we love about this template

  • Perfect for displaying content
  • WordPress compatible, easy to customize
  • Striking design to make a strong argument¬†

7. Charity Template

This template is great for advocacy and agency organizations because of its minimalist layout and neutral color palette. You can totally add some cool images to make your business more relatable¬†and don’t forget to give all the details¬†about your services! Overall, this one’s worth checking out!

What we love about this template

  • Cutting-edge design
  • Natural color scheme¬†
  • Ideal for displaying of credentials¬†

8. Shores Template

This layout is super cozy and has everything you need for exposure and donations. Since you’ve got plenty of space, feel free to dive deeper into your agency’s goals and experiences. You can add some cool pics for a more personal touch! The layout i perfect for promoting major activities.¬†

What we love about this template

  • Top-notch layout design
  • Perfect for promoting major activities¬†
  • Well-designed and functional¬†

9. Thunder Template

This fashionable and organized design can help you get your message out there and grab more attention for your organization’s mission. Wix has got plenty of ways to help you keep your audience in the loop. Just insert¬†some cool stuff (like photographs and texts) and click “Publish”! Easy peasy!

What we love about this template

  • A fresh start for designing a website
  • It has all the features to promote yourself professionally¬†
  • Ideal for keeping the audience up-to-date¬†

10. Voice Template

Feel free to use this awesome template to suit your agency’s needs! The clean design and straightforward navigation make this a great place to share information about your project and gain insight from others. You’re also gonna love the color scheme in this one, it gives off a really professional vibe!

What we love about this template

  • Inspiring layout
  • Perfect for sharing details about your projects¬†¬†
  • Vibrant color scheme¬†

11. Rider Template

This design is so sweetly basic. The gentle color scheme used throughout creates an approachable and cozy atmosphere. The designer also did a wonderful job of inserting photographs in strategic locations to pique the curiosity of site visitors. Give this one a chance!

What we love about this  template

  • Well-made template layout
  • Easy on the eyes!¬†
  • Easy vibes¬†

12. Digital Marketing Template

The bold design and eye-catching colors of this template make it perfect for a PR or marketing agency. Every site feature is so fun and engaging. Feel free to use the Blog page to keep your audience up-to-date on your latest endeavors! Overall, this layout design will help you greatly!

What we love about this  template

  • Well-made template layout
  • Bold design¬†
  • Ete-catching colors¬†

13. Eps Template

This vibrant, colorful, and elegant Wix design is sure to grab people’s attention. Trust me! Because it prioritizes your content, this template is perfect for drawing attention to your skills and gaining new clients. All you have to do is add your own text and visuals to make it your own. Perfect!

What we love about this  template

  • Well-made template layout
  • Elegant design¬†
  • Ete-catching, vibrant colors¬†

14. Nespola Template

Make an impact with your best work by using this bold and bright template design. Wix’s orange color palette will give your agency’s website a positive, upbeat vibe, which is exactly what you want! Do you not find it delightful? Try it now and notice something amazing later on!

What we love about this  template

  • Bold and bright template
  • Upbeat vibe¬†
  • Ete-catching, vibrant colors¬†

15. Fox Template

If you want to make a strong and immediate impression, this Wix template was built for you. Your readers will be grateful for the lack of distractions presented by the straightforward layout. The white space truly brought out the professionalism in the pages.

What we love about this  template

  • Lots of whitespaces
  • Ideal for displaying content¬†
  • Perfect amount of spaces¬†

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