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15 Best Green Websites of 2023 [Inspiring Examples]

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My name is Ralph de Groot. I'm the founder and author at My Codeless Website. Wake me up for a great web design. I love writing about website examples, too! 

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Ralph de Groot – My Codeless Website
The best green websites of 2023.
Intuit - Above The Fold Website Examples

1. Intuit


Intuit is a global technology platform that helps our customers and communities overcome their most important financial challenges. The website has a simple and easy-to-navigate style that is very user-friendly. It has a lot of white spaces that make the most out of the website, making it look clean and minimalist. You should definitely check this website now!

What you can learn from this great website design

  • Well-polished website
  • Lots of white spaces
  • Very true to their mission

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Ezoic - Adsense Website Examples

2. Ezoic


Ezoic is an automated website testing company that enables publishers to evaluate and optimize ad placements and website layouts. Through their help, you will improve your traffic and revenue which will make your website grow in no time. The colors on the website are simple but look cool, the white and green work well together. Very cool!

What you can learn from this great website design

  • Remarkable color palette
  • Great web layout
  • Aesthetically pleasing design

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Carousel 3 - Carousel Website Examples

3. NerdWallet


Many people associate the color green with nature, conjuring up images of lush grass, trees, and forests. However, money, luck, health, and envy are also popular connections with the color green, just like NerdWallet! For those of you who don’t know, NerdWallet is a finance company that believes that everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence.

What you can learn from this great website design

  • Nice concept!
  • Great choice of color scheme
  • Simple web design

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Neon Yang

4. Neon Yang


The website of Neon Yang contains strong branding elements, which designers should always incorporate during conceptualization and planning. Yang’s website’s color scheme was true to her name, as it used neon yellow paired with a dark greenish gray for backgrounds and fonts. They also used Asian visuals from her novel’s cover design on the website to emphasize Yang’s ethnic background.

What you can learn from this great author website design

  • Strong branding
  • Funky color scheme and fonts
  • Clean layout

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5. Beston Global Food Company


If you’re looking for an authentic website, featuring a classic web design in calming color scheme, then check this website! Beston Global Food Company provides you not just that, but also genuine copywriting! The website genuinely loves nature and you can see it on the homepage. If you want to learn more, check it out now!

What you can learn from this great web design

  • Featured awards – lots of social proof!
  • Heartwarming vibe from the copywriting and color scheme
  • Simple and classic web design

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6. Siân Quipp


Siân Quipp did a great job at converting website visitors into clients. The website uses a clean design and leverages a consistent color scheme. She knows that if the colors vary between channels, you risk losing recognition, harming sales, and portraying a disorganized and unprofessional image. Consistent brand coloration can significantly increase brand identification, increasing sales and engagement.

What you can learn from this great coach website example

  • Clear call to action above the fold
  • Great, personal images throughout the design
  • Very clean website

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Ira Pavlona - Model Website Examples

7. Community Co


Community Co is very refreshing to see, especially with the foods that they are showcasing on their home page, it will surely make your mouth water. The different splash of colors makes it more alive and enticing to look at. Very yummy!

What you can learn from this great website design

  • Delightful images
  • Wonderful color palette
  • Well-polished menu

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8. Ferrumpipe


Now, this is what an innovative web design looks like! This website welcomes viewers with a very simple layout above the fold. The animation below activates as soon as you take the first scroll and just when you thought it couldn’t be better, wait until you’re almost halfway through the home page!

What you can learn from this great web design

  • Top-notch scrolling animations
  • The background and product color changes upon scrolling
  • Crisp and clear 3D graphics

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9. Peak Dental 


Peak Dental’s website is very refreshing to the eyes with its pastel green and white theme. Sharp photos of smiling people and crisp videos of their dentists engaged in pleasant encounters with patients add to the energetic and refreshing experience of navigating their website. Great choice! Their website is also informative through its blog and functional.

What you can learn from this great dentist website

  • Well-designed and functional 
  • Accessible to all users 
  • Energetic color scheme 

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Pivotal Recruitment Website

10. Patientory 


Using neon in web design is undoubtedly a difficult task. Patientory used neon as the color of their fonts and buttons in contrast to a black theme, to make neon interesting. I also like how sophisticated the website appears, with its catchy tagline “Your Health At Their Fingertips” encapsulating its innovative approach to healthcare delivery, particularly regarding its mobile app.

What you can learn from this great doctor website design

  • Great copywriting 
  • Smooth animation 
  • Interesting color combination 

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11. Something Brewing


Something’s Brewing is a New South Wales enterprise that began 18 years ago with 40 varieties of teas. Their website is as refreshing as the products they offer—from the green shades of the leaves to the earthy tones of the teapots. These details give the website feelings of peace and touches the heart of visitors. Good choice!

What you can learn from this great ecommerce website example

  • Great color scheme

  • High-quality product images
  • Unique design style

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Design In Motion Festival

12. Design in Motion Festival


The DEMO was inspired by the desire to display stunning motion designs on enormous displays. The website serves as a digital extension of the festival by incorporating animation into its massive lettering set against a neon-colored background. One can see enormous, colorful photographs of past events as they happened by scrolling through the website’s various parts.

What you can learn from this great event website design

  • Interactive graphics above the fold
  • Crisp and top-quality videos and motion designs
  • Wide range of visual media

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13. The Curve


Well, what do we have here? Lovely graphic designs and great color scheme, that’s what!  I love how well-thought-out it is – the colors, concept, and videos. Have a look at this dynamic financial website for a change! I love the inviting and enticing design of the website, you should definitely visit this now!

What you can learn from this great web design

  • Refreshing color scheme
  • Crisp and clear visual media and graphic designs
  • Playful decorative details

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14. Connect Mania


Well, isn’t this a fun one? Connect Mania’s website welcomes visitors with a flat illustration of a smartphone on a plain pastel green background. A very refreshing visual that speaks a lot of what their company is all about. The dots incorporated in the website’s design under the homepage’s landing visual is actually a demo version of their game. Awesome!

What you can learn from this great web design

  • Viewers can play the basic principles of the game
  • Soft-muted colors
  • Memorable graphic design above the fold!

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Victoria Togoe - Model Website Examples

15. The Year of Greta


Colors with long wavelengths are considered “arousing or warm,” whereas colors with shorter wavelengths, such as green, are considered “relaxing or cool,” just like this website. The Year of Greta will make you feel undisturbed just by looking at it. If you want to know what I’m talking about, feel free to click the link whenever you like!

What you can learn from this great website design

  • Well-designed and functional 
  • Fast-loading website 
  • Full-page background images

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Inspiring green website templates

These are my favourites.

BONUS – Here is my favorite template

Futuristic Website Template


Why this is such a great template

  • Clean design, great to turn visitors into customers
  • WordPress compatible, easy to customize
  • Free download if you’re a Divi member

BONUS: Elegant Themes


Although this one officially shouldn't be in this list - I couldn't keep this one from you. Elegant themes has amazing website themes and leads by example. Their own homepage looks stunning.

What you can learn from this great  website

  • Playful design
  • Clear call to actions
  • Great user experience
xuva modern website example

Modern Examples

Limepay Startup Website Example

Startup Examples

xuva modern website example

Wix Examples

More website examples

3 Award Winning Web Designers I recommend

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He has a focus on small to medium size businesses but also has enterprise clients.
Clients include Level Up Digital Media, Center for Human Insights by User Testing.

Vrrb is an award-winning creative agency based in Los Angeles.  14+ years of experience building extraordinary websites, applications, and digital solutions for the world's most recognizable brands.

Our core services include branding, website design/development, mobile apps, digital strategy, and ongoing support
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Lovepixel Agency
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Personal Brands, Authors, Speakers, Influencers, Coaches, Consultants. Check my video to see how we work 👋

This web design agency specializes in custom websites using WordPress.
They focus on a personal touch that allows the visitor to connect with the website. Great for personal brands!
Clients include Oto Gomes, Laura Dawn, Sigrid Tasies.


Explore inspiring website templates

Epic website templates you install and customize.

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What makes a good green website design?

A great green website should have a clean design, be easy to navigate, and include a lot of social proof. Have a look at this page for great example websites.

How to create a green website design?

  1. Analyze the best examples on this page
  2. Make notes of what you like – and what you don’t like
  3. Design your own site with this a drag & drop website builder 
  4. Publish your website with our recommended hosting platform.

How much does a green website cost?

A web designer will charge anywhere between $1000 and $3000 for a decent website. However, this article will teach you to do it yourself for less than $100.

What information is needed on a green website?

Your website will need at least the following pages: ‘Home, About me, Contact, and Portfolio’. To create trust with your visitor, it’s important to show lots of pictures of your brand.

You're now ready to get your green website up and running!