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Hero Website Example
Powerful Divi Templates website templates


  • Reservations built-in
  • Great for fullscreen background

Learning Management

  • Fullscreen image
  • Clean color scheme

Design Agency

  • Clean design
  • Great typography


  • Unique design
  • Classy typography

Coffee Shop

  • Lots of whitespace
  • Address is boldly shown

Farmers Market

  • Lot’s of space for a marketing phrase
  • Clean design

Yoga Studio

  • Powerful design
  • Blod and clear


  • Nice color scheme
  • Fancy look

Travel Agency

  • Perfect for a casual place
  • Nice colors

Photo Marketplace

  • Bold colors
  • Excellent images template


  • Call to action above the fold
  • Clean design


  • Nice links for a menu
  • Clean typography

SaaS Company

  • Cool typeface
  • Enough space te write over the image

Web Agency

  • Dark but clean
  • Great for location info

Interior Design Company

  • Big image with space for text above
  • Simple to edit

Digital Payments

  • Muted colors let food stand out
  • Clean look

Pottery Studio

  • For all kinds of delivery
  • Spacious

SEO Agency

  • Very simple design
  • Great to start with


  • Bold text
  • Clean design

Bussines Consultant

  • Nice for fullscreen image
  • Nice call to action button above the fold

Juice Shop

  • Bold design
  • Nice color scheme

Software Marketing

  • Amazing color scheme
  • Nice typography


  • Powerful tempate
  • Dark and luxiurious vibe

Design Conference

  • Awesome text colors
  • Muted background to accentuate text

Food Recipes

  • Great call to action button
  • Very nice color scheme


  • Equal space for image and text
  • Playful web design

Cosmetics Shop

  • Awesome colors
  • Great call to action button


  • Great typeface for an artisan feel
  • Cool contrast

Italian Restaurant

  • Fresh and clean
  • Oversized images 


  • Nice layout with large scale images
  • Great typography


  • Colorful contrasting buttons
  • Very classy color scheme with black overlays

Turkish Restaurant

  • Very clean color scheme 
  • Nice call to action buttons

Sushi Restaurant

  • Ready to use with Japanese characters
  • Excellent call to action

Tea Shop

  • Innovative design with beautiful images
  • Great contrasting CTA


  • Color block with simple images
  • Useful layouts in the 7-page pack

Auto Repair

  • Overlay to conserve brand colors
  • Bold typeface

Architecture Firm

  • Easy to adapt for large firm
  • White/dark scheme is classy

Real Estate

  • Great for big and small business
  • Contrasting CTA for extra attention

Law Firm

  • Very dark overlay with contrasting CTA
  • Elegant typeface


  • Smart use of space
  • Cool shapes in the background


  • Easy to work with layout pack with 7 pages
  • Useful images

Elementary School

  • Lovely template with creative design
  • The CTA is very useful as a pagejump

Doctor’s Office

  • Excellent use of toggles
  • Great color scheme

Travel Blog

  • Use your vacation photos as background!
  • Excellent blog page with useful features

Job Recruiter

  • Commercially focused
  • Excellent, bold font

Digital Marketing

  • Awesome color scheme with complementary colors
  • Cool background images in the pack


  • Cool, dark colors and images
  • Commercial focus with 2 CTA’s

Animal Shelter


  • Cool overlays
  • Very classy, light pink color scheme


  • Super bold lettering
  • Simple to adapt, no extra images needed

Life Coach

  • Light, blocky theme
  • Contrasting colors

Wedding Planner

  • White overlay gives a classy look
  • Useful 7-pack template


  • Contrasting call to action
  • Great little pictographs

Graphic Illustrator

  • Lots of whitespace to get an “airy” look
  • Beautiful placeholders graphics

IT Services

  • Nice colorful layout
  • Many places for buttons and CTA’s
Car Rental Template

Car Rental

  • Nice colors and typeface
  • Useful design with great USP


  • Nice overlays in company colors
  • Excellent call to action

Insurance Agency

  • Light look with nice background image
  • Room for a call to action and USP

Construction Company

  • Bold, contrasting colors to simulate colors found on a construction site
  • Nice call to action buttons


  • Bold colors with a white background
  • Helvetica type font


  • Extremely easy to adapt
  • Pastel colors to keep the layout light

Moving Company

  • Unique color scheme
  • Contact form on homepage


  • Ready to use with great images
  • Fun colors

Business Coach

  • Great tone of voice in the copywriting
  • Loads of withespace

Language School

  • Extremely easy to adapt for your own business
  • Just replace text, great images are included


  • Excellent graphics
  • 8 useful layouts in the pack

Transportation Services

  • Great background shapes and overlay
  • White and single color for easy adaptation

Food Catering

  • Light background so the food pops
  • Nice call to action button


  • Contrasting colors make this one stand out
  • Beautiful typeface

Hosting Company

  • Great pictographs in the pack
  • Very nice layout

Plant Nursery

  • Lovely font and excellent images
  • Contrasting color bursts

Cleaning Company

  • Ready to use with excellent images
  • Wonderful call to action buttons

Makeup Artist

  • 8 pages in the pack
  • Simple but effective

Bed and Breakfast

  • Ready to use 
  • Useful pages for different rooms

Web Freelancer

  • 9 excellent layouts in the pack
  • Great showcase for what Divi can do

Political Candidate

  • Quite simple and very easy to use
  • Nice typeface 

Notary Public

  • Dark overlays to contrast with buttons
  • Pictographs for location and contact use


  • Fun theme with nice colors
  • Well placed button


  • Wonderful drawings
  • The centered, rounded text gives a unique look

Funeral Home

  • Warm and cool dark colors
  • Well placed images and graphics

Soccer Club

  • Ready to use with the right graphics and even a match countdown timer
  • Nice images

Personal Trainer

  • Wonderful colors used
  • Interesting shapes


  • Easy to work with
  • Light font looks fantastic

Driving School

  • Bold lettering to stand out
  • Smart way to integrate a USP in the white block


  • Recognizable shapes in the background
  • Easy to use contact form

Fitness Gym

  • Ready to go
  • Stunning typefaces


  • Soundwaves in the background
  • Player above the fold


  • Playful theme with big letters
  • Extremely fun and useful graphics

Laundry Services

  • Fun color scheme with a nice amount of whitepsace
  • Cool font


  • Clean and simple with nice images
  • Ready to use with donate button above the fold

Suit Taylor

  • Colorful contrasting buttons
  • Very classy color scheme with black overlays

Internet Service Provider

  • Very clean color scheme
  • Nice call to action buttons


  • Nice mint color
  • Well blocked out

Painting Service

  • Bold colors with nice layer masking
  • Perfect for any size business

Digital Product

  • Well balanced color palette
  • Cool graphics are included in this 7-pack template

Environmental Nonprofit

  • Ready to use with images and text
  • Excellent call to action


  • Super dark overlay makes this layout very elegant
  • Contrasting buttons

Hardware Store

  • E-commerce ready
  • Easy to adapt

Video Game

  • Cool 90’s look
  • Excellent for a start up

Car Dealer

  • Nice, fullscreen images
  • CTA stands outs

Technology News

  • Well blocked out with bold header color
  • Beautiful blocky theme

Furniture Store

  • Colorful contrasting button
  • Image-focused

Day Spa

  • Easy to work with
  • Full with images to set the mood

Physical Therapy

  • Colorful and dark blocks give nice spacing
  • Side menu is very easy for visitors

Investment Company

  • Clean and simple
  • Just insert your own text

Personal Stylist

  • Cool color scheme
  • Stylish font used

App Developer

  • Nice gradients as background colors
  • Light and clean font

Health Clinic

  • Simple and well done color blocking
  • Mint contrast colors fits well

Golf Course

  • Easy to adapt with the images included
  • Great top to bottom gradient

Risk Management

  • Beautiful, curvy color blocks
  • Light font gives class


  • Creative theme with nice angles
  • 7 pages included

Professional CV

  • Great for an online CV
  • USeful images included


  • Nice graphics
  • Font gives luxury feel

Wedding Engagement

  • Fantastic page to announce an engagement
  • Slight border is a nice look

Home Improvement

  • Very colorful with complementary colors
  • Handy for a new business


  • Lots of whitespace
  • Simple and easy to use for your purpose


  • Fantastic color scheme
  • Interesting typeface

Mortgage Broker

  • Creative graphics 
  • Bold typeface


  • Innovative drawings and shapes
  • Background shape gives extra class


  • Angled theme works well for the subject
  • Useful images

Food Bank

  • Ready to use template
  • Nice font


  • Calligraphy website needs calligraphy
  • Ink splats throughout

Actor CV

  • Nice contrast between warm color and black
  • Blocked out very well


  • Lovely colors and angles
  • Lots of space for book cover


  • Ready to use images
  • Nice pink gradient

Green Energy

  • The wind is nicely visualized
  • Rounded off rectangles fit very well

Art Gallery

  • Fill in dates, it’s ready to use
  • Classic font


  • Nice masked images
  • Contrasted button

Eye Doctor

  • Simple, clean, easy to use
  • Lovely font


  • Nice use of color for accents
  • Space for a video above the fold

Candy Shop

  • Playful template with bold colors
  • Well-chosen typeface


  • Nice bold and light typeface
  • Wonderful use of color

Cyber Security

  • Creative template with nice graphics
  • Nice gradient and colors

Donut Shop

  • Colors fit the subject
  • Cool, very bold font

Dog Walker

  • Fun dotted, curly line
  • Contrast in the CTA

Ice Cream Shop

  • Extremely bold and large typeface
  • Fun, well-matched colors


  • White borders to center on the content
  • Box in the middle looks glassy


  • Fantastic images
  • Very classy color scheme with black overlays

Massage Therapy

  • Nice shapes and graphics
  • Stacked images 


  • Word DJ really pops
  • Nice double gradient

Screen Printing

  • Colorful contrasting buttons
  • Ready to use

Cake Maker

  • Fun use of color
  • Well blocked out with round images


  • Goldish colors gives an elegant look
  • Very classy color scheme with black overlays

Venture Capital Firm

  • Colorful contrasting CTA
  • Interesting images in the pack


  • White and mint look classy
  • Bold typeface

Movie Theater

  • Colorful contrast with the dark background
  • White text on dark background

Advertising Agency

  • Original colors and background
  • CTA is excellently blocked out

Online Store

  • Elegant colors
  • Lovely theme for e-commerce


  • Main content overlaps the cover image
  • Innovative layout 

Barber Shop

  • Classic barber look
  • Small pack for easy use

Event Planner

  • Glass-like overlay
  • Dark colors with bright button

Dry Cleaning

  • Useful ‘how it works section’
  • Small touches of color

Mobile App

  • Technical look
  • Gradient over the CTA button

Model CV

  • Muted color gives an elegant look
  • Well-presented photos

Car Detailing

  • Interesting angles
  • Nice gradient overlay


  • Classic typeface
  • Fun look with pops of color


  • Fixed width typeface gives a “techy” look
  • Simple color blocks 

Home Organizer

  • Excellently blocked out
  • Muted colors for a elegant look

Yoga Instructor

  • Indian inspired shapes included
  • Beautiful colors

Stationery Shop

  • Fun lettering
  • Nice colors


  • Subtle animations
  • Fun colors and shapes

Leather Company

  • Information dense in a clean way
  • Earth tones fit very well


  • Light airy look with lots of whitespace
  • Great look for all types of businesses

Nail Salon

  • Ready to use with great images
  • Lovely color scheme


  • “Full size” wine bottle 
  • Wine colored H1 text

Financial Advisor

  • Colorful contrasting buttons
  • Very classy color scheme with black overlays


  • Clean look, lots of whitespace
  • Fun animations and drawings

Freelance Writer

  • Fun elements: typewriter font and highlighter
  • Fully ready to go, easy adaptation

Wedding Photographer

  • Lots of space for your photos
  • Elegant yet bold font


  • Centered content with nice background
  • Large images

Fitness Coach

  • Fantastic color blocking gives a nice contrast with the blue semi-circle
  • Large text with shadows looks transparent yet legible

PR Firm

  • Bold text theme
  • White text on colored background looks so good


  • Large CTA
  • Professional look

Spice Shop

  • Large images and background drawings
  • Lovely background color

Holistic Healer

  • The animations are so well made
  • Naturalistic style


  • Warm pink colors are super classy
  • Flowery look

Cooking School

  • Appetizing images
  • Clean looking typeface


  • Colorful contrasting buttons
  • White shapes give a 3D look and feel


  • 9-page pack
  • Good copywriting in the headers

Herbal Remedy

  • Fun animations
  • Good color combinations

Beauty Product

  • Very blocky, lovely color scheme
  • Bold design

Pet Supply

  • Perfect for Ecommerce
  • Great images and options included


  • Artistic look
  • Plenty of space for photos and images of your art


  • Great, dark color scheme
  • Useful images and included

Window Cleaning

  • Glasslike background with beautiful gradient
  • Fun masking in the images

Virtual Assistant

  • Great, subtle animations
  • Original colors and background

Coworking Space

  • Extremely bold font
  • Lovely gray background works great with colorful images and shapes


  • Space blue color scheme with well-balanced touches of apricot
  • A very classy color scheme with black overlays


  • Great for conversion
  • Fun wood grain images


  • The background is a great representation for astrology
  • Fantastic CTA buttons

Bike Repair

  • Lots of whitespce with great photography included
  • Add your own copy and launch!

Womens Health Center

  • Clean look with lots of space
  • Great spot for a button and USP above the fold

Music Teacher

  • Modern look
  • Lots of pictographs

Meditation Center

  • Subtle animations on buttons 
  • Color blocks with connecting lines throughout the website

Shoe Repair

  • Shoe colors define the colors
  • Perfect for fast adaptation

Family Doctor

  • Green lettering fits perfectly with the other colors in this template
  • Lots of images for a personal look

Dog Grooming

  • Elegant colors and fun images
  • A lot of relevant pictographs

Engineering Firm

  • Simple yet classy gradient background
  • Ready to use, just add your own photos or renders

Brokerage Firm

  • Colorful contrasting buttons
  • The CTA’s in this layout are excellent

Virtual Fitness

  • Super colorful yet clean
  • Conversion focused


  • Fun and colorful look
  • Plenty of whitespace


  • Very easy to adapt, don’t lose time
  • Space for CTA and unique selling points

Sunglasses Shop

  • Useful images and header text
  • Lovely font


  • Fun website, easy to adapt
  • Back to school animation

Craft School

  • Fun, “crafty” look
  • Cool pictographs and images

Personal Loan

  • Original images
  • Lots of whitespace and bold colors


  • Old school look
  • Muted colors work magnificently

Dog Breeder

  • Lovely contemporary colors scheme
  • Cute, useful images

Chess Club

  • Limited scope so extremely easy to adapt
  • No need for your own images

Produce Box

  • Fresh color scheme with great contrast
  • So many fantastic images

Meal Kit

  • Bold found draws attention
  • Pink background fits well with produce images

Electronics Store

  • Modern look with flat design
  • Excellent for starting online store

Event Venue

  • Dark theme with nice contrasting details
  • Simple color blocks look fantastic

Virtual Conference

  • Fun tech look
  • Clever color scheme on a black background, very unique

Pest Control

  • Powerful colors with lots of bright hues
  • Contact info above the fold

Landscape Maintenance

  • Many pictographs in this 7-page pack
  • Largely monochromatic with nice contrasting details

Grocery Delivery

  • Wonderful images, pictographs, and drawings
  • Modern, clean design

Estate Planning

  • Amazing colorwork in this 7-page pack
  • Clever design details

Tennis Club

  • Bold, vibrant, and colorful
  • Eye-catching typography

Candle Making

  • Calming, modern design
  • Easy to adapt for Ecommerce

Social Media Consultant

  • Well executed gradient color scheme
  • Modern design


  • The outdoors is well visualised on this layout
  • Many illustrations to use in this 7-page pack

Homemade Cookies

  • Great typography
  • Fantastic colors and images

Softball Leauge

  • Smart design elements
  • Easy to set up for your own league

Data Science

  • Lots of fun illustrations
  • Focuses the eye on the button in the hexagon

Creative CV

  • Smart way to present yourself
  • Fantastic color bocking

Golf Lessons

  • Smart button design
  • Great, muted colors

Immigration Lawyer

  • Useful photos and pictographs
  • Great design with subjects in their own squares


  • Excellent photos and colors
  • Cool iconography

Security Services

  • Very dark overly with fulls screen image looks quite classy
  • Contrasty color scheme

Home Staging

  • Colorful design details
  • Great photos for adaptation

Car Wash

  • Limited scope template, so easy to use
  • Excellent colors and photos

High School

  • Pages for every need
  • Colorful, bold, yet clear


  • Stylish pictographs for every subject
  • Lots of space for text and photos


  • Muted colors and wonderful illustrations
  • Contrasting buttons for visibility

Film Lab

  • A film lab is dark, so your website is dark. Clever design
  • Great images included

Essential Oils

  • Fun, busy, yet clean below the fold
  • Great to use for Ecommerce


  • Artful, bol design
  • 9 pages to suit your every need

Artificial Intelligence

  • Clever design touches
  • Represents the concept of AI

Clothing Store

Home Care

  • The button and CTA draw the eye
  • Lovely and sweet images


  • Classy black, white, and green color scheme
  • Clean, flat design on all 9 pages

Fashion Designer

  • Clean looking design
  • Excellent for a blog 


  • Lovely flat design
  • Fun, useful pictographs

Nursing Home

  • Lovely images and a classy gradient
  • Shape of the masking acts like a funnel


  • Fantastic illustrations
  • Lovely color scheme and font

Acai Bowl

  • Superb monochromatic colors
  • Useful images for fast setup


  • Colorful contrasting buttons
  • Very classy color scheme with black overlays


  • Vibrant template with nice gradients
  • Cool illustrations and details

Print Shop

  • Fun, vibrant and clean design
  • Great way to show off your work

Stone Factory

  • Elegant theme with classy design details
  • Lots of space for images

Scooter Rental

Camera Product

  • Lots and lots of colored cameras
  • Clean design with plenty of whitespace

Electrical Services

  • Plenty of space for contact info and CTA
  • Nice illustrations 

Print Designer

  • Creative way to show your work
  • Muted colors so other colors can come alive

Book Club

  • Super clean design with lovely colors
  • Fun illustrations

Financial Services

  • Easy to adapt
  • Conversion focused


  • Lovely dark theme with bold contrasts
  • Podcast player on the landing page

Bagel Shop

  • Rich in color and details
  • Creative fonts

Online Course

  • 8 useful pages
  • Dark design with bol colorful details


  • Elegant design and soothing colors
  • Well designed with illustrations and masks

Photography Studio

  • 9 useful pages
  • Clean design with lovely colors
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