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Elementor Review – 9 Crucial Things You Must Know This 2024

Welcome to my Elementor review 2024!

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#1 Introduction to my Elementor review 2024

Hey there, friendly stranger!

Are you considering using the Elementor website builder? Or do you want to know if Elementor is worth its money? 

Welcome to the Elementor review 2024! Discover the 9 crucial things about it you’ve never read before!

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Ralph de Groot
Hey there, friendly stranger! My name is Ralph de Groot. I’m the founder and author at My Codeless Website. Wake me up for a great web design!

#2 What is Elementor?

Elementor is one of the most powerful drag-and-drop page builders available. In fact, both the free and paid versions come with a stunning UI, advanced customization possibilities, and a tolerable learning curve.  What more can you ask for? 

As a website builder, it has swiftly become one of the most popular visual page builders for WordPress, notwithstanding the intense rivalry, and it continues to expand at a fast pace.

However, Elementor might not be the best option for everyone, so read my review to learn more.

#3 How to install Elementor?

People seem to adore Elementor, but is it just a passing craze, or is it genuinely the best page builder for WordPress?

If you’re that curious, why not just try it? 

Installing Elementor is actually super easy! Just follow my steps, and you’ll have everything set up in less than 5 minutes. Pinky promise!

Here we go. 

Step 1: Go to Elementor’s website

Step 2: Click “Get Started” at the upper right corner.

Step 3: Create an account.

Step 4: Answer some questions.

Step 5: Choose your desired plan.

Elementor is available for $49 per year. What a save! 

However, if you’re not into $49 per year and would like to spend more on quality, several other plans are available with more layouts and more sophisticated website features.

Still, the $49 per year package contains over 300 Pro templates and can be used on a single website. It’s a good deal if you ask me. 

Overall, both free and premium versions of Elementor are available for you to choose from. The free edition comes with over 30 distinct template options, over 40 widgets, and a built-in page editor to help your website look neat.

Step 6: Proceed to checkout and complete your purchase.

Elementor doesn’t have a trial period, but they do have a 30-day money back guarantee with no fees attached.

That’s it! Six simple steps for you to follow. 

Start your Elementor journey today. What are you waiting for? 

#4 Templates

Elementor lives up to the hype as one of the most powerful WordPress add-ons available. Many of its templates and widgets are available, and the interface has been simplified to speed up the development process.

One of the key reasons for Elementor’s popularity is a large number of ready-made templates and designs available for individuals to utilize to create their own sites.

Want to bet if you’d like Elementor’s templates? Let’s find out. 

 Check out these samples. 

Elementor Template Example 1 – Pet Care

Elementor Template Example 2 – Custom Printing Pro

Elementor Template Example 3 –  Brandstore

Things you should know about Elementor Templates:

  • You won’t be disappointed with Elementor’s library. I can testify to that. There are a number of templates in the library that you may use with a single click. If you want to have a more extensive and sophisticated selection, upgrade to Elementor Pro.

  • Although Elementor gives you the ability to develop designs from scratch, you may find that choosing a prepared template saves you time. If you’re short on time, you may choose from the examples above!

  • Elementor templates are available for free and for a fee from a variety of sources. Whatever type of website you wish to create, there’s almost certainly an Elementor template for it!

#5 The Editor

Elementor is a page builder that is used by both developers and solopreneurs who manage their own websites. It has a lot of advantages, but the builder’s intuitive and fast user interface is what sets it apart from the market. It’s really simple to use, even for those with no prior design or development experience.

If you need an easy-to-use editor, I have no doubts about suggesting Elementor to you. 

When compared to other page builders, Elementor has one of the more user-friendly interfaces.

However, regardless of which page builder plugin you use, there will always be a period of adjustment before you can start building genuinely stunning pages.

Nonetheless, it’s worth the shot!

#6 Ease of Use

Elementor is the most user-friendly of page builders, and it also comes with the most functionality for free.

Essentially, it’s the ideal DIY solution for folks who want to build amazing page designs without needing any coding, HTML, or CSS experience.

Trust me, choose a plan right away. Here’s a list.

You’re very much welcome.

    Overall, Elementor appeals to me in almost every way. It completely changed the way I create websites. In fact, you can start writing new articles or pages right away after installing it.

    In case you have a problem, they have a Help Center with a comprehensive knowledge base, tutorials, and a list of frequently asked questions. Both free and paid users have access to this without failure. What a win! 

    You may also join their large community on Facebook and GitHub, where you can seek support or learn new tricks from other Elementor users.

    #7 Ecommerce

    Is Elementor suitable for eCommerce?

    Yeah, sure it is. 

    Many people fantasize about opening their own store and embarking on a career as a businessman.

    However, starting and running a business is more difficult and demands a greater initial investment. The good thing is, building an Ecommerce website is well within anyone’s reach.

    All you need is a well-designed, completely operational ecommerce website to promote your products to a large number of people. Thank goodness, Elementor is here to provide you with everything you need.

    Create every page of your online store, from the first interaction with a visitor to the final checkout page! With Elementor’s live editor, you can personalize and create your store. from scratch.

    What I’m implying is, you can have your dream store, the way you want it to be.

    To get started, follow these steps: 

    Step 1: Decide on a domain name.

    When you decide to build your own website, the first step is to purchase a domain name and a web hosting provider. Visitors will be able to reach your website using your domain name.

    Step 2: Choose a web hosting plan.

    There are a variety of hosting plans available, ranging from low-cost shared hosting to higher-priced managed WordPress hosting and luxury dedicated servers. However, choose hosting packages that are totally compatible with Elementor to make your life easier.

    Step 3: Download and install WordPress.

    The following step is to set up WordPress. After logging in to your hosting account, go to the My Accounts tab and log in to your cPanel. Click the WordPress icon in the auto-installers tab in cPanel and follow the on-screen instructions to install WordPress.

    Step 4: Put WooCommerce to work.

    WooCommerce turns the normal WordPress theme into a perfectly functioning eCommerce site to boost the profitability of your online business.

    Step 5: Download Elementor.

    The next step is to set up Elementor, a visual website builder that makes the process of creating a WordPress website much easier. WordPress can be a daunting platform that appears to be too complicated to use on your own at times. You can, however, design your site fast, effectively, and conveniently by using a visual site builder.

    After that, choose a template. When you’re entirely satisfied with its design, layout, and functioning, it’s time to go live with your website.

    With Elementor’s template kits, establishing a well-designed and highly functional ecommerce website can be a simple and painless process.

    There’s no need to know how to code; just download and install Elementor onto your WordPress site, select your template kit, tweak, and you’re ready to show the world what you have!

    Good luck! 

    #8 Features

    These are the features that make Elementor’s website creation and implementation so simple.

    • Drag and Drop Editor in Real-Time

    With Elementor’s visual builder, you can easily create and adjust every aspect of your website. There is no need to code, my friend.

    • Widgets (90+)

    With a widget for every purpose and complete modification freedom, you may fulfill your design objectives without any headaches at all.

    • Pixel-Perfect Design

    With configurable placements, padding, margins, and global color and typography choices, you can create faultless webpages with Elementor. The sky’s the limit. 

    • Advanced Web Creation

    With Elementor, you can use complex animations, custom CSS, different responsive designs, and more to create unique websites.

    • Professional Workflow

    With a custom template library and global design options, you can streamline your projects and establish consistent web designs.

    • Enhancing WordPress

    Multiple plugins are no longer required. Whoopee! Elementor allows you to create professional websites while also increasing page speed.

    • A platform that serves as an all-in-one solution

    From a single marketing platform, you can create, publish, and manage your landing pages, forms, popups, and website pages without complication.

    • Complete autonomy

    Use ready-made templates that don’t require any coding. Make your own marketing content and post it on your own timeline.

    • Marketing Integrations

    Integrate your favorite marketing tools effortlessly and stay in touch with your customers on any and all fronts.

    #9 Pricing

    Elementor is always a savior, whether you’re planning to create a landing page or a personal website. At any time of the day, it saves time and effort while requiring very little skill!

    The truth is,  I can’t imagine a day without Elementor in it, so I want you to experience its greatness as well! Here’s the pricing to encourage you to try it too.

    You’re welcome. 

    Elementor has several premium subscription plans as well as a free plan.

    The free version includes a drag-and-drop editor, 40+ basic widgets, and 30+ templates, as well as all the functionality you’ll need to build a great user experience on your site.

    However, you can upgrade to the pro version if you want more sophisticated features. 

    The free edition of Elementor gives you virtually unlimited creative options. Elementor Pro, on the other hand, gives you additional professional features to help you speed up your workflow and increase conversions and sales.

    The following is a comprehensive list of all features of Elementor Pro, as well as a comparison of the free version of Elementor.

    If you want a quick four-point overview of why you should upgrade to Pro right now, here are the highlights:

    •  You are no longer limited by your theme’s limits with Elementor Pro Theme Builder. It allows you to design your header, footer, archive page, single posts, and other aspects of your site aesthetically. This works with any WordPress theme and does not necessitate any coding.

    • Because the entire process of handling forms is visual, Elementor Pro’s Forms widget is innovative. Create your forms on the front end, then integrate them with only a few clicks to any automation marketing platform of your choice.

    • Professional blocks and templates. Many more professionally designed templates and blocks are available in Elementor Pro, which may be simply customized to create gorgeous websites. The Pro widgets are integrated into the templates and blocks, allowing you to construct pages and other crucial Elementor Pro features.

    • Elementor Pro comes with numerous essential widgets and functionality for any professional web designer.

    #10 SEO

    You may have heard that SEO is crucial when it comes to getting your website to rank high in search engine results. 

    The good news is, Elementor is good for SEO, just like any other great WordPress page builder. This page builder allows you to retain users on your page by assisting you in creating a stunning, responsive website.

    #11 Domains & Emails

    MailChimp, MailPoet, GetResponse, ConvertKit, Drip, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, MailerLite, Slack, and Discord all have built-in and painless integrations with Elementor.

    #12 Examples

    Elementor is a versatile tool that can be used to create everything from complete websites to specialized landing pages. You may create custom forms, sales pages, promotional pages and more! Overall, this platform can assist you in designing anything you can think of.

    Take a look at these Elementor-based websites for more inspiration.

    Example 1 – Lech Rudnicki


    Lech Rudnicki is a storyteller, web designer, and marketing genius. The thing I like about his website is the fact that he’s both visually strong and uses a lot of whitespaces.

    Example 2 – Trelements


    An eye-catching starter view of the website provides you with visual appeal to further take a deep look at the web’s creativity. The different architectural models from simple to multicolored are enough to accept its true ingenuity!

    #13 Customer Support

    Elementor is one of the greatest page builders today, but its support is not something you’d like. In fact, you only get fantastic service when you purchase the Pro. 

    Still, they have articles that might be helpful to your concerns.

    You may visit the website anytime to get some info and tips. 

    If you’re into community help, you might be interested in these:

    If you still have questions, you may submit a ticket for questions regarding pre-sale, cooperation, and other non-support-related matters. 

    #14 FAQ

    Considering the information above, let us discuss the FAQs in this Elementor review!

    Is Elementor compatible with any theme?

    Yes, it works with all WordPress themes that adhere to the coding requirements.

    Is Elementor causing your website to load slowly?

    One of the fastest page builders available today is Elementor. Some websites, however, can cause delayed loading times; nonetheless, Elementor has published a guide on how to resolve the issue.

    Is Elementor ideal for newcomers?

    Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder for beginners that is extensively used in WordPress websites. It is well-known for its visual editor, which allows you to easily design dynamic web pages.