Elementor Pricing 2024

Welcome to Elementor pricing 2024! Everything you need to know before you purchase Elementor. I’ll even include some creative ways to get Elementor for free.

#1 About Elementor pricing in 2024

Do you want to know everything about Elementor’s pricing? Or do you want to know the best Elementor discounts currently available?

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#2 Is Elementor expensive?

Elementor is not expensive if you compare it to other website builders— it’s cheaper than average.

Elementor has 4 pricing options:

  • 1 website for $59 per year
  • 3 websites for $99 per year
  • 25 websites for $199 per year
  • 1000 websites for $399 per year

Let’s compare it with others:

  • Divi – 1 website for $89 per year
  • Squarespace – 1 website for $192 per year
  • Wix – 1 website for $204 per year

 Note: Wix has cheaper options but those include ads!

#3 What does Elementor cost?

As mentioned Elementor has 4 pricing options:

  • 1 website for $59 per year
  • 3 websites for $99 per year
  • 25 websites for $199 per year
  • 1000 websites for $399 per year

This includes:

  • Dynamic Content
  • Max of 82 Pro Widgets
  • Theme Builder
  • Form Builder, etc.
  • Premium Support

If you decide to purchase Elementor, you’ll have a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

However, you can upgrade to the pro version if you want more sophisticated features. 

Elementor Pro

The free edition of Elementor gives you virtually unlimited creative options. Elementor Pro, on the other hand, gives you additional professional features to help you speed up your workflow and increase conversions and sales.

The following is a comprehensive list of all features of Elementor Pro, as well as a comparison of the free version of Elementor.

If you want a quick four-point overview of why you should upgrade to Pro right now, here are the highlights:

  •  You are no longer limited by your theme’s limits with Elementor Pro Theme Builder. It allows you to design your header, footer, archive page, single posts, and other aspects of your site aesthetically. This works with any WordPress theme and does not necessitate any coding.

  • Because the entire process of handling forms is visual, Elementor Pro’s Forms widget is innovative. Create your forms on the front end, then integrate them with only a few clicks to any automation marketing platform of your choice.

  • Professional blocks and templates. Many more professionally designed templates and blocks are available in Elementor Pro, which may be simply customized to create gorgeous websites. The Pro widgets are integrated into the templates and blocks, allowing you to construct pages and other crucial Elementor Pro features.

  • Elementor Pro comes with numerous essential widgets and functionality for any professional web designer.

Elementor Pro Pricing 

If you’re interested, you can get the Elementor Pro Builder for only $9.99/month today. You can save more if you purchase immediately. 

#4 Which plan should I choose?

Elementor Pricing 2024c
Elementor Pricing 2024d

It all depends on how many websites you’ll be building

Are you just playing around with a single website? Go for the essential plan.

However, if you’re a freelance web designer, you probably want to go with the Expert plan. The discount you’ll get is quite significant.

#5 Ecommerce

How much does Elementor cost if you use it for e-commerce?

Well, nothing actually!

Elementor has a great integration with the e-commerce plugin called Woocommerce.

In fact, Elementor integrates seamlessly with Woocommerce. Woocommerce is the world’s most popular e-commerce plugin and is great to run an e-commerce website.

The costs of Woocommerce are nothing. You’ll only be paying a transition fee to the payment provider you’re using.

Elementor Pricing 2024-b

#6 Email

As many website builders provide a free email, I wanted to cover this in my Elementor Pricing overview as well.

That being said, I can be short. Elementor does not offer a free domain or email.

Simply because Elementor is a tool that you install on your existing hosting. In fact, Bluehost, the hosting I recommend for your Elementor website, does offer you a free email address.

#7 Domain

Just like emails, I wanted to talk briefly about domains as well.

As many website builders provide a free domain.

That being said, I can be short. Elementor does not offer a free domain.

Simply because Elementor is a tool that you install on your existing hosting. In fact, Bluehost, the hosting I recommend for your Elementor website, does offer you a free domain.

#8 Coupon Code

Elementor has some awesome coupon codes every now and then.

On this page you’ll find all active Elementor promotions.

#9 Best Divi Deals (Hacks)

Here are 5 creative ways to get the Elementor theme for free.

#1 Find a client who needs a new website

I love this one – heck, it’s how I paid for the Elementor theme when I bought it.

Search for a company that needs a new website. Tell them you would love to make slick websites like these. Then tell them you know about a tool that will make the website SUPER easy to edit afterward.

Clients love this.

They don’t want to be relying on their web designer to make small adjustments to their site.

#2 Join the affiliate program of Elementor

Once you’ve joined the Elementor pack you’re allowed to join the affiliate program of ELementor. I love it!

It enables you to promote Elementor to other people and receive a 50% commission on every purchase they make.

I repeat. 50%.

If you genuinely love Elementor – like  I do – it will be super easy to earn back the money you’ve spent on it.

#3 Try Elementor for free for 30 days

Admittedly, this one will only give you the Elementor theme for 30 days. But still – it’s a valid way to test if you actually like the Elementor theme.

Although I’m a big fan (as you figured by now) you won’t run the risk of a purchase you hate.

Try it for 30 days and if you don’t like it you can ask for a refund. Simple as that.

#4 Start a blog and earn money

Sure – setting up a blog takes time and money. But hey, there are TONS of bloggers who are able to pay their bills by.. well you guessed it – blogging. 

Although this does require you to pay for the Elementor theme upfront, it’s super easy to generate a serious income stream from it.

Remember, getting the Elementor subscription comes with lots of other great tools to build a blog.

#5 Get an existing client to pay for your Elementor theme

This one is similar to the first one, yet it doesn’t even require you to get a new client. The only thing you need to do is to convince a client that they need a new web design.

#10 FAQ

How much does the Elementor theme cost?

Elementor has 4 pricing options:

  • 1 website for $59 per year
  • 3 websites for $99 per year
  • 25 websites for $199 per year
  • 1000 websites for $399 per year

How fast is the Elementor theme?

The Elementor theme is really fast. Loading the builder literally takes less than a second. I’ve built many websites with Elementor and never encountered any speed problems. Just make sure you have a good WordPress Hosting and your website will be incredibly fast!

How many websites can you build with the Elementor theme?

It depends on which plan you pick. These are the pricing options:

  • 1 website for $59 per year
  • 3 websites for $99 per year
  • 25 websites for $199 per year
  • 1000 websites for $399 per year

Is Elementor a professional website builder?

Yes. I’ve built numerous websites for clients using the Elementor builder. Do you know what’s the best part? My clients loved it! They like how easy the Elementor builder is because it enables them to make small adjustments to their website whenever they want. Using it for a client is a win-win!

How can I make money if I purchase Elementor?

I’ve used Elementor to make multiple websites for clients which allowed me to earn a few thousand dollars per website. If you’re able to sell a few websites per month this can generate a great income.

Are there any free Elementor Templates?

Yes. Elementor offers 300+ free templates you can use to jumpstart your next website.

Is Elementor slow?

The short answer is no. The long answer is – it depends. Elementor could potentially be slow, but that most likely has to do with your hosting. 

Can I build a webshop with the Elementor theme?

Yes. You can combine Elementor with the Woocommerce WordPress plugin to build a webshop.

Is the Elementor theme good for my business website?

Yes. elementor is the perfect theme to build your busines website.

Is there a free Elementor theme crack?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is – don’t even think about it. There are a few illegal Elementor theme downloads out there. I understand this sounds good, but these illegal downloads come with many viruses. Alongside, without a valid Elementor license, you won’t be able to update your website, which will expose your website to hackers and many other problems.

Can I install Google Analytics on the Elementor Theme?

Yes. Elementor allows you to implement Google Analytics to your website.

Can I create popups with the Elementor theme?

Yes. If you purchase Elementor you’ll get a free popup maker called. It’s great to capture emails of your visitors.

Is the Elementor theme compatible with Woocommerce?

Yes. Elementor works great together with the Woocommerce wordpress plugin. Great for building powerful websites.

Is Elementor a good WordPress theme?

Yes. I’ve built multiple websites with the Elementor theme and I absolutely love it. It’s powerful, lightweight and has many features.

What do you dislike about the Elementor theme?

Once you’ve built your website with Elementor, it’s almost impossible to change to a different platform.

But does that really matter?


I know multiple developers who customize Elementor templates and build great websites in a fraction of the normal time to build a website.”

Concluding on this topic – yes, you’re stuck with Elementor. But that’s not a bad thing.