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Elementor Cloud Hosting 

Elementor Cloud Hosting – 3 Things You Should Know

Do you want to find out more about Elementor Cloud Hosting? You came to the right place! Here, I’ll share three awesome things you should know. As a fanatic of website creation, Elementor did a great job designing a platform that makes it easy to construct WordPress websites using Elementor and Elementor Pro pre-installed. 

Although Elementor Cloud has benefits, including professional design, cutting-edge Pro features, a vibrant community, and unlimited freedom, we are here to talk more about Elementor Cloud Hosting!

Let’s begin!

Elementor Cloud Hosting – 3 Things You Should Know

1. Elementor Cloud Website has Hosting built-in.

Building a website is a lot like building a home in the real world: you need a plot of land and an address. In the virtual world, you need a web host, among other things. The good thing is that web creators can get an all-inclusive solution from Elementor Cloud Website for a price that includes its well-known no-code builder, first-rate hosting, and a free custom domain connection. 

Google Cloud Platform is pre-installed. Cloudflare’s CDN, SSL, comprehensive security, and regular daily backups are all included, all organized for maximum dependability and performance.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Elementor is built on the Google Cloud Platform, which is used by Fortune 500 enterprises for its world-class security and stability. Google Cloud Platform is a collection of cloud computing services that leverages the same infrastructure as Google Search, Gmail, Google Drive, and YouTube.


Automated backups are performed daily. Manual backup and restore are as simple as a two-step process from your My Elementor dashboard.

SSL Security

SSL is incorporated and utterly free of charge. SSL certificates secure online transactions and protect client information with 256-bit SSL encryption.

Robust Configuration

Continue to develop your skills with Elementor. You have all the power and performance you need with 100GB of bandwidth, 20GB of storage, and up to 100K unique monthly visits.

CloudFlare CDN

Elementor Cloud’s CloudFlare Content Delivery Network uses spread servers worldwide, so visitors are automatically delivered to the closest server. It is important to note that CDN is included in the offering to provide you with the highest website availability and performance possible. They supply you with a network of distributed servers and data centers.

Custom Domain Connections

As a user, you will have complete control over your domain. Feel free to connect your custom domain, make it the primary, and link your Elementor Website to your brand. That’s right – nothing is holding you back from hosting your website at

Your website can be transferred to any host at any moment. Also, you can export your website using Elementor’s Import/Export tool, My Elementor, or WordPress’s built-in export functionality. However, remember that you must purchase an Elementor plugin package for all Elementor Pro capabilities to work with your new hosting.

2. Your Elementor Cloud website is hosted in Belgium.

Unlike traditional hosting, cloud solutions are not implemented on a single server. They employ a design that divides a physical server into many virtual machines or servers. These servers constitute an integrated Cloud network that delivers unparalleled redundancy. 

Elementor’s servers in Belgium handle all server maintenance, so you can concentrate on constructing your website. It is important to note that CDN is included in the offering to provide you with the highest website availability and performance possible. Elementor Cloud supplies you with a distributed server and data center network. 

The CDN relieves the burden on the origin server; if one location becomes unavailable, the material is served from another. Applications can withstand increased traffic volumes when content is dispersed across multiple sites worldwide. 

Furthermore, this distribution allows users to get your website’s content faster and in less time. Website operators should know that different nations may have legislation governing information security and server location. 

3. Elementor uses Google Cloud Platform. 

Your website data, applications, and infrastructure are protected. It protects clients from fraudulent behavior, spam, and abuse using the same infrastructure and security services as Google

Elementor employs specially built Kubernetes-based services to support your website’s changing needs, including the ability to spin up more servers to accommodate large loads automatically. This enables us to scale your Elementor Cloud Website apps up and down as your needs change.


Elementor Cloud is a pretty good deal. If I were you, I’d purchase a plan in a heartbeat! Don’t waste this fantastic opportunity. 

The Elementor team is excited to see Elementor Cloud open the doors to even more creators, so they can enjoy everything that has made WordPress the platform of choice for nearly 40% of the web. You’ll be able to install WordPress plugins and Elementor extensions on your website and get the benefits of the entire WordPress ecosystem.