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Elementor Cloud Dashboard

Elementor Cloud Dashboard – Ultimate Guide (2023)

Welcome to the Elementor Cloud Dashboard Ultimate Guide. Here, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this excellent dashboard everyone is talking about. Let’s begin! 

Elementor Cloud Website 

First, let’s talk about the newest platform of Elementor – The Elementor Cloud.

Elementor Cloud Websites offer online hosting for WordPress and Elementor, as well as an Elementor Pro membership – all in one bundle. By combining hosting with Elementor Pro, users no longer have to deal with many providers for their hosting and site creation needs – it’s all in one location.

With these powerful tools, you can jump into building a professional website from the ground up—no coding is required. You may now concentrate entirely on the UX and aesthetics of your website. This can result in enhanced click-funnels, increased eCommerce sales, and a more professional appearance and feel for your site. This increases site traffic, loyalty, and trust in your brand.

Consider acquiring an Elementor Cloud website if you’re seeking an excellent end-to-end website solution for your company. After you’re done with the payment and several website creation processes, you’ll be directed to My Elementor Dashboard, where you can begin working. 

Elementor Cloud Dashboard 

When you sign up with Elementor, an Elementor dashboard is established for you. This happens automatically when you buy Elementor Pro or an Elementor cloud website.

Take note: To connect to/use the Library, all editors and administrators on your website must first create an Elementor account.  

Let us talk more about the dashboard’s elements one by one.  You’ll see a few notable features when you open the site’s dashboard. 


To rapidly access one of your sites, click the Search icon and enter the URL or title you’re looking for.

Display Options

You may toggle between a Cards view and a List view when viewing your websites by clicking the icon.


Your website(s) will be shown in a grid on the Websites panel. Hovering each will allow you to instantly navigate to your WordPress dashboard, change your site’s homepage, or manage your website data.

Managing your website

This is your website administration screen. You can accomplish the following from here:

Manage your domains: You can add and manage your custom domains from this area. 

Site Lock: From here, you may enable Site Lock to prevent visitors and search engines from accessing your website while you are working.

Backups: You may quickly restore your website to a previous version or obtain an exported file of your website. When you first start using Elementor Hosted websites, a backup of the default installation is made. You can restart your website by selecting this restore point. 

Debugging and troubleshooting: Your website has security measures. If a user (or you) attempts to obtain access and misses the login attempt five times in a row, they will be locked out. 

You can also activate the WordPress and Script Debug tools. If you are experiencing problems with your website, this may assist you in locating mistakes. More information can be found here.

Create a website / Create a new cloud website 

New membership to Elementor Cloud Websites can be made by clicking the Create Website button. 


You may access your renewal and billing information in Subscriptions. You can modify your billing and credit card information or examine prior invoices here.


Teams are only available for expert and agency plans. They are not currently available in the Elementor Cloud Plans.

FAQs and Support

You can quickly receive help from Elementor’s knowledge base or premium support. 


This is a forum for other Elementor users, just like you. You may exchange suggestions and obtain guidance from thousands of individuals who may have the answers you need.

Hire an Expert 

You can have trouble with a design or custom development for your website. The Elementor Experts platform can assist you in locating experts in your area or within your budget.

Elementor Support 

Elementor’s crew usually responds within a few minutes. Feel free to chat your concerns. 

Filtering Options 

Toggle the shown filters if you have several sites associated with an Elementor Cloud  Website.

More choices for filtering

You can sort and filter results by descending or ascending order, site name, or creation date.


Isn’t Elementor Cloud Dashboard convenient and extraordinary? If you haven’t purchased Elementor Cloud, this is your sign to get one! 

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