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Elementor Cloud Statistics 

Elementor Cloud Statistics 2023 – 10 Key Figures You Must Know

Are you looking for Elementor Cloud Statistics? 

Perhaps you want some actual numbers on Elementor Cloud Statistics to back up an article you’re writing. In any case, you found the right article.

Let’s dive into some key figures and facts about Elementor Cloud Statistics! 

1. Elementor Cloud was released in 2020! 

Elementor Cloud provides a streamlined method for creating Elementor-powered WordPress sites in as few steps as possible. There are no additional installations required for an Elementor Cloud Website. You also have complete control over your content and can export or hand over it if you want.

2. Elementor Cloud is only $99 per year. 

Web designers can now build websites more quickly and efficiently with a single end-to-end solution that includes a code-free builder, first-class hosting, and the opportunity to network your domain name — all for a set annual subscription of just $99. 

The subscription is a one-time fee charged annually and includes the following features: 

  • Built-in hosting from Google Cloud Platform
  • Secure CDN by Cloudflare
  • Free SSL certification by Cloudflare
  • 20 GB storage
  • 100 GB bandwidth
  • 100K monthly visits
  • Free custom domain connection
  • Free subdomain under
  • Automatic backups once every 24 hours
  • Manual backups from My Elementor account

3. When you purchase Elementor Cloud, you will have 20GB of storage for all your content and assets. 

4. Elementor Cloud has 100GB bandwidth for a top site experience. 

Bandwith is critical when evaluating the quality and speed of a network or internet connection. The more bandwidth you have, the faster and better your internet will be. Elementor Cloud’s 100GB bandwidth is an excellent deal. 

5. Elementor Cloud has an automatic backup every 24 hours.  

You can perform manual backups as often as you want.

6. The Elementor Cloud Website subscription includes up to 100 emails sent per day.

Please keep in mind that the subscription does not include email hosting services. Sign up for third-party email services through Google Workspaces, Office 365, or any other provider of your choice

Most powerful plugins work flawlessly with your Elementor Cloud website. Some plugins are restricted because they are incompatible with Elementor Pro, while others interfere with its built-in security, backup, and optimization services. 

7. Elementor Cloud has a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Please take this opportunity to find out whether it’s the right one for you! 

8. Elementor Cloud has 100 powerful widgets!

With all of the capabilities of Elementor Pro, it provides Web Creators with a beautiful, intuitive website-building experience powered by over 100 powerful widgets.

9. Elementor Cloud comes with a free SSL certificate from Cloudflare and a hefty 100K monthly visit. 

10. Elementor Cloud has 300+ templates! 

You may design any website you can think of with over +100 great widgets and 300+ templates.

11. Elementor Cloud is popping up the most in the United States, followed by Israel and the United Kingdom.

Elementor Cloud Ranked Per Country
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