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Elementor Cloud Templates – 9 Epic Examples For Download

Would you like to know more about Elementor Cloud Templates? You came to the right place! Here, I will show you nine epic examples for download. 80+ fully-designed website kits are available for you to choose from. 

Elementor’s Kit Library lets you build any kind of website you can imagine, from eCommerce to portfolios, blogs, restaurants, and more.  Choosing the proper kit for your website is easy by searching, filtering, and sorting through all the options. Save time and be inspired as you construct your website!

What Exactly Are Template Kits?

Template kits are collections of templates, pages, pop-ups, and other components needed to create a complete website. Instead of importing each template individually, like in the past, you can now import all the information simultaneously. 

The Kit Library may also assist users in learning about website structure, including all necessary pages and sections that every website must have. You’ll also learn how to make menus for your website. Each kit includes a complete website design and structure, content pages, Theme Builder elements, and Popups. Find out more here.

Choosing a Kit

Go to the WordPress Panel > Templates > Kit library to access the kit library. 

You can then select the one that best meets your requirements. Kits can be entirely changed after importing, so use your imagination if a specific template genre is not yet available.

The Organization of Kits

Template Kits include all of the necessary site elements and templates.

Before importing, you can view a functioning demo of the entire kit. You can see all the objects you’ll be importing by clicking the Overview button at the top of the kit. These often feature several demo Pages, Posts, and Theme Builder Site Parts (header, footer, archive, single post, single page, 404, etc.).

Making Use of a Kit

When you’ve decided on a template, you can begin the import process by clicking the Select the Apply Kit option. 

Choose the content you want to import. You can keep everything toggled or merely import portions of the package. When finished, click the green Next button at the bottom of the screen.

Here are some Elementor Cloud Templates for you to appreciate: 

1. Ceramic Decor Shop Website Kit

With this elegant ceramic décor shop website kit, you may tell your brand’s narrative and sell your unique products. This eCommerce kit has soothing hues and enough space for product photos and is finished with simple illustrative forms and designs.

2. Handmade Kids Shop Website Kit

This kit’s clean, classic design can increase your store conversions and product sales. Overall, it is easily adaptable for your store, with a simple layout emphasizing product photos!

3. Juice Bar Website Kit

This vivid juice bar website kit lets you get the most out of your business. This design incorporates innovative forms, vibrant colors, space to display product photos, and a dedicated menu page to whet your visitors’ appetites.

4. Tennis Club Website Kit

This tennis club website kit provides the ideal layout to entice your visitors and persuade them to join your club. The style is earthy in tone, with broad headings and plenty of space to display your tennis lessons and coaches.

5. Valentine’s Day Website Kit

This Valentine’s Day, make your website visitors love it. Choose from various vibrant landing pages, sections, popups, and animations, all of which are intended to help your website capture the romantic spirit of this event.

6. Christmas Website Kit

Create a festive atmosphere on your website this holiday season by incorporating the spirit of Christmas. From innovative landing pages to sections with popups and animations, this Christmas website package has everything you need to turn visitors into happy holiday consumers.

7. Halloween Website Kit

With this website kit, you’ll be able to transform your site into a Halloween-themed masterpiece! Use unique landing pages, sections, popups, and animations to get your website in the Halloween atmosphere.

8. Bread Bakery Website Kit

With this vast, clean, powdered website package, your bakery’s website will have the best-sliced bread on the internet. If you’re a baker, you’ll love this doughy website design.

9.  Food Truck Website Kit

This food truck website kit is a great way to showcase your business. If you own a food truck or a trailer catering service, you need a logo that expresses the excitement and energy of your operation. Watch the length of your line expand!


I hope you enjoyed these nine epic Elementor Cloud Templates! If you haven’t purchased Elementor Cloud, now is the time to consider it. Elementor’s no-code simple builder lets you tweak one of the 100+ responsive website kits before publishing and going live – all in a flash!

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