Are you looking for the best startup website designs? Or do you want an startup website template? Perhaps you already have a design in mind, and you’re just looking for a startup website creator. In any case..

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See, many startups invest a lot of money to get the perfect startup website.

They hire the best designers and the best developers. Although that definitely is a great strategy, I have a better one for you.

The best part? It’s free. 

How to build a website just like the best startup websites of 2019 in 4 steps

  1. Analyze the best startup websites of 2019 below
  2. Make notes of what you like (and what you don’t like)
  3. Add your personal flavour to it
  4. Design your own webpage with a great tool called Divi

Let’s go.

The best startup website designs

Selected for you in a clean list. We’ve crawled the web and looked at the best startup websites of 2019.

After visiting countless websites and making some hard decisions we listed the best 10 startup websites.

WPX Hosting


Although WPX isn’t in the startup phase anymore, they definitely breath the startup vibes any startup website should. The playfulness throughout the design provides a nice mixture of a professional hosting service combined with a fun startup.

What you can learn from this great startup website

  • Fun animations

  • Very clear call to actions

  • Lots of social proof



What you can learn from this great startup website

  • Lots of whitespace

  • Great screenshots which explain the product

  • Clear call to actions

Flying Pinata


What you can learn from this great startup website

  • The animation above the fold is funny and explains the concept within a second

  • The commercial video is funny and powerful

  • Great color palette which gives the website a great look and feel



What you can learn from this great startup website

  • Clear call to actions

  • Great food images which make the website appealing

  • Clear benefits summary



What you can learn from this great startup website

  • Great product images
  • Great headlines which explains the product and its benefits within a few seconds
  • Clear floating call to action

Active Campaign


Active campaign is a startup which has grown a lot over the years. Although they might not be your average sized startup, their website has a lot of strengths your startup website should also incorporate.

What you can learn from this great startup website

  • Their call to action is very clear and enticing
  • Their website does a great job at describing the product benefits
  • The tweets near the footer provide a lot of social proof



What you can learn from this great startup website

  • Clear call to action above the fold

  • Lots of social proof by displaying their big brand customers above the fold

  • Great screenshot which explains their service within a few seconds



What you can learn from this great startup website

  • Great tagline which explains the concept within one sentence

  • Lots of social proof thanks to the background video above the fold

  • Clear call to actions throughout the website



What you can learn from this great  startup website

  • Clean design

  • Lots of whitespace

  • Clear call to action



What you can learn from this great startup website

  • Very clear copywriting throughout the website

  • Lots of whitespace which makes the website appealing

  • The call to action stands out and looks great

Use these startup website templates

You can use these amazing startup websites as inspiration for your own website. Of course you shouldn’t copy the website of these startup. Simply pick your favourite ones and blend them into your perfect design.

Startup website design

I hope you enjoyed these startup website examples. If you need help to design a startup website, make sure to check out the homepage of this website. I’ll explain how to build a website in 5 steps, even if you don’t have any coding experience.

Startup website builders

Are you looking for a Startup website builder? I’m a big fan of Divi, it’s a drag & drop startup website builder tool you can use to create stunning designs.

Here you’ll find the perfect tools to create your own startup website. I’ll explain you everything in simple steps.


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