From customer support to pricing. WP Rocket is one of the most popular pagespeed plugins in the world.

#1 Introduction

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Are you considering using the WP Rocket plugin? Or do you want to know if WP Rocket is worth its money? Welcome to the WP Rocket review 2024.

You found the right page. I’ve analyzed over 200 WP Rocket websites, and I am here to share my experience with you.

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#2 What is WP Rocket

When we visit a WordPress site, we expect it to load quickly. If it takes too long to process, it feels like we wasted our time waiting for nothing.

With that, creators, bloggers, and eCommerce businesses necessitate the importance of speed to please every visitor.

Big thanks to premium cache plugins like WP Rocket, any WordPress website can achieve excellent speed results without spending a fortune! 

Here are a few things to know about WP Rocket: 

  • WP Rocket was launched in 2013. 
  • +1,956,000 websites are optimized by WP Rocket.
  • WP Rocket has 213,000 loving customers. 
  • WP Rocket decreases your load time and improves your Google PageSpeed and Core Web Vitals scores with no coding knowledge required.

#3 Pricing

WP Rocket is kind of expensive, but the results are outstanding compared to free caching plugins online. It’s worth every penny if you ask me!

They have three licenses for you to choose from, and they all operate for a year. That’s right. You can use it for 365 days uninterrupted.

Spend less on something advantageous for your website!

Today, you no longer have to daydream of having a fast-loading website because WP Rocket has cheap options for you to choose from:

  • Single License for  $49

1 year of assistance and updates for just one website.

  • Plus License for $99

1 year of assistance and updates for three websites.

  • Infinite License for  $249

1 year of assistance and updates for unlimited websites.

Although WP Rocket doesn’t provide a trial version, you can be guaranteed its excellent performance! *Chef’s kiss* 

A friendly reminder: The license for all packages is only valid for a year. When it is about to expire, you’ll receive an email urging you to renew it at a discounted rate.

#4 How to install

Installing WP Rocket is quick and easy. Follow these steps to get started right away.

Step 1:  Go to WP Rocket’s website and click the “Get WP Rocket Now” button.

Step 2: Select the license that best meets your requirements.

There are three choices for you to choose from:

  • Single License for  $49
  • Plus License for $99
  • Infinite License for  $249

Step 3:  After choosing the license you want, it’s time to complete your order.

Enter your email address, first name, last name, country name, and preferred payment.

If you have a coupon code, don’t forget to apply it to save more money.


Step 4:  After filling in the needed information, please place your order and get started already!

For any problems faced in the future, they provide a 14-day money-back guarantee. Although it’s doubtful that you’ll need one, they will gladly issue a refund request within two weeks of purchase.

Step 5:  When the order’s complete, you’ll immediately receive a download link for the .zip plugin file.

Download the given zip file and open your WordPress account for the next step.

Step 6: Click “Add New” under the Plugins section and press “Upload Plugin.”

Step 7: Click “Choose File” and look for the .zip plugin file.

Step 8: Right after you select the .zip plugin file, click “Install Now.”

Step 9: Once the installation process is done, just click the “Activate Now” button, and then that’s it!

You now have a caching plugin that’ll work wonders for your WordPress website.

#5 Ease of use

I love using WP Rocket, and I’m 100% sure you’re going to love it too!

As a user, all you have to do is install it, activate the plugin, and then enjoy having a website that’s super-duper fast! The entire procedure takes precisely three minutes, and there is no coding required. Very easy to use!

#6 Ecommerce

WP Rocket is truly a win for your eCommerce needs as it makes any store load faster than ever. Aside from that, it works seamlessly with many eCommerce plugins, such as Woocomerce and Jigoshop. What a great purchase if you ask me. 

As a plugin, it allows you to convert your website visitors to customers by providing a stress-free shopping experience! 

If you’re the buyer, can you imagine how gratifying it can be to browse for such items, and they only take seconds to load? Thanks to WP Rocket, you no longer have to be annoyed and just focus on exploring the store to purchase any stuff you need. 

#7 Features

In this WP Rocket review, I’ll give you the main reasons why it is the #1 choice for having a faster-loading website!

Check out these excellent features right after activation: 

  • Page Caching

Get your WordPress site cached as soon as possible! Caching speeds up your site’s load time, which is critical for improving SEO and increasing conversions.

  • Browser Caching

Store your site’s frequently accessed resources, including images, JS, and CSS in the navigation device’s local memory. 

  • Cache Preloading

Allow your visitors to enjoy your site’s faster, cached content right away! When you implement adjustments to your web pages, WP Rocket immediately preloads the cache for your convenience.

  • GZIP Compression

Compress and decompress web pages with ease for a faster website. The size of your files shrinks, and your visitors receive your content more quickly.

  • Optimization of CSS and JavaScript

It doesn’t have to be challenging to optimize your WordPress code. WP Rocket speeds up and lightens your files by eliminating unnecessary elements.

  • eCommerce Optimization

No need to stress yourself about eCommerce. WP Rocket excludes sensitive pages from the cache, allowing your store to run quickly and smoothly. 

  • Excellent Compatibility

WP Rocket works really well with numerous themes and plugins, so you don’t have to worry about anything. 10/10 for its excellent compatibility! 

eCommerce Features 

Superb features for eCommerce businesses that want to make a hit. 

  • LazyLoad for Images, Iframes, and Videos

Images or Iframes are loaded onto the page only when users require them to be displayed. This saves bandwidth and allows users to browse the site much faster.

  • CDN Compatibility

It makes no difference whatever CDN provider you use. WP Rocket will function properly with any of them. It only takes one click to enable CDN integration.

#8 SEO

I’m going to keep this short. WP Rocket is perfect for SEO. 

Speed is a significant priority to rank higher in Google – has been and always will be. 

If someone clicks through your page and has to wait more than a few seconds for it to load, they are likely to leave, costing you a conversion. What a bummer.

Fortunately, WP Rocket lives up to its aim of providing users with features to develop blazing fast websites in the blink of an eye! Try it now to see the difference. I dare you.

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#9 Examples

Check out these three website examples that are using WP Rocket! 

Actually, here you can see a full overview of inspiring websites that use WP Rocket.

WP rocket startup website example

1. WP Rocket


What did you expect? Haha! Of course, WP Rocket uses their own software!


  • To improve page speed performance. And of course – show display their own page speed scores to their customers.


  • They use all WP Rocket features for optimized page performance. 

2. My Codeless Website


Oh Yes! The website you’re looking at is using WP Rocket.


  • This website heavily relies on SEO organic traffic. In order to achieve high rankings, it’s important to have fast-loading pages.


  • Compressed images
  • Asynchronized loading
  • Deffered Javascript loading



This HR blog used WP Rocket to optimize page speed for millions of visitors per year.


  • This website focuses on HR managers and has millions of visitors per year. To optimize user experience it uses WP Rocket.


  • WordPress Heartbeat control
  • CDN optimization
  • Image optimization


#10 Customer service

If you value excellent customer service, you’ll appreciate this. 

WP Rocket’s customer support is VERY reliable!  You could choose a topic that best describes your problem on the website, and there’ll immediately be answers provided below. 

With a single click, you could solve your problem with so much ease. Perfect for those who are seeking immediate response! 

#11 FAQ

Is it necessary to know how to code to use WP Rocket?

Absolutely not! You only need to install and activate it. Then, WP Rocket will begin caching your pages with no need to change the code.

Is WP Rocket GDPR compliant?

Yes, WP Rocket complies with GDPR. It does not store or access any private information. In addition, it does not add any cookies.

Is WP Rocket a good plugin?

Yes! I 10/10 for its excellent features and good customer support!

Does WP Rocket improve my page speed?

100% yes. This WP Rocket review shows how powerful it is as a plugin to improve page speed.

Is WP rocket expensive?

It depends on your budget. Still, WP Rocket offers affordable rates for you to consider.

  • Single License for  $49
  • Plus License for $99
  • Infinite License for  $249

Is WP Rocket a one-time purchase?

Yes, it is. After a year, your license will renew at a 30% discount to ensure that your access to updates and support remains.

#12 Conclusion

Don’t hesitate to try out WP Rocket if you have some money to invest in your website. In my experience, it is the only premium caching plugin you will ever require. 

I highly recommend this one and would love to see how awesome it works for you too. 

I hope you liked this WP Rocket review!