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Webflow Statistics 2022 – 17 Key Figures You Must Know

Are you looking for Webflow statistics?

Perhaps you want some actual numbers on Webflow statistics to back up an article you’re writing. In any case, you found the right article.

Let’s dive into some actual key figures and facts about Webflow statistics.

1. Webflow has over 45,000 paying customers. 

2.  Webflow has 3.5 million users worldwide. 

3. Each month, Webflow receives around 4 million visitors.  

4. In 2013, Webflow raised $2.9 million. 

5. Webflow secured a second round of $72 million in 2019, culminating in an estimated worth of $350 million or more.

6. Roughly 230,000 websites use Webflow.

7. Webflow is the 2nd most popular Content Management System in Anguilla.

8.  Webflow is the 3rd most popular Content Management System in Somalia.

9.  Webflow is the 6th most popular Content Management System in Micronesia.

10. More than 3,500,000 designers and teams use Webflow to build, collaborate on, and scale amazing websites in a completely visual canvas.

11. Every month, Webflow hosting processes approximately 4.1 billion page views. 

This is three times more than and combined.

12. Webflow has over 1,000 business, portfolio, and blog templates! 

13. For each customer you refer to Webflow, you will receive 50% of all payments for the next 12 months.

14. Webflow has 400+ incredibly amazing team members! 

15. Webflow has $335 million in total funding. 

16. As of 2020, Webflow has over 235 reviews on Facebook.

17. As of 2022, Webflow has 27 reviews on Glassdoor.

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