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Webflow Statistics 2023 – 18 Key Figures You Must Know

Are you looking for Webflow statistics?

Perhaps you want some actual numbers on Webflow statistics to back up an article you’re writing. In any case, you found the right article.

Let’s dive into some actual key figures and facts about Webflow statistics.

1. Webflow has over 45,000 paying customers. 

Webflow was introduced to the world years ago. After its beta, over 10,000 people signed up.  Behind the scenes, things weren’t looking so good. All the people had left their prior jobs and had no substantial income. 

Today, they’ve amassed more than 45,000 paying clients, including freelancers, firms, product designers, marketing groups, business owners, and even individuals who are creating entire software products from scratch.

2.  Webflow has 3.5 million users worldwide. 

Webflow has a user base of more than 3.5 million, according to their own website. More than 100,000 clients use Webflow to create their highly visited external and essential internal websites across 190 different countries.

3. Each month, Webflow receives around 4 million visitors.  

Are you looking for a modern approach to web development? If yes, then this website builder should be on top of your list.   

Webflow is the product of an innovative vision, as approved by 4 million visitors.

As a website builder, it enables designers to create excellent, bespoke websites on a visual canvas that requires no coding! In fact, you can choose whether to make a website from scratch or start with one of their attractive templates.

However, it is crucial to note that even though it doesn’t involve coding, it does require particular technical knowledge of how websites are formed on the front end.

Still, it has a superb template selection suited for eCommerce and web content.

If you’re interested, I’ll teach you how to install Webflow. 

How to install Webflow:

Installing Webflow is actually super easy! Just follow my steps, and you’ll have everything set up in less than 5 minutes. Pinky promise!

Step 1: Go to Webflow’s website.

Step 2: Click the ‘Get started — it’s “free” button.

Step 3: Answer several questions about your role and business.

In this section, you’ll be guided into a set of instructions (sections 1 and 2) to guide you into making your long-desired website.

Step 4: It’s time to get the ball rolling.

Feel free to unleash your hidden creativity in this step. Your website is a reflection of you, so make it a hit!

If you’re unfamiliar with website development, Webflow’s video lessons, blogs, and showcases will get you back up and running. They will provide you with the knowledge, ideas, and motivation you need to thrive with Webflow — and as a business.

Go on! What are you waiting for?

4. In 2013, Webflow did their first fundraise raising $2.9 million. 

$2.9 million was raised for Webflow’s seed round in 2013. With the second round of funding of $72 million in 2019, Webflow was valued at more than $350 million. Team Webflow developed a successful, self-sustaining, and cash-flow-positive business in the six years separating these two rounds.

In 2021 Webflow announced to raise another $140 million at a $2.1 billion valuation.

Webflow Fundraising

5. Webflow is valued at $2.1 billion in their latest fundraise in 2021

6. Roughly 230,000 websites use Webflow.

Only 0.6% of websites on the entire internet and 0.9% of CMS-using websites are now powered by Webflow, according to W3Techs. 

7. Webflow is the 2nd most popular Content Management System in Anguilla.

8.  Webflow is the 3rd most popular Content Management System in Somalia.

9.  Webflow is the 6th most popular Content Management System in Micronesia.

10. More than 3,500,000 designers and teams use Webflow to build, collaborate on, and scale amazing websites in a completely visual canvas.

More than 3,500,000 designers and teams use Webflow to build, collaborate on, and scale amazing websites with no code required.

11. Every month, Webflow hosting processes approximately 4.1 billion page views. 

Over 4.1 billion page views are handled by Webflow hosting each month. More than and combined, that is.

Enterprise-grade security to support

With sophisticated security capabilities like single sign-on, customized security headers, customized SSL certificates, and more, Webflow Enterprise is supported by SOC-2 certification.

Superior performance

Hosting is one less thing for your team to worry about, thanks to our enterprise-level uptime SLAs, lightning-fast page loads, and our worldwide Fastly CDN.

Scalable hosting environment

Any requirement for your site can be met by the enterprise-grade stack and global hosting network provided by Webflow.

12. Webflow has over 1,000 business, portfolio, and blog templates! 

Webflow stands out in design, despite not being the cheapest or easiest platform to use. You can tweak everything without knowing how to code, giving it a sophisticated feel without making it inaccessible.

The templates are well-designed, mobile-friendly, and suitable for various sectors. Webflow’s functionalities, on the other hand, are limited, and you may need to rely on third-party integrations.

Things you should know about Webflow Templates:

  • The templates can be filtered by business, category, style, feature, and type, making it quick to locate a template that matches your requirements.
  • Webflow’s templates are all responsive for the users!  Each template has a brief explanation that tells you what type of site it’s best suited for and what design options you have.

13. For each customer you refer to Webflow, you will receive 50% of all payments for the next 12 months.

Accepted affiliates can earn 50% of all payments for a full year through the Webflow affiliate program for each customer they introduce. The program is available to writers, educators, entrepreneurs, creators, and more, and there are no restrictions on how much you can make.

14. Webflow has 400+ incredibly amazing team members! 

Webflow is at the vanguard of a wave of specialized start-ups trying to transform how businesses develop their online presence with  400+ team members and 3.5+ million users. The creators of Webflow recognized a chance to do something fresh and sought to lessen the burden of needing to learn code.


15. As of 2020, Webflow has over 235 reviews on Facebook.

16. As of 2022, Webflow has 27 reviews on Glassdoor.

17. Webflow offers 2 different plans.

You can create your site for free and take as much time as you need, but your account will stay in trial mode. (That’s right, there’s no trial period here.)

And then, when you’re ready to conquer the online world, purchase a plan for extra pages and a personalized domain. Make sure to get a plan suited to your needs!

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