RightMessage Case Study – Stop promoting toothpaste to a man without teeth.

It’s early morning in april of 2020. I’m reading a blog article by one of my favourite online entrepreneurs, Pat flynn.

He’s talking about Right Message. It’s a tool which gained him over $104,000 in extra revenue in one day.

That’s right. One tool brought him $104,000 extra revenue in 24 hours.

I got interested, and opened Right Message, the tool he was talking about.

Here’s what I learned:

  • It’s a tool which asks short questions to your visitors
  • Based on the given answers, you can send the visitor to a specific page
  • The answers given by a visitor are stored in a cookie, so you can use this data whenever you want

I got so excited. I partnered up with them. I’ll get a small commission if you decide to join Right Message – at no costs to you.

Now let’s continue with our RightMessage case study.

Right Message Case Study – let me give you an example

Meet Josh. Josh is a 44 year old man from London and he wants to build a website for his own startup.

So he opens good old friend google and types: “Startup Website Examples”.

That’s where he meets my website. “The 15 Best Startup Websites by My Codeless Website”

Now at this point I have no clue who Josh is and how I can help him.

That’s why I have Right Message ask him the first question:

This helps me to understand why Josh is visiting this page.

He selects ‘I’m building my own website’ and now I’m able to ask him what he’s looking for.

Josh tells me he doesn’t have a clue where to start.

So I point him to my beginners guide which explains everything from A to Z.

Sounds good right? If you’re getting excited, have a look at their free trial at the link below.

Want to read more about this Rightmessage case study? Good. I’ve got some good stuff coming. 

Right Message Case Study – Solving a problem problem you didn’t even know you had

My page The 15 Best Startup Websites by My Codeless Website” receives about 1500 visitors per month.

The problem is, out of these 1500 there’s only one or two people like Josh.

Some of the people who end up on this page are just looking for inspiration. Others are looking for a startup site builder.

Although my blog probably covers the user intent for the most part – it definitely isn’t doing nearly as well as it could.

Increasing conversion by asking smart questions

Right Message allows you to segment your visitors by asking simple questions.

It helps you to move your visitors into a bucket and give them the perfect funnel.

This will help you to:

  • Get more email subscribers by showing relevant lead magnets
  • Sell more by pitching relevant products
  • Get more appointments by sending people to a customized contact form

“Or be like Pat Flynn, and use it to funnel people to the right sales page and earn an extra $104,000 in a day…” 

It doesn’t end there

So far I told you about sending people to a page of choice.

But what if I told you it’s possible to customize your entire website?

That’s right. You can use Right Message to customize your homepage, contact page, checkout page. All based on the answers of your short questions.

And it gets even better. Right Message allows you to collect emails and store their survey answers in your email program. This way you can send out customized emails based on what your subscriber is interested in.

How can you use Right Message to increase your revenue?

  • Send promotional emails about your product if you know they care about (pricing, service, or specific features)
  • Redirect a user to the product page which matches their search intent
  • Tailor the background of your homepage to their favourite color (LOL)

But there are 1,000,000 other ways you can leverage Right Message to increase your revenue.

Right Message Case Study Conclusion

In my opinion this case study shows  Right Message is a tool which can significantly increase your conversions and make you a lot of extra money.

So have a look at their software and create a free account.

I arranged a 14 day free trial if you sign up to this link.

I hope you liked this RightMessage case study. Now its up to you, try it yourself!