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How to Add Pricing Table to Shopify Website

How to Add Pricing Table to Shopify Website — Detailed Guide 2023 

If you are wondering how to add a pricing table to your Shopify website, you’ve come to the right place!

Pricing is very important when it comes to business, either you are selling goods or services, everything must come with a price.

It is essential to put prices on your products so your customers will be aware that they are getting a good deal and saving money as much as possible.

But some of us are not techy enough to put a pricing table on your Shopify website. The good thing is we got your back! We will give you a detailed guide on how to easily put a pricing table with the help of some tools.

What is Shopify?

Before we move on to the guide, let us first elaborate again on what Shopify is all about. 

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that aids companies in managing an online store. Without going through the growing pains associated with outlet expansion, it lets you boost both your revenue and reach.

You can start and run your online store with the aid of Shopify’s comprehensive feature set. Additionally, it doesn’t require any coding, software installation, or hosting services for people to begin utilizing it.

What is a pricing table?

A pricing table is simply a group of text and figures showing the many prices you may charge for a given item.

In general, it is a table that displays information about the item, service, or combination of goods being sold. Your visitors may view the price of your goods without having to read through all of your material by employing a pricing table.

The pricing table app is a crucial component of any Shopify site because it makes establishing prices for goods and services easier. By providing a few basic parameters, you may rapidly calculate your expenses for numerous goods and scenarios. Time is saved, and pricing comparisons are now easier to obtain than ever.

3 Main Types of Pricing Table

Before creating a pricing table, you should be able to distinguish what table you are going to do. Here are the three main types of pricing tables:

  1. Category Tables – this kind of table allows the customers to view your products based on the category they want and see the prices for each.
  2. Product Tables – this table allows the customers to see the products at various stages of buying them with the price information next to the product.
  3. Sale Items Tables – this table is made to let the customers see all the available sale items and it also allows them to see if they already purchased or viewed that product on a different browser.

Once you are done selecting the table you are going to work on, choose a platform from the Shopify menu selection bar in the upper left corner of your screen. Using one of their pre-made templates or building a bespoke app is an option on this menu.

Why is a pricing table important?

The pricing table is a big help for customers who don’t like browsing a lot and want to see the price already once they visit a website. 

The other benefits of having a pricing table are the following:

  • Assist consumers in making the right fit choice.
  • Give customers a simple method to swiftly browse your product selection.
  • Describe the variations between your items.
  • To help you anchor the price, emphasize a certain strategy.

How to add a pricing table on Shopify using an app?

The easiest way to place a pricing table on your Shopify website is through the help of an application called Product Price Table | POWR.

This application is very easy to navigate so it won’t be a hassle now to put a pricing table on your Shopify website. You just need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Install the “Product Price Table | POWR” application

  • Navigate from the Shopify dashboard to the Apps page.
  • Next, select Customize your store by clicking the icon in the upper right corner.
  • Search for Product Price Table | POWR after that.
  • Select the application with the same name.
  • Click the Add app icon after that.
  • Check the app’s requirements for information and permissions. Click the Install app button if you agree.

After that, a new website will open where you may create price tables for your Shopify business. You will be provided with an example that is generated automatically. As a result, nothing needs to be created from the start.

Step 2: Customize your new pricing table

You may adjust each price plan by clicking on it on the left sidebar. Additionally, if more plans are required, you may click the “Add” button to add them.

For each plan, you can:

  • Alter the name and cost.
  • Increase and change the feature set.
  • Select whether or not it is highlighted.
  • Select the button’s action.

When you’re done with the content section, switch to the Design tab.

Here you can do the following:

  • Control the size and distance.
  • Modify the font’s appearance.
  • Change the border and background.
  • Choose how the plan that was highlighted is shown.
  • Include unique CSS and JS code.
  • You may decide if you want the links to open in the same tab or a new one.
  • Take off the POWR logo.

Step 3: Place the pricing table on your Shopify site

It’s time to incorporate the price table into your Shopify store if you are satisfied with its structure and content.

  • In the top-right corner, select the Publish button.
  • Choose the page or pages to which you wish to add the price table.
  • Select the page(s) on which the price table will be presented.
  • Then, press the Add to Page button.

And you’re done now! You may now visit the page(s) you choose to see if there is a problem.

Top 3 Best Shopify Pricing Table Apps (2022)

To give you an overview of which applications can help you in building a pricing table for your Shopify website, here are the top 3 best Shopify pricing table apps of 2022:

1. Product Price Table | POWR

These three applications can surely lessen the burden you are thinking of when creating a pricing table, so try downloading them now.


You now have all the knowledge you require to add a pricing table app. Just follow the simple procedures outlined above, and you will be able to develop a successful price table app.

If you want to add a pricing table to your Shopify website, consider enlisting the help of a Shopify app development company.

Keep in mind that customers expect an enjoyable and seamless browsing experience when creating new products on Shopify. Thus, create a compelling pricing table with formal design elements so that users can easily pick what they like and purchase it immediately!


How to integrate an application with Shopify?

Once you have a solid grasp, you can start by developing simple templates or customizing existing ones to suit your unique requirements.

How to make a pricing table?

Choose your items or services before you can construct a price table. Determine the price of each product or service next. Finally, multiply the number of items purchased to determine the total cost of all items.

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