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Divi  Statistics 2023 – 32 Statistics You Should Know

Are you looking for more information on the Divi theme? Or perhaps you want to have more information about Elegant Themes – the creator of Divi – before you purchase Divi?


Divi Theme Information + Statistics 2023

This article contains 32 facts and statistics you should know about Divi. This information has been updated for 2023.

I’ve collected this Divi information from my own research as well as other resources which I’ll link as well.

(By the way, I made another post on the best Divi websites if you need inspiring designs for your business. Feel free to check them any time!)

Let’s get started with some interesting Divi theme facts.

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Divi Theme Statistics 2023

1. There are 4,125,182 websites made from Divi as of October 25, 2023.

According to BuiltWith, there are now a total of 4,125,182 Divi websites in the world. This is its historical count, meaning from the time Divi began in 2013. The number of Divi websites in the world is 183,942 than that of those that use the Astra Theme. As Divi’s closest competitor, the Astra Theme is currently used by 4,309,124 websites in the world.

2. More than half or 56.86% of the total Divi websites in the world are active or live.

Despite having more than 4 million Divi websites made so far, only more than half or 56.86% of these are actually active or alive. This comprises only 2,345,452 websites in the world.

3. The United States makes up 23.91% of the total Divi websites in the world as of October 25, 2023.

Based on BuiltWith data, most of the websites that use Divi are from the United States. It actually comprises 23.91% of the 4,309,124 Divi websites in the world or a total of 1,030,098. This makes the United States the top country using Divi and is followed by Germany at 134,468 and the United Kingdom at 128,649.

4. There are 81,204 websites in The Netherlands that use Divi as of October 25, 2023.

Ranking 4th among countries in the world, the Netherlands registered a total of 81,204 websites that use Divi. This translates to a mere 1.97% of all Divi websites in the world and places The Netherlands as the top 5 countries using it.

5. The country with the least number of Divi websites is Congo at only 5.

Patronage for Divi is lowest in Congo, which recorded only 5 websites as of October 25, 2023. The countries of Liberia, Kiribati, and Wallis each registered 6 Divi websites for the said period.

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6. There are a total of 2,351,750 WordPress websites that use Divi globally.

BuiltWith highlighted from their October 25, 2023 report that the number of WordPress websites using Divi in the world is 2,351,750. This means that of the 4,125,182 Divi websites globally, 57.00% are WordPress websites.

7. Divi is ranked the 2nd most popular WordPress Theme on the entire internet as of October 2023.

In terms of awards, Divi has earned several of them including the most popular WordPress Theme in the Top 10,000 sites and the Top 100,000 sites in the world. It is also the 2nd most popular in the Top 1 million sites and the 2nd most popular on the entire internet for WordPress Themes as of October 25, 2023.

8. As of October 2023, there are 343,421 WooCommerce websites that were made from Divi.

The number of WooCommerce websites in the world using Divi falls short by 2,008,329 websites from WordPress websites as of October 25, 2023. Currently, there are 343,421 WooCommerce websites using Divi as against 2,351,750 WordPress websites using Divi.

9. Divi is used by 1.11% of the Top 1 million websites in the world as of October 2023.

There are a total of 11,126 websites using Divi from among the Top 1 million websites in the world. This translates to a mere 1.11%. While 1,577 websites (1.58%) from the Top 100,000 websites in the world use Divi. On the other hand, only 170 websites (1.7%) of the Top 10,000 websites in the world use Divi.

10. The number of Divi users increased by 0.86% in a span of four months since June 2023.

According to TechJury, there were only 2.32 million live websites in the world using Divi last June 2023. This increased to 2.34 million live Divi websites this October 2023, which shows an increase of 0.86% in a span of four months. This translates to an additional 20,000 websites using Divi in the world for the period.

11. 11% of WordPress users in Denmark use Divi as of January 2023.

Statista data from a January 2023 survey show that Divi is the leading WordPress Theme technology in use in Denmark. The Astra Theme and Hello Elementor come second for WordPress themes in the country with each having 7% for usage distribution.

12. Divi’s version 4.21.1 is used by 13.74% of websites in the world.

According to Web Tech Survey, there are a total of 1,014 discovered versions of Divi as of 2022. Divi’s version 4.21.1 is the most popular in the world with 133,202 websites in use. This translates to a 13.74% technology adoption.

While version 4.21 ranks second with a 11.90% adoption among 115,310 websites globally. There are, on the other hand, 87,147 websites using version 4.22.1 (8.99%) and 49,660 websites using version 4.22 (5.12%).

13. In terms of major versions, Divi’s version 4 dominates global usage with 866,066 domains.

Divi has a total of 999 versions and each version has its own subversions. Version 4, though only second to version 3 in terms of having the most subversions, is the most widely used in the world.

There are a total of 866,066 domains in the world using one of the 209 subversions of Version 4. Version 3, on the other hand, has 251 subversions that are used by 86,633 domains in the world.

14. Divi has 23,163 reviews on Trustpilot as of October 2023.

According to Divi’s website, they have earned an “Excellent” or 5-star ranking on Trustpilot that was generated by 23,163 reviews as of October 2023. This makes Divi the world’s Most Popular WordPress Theme and Ultimate WordPress Page Builder.

15. Divi has 1,037 reviews with a 4.8 star rating in Capterra.

Capterra, a two-decade old online platform that helps businessmen choose the better software, presented a comparative analysis of Divi, Wix, WordPress, and Webnode. The areas of comparison are “Ease of Use,” “Customer Service,” “Features,” and “Value for Money.”

Based on the comparative table, Divi received the highest overall ranking of 4.8 stars from 1,037 verified reviews. The highest factor that made Divi number one was its “Customer Service” and “Value for Money” that each received a 4.8 star ranking.

Wix only received a 4.2 star for its Customer Service and a 4.3 star for Value for Money. WordPress was rated 4.1 stars for Customer Service and 4.6 stars for Value for Money. While Webnode was rated 4.5 stars for Customer Service and 4.4 stars for Value for Money.

16. There are more than 75,000 members in the Divi Theme User Facebook group.

Created by Divi users nine years ago, the Elegant Themes Divi Theme User Facebook Group is the official online community for those who love Divi. The group is administered by Elegant Themes and moderated by volunteer Divi users and fans. As such, it is a private group with 75,800 members as of October 30, 2023.

17. Divi calls itself “A Module For Everything” for having more than 200 website elements as of date.

Divi is regarded as a one-stop shop for easily making beautiful, fully functional, and custom-built websites from scratch with no coding needed. Startups and non-techies can enjoy a host of features including 200 website elements from Divi.

This allows anyone to add or make a range of design features for their websites such as call-to-actions, sliders, blogs, forms, and testimonials. It’s one of the reasons I love Divi!

18. Divi has more than 2,000 pre-made designs and more than 200 full website packs.

Divi is a popular choice for WordPress themes because it has more than 2,000 templates or pre-made designs. It comes as no surprise that there are so many templates and designs now available than the 800 pre-made website layouts in a span of 16 months since June 2022!

This excludes the more than 200 full website packs they offer that are categorized into business, events, beauty, health, services, and e-commerce, among others. Plus, they also offer 46 free modules you can use to build your website. Structuring a Divi page is also easily done with 3 content blocks, a section, a row, and a column. Talk about convenience!

19. You can build an unlimited number of websites with 1 Divi Theme license.

Divi provides licensing that allows the user to create an unlimited number of websites. They offer a 1-year license, which costs $89. They also have a Divi lifetime license, which costs $249. What’s great about the license is you can try the Divi theme at a 30-day risk-free guarantee.

The average WordPress theme costs $40 and Divi $89. If you don’t like it, you’ll receive your money back. Now, you can actually get a 10% discount if you buy Divi via this link.

20. Divi is $67/year cheaper on average than Squarespace and Wix.

WordPress themes cost from $0 to $200 depending on the plan chosen. The average WordPress theme as of January 31, 2023, according to CodeInWP, is $57.54.

On the other hand, the Divi theme is priced according to the type of plan or access chosen. It ranges from $89/annually to $249/lifetime, which is $169 on average. Thus, if you think about it, the Divi theme may seem more expensive than other WordPress themes on average.

Divi may be the most popular WordPress theme but it is really not the most expensive. It only ranks second to StudioPress, which costs $360/year based on WP Beginner. Divi fares are cheaper when compared to other website builders, particularly Elementor ($9/year), Squarespace ($144/year), and Wix ($168/year), which has an average annual fee of $107.

In terms of the Divi Website Builder in comparison to its competitors, it is actually cheaper since its $249 pricing is a one-time payment for lifetime use. (You can even get it for free! How? Check these five hacks to get the lowest price for Divi.)

21. Divi gives users access to 1,000 open-source photos and illustrations!

Along with 100s of pre-built website templates, Divi is the only website builder that provides its users access to 1,000 open-source photos and illustrations. They even update their photo library weekly so users get so much more photos to choose from.

Wix only directs its users to resources for photos and illustrations. While Squarespace enables users access to royalty-free images from Unsplash and Getty Images.

But, if one uses Divi AI, there is really no need to worry about photos and illustrations for good since the technology generates for the user. The only thing the user has to do is type what photo or illustration is needed as content for the website.

22. The average earning of an excellent Divi developer from freelance jobs is $59/hour as of October 2023.

Upwork released early October 2023 a listing of The Top 27 freelance Divi Developers available for hire from their platform. The ranking was based on the ratings the Divi Developers received from their respective clients.

The ratings range from 4.8 stars to 5.0 stars, which was harnessed from a total of 3,292 client reviews. Based on the listing, the lowest charge per hour for a 4.9-star Divi Developer is $10. While the highest charge is $125/hour for 5.0-star Divi Developers.

23. The response time for Divi VIP members is 30 minutes.

Divi prides itself on being the best in business out of having 24/7 technical support. They provide a 30-minute response time for Divi VIP members.

In September 2022, Divi made two improvements to its technical support arm and services. They first came out with Live Chat Support for all customers before introducing the Divi Support Center. The center provides options such as safe mode, system status, and remote access.

Accordingly, the center is manned by 30 full-time Divi experts to assure quality troubleshooting at support at any given time within 24 hours and throughout the week.

24. The Divi Builder interface is translated into 32 languages.

The Divi Theme is translated fully into 32 languages. Divi’s DiviJet Auto Translate, on the other hand, has a 3 translation switcher that enables support for more than 100 languages. This fares superb over Shopify, which is only available in 20 languages. While Wix claims compliance to the international standards for multilingual support (ISO 639-1) by providing 180 languages.

Let’s continue the Divi Theme Information overview with some statistics on the creator of Divi—Elegant themes.

Elegant Themes Statistics 2023

25. Elegant Themes grew to a 107-member organization from a one-man team in 14 years.

Founded in 2009 by Nick Roach, Elegant Themes began at an apartment in California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo. The company’s customer-centric values have sustained it over the last 14 years to grow with 107 team members from over 20 countries. They also have 881,000 customers in the world.

26. 57% of those who purchased Premium Themes from Elegant Themes are developers.

In a March 2023 survey, Elegant Themes discovered that 57% of their clients for their Premium Themes are developers and not end-users. The company said it is probable that the majority of business owners still find it difficult to use WordPress on their own and prefer the assistance of developers for it.

27. Elegant Themes has 156,000 followers on Facebook.

As of October 2023, Elegant Themes has 156,000 followers on Facebook. They also received 146,000 likes from the said social media platform. The said Facebook Page administers the Divi Theme Users Facebook private group.

28. Elegant Themes has 188,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Nick Roach could be seen in many videos of Elegant Themes released on its official YouTube Channel, especially for overviews of new products. As of October 2023, Elegant Themes has released 2,400 videos on YouTube for its 188,000 subscribers.

29. The most-viewed video on the Elegant Themes YouTube Channel is on Divi with 33 million views.

Elegant Themes released the “Divi. The Ultimate WordPress Theme And Visual Page Builder” video on YouTube on September 7, 2016. The video speaks of how revolutionary Divi is as a theme and builder in WordPress. It has, over the last 7 years, accumulated a total of 33,930,940 views and 9,700 likes on YouTube.

30. Elegant Themes has 64,200 followers on Twitter.

There are 64,200 followers for Elegant Themes in its Twitter account as against 97 followers. Elegant Themes has been using Twitter since 2009.

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31. There are 7,247 followers on the Dribbble portfolio of Elegant Themes.

Elegant Themes began their Dribbble portfolio in June 2012. The account has grown to 7,247 followers with 7 members as of October 2023.

As you probably know, the Divi theme is built for WordPress websites. Therefore, this overview wouldn’t be complete without the most essential WordPress statistics of 2023.

32. Websites built with WordPress generate 70 million posts monthly from around the world.

Thousands of websites around the world are built with WordPress, which creates 70 million new posts each month. These posts collectively attract 409 million unique visitors monthly and 20 billion page views monthly. This, in turn, will pile up to 77 million posts each month.

Divi Information – Conclusion

Divi is one of the biggest Wordpress themes available. With over 2 million websites built in the Divi theme, and a support theme of over 80 people you can be sure that purchasing Divi is a good investment.

In case you’re interested to get Divi yourself, here’s a link which will give you 10% discount. If you purchase Divi via that link, I’ll receive a small amount of money as well. Note: this doesn’t effect the price you’re paying.