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Divi AI Review – 7 Things You Should Know

Are you ready for Divi AI? If you haven’t heard about it yet, Elegant Themes launched yesterday, August 10, 2023, the most powerful website builder ever—the Divi AI! It is just so cool! I got so fascinated about it, I came up with this short Divi AI review that highlights the 7 things you should know about this jaw-dropping website builder.

AI Invades The Digital World

The digital world is not new to Artificial Intelligence (AI). From Grammarly’s entry in 2009 thanks to the trio Dmytro Lider, Max Lytvyn, and Alex Shevchenko to Wix’s introduction of its Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) in 2016 for website creation, AI has been helping both individuals and organizations improve overall productivity, product functionality, systems design, and service quality.

In web design and development, AI-powered website builders have been in use for years. Framer AI came out in the same year as Wix ADI and was followed the year after by Bookmark AiDA. While Hostinger AI, 10Web, GetResponse AI Builder, and CodeWP AI all came out early this 2023.

There are also numerous AI tools used to enhance and optimize website content that’s tailor-fit to a business’s target market for higher returns on investment and greater user experience. Tools like Originality.AI and ChatGPT, which both came out last November 2022. But the inconvenient thing about these AI tools is they’re many and one has to use them separately for each content created for a website.

Well, that was before Elegant Themes launched Divi AI yesterday.

The first time I watched their introductory video on Divi AI, I was like, “For real?!!!” Dumbfounded would be the perfect word to describe the experience. Well, who wouldn’t? Imagine, no more needing to research images to accompany blog posts or to endlessly rack one’s brain for a captivating title, at the very least. Yet, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

After watching the introductory video, I was able to identify seven (7) things you should know about Divi AI’s features. These are Divi AI’s image generator, text generator, image, and text editor, automatic context-based text and image generator, multilingual feature, accessibility, and pricing. Let me go through each one.

1. The Divi AI Image Generator

The Divi AI image generator not only simplifies the creatives process—brainstorming appropriate images to accompany the written content, researching the identified image or something near it (or totally making one from scratch), editing the image to come out with what was brainstormed, and optimizing the image for SEO—but it mostly gets rid of the process itself.

All one needs to do is to type what image one has in mind and—viola!—Divi AI generates it for you. Divi AI even provides you with four versions of what you typed so you can choose from among it what you like the most. Then you’re done! You now have a truly computer-generated image with just a few entries from the keyboard and a click of the mouse.

The cooler thing is you can even refine the image to be generated before choosing one from the four options provided. Divi AI has a modification feature that can change the results generated as a vector, an avatar, or a photo, among others. The Divi AI Image Generator provides options for image styling, image description, aspect ratio, size, and reference image, which is optional.

By image style, this pertains to having the option to choose the outcome generated as a vector graphic, photo, digital painting, concept art, 3D render, abstract art, comic book, watercolor, painting, anime, and cartoon. Take note, the image generated is not pixelated or anything that would make it look computer-generated. The image quality is crisp and surreal. It is so totally cool!

2. The Divi AI Text Generator

Similarly, the Divi AI Text Generator the Divi AI Text Generator will create the text based on what you have in mind. Just fill in your answer to the module’s prompt, “What are you writing about?”, and the text would be generated. This feature can also be set to generate text for the page you are currently working on or for the entire website. No more writer’s block! Content creation has become literally a snap of the finger.

3. The Divi AI Image and Text Editor

But Divi AI doesn’t end with image and text generation. You can further enhance the generated image without having to use a Graphical User Interface (GUI) modifier like Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, and GIMP for hours. It only takes several minutes for Divi AI to change the background of the image, but other images in it to blend with the concept you have in mind, and refine the overall quality of the image. This portion of Elegant Theme’s introductory video for Divi AI already got me saying, “Get out of here!”

I have been into web design for a long time and editing images is a serious task that demands full attention and hours of work. Who would have imagined Divi could come up with such an amazing AI-ran online application that would make a designer’s work so much better in less than a quarter of the time?

The best thing about the generated image is it’s royalty-free! The image is truly unique to your website. Blows your mind, doesn’t it?

4. The Divi AI Automatic Context-Based Text and Image Generator

Now, here’s the part that’s really superb with Divi AI’s features. Divi AI’s content and image generator can even be set to automatic such that you don’t need to type anything and instead only click on a button.

The Divi AI Automatic Text Generator lets users choose the type of content as either a paragraph, title, button, blog post, or social media post. One can also set if the text to be generated is for a particular page, section, or module. While an option for the tone of voice is also available to better suit a company’s brand.

Divi AI then analyzes your website and generates the requested content—image or text—based on it. Thus, the image or text that will be generated is in context to what type of website it is and who it caters to. This feature surely is helpful in boosting a website’s search engine ranking.

Not only is this an easy way to enrich branding in one’s content but also already integrates keywords used in the rest of your website content. Divi AI automatic generator even takes a step further by generating better keywords to help your website achieve a higher rank in search results.

The Divi AI automatic text generator is so powerful, one could even instruct it to formulate short or long content based on what you want or need. Talk about writing made easy and search engine optimization effortless!

Moreover, since Divi AI analyzes the content of your website, it automatically generates images along with the content already. The image even matches the color theme you have in use and set in the layout based on how you often do it on your website! Totally a game-changer!

5. The Divi AI’s Multilingual Feature

But there’s more! I’ve previously talked about how important a multilingual website is in increasing audience exposure, conversion rates, and search engine optimization in international markets. It not only reduces bounce rates but gives a website a competitive edge in its industry.

However, website localization is honestly a tedious and long process that goes beyond simply incorporating language options at the menu. The entire content of the website has to be in the language of the target market you have in mind or to simply incoporate inclusivity to all nationalities, as much as possible.

But with Divi AI, creating a multilingual website is so simple! All one has to do is to choose from among the 26—yes, big number huh?—languages pre-set in Divi AI’s system and it will generate it for you. A time and money saver for anyone considering to provide products and services abroad.

6. The Divi AI’s Accessibility

With all the feature’s mentioned above, it is already obvious how Divi AI would definitely make website design and development a cinch. Techie persons are not needed. It’s a great help for business startups.

The learning slope is also easy because Divi has already provided tutorials on how their AI website builder is used. In addition, Divi AI is actually built into Divi’s Visual Builder. The Divi AI is accessible in the Divi Module or on any Divi element. Thus, it requires no installation nor any activation. It’s already there for any WordPress website using the Divi Theme or Divi Builder.

7. The Divi AI Pricing

By now you might probably be wondering how much this powerful website builder is? Since Divi AI is already built into the Divi Visual Builder, any Divi user has access to its free limited trial. The trial is not based on a time element but on the number of times it is used, which is limited to 100~ times. Divi users will just need to upgrade to the Divi AI paid version for unlimited access to any number of websites for use.

If you are not a Divi user yet, just subscribe to the membership first and upgrade to the paid version of Divi AI.

Divi AI has two payment options, which is great. You can either pay monthly or annually, which saves you 25% from the upgrade price of $24 per month. The monthly fee is pretty reasonable compared to the great savings of having to hire a designer for your website or a team to localize your content. Not to mention having to purchase several SEO and AI tools that one can already forego or at least minimize now that Divi AI is already rolled out.

But with this newly launched application, Elegant Themes is even offering a 40% off that ends in 5 days (August 15, 2023). Wonderful offer!

Divi AI In A Nutshell

Divi AI breaks the limitations of design flexibility that normal website builders can not provide. It allows true customization of website content; professionally-designed, high-quality, and brand-specific visuals; and SEO-rich, captivating text. Truly, it enhances user experience, reaps higher financial rewards, and frees up website owners to attend to more time for the operation side of their business.