Facebook Ads Calculator

1. Enter revenue details 2. Enter cost details 3. View results






A quick explanation 👋

I created this Facebook Ads Calculator to get more grip on Facebook campaigns.

  • Forecast the results of your campaign
  • Understand where you can optimize your marketing funnel

Here’s how you use it:

  1. Enter the revenue details of your product
  2. Enter the (expected) costs of your Facebook campaign
  3. View the results

Personally, I like to play around with the input, to get a better understanding of the drivers of my campaign.

Are Facebook ads worth it? 🧙‍♂

Paying for Facebook ads is a risk. There is no way to know for sure if it will pay off.

Using the Facebook Ads Calculator will help you to better understand the driving variables of a successful campaign.

Don’t gamble. Run the numbers, test, and optimize.

How to calculate ROAS?

ROAS, or your return on ad spend is the most important metric marketers use to determine campaign success.

You need to divide the revenue they gained from your ads by the cost of running those same ads: (Revenue / Cost) x 100.