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Cons of Blogging 

The Cons of Blogging That You Can Encounter in 2024 

Blogging is now considered one of the easiest yet most thrilling jobs that someone can always try. Sure, it can be easy since the most common stereotype bloggers get nowadays is “all you have to do is write and post it online,” but others do not know the process behind the excellent article posted online.

You can get a long list of opportunities from blogging, such as making money and getting a hold of your own time. The list does not end there, but we are not here today to focus on the cons of blogging; it does not mean that we are encouraging you not to try blogging, we are here to help, so you know what to expect when you enter this industry.

People have to weigh down all the pros and cons of blogging before they start their journey in this career. So in this article, we will show you the cons of blogging you can encounter in the year 2022. We are giving it to you so you can avoid them or lessen them as much as possible. 

What are the problems faced by bloggers?

There are a lot of problems bloggers can easily enumerate when you ask them about this topic, and I like to believe that it is not just the simple writer’s block or lack of inspiration that they will answer. A lot of factors can affect a blogger’s performance when writing, and this is what they like to call the cons of blogging.

Here are the cons of blogging that a blogger can face:

1. You may invest time, sweat, and soul and get nothing in return.

Blogging is very time-consuming, considering all the efforts you have to do before the actual writing part. You must ensure enough research to support the topic you are writing about.

You also have to ensure that you have the perfect keywords that can cause traffic to your website. But most importantly, you have to keep your audience hooked until the end. 

Yet all the efforts can go to waste if you do not get something in return. Something to add up is that it takes time to make an income out of blogging, so if you do not have the patience and perseverance to continue writing blogs, then I suggest you gain them before entering this industry. 

2. It takes a huge upfront investment of time and work.

Just like what we mentioned above, you will not only invest your time in writing. Blogging can also cause you money that can either skyrocket or fall flat down when you do not do it properly. 

You need to have enough money you can invest in creating your website and blogging itself. If you are resourceful enough and work smart, you can gain back the money you invested and make them grow as you continue your business with blogging.

3. It’s a lot more difficult than it looks.

The stereotype that most bloggers can get is “blogging is easy,” but one thing most people do not see who not working in the blogging industry is that it’s a lot more difficult than it looks

Time and effort need to be invested, but another thing that most bloggers do not mention is that sometimes passion is not enough. Sure, you can exert the time and effort needed for the job, but it doesn’t guarantee success since you have a lot of competition. 

One more thing that can become a problem when you want to start blogging is if writing does not come out naturally. Though they can teach it, sometimes this is not enough, especially since SEO gets more traffic if your blog contains long yet full of information content. So, research and keyword searching can help you grow your skills in writing.


4. Blogging for your business can hurt you if you do it wrong.

Research is a fundamental part of writing. You need to ensure you have enough knowledge to support the information you are putting on your blog to lessen the mistakes you can get. Since blogging still brings income to your business, you need a strong backbone to help your business skyrocket and rank highly on Google searches.

5. Blogging while traveling full-time isn’t a small task.

Sure, sharing certain experiences on your trip is fun, so you write a blog about it. But at some point, the time will come wherein it will be hard for you to manage everything all at once, and you need to sacrifice something to keep something keep going. 

You need to remember that blogging needs a lot of time and effort, and if you can’t willingly exert those two, then you need to rethink if blogging is really for you. You need to be ready for the bigger tasks you can experience when you start blogging.

6. Blogging is still a job.

We can see blogging as a simple job, but it is still a job, and you will face a lot of difficulties with it, just like a typical job most people have. It has its pros and cons, just like what I am writing now. You need to treat blogging like a proper job that has its own rules and regulations.

You need to have a mindset wherein you must meet all the job expectations to perform well. But most importantly, treat it as but do not forget to enjoy what you are doing.

7. Flexibility is a double-edged sword.

Although writing a blog can be a simple task, you may find it difficult to write if you do not have the motivation or inspiration to do it. You need to motivate yourself to create a masterpiece that people will enjoy reading. 

So, always write and do your work in your best condition.

8. Technical issues can be frustrating.

If you are not a techy person like me, then technical issues can frustrate you at some point, and you need to make sure you have someone or something to help you fix it to make the job easier for you to be done. But of course, if you don’t want to encounter any issues, you need to ensure that you are not the only one in good condition when you start working, but also your computer.

9. Haters, haters everywhere!

Of course, we will not be safe online, especially when our work revolves around it. There will be a moment wherein you will see a negative comment on your work, but this should not stop you or discourage you from just continuing what you are doing.

Remember that people out there love your work and want to keep reading it. 

Always remember that trolls won’t stop you from doing what you love. Just like the song says—Forget the haters cause somebody loves you!

Do the Pros outweigh the Cons of blogging?

If you ask me about this, all jobs have pros and cons, but these do not stop people from doing that job, right? You just need to accept and work with it, so this won’t make it difficult for you to reach the absolute dream you have in mind. 

You just have to work hard and smart so that you will become successful in your future endeavors in life.

Disadvantages of Blogging Final Thoughts

Everything has its disadvantages, but if you are eager to be successful on the path or career you want, those disadvantages will not stop you from doing so. You will take this as one step closer to your success.

Soon those disadvantages will become an advantage, and I know that you can easily face everything now since you take everything as a stepping stone to your goal.