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How To Start A Blog Anonymously In 2023 

Many people venture into blogging to become famous. But there are certain situations that push a person to be “hidden” online. Let me identify what these are along with how to start a blog anonymously in 2022.

Why start a blog anonymously?

You don’t have to be Anonymous—that famous hacker renowned globally for conducting successful cyberattacks on government websites—to start blogging anonymously. Though, yes, the fear of being attacked online is one of the main reasons some individuals choose to hide their true identity when they set up a blog. Another reason is it is part of a marketing strategy.

1. Self-preservation

The main reason people choose to blog anonymously online is self-preservation or to protect themselves in one form or another. What does one need protection from, you might ask?

Protection from the negative perception or reaction of others to what they said and from experiencing embarrassment or shame, especially if what they share online is emotional or of a delicate nature. They might also want to protect their identity from being traced especially if what they say is controversial. They would like to keep their lives separate from the identity of their blog when it contains material that might affect their profession.

Another reason for blogging anonymously is to protect their family and the institution or organization they work for. While some blog with anonymity so they have to compete with others. Some simply want to enter into a new field that requires them to be distinct from who they have been known for.

2. Marketing Strategy

Creating a sense of mystery is a marketing strategy some people use behind blogging anonymously. Their intent is to pique the interest of people behind the author of the blog, especially if it is something controversial, mind-boggling, or humorous. The aim is for a “great reveal” once the blog has reached virality or a big following.

Now, the reasons I mentioned do not capture all there could possibly be behind people’s motives for blogging anonymously. But these are the common reasons why people do so. So let me proceed in helping you identify what you need to do to start blogging anonymously.

What do I need to do to start blogging anonymously?

There are several things you need to start blogging anonymously. These could be any or all of the following: a Virtual Private Network, a pseudonym or alias, an anonymous or private email account, a WHOIS Privacy account, and a blogging platform.

1. A Virtual Private Network

As explained previously on how IP addresses work, Virtual Private Networks have many benefits including hiding your identity when setting up your blog. It is important to install reliable VPN software like ExpertVPN, as per the Blogging Guide, before you create your blog. This way there is no possibility anyone can trace your location through your IP and pinpoint your identity.

2. A Pseudonym or Alias

Besides using a VPN, you will need a pseudonym or an alias to use in setting up your blog. Blogging using an alias is widely accepted online such that even Google has stated they allow it in their blogging platform, Blogger.

Your pseudonym does not necessarily have to be the same name as your blog and domain name but you may also use it for that purpose. This name is necessary to set up the account and serves as the author’s name displayed in your blog posts. Having an alternative name is also important for you will use the same name in setting up your anonymous email.

3. An Anonymous or Private Email Account

You can create an email account distinctly for your anonymous blog to avoid mixing it with your daily correspondence. You can use any email provider for this purpose. But be sure to use your pseudonym for it to avoid being traced to who you really are. You will also use this private email account in the creation of your blog, which you will see in the steps I will discuss later.

4. A WHOIS Privacy Account

There are several ways of finding the publisher or owner of a website. One sneaky way to do this is through the WHOIS or domain registration information of a website or blog. The domain name registration is maintained by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

Thus, to keep your information private when you register your blog’s domain name, sign-up for the WHOIS Privacy account paid service. This ensures your information is kept hidden from the public when they search for information online on who owns your domain name.

5. A Blogging Platform

Of course, you would need a blogging platform for you to begin blogging anonymously. You can create a blog with any blogging platform such as WordPress, which is what I use for my blog. The important thing to consider when setting up your anonymous blog is to choose a theme that suits your purpose.

How To Start A Blog Anonymously In 2022

How To Start A Blog Anonymously: The Steps Identified

Once you have completed what you need, let us go through the steps of starting your blog anonymously in WordPress.

1. Launch the VPN. Make sure it is running correctly.

2. Create an account with WordPress using your private email address.

3. Log in to your new WordPress account.

4. From the Dashboard, scroll down the menu and click on Settings.

5. A side menu will show up. From it, click on General, which will open a new page.

6. In the General Settings Page, you will see the basic information about your website.

7. Fill in the fields with your blog’s title, tagline, and administration email address. Use your private email address as the blog’s administration email address.

8. Click Save when you are done filling all the fields and choosing the options you want.

9. Next, click on Users in the Dashboard. A side menu will open again. This time, choose Profile.

10. In the Profile Page, enter your private email address under the Contact Info’s “Email (required)” field.

11. Fill in the rest of the information required on the Profile Page. Of course, do not use your real name but use your alias or pseudonym instead.

12. Make sure that the “Display name publicly as” also shows your alias or pseudonym.

13. As for the profile picture, this is optional. But you could opt to place one by creating your Gravatar–one that is not identifiable to who you are, definitely.

14. Choose your color scheme for the blog before you click Update Profile. And you’re done!

15. Create your first post and publish it!

I recommend you also read my previous post on How To Start A Blog In India In 2022 for the basic considerations of starting a blog. You will find these useful even for starting an anonymous one. Plus, you will find useful in that article the means on how to draw traffic to your blog and even earn money from it!

Are there other things I need to remember on starting a blog anonymously?

Oh, before you launch your blog, make sure that you limit mentioning personal information in your blog’s activities. You should, as much as possible, avoid using your personal information in your posts and in moderating the comments of your blog.

If your intent is to create a new identity for yourself online—say you have another blog, it is imperative that your tone in writing your posts and in answering comments is unidentifiable to your present or other identity.

Wrapping Up: How To Start A Blog Anonymously

New online technology has enabled features to keep one’s identity secure and private, such as being able to blog anonymously. This provides so much flexibility for anyone wishing to express oneself, expose the truth, or promote discoveries while being kept hidden from the public.


Is there a downside to blogging anonymously?

According to WPMUDev, there is a downside to blogging anonymously. This entails issues on legality and the possibility of being accused as a spreader of lies. Blogging anonymously is also not recommended for people who would like to make a name for themselves, can’t handle criticism, and are too busy to write frequently.

What anonymous blog sites have become famous?

Abdol Rauf, a Content Entrepreneur from Pakistan known for his various blogs, identified Eduwonkette, Mosul Eye, and Governance Reform At Irish Red Cross as the top three popular anonymous blogs. Accordingly, Eduwonkette became famous for ushering in educational reform and Mosul Eye documented the Isis Rule in Mosul, Iraq. Governance Reform similarly exposed the problems within the Red Cross organization.

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