Wix vs Bluehost? From themes to editors. The two most popular site builders have crucial differences.

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#1 Introduction to my Wix vs Bluehost 2024 

Having doubts about Wix vs. Bluehost

I get you! It’s a choice many people have doubts about. And I’m here to help you understand the differences, so you can make the choice that’s best for you!

You found the right page. I’ve built and analyzed over 300 websites built with Wix and Bluehost, and I’m here to share my experiences with you.

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Wix vs. Bluehost at a glance

1. Two most popular website builders

Wix and Bluehost are the two top-rated website builders on the market. Combined, they have over 1 million websites up and running.

2. Aggressive feature releases

Both Wix and Bluehost have been releasing new features at the speed of light. It’s clear that they’re going head to head to become the most popular website builder. That being said, when one of them releases a popular feature, it won’t be long until the other releases it as well.

3. Main difference between Wix and Bluehost

The primary distinction is that Bluehost is a hosting company that focuses on website resources such as storage space. Wix is a website builder that focuses on website design features such as templates.

4. Incredible templates

Wix has 800+ themes, while Bluehost has over 300 templates. Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure you’ll get to choose the one right for you. 

5. Disadvantages Wix ❌

  • It’s impossible to get custom solutions from support.
  • They don’t offer one-time pricing.
  • The customer support isn’t amazing.

6. Disadvantages Bluehost ❌

  • Has limited features 
  • There isn’t enough personalization.
  • Limited to Google apps only

#2 How to install Wix or Bluehost

Installing Wix or Bluehost is actually super easy! Just follow my steps, and you’ll have everything set up in less than 5 minutes. Pinky promise!

I split it up into 2 phases.

Phase 1 is for Wix, and Phase 2 is for Bluehost.

Phase 1 – How to Install Wix

Step 1: Go to the website of Wix and click on start now.

Step 2: Sign up for a free account.

Step 3: Choose a template or let Wix build one for you.

Choose your favorite template and build your site with our Editor or answer a few questions and let us create the perfect site for you.

Phase 2 – How to Install Bluehost


Step 1: Go to its website first to get started with Bluehost’s website builder.


Step 2: Click “Let’s Get Started.”

Step 3: Pick a plan. 

Here is the latest pricing for the Website Builder as of April 2024:

  • Introductory Price – 1 Month – $9.95 per month
  • Introductory Price – 12 Months – $5.95 per month
  • Introductory Price – 36 Months – $4.95 per month
  • Renewal Price (Monthly) – $19.99 per month
  • Renewal Price (Annual +) – $10.99 per month

Step 4: Create an account and finish the payment information. 

That’s it! Four easy steps to get started. Users can move back and forth between Bluehost’s built-in website builder and a WordPress builder with a single click.

Bluehost’s drag-and-drop builder is simple to use, allowing you to quickly put together a website, alter its aesthetic, and add new elements!

#3 Templates

Wix Templates

Let’s start with some fantastic Wix templates.

Wix users have access to hundreds of different templates to choose from. They are divided into numerous categories based on the niches or types of internet sites they are intended for. These categories are super-specific so choosing what is right for you should be easy.

Just replace the placeholder content with your own, and that’s it; you got a website. You can adjust elements to make them just the way you like them. 

In fact, click here if you want to see the other 800+ Wix templates.

Wix template 1 – Alphabet 

Wix template 2 – Vista 

Wix template 3 – T-Market

Things you should know about Wix Templates

A few important notes:

  • Small companies, restaurants, online stores, and artists such as musicians and photographers benefit from their visually stunning layouts. They’re mobile-friendly and may be customized using one of the Wix App Market’s many apps.

  • All templates can be customized to the maximum. There are no limitations. You can adjust any Wix template to whatever you like.

  • Great images will improve any template. Web design nowadays is highly affected by great photos. You can find great stock images for free using Unsplash or Pexels to enhance your design.

Bluehost Website Builder Templates

Bluehost recently launched a new website builder based on WordPress that is designed to let you create a professional-looking website without any technical knowledge. 

Drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste are the only skills required. The templates are beautiful, functional foundations for your website’s look, which you may customize as much as you like.

Check this sample:

Example Template – Generate Press

Things you should know about Bluehost Templates: 

A few notes to remember:

  • Templates are fully changeable “themes” that allow you to create the appearance and feel you want without starting from scratch. Drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste are the only skills required. The templates are beautiful, functional foundations for your website’s look, which you may customize as much as you like.

  • The benefit of using Bluehost’s website builder is that it allows you to change the design and feel of your website at any moment. You can visually evaluate your website in real-time. If you want to modify photographs, text, movies, etc., you can preview how your pages will appear to your visitors before you re-publish to the world.


Wix templates are more attractive and stylish in appearance! Wix has an outstanding drag-and-drop site builder for small websites, so there’s one for everyone without a doubt. There are over 800 free layouts to choose from, all of which may be altered to your liking. 

Furthermore, Wix websites are simpler to create, but they still look great. Bluehost WordPress websites demand more advanced knowledge, but they offer limitless design options.

#4 The Editor

It’s tough to compare the user interface of Wix and Bluehost, as it’s highly dependent on personal preferences.

There will be tons of people who think that Bluehost has a better editor. But then again, others will say Wix wins.

I’ll start comparing the two for you to see the difference:

The Wix Editor compared to Bluehost

Wix has a drag-and-drop visual editor that works similarly to Powerpoint or Keynote. If you see something, you can alter it just by clicking on it. The webpage remains visible, and updates are made as you make them. Simple as that!

You have two options with Wix: Wix ADI or Wix Editor:

The Wix ADI creates your website for you. You can change the final draft, but this is not the best method if you want complete control.

On the other hand, the Wix Editor employs drag-and-drop capabilities, which means you can move anything on your website by simply clicking and holding the item, then dragging it to the desired location.

Wix ADI is easy to use because it takes care most of the legwork for you by producing a personalized website personalized to your specific requirements. All you have to do now is adjust it a little and it’ll be ready to go! 

However, I recommend using the original Wix Editor instead – it’s still effortless to use, but it gives you more options.

The Bluehost Editor compared to Wix

The Bluehost Website Builder is a website-building tool that requires no coding or technical experience to use.

Users can visually click, drag, and drop material to create a home page and other pages for their website while still having access to all of WordPress’ power, versatility, and features. Furthermore, it is a crucial tool to employ when constructing a breathtakingly professional website, regardless of whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned WordPress master.


Both are drag-and-drop website builders, but I recommend Wix if you’re not tech-savvy. Its drag and drop editor is more user-friendly, providing beginners with complete flexibility. Also, it has more features and appears a little less dull.

For individuals who desire more security and design freedom, Bluehost is a superior choice. On the other hand, Wix is an excellent choice for individuals who want a more user-friendly platform with plenty of flairs.

#5 Ease of Use


Wix is a website builder geared for beginners. In fact, anyone can take charge of the construction process and develop a website of any sort from the ground up in their spare time. 

Furthermore, customers may choose a package that already includes a name and hosting, eliminating the need to maintain or purchase these items independently. 

One downside, however, once you choose a template and edit it to your liking, it’s not easy to change to a different template. In fact, it means you have to start over.


You can start building your website with Bluehost once you’ve accomplished the sign-up process and domain registration. That’s how easy it is! Even though Bluehost is giving a simplified building experience, its website builder allows the complete versatility of WordPress to remain available.

As your website and expertise of WordPress increase, you’ll have access to all of WordPress’s features. Furthermore, Bluehost is the cheapest platform for getting a website up and running, with many great features for a low starting fee. This is something you should get try while it lasts. 


Wix is more user-friendly than Bluehost. Wix’s drag-and-drop website builder requires no prior experience, and all technical aspects, including hosting, are handled for you.

#6 Ecommerce

Can you use Wix or Bluehost for eCommerce?

Yes, actually, they’re both perfect for it. Let me show you why.


Wix is an excellent option for eCommerce. In fact, three of Wix’s eight premium plans include fully integrated eCommerce functionality. 

For as little as $25 a month, you can have all the tools you need to sell online, including the essentials like taking online payments and extras like automatic sales tax and currency conversion.

Wix’s eCommerce tools are relatively sophisticated. However, they fall short of the capabilities of rival specialized eCommerce website builders like Shopify. 

Wix’s eCommerce plans are mostly intended for customers who want a website capable of selling a few things here and there on the side. It is not advised for use in full-fledged internet businesses.


The Bluehost website builder is a good choice for eCommerce.

With a simple drag-and-drop editor, you can bring your online store concept to life. If you’re interested, choose their ONLINE STORE plan for only $9.95/month. It is ideal for use on the internet product-filled storefronts.

Some of its top features include blog post-management, image library with unlimited uploads, unlimited online store Products, and more!


I have to give this round to Wix. It’s good, and you won’t be disappointed with its features for your online store needs.

Trust me, Wix is great for anyone wishing to create a well-rounded online store by combining straightforward editing tools with eCommerce features.

Wix eCommerce allows you to create your own eCommerce website using the same simple and intuitive drag-and-drop editor. There’s no need to worry about coding, hosting, or fretting. All you need is to pick a template, tweak it by dragging and dropping features like text boxes and images across your pages, and upload!

#7 Features

Both Wix and Bluehost have a lot of features. Honestly, I can’t think of any features I would like to add to either one of them.

However, I can imagine you want to know more about what features are included. So here we go.


Wix is an all-in-one platform that offers three different methods to create websites: Wix Artificial Design Intelligence, Wix Editor, and Wix Velo. 

  • Wix ADI/ Wix Artificial Design Intelligence

The ADI creates a customized website for you in real-time based on your responses to questions. This super cool feature creates a website for you using AI. You get a couple of questions, and that’s it. Wix’s AI builds you a website. Amazing right?

  • Wix’s Editor 

The Editor is an intuitive drag-and-drop interface with various possibilities for each element, hundreds of templates (plus more from the community), video backdrops, parallax, and other fully adjustable features included in the editor. 

  • Wix Velo 

Velo is a tool that allows users to create more complex websites. It is a more complex interface, though more for the tech-savvy crowd.

  • Full-Packed Features 

All Wix sites are hosted on their servers and contain features such as security, backups, search engine optimization, domain names, and other features. Apps from the app store might help you to customize your website. 

Among the many features available is the ability to edit photos and logos, create password-protected pages, embed HTML, utilize stock photos, manage your online store, monitor statistics, utilize financial tools, and receive your own private mailbox.


  • Built on WordPress 

Bluehost Website Builder is not like Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly, which are standalone website builders. Rather than reshaping them, Bluehost Website Builder is built on the popular WordPress content management system.

  • One of the easiest builders there is 

The Bluehost Website Builder is one of the easiest to use website builders. After a few minutes, the drag-and-drop editor appears when you select Website Builder in the WordPress interface.

  • Ease of Use

From novice to expert, Bluehost Website Builder allows you to create beautiful WordPress websites faster and more efficiently than with traditional construction tools. Simply bring your ideas, and they’ll get to work on creating a custom, professional website that grows with you. 

  • Stock Image Library

Hundreds of free images are available to download.

  • Quick-Start Smart Templates

Forget about the cookie cutter. Make your own templates based on your preferences. Built-in Smart AI guides your design, so you can’t go wrong. Quick-start templates let you get up and running quickly. Without the use of code, real-time layout changes make things simple.  

  • 24/7 Support

If you have any questions or issues, you contact their customer service staff through phone, chat, or email.


It’s a close tie! As website builders, they both have the features you’ll ever need to create your dream website. Both of them have high-quality website designs and their drag-and-drop editors make it incredibly simple to create a beautiful website on your own.

#8 Pricing

Let’s talk about pricing. This might be the variable that could help you choose between Wix and Bluehost

Wix Pricing

Prices on Wix work a bit differently. They have multiple tiers with each tier to offer more functionalities. You pick from a variety of different plans based on the project’s requirements.

The best part about the pricing of Wix? It all comes with a free domain and a free SSL certificate.

Here are the four baseline plans as of 2024.

  • Connect Domain – $4.50 per month
  • Combo –  $8.50 per month
  • Unlimited – $12.50 per month
  • VIP –  $24.50 per month

Bluehost Pricing

Here is the latest pricing for the Website Builder as of April 2024:

  • Introductory Price – 1 Month – $9.95 per month
  • Introductory Price – 12 Months – $5.95 per month
  • Introductory Price – 36 Months – $4.95 per month
  • Renewal Price (Monthly) – $19.99 per month
  • Renewal Price (Annual +) – $10.99 per month


If you don’t want to spend too much, I’d recommend Wix for its monthly basic plan of $4.50. 

#9 SEO

I’m going to keep this short. Both of them are great for SEO. I’ve seen several Webflow and Bluehost websites with millions of visitors per month, all because of SEO! In fact, Wix-powered websites are easy to find at the top of search engine results.

Divi SEO Review

#10 Domains & Emails


Wix provides an all-in-one solution for creating a complete, sophisticated online presence. Feel free to register your free Wix website domain and benefit from seamless integration with Wix products.

Wix Email Marketing is absolutely free to use. You can take advantage of several useful features without purchasing a Premium Plan. Throughout three campaigns or mailings per month, you can send a total of 5,000 individual emails. 

Regardless of when your initial email campaign was launched, your monthly quota resets on the first of the month.

#11 Examples

Here is a collection of my favorite 50+ Wix websites and 27 inspiring Bluehost websites. 

Definitely have a look at these collections to better understand what’s possible with both website builders.

#12 Customer Support

Everyone enjoys receiving assistance in many ways. That’s why website builders must provide a variety of assistance features. 

Wix vs Bluehost is a fascinating comparison regarding aid and assistance. Both have a variety of options to obtain help, but it’s crucial to figure out what works best for you.


Wix’s customer support is something you’d like. Have a look at its Trust Pilot profile. It has 19,191 reviews with an average of 4.6. If you read the comments, you’ll see a repetition of people praising Wix’s support. 


Bluehost delivers the greatest customer service and support. Responses were prompt, courteous, and helpful, far above our expectations for ‘excellent’ service.


Although both have helpful support staff that can be reached by phone or email, Wix offers more assistance and support than Bluehost. Since Bluehost isn’t a dedicated website builder, it can’t provide this kind of on-the-spot website design assistance. 

#13 Conclusion

Wix vs Bluehost? Both are good if you ask me.

Bluehost and Wix are clearly two completely distinct platforms. But one thing is sure: they’re both excellent website builders!

If I may suggest, Wix is perfect for anyone who wishes to have the majority of their work done for them. If you’re one of those, I hope you choose them for a user-friendly platform. 

#14 FAQ

Which is faster, Wix or Bluehost?

Both of them are fast, and they respond well to various devices. They truly live up to their names of being popular website builders.

Is Wix better than Bluehost?

I’d say yes. Wix emerges as the clear winner for all user types. This isn’t even taking into account the benefits of the paid programs. Anyone who is looking for a simple way to go online should choose Wix.

Which is cheaper, Wix or Bluehost?

Definitely Wix. You can already start for only 4.50 dollars.