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Wix Dropshipping —  9 Crucial Things Before You Start

The term “dropshipping” is popular in the eCommerce industry. It’s highly profitable because of reports of sudden success, six-figure sales, and millionaire drop shippers. So, if you are planning to start your journey, take a moment to read this article.

Fortunately, starting a dropshipping company is so simple that you can launch your website quickly, mainly if you utilize a reputable platform like Wix. But when you first start out, even the smallest activities might seem overwhelming.

Wix enables us to create our company from the ground up thanks to their user-friendly, all-in-one interface. We can quickly build a website and start selling with a variety of online shop designs and other dropshipping-friendly technologies!

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping enables us to sell things without having to handle, store, or transport inventory, in contrast to traditional online retail. Instead, we contact a third-party provider when a consumer buys something from us, and they send the item straight to the customer.

If you don’t know what you want to sell, don’t create your own products, or don’t have the space to store a lot of stock, dropshipping is ideal for you. It is easy to see why it has become so well-liked given the large returns on offer.

Check out some of the best dropshipping websites that you might want to get inspiration from. 

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Crucial things before you start

Now that we are done explaining what dropshipping means, let’s jump directly to what you need to know before starting your new business.

Let us discuss how dropshipping works. Here are some simple steps you can follow if you want to try dropshipping now.

Dropshipping process:

  1. You put an item up for sale on your website.
  2. Make your product’s pricing, description, and marketing plan specific to increase sales.
  3. A customer makes a full purchase from your website.
  4. You transfer the order to the supplier.
  5. The supplier handles the rest.

Let’s explore Wix dropshipping’s pros and cons in more detail so you can decide for yourself.

Pros of Wix dropshipping

Large selection of templates

One of Wix dropshipping’s most outstanding features is this. It’s also one of the platform’s main selling factors.

You can choose from a MASSIVE selection of eCommerce templates when creating your store—Wix eCommerce template number 126. And you can use any of these templates for free.

Drag and drop feature

Wix makes it incredibly simple to edit your template and design a distinctive storefront. It’s easy to use, quick, and effective.

The editor provides a real-time preview of the page as you make changes. Therefore, there are no unpleasant shocks after you press publish. You can switch between the desktop and mobile editors to see how your website will look on various screens.

Broad knowledge base

Wix has a large library with information on practically any subject you can imagine. You may get help with any issues you run into when developing your online business by using the guidelines, tutorials, and video walkthroughs available.

Cons of Wix dropshipping

Your eCommerce store cannot be transferred to another platform

You cannot move your store to another platform once you have created it. You can import your products and open a new store. However, you’ll lose the layout and every other feature you added to your Wix website.

They limit each paid plan to one domain

Wix allows you to construct an unlimited number of free websites. This is an excellent method to experiment with various templates and determine which one you prefer.

However, each subscription plan is limited to one domain per user.

You will need to purchase a further premium plan if you wish to grow your dropshipping business by opening a new business in a different market segment.

Fewer integrations and dropshipping apps

Wix provides many excellent eCommerce-related apps and functionality. However, compared to other platforms, it has fewer dropshipping connections and apps. They must complete manually many of the tasks that integrations can perform automatically with Wix.

With Wix, there are some problems. But there are also many positive aspects. It is a platform that is user-friendly for beginners and will satisfy practically all beginner drop shippers’ needs.

How to start Wix dropshipping?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to jumpstart your Wix dropshipping journey:

Create your Wix account

Of course, the first step is to create an account on Wix because if you do not have one, then how are you supposed to make a Wix dropshipping page? Here’s how to do it.

  1. Click Sign Up on the Wix website.
  2. Set a password and enter your email address.
  3. Then click Continue.
  4. You may sign up using an existing Facebook or Gmail account.

Market research

The secret sauce to the success of your business should include market research. One of the most well-liked and efficient ways to approach consumers and learn about their beliefs, interests, opinions, and other characteristics is through surveys.  This action contributes to the success and viability of the dropshipping company.

Brand identity

Having a strong brand identity makes it possible for you to expand more quickly than similar organizations. All of your company’s distinctive visual components are included in your brand identity. Among these components are:

  • Company’s colors
  • Company’s logo
  • Company’s slogan
  • Choice of shapes for your product packaging

Choose your niche

You should look for a niche in which you have a lot of interest. This will support your continued engagement and motivation in this business. Please keep in mind to search for products that are profitable, have a large market, but aren’t too competitive right now.

Prepare your budget estimate

The next stage is to estimate your budget after you’ve determined your specialization. Dropshipping may be a low-cost approach to launching a business because it does not require production, inventory, or shipping fees, but you must also account for additional costs like website hosting, domain names, and advertising.

Look up Wix dropshipping suppliers

Your supplier selection will have a big impact on how well your dropshipping business does. So be sure to do your homework and find Wix dropship suppliers that offer high-quality goods and dependable shipping.

Verify their ratings, the caliber of their offerings, the speed of delivery, and their return policies. Before deciding, get in touch with them to learn more about their policies.

Here are some great suppliers you might want to consider:

Create a Wix dropshipping store

It’s time to set up your Wix dropshipping business now that you’ve identified the products you want to sell and the suppliers who can offer you the resources you need.

Here are a few easy steps you need to take in order to sell right now.

  1. Register or sign in to your existing account
  2. Choose your template

There are over 800 gorgeous and well-designed themes available in the Wix Templates Store. They can find the best free Wix templates there, so choose the most beautiful theme!

  1. Customize your store

Once you’ve selected a template, you may customize the website’s layout. This implies that you can design a website that appeals to the brand of your company and includes original photos, texts, and videos to engage visitors.

  1. Optimize for SEO

It’s important to make sure that your website is SEO-friendly if you want to make your online store visible to customers. Although Wix offers fundamental features like meta titles, meta description URLs, and image alt, you may improve your SEO with third-party apps from the Wix App Store.

  1. Choose your domain name

With Wix, you have the option of purchasing a domain name or linking your online store to one that you already own. Don’t worry if you later change your mind; this platform allows users to change their Wix domain names.

  1. Publish your Wix store

It’s time to go live and open your Wix dropshipping store to the public now that you have finished developing it. It’s time to go live and open your Wix dropshipping store to the public now that you have finished developing it.

Integrate with the Wix dropshipping application

Integrating with the Wix dropshipping app is the last step. Using the app, you can quickly manage your orders and communicate with your suppliers. The app provides tools like inventory management and order tracking so you can concentrate on expanding your business.

Here are some best Wix dropshipping apps for you:


A low-risk option to join the worldwide eCommerce growth is through drop shipping. It takes little time to set up a store and begin selling online. You don’t need any specialized training or credentials to begin, and it is inexpensive.

Finding trustworthy dropshipping providers is one of the most difficult tasks on your path to financial freedom. It’s also one of the most important elements of creating a prosperous store.

Wix dropshipping might be a terrific approach to launch your eCommerce business. Just keep in mind to choose your market, determine your spending limit, investigate potential suppliers, register for a Wix account, set up your store, and connect to the Wix dropshipping app.


How should I manage product refunds and returns?

A clear and accommodating returns and refunds policy should be in place. Inform customers of your return policy and make sure you have a procedure in place that is effective. Maintain constant communication with your vendors to handle returns and process refunds quickly.

Is it possible for my Wix dropshipping store to have several suppliers?

Yes, you may use numerous suppliers for your Wix dropshipping business. As a result, you can expand your inventory and provide a greater variety of products.

How can I get more customers into my Wix dropshipping business and boost sales?

Implementing SEO tactics, using social media marketing, running targeted advertising campaigns, working with affiliates or influencers, and improving your product descriptions and photos for conversion are a few productive strategies.