Webflow vs Godaddy? From themes to editors. The two most popular site builders have crucial differences.

#1 Introduction to my Webflow vs GoDaddy 2024

Having doubts about Webflow vs GoDaddy

I get you! It’s a choice many people have doubts about. And I’m here to help you understand the differences, so you can make the choice that’s best for you!

You found the right page. I’ve built and analyzed over 300 websites built with Webflow and GoDaddy, and I’m here to share my experiences with you.

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Webflow vs GoDaddy at a glance

1. Two most popular website builders

GoDaddy and Webflow are the two top-rated website builders on the market. Combined, they have over 1 million websites up and running.

2. Aggressive feature releases

Both GoDaddy and Webflow have been releasing new features at the speed of light. It’s clear that they’re going head to head to become the most popular website builder. That being said, when one of them releases a popular feature, it won’t be long until the other releases it as well.

3. Main difference between Webflow and GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a web hosting company whereas Webflow isn’t.

4. Incredible templates

Webflow has 1000 templates, while GoDaddy has only 19. That being said, I’m sure you’ll find a beautiful one with both of them!

 5. Disadvantages Webflow ❌

  • Difficult to use
  • Expensive plans
  • Limited code customization

6. Disadvantages GoDaddy

  • Few theme options 
  • Has uptime issues 
  • The restoration cost is expensive

#2 How to install Webflow or GoDaddy

Installing Webflow or GoDaddy is actually super easy! Just follow my steps, and you’ll have everything set up in less than 5 minutes. Pinky promise!

I split it up into 2 phases. 

Phase 1 is for Webflow, and Phase 2 is for Squarespace. 

Phase 1 – How to Install Webflow

Step 1: Go to Webflow’s website.

Step 2: Click the ‘Get started — it’s free’ button.

Step 3: Answer several questions about your role and business.

In this section, you’ll be guided into a set of instructions (sections 1 and 2) to guide you into making your long-desired website. 

Step 4: It’s time to get the ball rolling. 

Feel free to unleash your hidden creativity in this step. Your website is a reflection of you, so make it a hit!

If you’re unfamiliar with website development, Webflow’s video lessons, blogs, and showcases will get you back up and running. They will provide you with the knowledge, ideas, and motivation you need to thrive with Webflow — and as a business.

Phase 2 – How To Install Godaddy

Step 1: Go to Godaddy’s website.

Step 2: Start creating your website for free by setting up a GoDaddy account. 

Step 3: Choose a design.

Then, use the drag-and-drop editor to add your own images, text, or contact form. You can create a website that is as simple or as complicated as you want.

That’s it! Just three easy-peasy steps!

After all of those, publish your website to show what you’ve got.

#3 Templates

Webflow Templates 

Let’s start with some Webflow templates. 

With Webflow, you can browse the most recent free and paid HTML5 website templates for any business, personal portfolio, and blog

Take a look at these examples: 

Example 1 – Realtor Website Template

Example 2 – Startup Website Template

Example 3 – App Website Template

Things you should know about Webflow Templates:

  • The templates can be filtered by business, category, style, feature, and type, making it quick to locate a template that matches your requirements.
  • Webflow’s templates are all responsive for the users! Each template has a brief explanation that tells you what type of site it’s best suited for and what design options you have.

GoDaddy Templates 

Let’s continue with GoDaddy.

Create a website that screams for a second look with GoDaddy’s available templates!

Take a look at these examples:.

GoDaddy Template 1 – Factory (Light)

GoDaddy Template 2 – Bookish

GoDaddy Template 3 – Wanderly

Things you should know about GoDaddy Templates

A few important notes:

  • Compared to Webflow, GoDaddy has few template options with not-so groundbreaking designs. Still, I’m sure you’ll find one that’s right for you. If you want some glow-up, I recommend choosing Webflow for snazzy designs!
  • Although you only have a few choices, GoDaddy’s templates are 100% responsive!
  • You can customize any template so that it precisely complements your content.


GoDaddy has outstanding templates for you to choose from, but Webflow can offer you more options that your heart will desire. 

#4 The Editor

It’s tough to compare the user interface of Webflow and GoDaddy, as it’s highly dependent on personal preferences.

There will be tons of people who think that Webflow clearly has a better editor. But then again, others will say GoDaddy wins.

I’ll start comparing the two for you to see the difference: 

The Webflow editor compared to GoDaddy 

Managing your website’s content should not be stressful. Thank goodness, Webflow has made it simple! There are no complicated dashboards or unconnected back ends with the Webflow Editor. It’s just you, your anticipated website, and the information you want to add. 

The GoDaddy editor compared to Webflow 

GoDaddy’s editor provides a pleasant and straightforward editing experience. Like other website builders, it has a central dashboard for managing your site and page sections that you can add and change from within the visual editor. 

In addition, you can even edit your site from a mobile device! What a convenient way to accomplish stuff. 

However, the editor provides very little design flexibility, and the adjustment options are also somewhat limited. 


Webflow vs GoDaddy? No need to choose! Both offer drag and drop editors, pre-built templates, online store building, real-time editing, and much more! The  choice just depends on your needs.

#5 Ease of Use


In my opinion, Webflow will take some of your time understanding it. 

For some, its Designer can be complicated and time-consuming as it is feature-packed. However, the outcome is satisfying as you will have a well-built, dynamic website that you’ve always been planning for.  


GoDaddy is a simple website builder that uses Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to make website construction easier and more efficient. It leverages the information you give to build a personalized site in minutes, making it ideal for newbies who wish to publish a basic result!  Just like cooking pancakes – quick and easy!


GoDaddy wins this round! As a website builder, it’s definitely fit for a newbie. If you’re not into advanced capabilities and features, avoid choosing Webflow as it is challenging to understand (at first!).

#6 Ecommerce

Can you use Webflow or GoDaddy for eCommerce?

Yes, actually, they’re both perfect for it. Let me show you why.


Webflow helps you create a customized eCommerce store — from product grids to shopping carts without writing a single word of code.  As a user, you’ll be able to create landing pages, ads, and promos in minutes rather than days or weeks! 

Overall, I can assure you that you can build your eCommerce store YOUR way.

A few of Webflow’s eCommerce features:

  • Easy checkout 

You can personalize your shopping cart and checkout with ease. 

  • Flexibility 

Webflow’s eCommerce is very flexible. It does not impose a typical eCommerce framework on you. Instead, you are free to be inventive and create any form of the bespoke web page you can dream of.

  • Excellent animations 

You can develop a magnificent and one-of-a-kind eCommerce site with nearly any animation and effect.


Let’s continue with GoDaddy.

With GoDaddy’s E-Store, you can create an online business that speaks to clients in their language, increases sales, controls inventory, and much more! 

In fact, you can go online in minutes with their professional-looking templates and can begin selling your goods and services right away. Quick as a flash!

A few of GoDaddy’s eCommerce features: 

  • Professionally designed templates 

With GoDaddy’s eCommerce templates, you’ll be online in no time. Sell your goods, services, or digital downloads.

  • Very easy to use 

When you’re satisfied with your goods, just adjust your shopping options, and you’re good! So trouble-free! I would recommend this to save yourself from the hassle. 

  • Online Product Catalog 

With a gorgeous online store designed to drive purchases, you can showcase and sell up to 2,500 different products.

  • Coupons

With the option to provide unique savings online and through printable coupons, you can reward customers and improve sales.

  • Incorporation of ShipStation

ShipStation is a widely used application for printing shipping labels.

  • Payment Processing

Increase your sales by allowing clients to pay in whichever way they want. GoDaddy E-Store offers more than 40 payment gateways.

  • Sell Digital Content

The GoDaddy E-Store isn’t simply for physical items. You can sell music, films, and other digital content directly from your store.


Both Webflow and GoDaddy offer eCommerce features that your store will love. 

#7 Features

Both Webflow and GoDaddy have a lot of features. Honestly, I can’t think of any feature I would like to add to either one of them.

However, I can imagine you want to know more about what features are included. So here we go.


Webflow is living up to its expectations of being an excellent website builder. To know more about its features, check out the following: 

  • Sites are responsive

Webflow sites are responsive by nature, which means they look and operate well on any device. Whatever you create for the desktop will instantly cascade down to smartphones and tablets. 

  • Concise, compliant, and exportable codes

Webflow websites are backed by clear, semantic code that is easy for search engine crawling bots to read. Since its visual development tools are based on HTML and CSS, the results are pleasing to developers and search engines.

  • Visually tempting interactions

Webflow provides designers with the tools they need to construct their interactions, such as auto-loading elements. When animating tools become more available to creatives, the boundary is pushed, producing better outcomes. 

  • Iterations are done swiftly

I know you’d love this feature! 

Webflow enables you to complete projects more quickly without compromising quality. You could implement the client’s comments and suggestions in just a snap without being on the verge of tears because of the stress and pressure.  

  • Flexible CMS

With Webflow’s versatile, visual CMS, you may create whatever type of content your site requires.


GoDaddy is a quick and easy platform to construct a website that you and your clients will enjoy. Take a look at these fantastic features to see what it’s capable of!

  • Visually Appealing Templates 

GoDaddy has slick, responsive, and mobile-friendly templates that make you look fantastic on any screen. Selling on the internet? They also have store templates for you to explore on. Take a look at their E-Store Builder.

  • Easy-to-Use Website Builder

You can build a website without any technical knowledge. No headaches included—just pure basics. 

  • Free Professional Photographs

You don’t have any images yet? Don’t worry, you can utilize GoDaddy’s free professional photographs on the sites.

  • Content Creation with GoDaddy Studio

Make eye-catching content for social media, email, and other platforms by utilizing gorgeous layouts, fonts, and graphics! 

For beginners, GoDaddy Studio is a content creation tool that is available on mobile and desktop. Its sophisticated image editor enables you to generate professional-looking content quickly and easily.

  • Rapid Page-Load Performance

Nothing is more frustrating than a slow-loading website. The good thing is, GoodDaddy won’t let you down. GoDaddy’s loading speed is an average of 171.1 ms, indicating that they are swift.

  • Connections 

From your dashboard, you can create and deliver customized messages to your customers.


Both options offer features that you and your target audience will love. 

#8 Pricing

Let’s talk about pricing. When comparing Webflow vs GoDaddy, price is an essential factor to consider. So, which platform is less expensive and which gives more value? 

Let’s take a closer look.


You can create your site for free and take as much time as you need, but your account will stay in trial mode. (That’s right, there’s no trial period here.)

And then, when you’re ready to conquer the online world, purchase a plan for extra pages and a personalized domain.

When you’re ready to commit to a subscription service, Webflow offers 2 different plans.

Adding a site plan allows you to connect your unique domain, engage with collaborators, and facilitate checkout on eCommerce stores. If you’re interested in getting one, Webflow has four options for you:

For eCommerce plans, here you go as well: 

Make sure to get a plan suited for your needs! 


you can start the GoDaddy website builder for free! No charges at all, trust me. 

Whatever you accomplish, it will be visually appealing! They have templates to make your concept or company seem its best, no matter what you’re into 


If you do not want to spend any penny, I’d recommend GoDaddy right away! GoDaddy’s website builder, originally known as Websites + Marketing, is an online editing and publishing tool that allows you to create a responsive website without any technical skills.

#9 SEO

I’m going to keep this short.

Both of them are great for SEO.  I’ve seen several Webflow and GoDaddy websites with millions of visitors per month, all because of SEO!

Divi SEO Review

#10 Domains & Emails

GoDaddy has its own email marketing service, but it comes at an extra expense on top of the monthly subscription. Nonetheless, you can connect with literally anyone with powerful email and social media marketing tools. Worth the try! 

#11 Examples

Playbox Technology is an information company that specializes in all things linked to television.

Using only GoDaddy, they are able to appropriately illustrate a wide range of intricate services that they provide. The design is extremely minimalistic and does a good job of emphasizing each part.

#12 Customer Support


Webflow’s skilled customer support team is available all around the world and eager to assist! They make every effort to react to every request with a tailored response within 24-48 business hours.


The 24/7 phone support and the live chat feature are significant advantages for GoDaddy.


Webflow vs GoDaddy? No need to choose. They provide good customer service to assist you in resolving your concerns. 

#13 Conclusion

Webflow vs GoDaddy? Honestly, it depends on what you need. 

Webflow provides extraordinary features and customization options if you’re a professional designer. Besides, it’s perfect for those determined to make the most incredible outcome.

On the other hand, GoDaddy’s website builder is free, and you only have to spend a few dollars than Webflow. Aside from that, it is easier to use, which is a true win for you as a user.

Overall, both options have surpassed my expectations, and I would love to see how nicely they work for you too.

#14 FAQ

Which is faster, Webflow or GoDaddy?

It’s a draw! They both function well with no interruptions, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

Is Webflow better than GoDaddy?

No. They both serve different advantages for their users. Choose Webflow for ease of use, and choose Webflow for advanced functionalities. Simple as that.

Which is cheaper, Webflow or GoDaddy?

Definitely GoDaddy. You can literally start building a website for free with no coding skills as much as possible.