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Squarespace Statistics 2024 – 56 Mind Blowing Facts and Figures

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Squarespace Facts + Figures 2024

This article contains 55 facts and figures you should know about Squarespace.

I’ve collected this Squarespace information from my research and other resources that I’ll link as well.

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Squarespace Statistics 2024_Actual And Projected Revenue

1. Squarespace expects to earn an annual revenue of $1,190 million in 2024.

According to Squarespace, they expect to achieve an average year-over-year growth of 17%. This translates to an average of $1,180 million by the end of 2024. The company estimates a 16% to 18% higher revenue ($1,170 million to $1,190 million) than its $1,012.3 million revenue in 2023.

2. Squarespace experienced a 17% year-over-year increase in total revenue in 2023.

In February 2024, Squarespace released their 2023 financial report revealing a 17% year-over-year increase in their 2022 revenue of $867.0 million. The report highlighted the company’s earned revenue for 2023 was $1,012.3 million, which comprised a presence revenue of $704.3 million and a commerce revenue of $308.0 million.

3. Squarespace’s revenue for Q4 2023 increased by 18% year-over-year.

In so far as the last quarter of 2023 is concerned, Squarespace reported earning $270.7 million in total revenue. This is 18% higher than Q4 2022’s $228.8 million. The company’s presence revenue for the same period grew by 20% ($188.4 million) and commerce revenue by 14% ($82.3 million).

4. Only 59.55% of the total (historical) websites made from Squarespace are active as of February 2024.

Based on the data from Builtwith, there are 3,177,730 live websites made from Squarespace as of February 2024. This is 59.55% of the 5,335,869 websites made from Squarespace since the company began in 2003.

5. There are 41.92% more websites built with Squarespace than GoDaddy.

Based on Builtwith data, GoDaddy has 1,845,680 live websites as of February 2024. This is 1,332,050 websites less (41.92%) than Squarespace’s 3,177,730 live websites for the same period. Weebly has 819,648 live websites, Canva 122,621, and Hostinger 66,553.

6. The United States tops the number of Squarespace websites worldwide at 2,355,807.

Of the 5,335,869 historical Squarespace websites, 44.15% come from the United States. This translates to 2,355,807 as of February 2024. The United Kingdom ranks third among the top-using countries of Squarespace, which has a big lag behind that of the United States at 174,698 historical websites for the same period. Australia follows with 128,734 total websites made from Squarespace as of date.

7. Squarespace’s “Make A Website To Sell Anything” campaign in 2023 garnered the highest views on its YouTube channel since it joined the platform in 2008.

Squarespace has 232 videos on its YouTube channel as of April 2024. Collectively, the videos have garnered a total of 389.7 million views since March 18, 2008. But its highest-viewed video involved its “Make A Website To Sell Anything” campaign in 2023.

The video garnered a total of 55 million views in one year. Its “Make It Real With BRRCH” video, which was launched four years ago, ranks second with 54 million views.

8. Of its social media platforms, Squarespace’s Facebook profile has the most followers at 408K.

Squarespace has 378K followers on Instagram, 127K followers on Linkedin, 143.8K followers on Twitter, and 408K followers on Facebook. There are 99.8K subscribers on Squarespace’s YouTube channel.

9. 19.8% of e-commerce websites made from Squarespace use Google Adsense.

Data from Store Leads show that 57,734 Squarespace e-commerce websites use Google Adsense. This comprises 19.8% of the total Squarespace e-commerce websites (291,664) as of April 5, 2024. The other top three (3) technologies used by Squarespace e-commerce websites are Google Tag Manager at 56,684 (19.4%) and Facebook Pixel at 52,445 (18.0%).

10. Google Analytics ranks 4th among technologies used in Squarespace e-commerce websites at 33,930.

Google Analytics is the 4th among the top 10 third-party technologies used by Squarespace e-commerce websites as of April 5, 2024, as per Store Leads. 33,930 Squarespace e-commerce websites are using Google Analytics.

The other top 10 third-party technologies are reCAPTCHA (30,644), Google Ads Pixel (28,204), YouTube Player (25,829), and Google Analytics 4 (24,818). The third-party technologies Mailchimp and Vimeo complete the top 10 list, which is used by 9,214 and 6,311 Squarespace e-commerce websites, respectively.

Squarespace users living in the US

11. The United States accounts for 70.7% of Squarespace users.

According to Store Leads, there are 213,787 Squarespace stores in the United States. This number has grown remarkably over the years since 2017.

For the first quarter of 2023 alone, the number of Squarespace stores has increased by 6.4% on a quarter-over-quarter basis and by 28% on a year-over-year basis.

This translates to 12,285 stores for the first quarter of 2023. A truly big jump from the 802 stores for the first quarter of 2017.

12. Squarespace offers students a 50% discount on their first year of service.

Squarespace provides an education discount through their partner Student Beans. This discount–50% on the cost of an annual plan for a website–is not automatically given to students unless applied for and they are found to be eligible for it.

13. Squarespace is responsible for 1.7% of all websites on the Internet.

Thrive MyWay says that Squarespace comprises 1.7% of websites running as of May 2023. This number, if accurate, is comparatively smaller a month after Website Builders Expert released a study on the market share of website builders.

Website Builders Experts computed based on income earned that Squarespace had the smallest market share of websites, which is at 5.9%. This is compared to Shopify (38.2%), GoDaddy (27.9%), Ionos (9.5%), Wix (9.5%), and WordPress (8.8%) as of April 2023.

14. Squarespace has a total of 3.79 million users.

Thrive MyWay said that Squarespace had 3.79 million personal plan subscribers. Backlinko points to the same number of subscribers as of March 2023.

Website Builder Experts pointed out that, in terms of the number of websites across the whole internet, Squarespace only has 2,916,770 of the 23 million websites made by website builders.

15. In 2020, Squarespace’s operating expenses were $482.59 million.

Squarespace’s annual operating expenses over the last three years could see a gradual shift at the onset (2019-2020) and then a sudden spike after (2020-2021). The company’s total operating expenses for 2019 were $341.50 million, 2020 was $482.59 million, and 2021 was $898.28 million.

16. Since 2019, Squarespace’s income has grown by 25.38% in the United States.

Despite the spike in total expenses, the consolidated statements of operation of Squarespace reveal it earned a net income in 2019 of $58.15 million. This amount decreased 2020 to $30.58 million in 2020. While in 2021, the company suffered a net loss of $249.14 million.

17. Squarespace earned a total revenue of $621.15 million in 2020

Squarespace’s total revenue for 2020 paints a different picture of the future of this renowned website builder. In 2020, the company earned a total revenue of $621.15 million. This increased by 26% year-over-year in 2021 when it achieved a $207.4 million total revenue.

18. Squarespace has an annual revenue run rate of $754.2 million as of May 11, 2023

The annual revenue run rate is a projection of a business’ upcoming revenue for the next year based on actual-earned income from the preceding year.

Squarespace’s annual run rate revenue increased by 18% year over year in 2021, totaling $832.2 million. This number decreased two years after to $754.2 million.

19. Squarespace employed a total of 1,261 full-timers as of May 2023

Squarespace had an impressive growth in the number of its employees over the past three years since December 2020. They only had 1,261 employees on December 31, 2020, and this grew to 1,800 employees come June.

20. UPS is the leading courier used by 99.3% of Squarespace-created e-commerce websites for the delivery of goods.

Almost all e-commerce websites created from Squarespace use UPS (99.3%) for the delivery of goods. Other shipping options include ShipBob, Shipping Easy, ShipStation, and Shippo. Most of these providers offer discounted shipping rates.

Squarespace Ranked Per Country

21. A Facebook Pixel tracking ID is used by an estimated 23,000 Squarespace websites to access analytical information.

The Facebook pixel tracking ID, which is now called Meta Pixel, is an analytics tool for advertising effectiveness on your website.

Statistics show that roughly 23,000 websites made from websites use Facebook Pixel tracking ID as an alternative tool for measuring ad campaigns, building audiences, and measuring or optimizing audiences.

22. Only 10 (1%) of the top 1,000 websites use the Squarespace platform. This already reflects a 0.7% increase in market share in the last decade.

The top 1,000 websites include Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, BBC Online, MSN, DuckDuckGo, and Wikipedia. Accordingly, only 1% of these websites were made from Squarespace. This market share has increased by .7% over the last decade.

23. The Squarespace website ranks 1,420th among the most popular globally.

Squarespace’s website ranks 1,420 in the globe, which is a far cry from the 116th ranking of the WordPress website. Despite its website’s low ranking, the company recently received recognition from Fast Company as the 2023 Most Innovative Companies.

24. In 2020, Squarespace has good popularity in Singapore where it has a market share of 24%. In Australia, Squarespace has 19% of the market share.

There are 647 online stores made from Squarespace from Singapore, which reflects a 27% increase year-over-year in the first quarter of 2023.

This totals 24 stores in the 2023 1st quarter as against 5 stores in 2017. These numbers fall short of the current situation of Squarespace online stores in Australia where 15,182 are live. Totaling 831 for the first quarter of 2023 and a far cry from the 30 active stores of the first quarter of 2017.

25. In 2020, Squarespace has a smaller market share in Norway and Denmark, which is only 8%.

Squarespace’s market share in Norway increased by 21% last May 2023. This reflects a good situation where Norway and Denmark exclude the 8% market share of Squarespace-made websites. Squarespace has a total of 10,996 clients in Norway and 8,364 clients in Denmark.

26. On the other hand, Squarespace has a poor market share in the United Kingdom and Sweden, which is 5%, last 2020.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom has 22,328 active Squarespace stores that comprise only a 5% share of the market as of 2020. This comprises 3,342 stores from England, 330 from Scotland, 142 stores from Wales, and 69 stores from Northern Ireland.

27. Squarespace’s Gross Merchandise Value has increased by 91.18% from $2.04 billion in 2019 to $3.9 billion in 2020.

According to Backlinko, the total value of orders that were placed through an e-commerce website pertains to the Gross Merchandise Value (GMV). The GMV of e-commerce websites made from Squarespace shows a gradual annual increase.

Squarespace reported that in 2019 its GMV was $2.04 billion, in 2020 it was $3.9 billion, and for the first quarter of 2021 alone is already $1.22 billion. The 2021 GMV of Squarespace is $5.8 billion.

28. In the 1st Quarter of 2023, e-commerce or store websites made from the Squarespace platform increased by 29%. This number reflects a 6.3% increase in stores quarter over quarter for the same period.

There was a 29% increase in the number of e-commerce websites made from Squarespace. This translates to 16,250 online stores created for the said period. But in totality, there are 285,542 online stores or e-commerce websites made from Squarespace.

29. As of June 9, 2023, there are now 285,221 active e-commerce or store websites made from Squarespace. This is a big jump from the 999 active stores made by Squarespace in the first quarter of 2017.

Comparatively, the number of Squarespace online stores in the first quarter of 2017 was only 983. This jumped to 55,033 e-commerce stores in the first quarter of 2022. In between these numbers, there were 2,561 online stores in the first quarter of 2018, 6,192 in the first quarter of 2019, 6,235 in the first quarter of 2020, 20,775 in the first quarter of 2021, and 55,033 in the first quarter of 2022.

30. As to the type Squarespace stores, the top products come from the Arts & Entertainment industry. This comprises 14.9% or a total of 42,364 of all Squarespace stores.

42,495 Squarespace websites fall under the Arts & Entertainment category. This is the top category among the types of business niches or industries for websites made from Squarespace. Of the said 42,495 websites, 44.3% sell products that are on Visual Art & Design. While 43.7% sell Music and Audio products and 4.7% sell Performing Arts products.

Squarespace Statistics 2023 – 45 Mind Blowing Facts and Figures

31. The top 2 and 3 products sold on Squarespace stores come from the Food & Drink industry (8.8%), closely followed by those from the Apparel industry. This translates to 24,961 and 23,873 stores, respectively.

The second and third number of online stores or e-commerce websites made from Squarespace fall under the Food & Drink and Apparel industries, respectively. This translates to 24,961 and 23,873 stores, respectively.

Of the 24,931 Squarespace online stores selling Food & Drink products, 45.3% or 11,293 particularly sell food, and 30.4% or 7,583 particularly sell beverages. 23,870 Squarespace stores sell Apparel products.

Of this number, the majority or 26.1% are Clothing Accessories totaling 6,240 stores. The least number of websites made from Squarespace (110) sell costumes.

32. The United States has the most number of Squarespace stores globally at 74.8% or 213,473 as of mid-2023. While Ireland has the smallest number of Squarespace stores, which is 952.

The top five countries with Squarespace stores are the United States with 213,787, the United Kingdom with 22,328, Australia with 15,182, Canada with 12,357, and New Zealand with 2,726.

The country with the least number of Squarespace stores in mid-2023 is Ireland with 954. The number of online stores from the United States makes up 74.8% of all the Squarespace websites in the world.

33. Majority of Squarespace stores (76.8%) use a .com domain as of June 9, 2023.  

The majority of Squarespace stores or 76.8% use a .com domain as of June 9, 2023. This translates to 219,024 stores as compared to the 1,020 stores that use a .de domain, which is at the bottom of the list.

Online stores with a .com URL remain the most popular for top-level domains among Squarespace’s clients during the period. This comprises 76.8% or 219,290 online stores.

Secondary to this domain name is the .org top-level domain used by 11,159 or 3.9% of Squarespace stores. The .de top-level domain is the least used among Squarespace online stores.

34. As of May 2023, Squarespace Founder Anthony Casalena is ranked as the 2,342nd wealthiest person for having a net worth of $1.6 billion

Anthony Casalena founded Squarespace in 2003 in his University of Maryland dorm room with a seed fund of $30,000 lent by his parents. He was able to pay back the loan easily after earning 100 times as much in a couple of months.

From being a one-man team company, there are now 1,640 individuals under the employ of Squarespace. The company has received many recognitions over the years with the most recent given by Newsweek as America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity 2023.

He has, in addition, acquired several companies under Squarespace such as Acuity Scheduling in April 2019, Unfold in October 2019, and Tock in March 2021. Thus, making his net worth $1.6 billion in May 2023, which made him the 2,342nd richest man in the world.

35. 92% of Squarespace’s revenue for the second quarter of 2022 is sourced from subscriptions and 8% from partnerships

Squarespace’s membership-based model is the primary source of its revenue. Thus, for the second quarter of 2022 the company’s income from subscriptions was recorded at 91.6% (92% rounded off). Their income from subscriptions normally fluctuates from 91.2% to 92.7% throughout the year as in 2021.

36. 70% of Squarespace’s subscriptions come from annual memberships and 30% come from monthly memberships

According to Squarespace, the majority of its clients or members prefer annual subscriptions over monthly ones. The reason is that those who pay the subscriptions a year in advance get a 30% discount and a free custom domain. Thus, 70% of the 91.2% revenue received by Squarespace comes from annual memberships.

37. Squarespace had $1 million in annual sales by the time Casalena graduated in 2007.

The Squarespace website was launched in January 2004. Eight months later, Casalena created 478 websites with Squarespace while still a student at the University of Maryland.

This number more than doubled come May 2007 to 1,366 websites, three years since Squarespace began its operations. Casalena graduated in the same year while already earning $1 million in annual sales from Squarespace.

Thus, by January 2008, exactly five years after he began his business, Squarespace moved to its first office at 247 Centre Street, New York City.

38. Squarespace collected $1 million in cash in a day in 2017.

Thirteen years after its establishment, Squarespace made a record-breaking cash collection in February 2017 when it received $1 million in a single day. This was at a time when the company had already created 1,407,025 websites through its platform.

39. Squarespace achieved a $1.7 billion valuation in 2017.

In 2017, Squarespace was valued at $1.7 billion thanks to additional funding from General Atlantic. The additional funds amounted to $200 million and paved the way for Squarespace to eventually launch its first mobile app that allows customers to see their website’s analytics whenever and wherever they want to.

40. Squarespace has 1 million international customers

Squarespace reached its 1 million mark for international customers only last May 2023. This mark adds to the more than 3 million Squarespace websites already in existence at that time. This number is seen to continuously increase in the next couple of months.

Squarespace Statistics 2023 – 45 Mind Blowing Facts and Figures3

41. Last June 30, 2021, the Average Revenue Per Unique Subscription (ARPUS) of Squarespace increased by 5.8%

Squarespace reported that its Average Revenue Per Unique Subscription (ARPUS) increased by 5.8% or $11.1 to the previous year’s $193 resulting in $204.

Customers who have opted for membership tiers with e-commerce-oriented features, which are considered more expensive, have brought an increase in the company’s ARPUS for the said period.

This is considering membership costs range from $16 to $65 depending on additional features to the account. As such, simultaneous subscriptions for a single website made from Squarespace exist for most of its members.

42. Squarespace’s Unique Subscriptions increased by 12% year-over-year in 2021

Alongside the increase of Squarespace’s ARPUS in 2021, the company also experienced an increase of 12% year-over-year for its Unique Subscriptions, which reached 4.1 million.

43. is ranked 754th in the world, 482nd in the United States, and 3rd among Web Hosting and Domain Names in the United States.

According to Similar Web, Squarespace’s domain name increased its global ranking from 819 to 754 for the period March 2023 to May 2023. Their website increased in traffic by 9.10% for the said period resulting in a total of 39.5 million visits bringing the global ranking to increase.

On a country level, Squarespace’s domain name increased by 5.50% in the United States where it now enjoys 46.5% of its core audience.

44. Squarespace’s commerce revenue increased by 45% year-over-year in the fourth quarter of 2021 and by 60% year-over-year for 2021

The majority of Squarespace clients have online stores or e-commerce websites due to the remarkable plans they provide to make doing so easy for startups.

As such, their commerce revenue increased to $64.2 million or by 45% year-over-year in the fourth quarter of 2021. While the overall increase of Squarespace’s commerce revenue for the fiscal year 2021 was at 60% year-over-year at $229.5 million.

45. While in 2022, Squarespace’s unique subscriptions increased by 3% year-over-year

The unique subscriptions of Squarespace continued to increase in 2022 to 4.2 million, which is 3% higher than that of 2021 on a year-over-year basis.

46. Squarespace’s total revenue for 2022 grew by 11%, exceeding projections by 1%

Squarespace announced in March 2022 that it expects to achieve a 10% increase year-over-year to its 2021 revenue for the fiscal year 2022. The company attained a $784 million revenue in 2021 and projected it to become $862 million in 2022.

The actual revenue attained in 2022 exceeded the company’s expectations by 1% when they announced in March 2023 that revenue grew year-over-year by 11% to $867 million.

47. For 2022, Squarespace’s commerce revenue increased by 17% year-over-year

Squarespace reported a commerce revenue of $269.7 million in 2022, reflecting a 17% increase year-over-year to that of 2021’s $229.5 million.

48. Squarespace’s 2022 total bookings increased by 11% year-over-year

Squarespace, which has released several versions of its application over the years since it began two decades ago, reported that its total bookings for 2022 increased by 11% year-over-year to $906.1 million.

The What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) website builder’s total bookings for 2021 were only $813.1 million, which is probably an offshoot of their 7.1 version released in 2020.

49. Average Revenue Per Unique Subscription grew by 3% year-over-year for Squarespace in 2022

Squarespace reported a 3% year-over-year increase in its Average Revenue Per Unique Subscription (ARPUS) for 2022. This totaled $209.16 in 2022 as compared to 2021’s $203–$202.16 to be exact. The company attributes its solid execution as the primary driver of its growth.

50. Squarespace is the top 4 website builder for content management systems

Squarespace has a 3% market share of website builders with the most popular content management systems (CMS), making it the 4th top platform in the world under the said category. WordPress occupies the 1st place with its 64.3% market share followed by Shopify at 6.2% and Wix at 3.4%.

51. There are more than 119,518 companies around the globe that started using Squarespace in 2023

6Sense published the results of its study on Squarespace, which it classified as a Saas-based Content Management System primarily serving as a website builder platform.

Despite a drop in 556 customers in June, there are already 119,518 new users of Squarespace for 2023 as of date. The number of new users includes 761 new customers for June 2023 alone.

52. Squarespace’s top competitor is Google Sites, which has a market share of 18.60%

6Sense also revealed that the top 3 competitors of Squarespace are Google Sites, Weebly, and Yola. These website builders have a market share of 18.60%, 17.95%, and 6.22%.

53. Of the 119,518 companies using Squarespace in 2023, 72.12% come from the United States

The majority of the new companies that used Squarespace in 2023 to make their websites come from the United States (72.12%) totaling 227,428. While 23,669 or 7.51% of these new companies come from the United Kingdom and 16,616 or 5.27% come from Canada.

54. One in every five Squarespace websites uses Google Analytics for monitoring online success.

Google Analytics, a service that provides business owners a report on the performance of their website over a given period or in real-time, is not very popular with Squarespace users.

Accordingly, only 20% of websites made from Squarespace, or one in every five use Google Analytics to assess and monitor website traffic and performance.

This is even though Squarespace has already built-in this service in their platform such that it only takes 10 minutes to connect a Google Analytics account after creating a Squarespace website.

55. Squarespace email campaigns can send a monthly maximum of 250,000 messages

According to Style Factory, Squarespace has the cheapest email campaigns at $5 per month for an annual plan.

Squarespace’s most expensive email campaign costs $48 per month for an annual plan that allows a maximum of 250,000 messages per month with unlimited subscribers.

Their campaigns already have built-in real-time metrics for emails, import capabilities for existing mailing lists, and are integratable to newsletter sign-up forms.

56. The United States ranks #1 among countries where people search for Squarespace on Google.

Statistics show that the top four countries where people search for Squarespace on Google are the United States, The United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. These countries rank 1st (roughly 406,500 monthly searches), 2nd (roughly 90,000 monthly searches), 3rd (roughly 55,000 monthly searches), and 4th (roughly 55,000 monthly searches), respectively.

Squarespace Statistics 2023 – 45 Mind Blowing Facts and Figures2


Squarespace is recommended for those who are interested in design or have some technical knowledge. I’d recommend this builder without a doubt.