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Tips to know if you want to sell branded products on your website

Can I Sell Branded Products On My Website? 2024 Guide.

Don’t you ever wonder to yourself, “can I sell branded products on my website?” Well, in this article we will answer that so you don’t have to wonder anymore.

Every business-minded person will ask that question at some point so if you want to know it too, you should keep reading until the end and learn something new from me.

Our way of life has drastically changed in recent years. As everything becomes more digital, attending markets with a lot of people makes us feel uneasy and time-consuming.

This is when online shopping is useful! People may purchase online in the comfort of their own homes, which is incredibly handy.

When it comes to selling branded products, the internet is quite promising. This article might assist you in selling branded goods on your website.

A branded product typically has a physical location and an online store to sell on its own. You may now be wondering if you can sell branded products on your website. 

What do branded products mean?

The term “brand” in business and marketing studies refers to any name, phrase, design, symbol, or other elements that makes it easier for the general public to recognize the goods and services of the seller.

A company, store, or product’s “brand” is the public’s impression, notion, or concept of it. The public will be able to distinguish your goods from rivals if you have a strong, identifiable brand image that commands their trust.

How to start selling branded products on my website?

Finding a respectable and trustworthy supplier that can offer you high-quality items is the first step. Next, you need to design a polished website that potential buyers can easily navigate and that has all the information they want. 

In order to increase traffic to your website and boost sales, you must market your website and promote your items.

You may simply sell branded items on your website and get a sizable profit with just a little work. You will be successful if you use the advice in this manual.

can i sell branded products to my website

Can I sell branded products on my website?

Of course, you can. But in order to do it properly, you must follow a set of rules so you won’t violate anything and you won’t flunk your business.

It may be a lot of work but doing the tips that I will provide you will lessen the burden that you will feel and of course, everything will be easier for you.

You need to keep in mind to be careful in doing so since branded products have their own shops and selling them on your own website; you need permission before doing so.

But in some circumstances, such as reselling a branded product you purchased, then that is legally fine and you won’t have any problem in selling the product. 

Do I need permission to sell branded products online?

Of course! In reality, if you don’t have the required authorizations, it’s preferable to avoid selling branded products.

First, check the website’s or platform’s terms of usage before you start selling. There are rules for what items may be offered on various platforms and what kind of license the brand owner must grant.

Second, check your deal with the brand owner. If you are a licensed reseller, there can be certain rules regarding online sales.

Finally, be on the lookout for any gray market or fake goods. Your reputation and the connection you have with the brand owner might suffer if you sell these things online.

How can I ask companies for permission to sell their products?

Directly approaching the brands you wish to offer on your website and applying to be their distributor is the best method to obtain their consent.

Before allowing you to sell their brands, the majority of companies want to know what level of success you have had or have previously had in the resale market.

Make contact with businesses you wish to do business with and discuss buying a quantity of their goods to resell them, making sure that all the necessary documentation and legal criteria for resale are in place.

As an alternative, you may partner with a retailer that is authorized by the brand and is able to resell the goods; this is how small resellers operate.

Additionally, you need to look for companies that provide drop shipping or affiliate services if you want to sell things without maintaining an inventory.

When a customer wishes to place an order, you post the product on your website and refer them to the brand’s order form.

Is permission required to sell brands on Amazon?

Before utilizing images of branded items, you must first get Amazon‘s approval to sell them on Amazon. You must also have the owner of the brand’s permission to use their images.

If the copyright holder does not grant you permission, Amazon will lodge a copyright infringement case against you.

For Amazon to allow your brand on its website, it must first receive approval from Amazon. If Amazon finds that a firm is violating its intellectual property rights, it has the legal authority to request evidence of your approval.

Is it possible to sell branded items on Shopify?

In order to respond to the question “Can I sell branded products on my website?” since you are the rightful owner of the trademark, there shouldn’t be an issue if the branded items are registered under your firm.

We must advise you, nonetheless, that you would better not if your “branded product” refers to reselling an item from a well-known brand. Why? The reason is that you could run into issues while selling a branded product on your website, such as:

  • The matter of copyright.
  • Warranty problems.
  • Difficulties with taxes and sales.
  • Payment gateway problems.
  • Concerns with advertising

Can I sell branded products without a license?

To sell items that have a trademark attached, a company does not need to acquire a specific business license. 

To sell a product that is covered by a trademark, you must first get the owner’s approval. You could also need a resale license, which enables you to purchase clothing from a wholesaler without paying sales tax.

To sell products bearing a trademark, authorization from its owner is necessary. Anyone may sell things that include copyrighted content as long as they have secured the necessary legal documents.

Things to remember when selling branded products on your website

1. Getting authorization from the brand is the most crucial step to take before you start selling branded goods on your website.

2. You cannot sell the goods directly on your website using their photographs without their consent.

3. Be aware that some products, especially digital media assets, are licensed rather than sold, and selling or re-licensing them would result in legal consequences.

How can you expand your business while having your website sell branded products?

There are several more tasks you must complete in addition to selling branded goods on your website to support the online expansion of your business.

Here are some tips you can use to expand your business:

1. Finding your sector or niche first can help you get started. Anything is possible, including footwear, apparel, luggage, etc.

2. Now that you’ve identified your niche, it’s important to look for items that are relevant to it and obtain permission or authorization from the company to sell those things on your website.

3. You must ensure that the items are legitimate and original if you are purchasing them from shops and reselling them.

4. Be sure to note that your website’s product description is factual and offers thorough details on the item.

5. Last but not least, your excellent customer service is what counts most.

If you know how to interact positively with consumers, then congrats—you’re ready to go! This will assist you in expanding your online business because providing excellent customer service is essential to its success.


Despite the fact that nearly anything may be sold online, selling branded goods on Shopify (or other eCommerce platforms) without authorization could be detrimental to your business, particularly if you want to take it seriously.

This article explains if you can sell branded products on your website and what problems you can encounter. I hope you learned something new today.


Is it still profitable to resell?

Reselling enterprises may be successful and offer a lot of benefits, but if you have a certain area of expertise, you can also find reselling to be profitable. It is possible to launch an e-commerce business more quickly without any experience with product creation or audience development.

Is it prohibited to resell branded products?

No legislation prohibits you from selling the item if you have purchased it. After making a purchase at a store, it is up to you to decide what to wear. In many circumstances, after a product is sold to its initial buyer, makers have no further control over it.

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