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Most Effective Retargeting Platforms 

12 Most Effective Retargeting Platforms in 2023 

#1 Hosting For Ecommerce Websites

When an initial encounter does not result in a sale, retargeting platforms give businesses a second shot. Among hundreds of things, you can use a retargeting network to remind your consumers why they came to your site. I’ve examined the most effective retargeting platforms in 2022! Read the rest to know more!  

What Is Retargeting? 

Retargeting is a marketing technique that allows you to reconnect with previous website visitors. You may track them as they explore other websites and present advertising for things you know they’ll be interested in.

A retargeting campaign can be structured in a variety of ways. You can select the audience to retarget based on various data points. Amazon, Facebook, and other ad platforms enable this on product pages using a tactic known as dynamic retargeting. They boost the urgency in their ad language for each day a user has not viewed the item. Another retargeting option is to show advertising only to users who have started a process, such as checking out any other website or app page.

You can narrow down your retargeting pool over time based on what the data shows you. You might alter the messaging or target other audiences if a campaign is underperforming. If a campaign is going well, steady a portion of your daily ad spending. 

How Does Retargeting Help?

Retargeting is more than simply a quick way to reconnect with website visitors. It’s a marketing technique that can help your company in various ways. It can do the following:

  • Increase conversions.

Web traffic only sometimes translates into sales. The average conversion rate for a website is less than 3%. Some may understand this to suggest that while 97 percent of traffic is meaningless, it still has value. Retargeting focuses on most customers who did not convert when they originally visited your website and assists in bringing them back to complete the transaction. This expands their opportunities and raises the likelihood that they will eventually convert.

  • Promote new products.

Retargeting allows you to learn which products your visitors like. You have the chance to discover more about your actual audience as part of the retargeting process. Rather than making assumptions about your target audience, online statistics will reveal who is interested in your business.

You can better adapt your ad campaigns and speak directly to their requirements with additional data points and information about your customers. More data leads to more personalization, which improves their experiences with your brand.

  • Reach out to potential customers.

Another advantage of retargeting is the ability to reconnect with website visitors. This is less expensive because you are advertising directly to those who have expressed an interest in your brand. Retargeting adds more points of contact with your product and, more broadly, your brand, boosting the possibility that individuals familiar with you will convert.

With the ever-changing digital advertising environment, winning your audience’s attention requires quantity and quality. While you can expect your customers to have multiple interactions with your brand before they’re ready to convert, each digital encounter should be memorable.

  • To raise awareness. 

Awareness campaigns are useful when you re-engage website visitors and inform them about relevant products, features, or announcements. These advertisements are typically served to pixel-based lists.

The clear disadvantage of awareness campaigns is that you are presenting less targeted material to consumers who have yet to connect with your brand substantially. They aren’t in your contact database, and their predicted clickthrough rates are frequently lower than other ads.

However, because the purpose is to raise awareness of your company, impressions and interaction are good metrics to track. Awareness campaigns are frequently antecedents to a far more effective campaign goal: conversions.

  • To decrease cart abandonment.

Cart abandonment occurs when a consumer places an item in their shopping cart in your online store but leaves without checking out or completing a purchase. Retargeting can assist you in regaining abandoned cart clients by reminding them that the item they were interested in is still available and ready for purchase.

  • To launch new products.

When you know a consumer has visited your website, made a purchase, or expressed general interest in your company, retargeting allows you to share new products with them that are relevant to their interests. When people see your ads, you may direct them to your website to learn more about your new product and encourage them to buy it.

 When Should Retargeting Campaigns Be Used?

Retargeting is intended to be a long-term marketing approach for established businesses. Google remarketing advertisements are ideal if your website receives at least 100 monthly visitors.

You can use retargeting when your bestsellers are being promoted. Retargeting ads are a simple and effective approach to highlighting your best-selling items. Additionally, marketing things that your current customers enjoy can help convert visitors into customers and enhance the ROI of your ads.

Aside from bestsellers, you could try it when new collections are being introduced. When launching a new product collection, people interested in your brand and visiting your website are great audiences to target. Your retargeting advertisements will attract their attention wherever they go online, directing them back to your store to see what’s new. This can be accomplished using Google AdWords display advertisements or Facebook remarketing campaigns.

Speaking of retargeting, here are the most effective targeting platforms I’ve encountered and would like to share with you! 

12 Most Effective Retargeting Platforms in 2022

1. Mailchimp

How to Make an Ecommerce Business Plan for Your Startup

Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that offers a spectrum of AI-powered tools to help businesses interact with their target audience more effortlessly and efficiently. It uses the Google Display Network to reach more than 90% of internet users with display ads, from automated email messages to postcards and online sales. This company offers an ad builder to assist you in creating a successful retargeting campaign that attracts past users to your site for future transactions.

Mailchimp’s Google remarketing advertising assists in recapturing the attention of consumers who have previously visited your website or landing page. Promote your products on sites your potential buyer’s visit, and remind them of all the amazing things they saw on your website. Your adverts will appear on renowned websites all across the internet. 

Google remarketing advertisements are web retargeting in which adverts are shown to users who have previously visited your website or landing page. Mailchimp has collaborated with Google’s Ad Display Network to display your ads on many websites, mobile sites, and apps.

To get started, connect an e-commerce store supported by Mailchimp, manually connect your website to Mailchimp, or establish a landing page in Mailchimp. They will place a tracking code on your website to track visits.

2. WP Engine

How to Make an Ecommerce Business Plan for Your Startup 1

WP Engine uses Factual Audience, a targeting platform that allows marketers to create custom, scalable audiences based on real-world behavior data. WP Engine produced two distinct groups in its three target markets by employing Factual’s Audience Designer and Behavior Profiles.

WP Engine collaborated with SteelHouse, an advertising software company with an easy-to-use retargeting platform, to implement a retargeting strategy. Factual custom segments and other audience data segments were used to launch a prospecting campaign with The Trade Desk. Users who interacted with the ads and website were added to a pool for retargeting.

 As mentioned by Factual. Creating custom audiences using Factual resulted in over 6,200 Verified Visits to the redesigned WP Engine site, with an average Verified Visit Rate of 0.06% across all three markets. These KPIs were significantly higher than those generated by the other audience segments, which did not use Factual, high-quality location data. 

3. AdRoll

How to Make an Ecommerce Business Plan for Your Startup 1

This marketing tool is useful for e-commerce and web-based firms who wish to reconnect with their customers through different channels. Marketers can use this site to generate customized, highly targeted advertising that links with various networks, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Google Ads.

Businesses may cast a larger net, retarget more potential clients, and achieve higher conversion rates. Before finalizing the deal, you can try a restricted free version of this service or purchase a subscription with a 90-day trial.

Overall, AdRoll makes it simple to construct retargeting campaigns as it offers a variety of tools to help you convert interested visitors into loyal customers, including retargeting. In addition,  AdRoll allows you to develop and manage retargeting programs across over 500 advertising partners. Its strong AI-driven system makes more forecasts than the NASDAQ to assist you in introducing the proper clients to your site. 

4. Google Ads

How to Make an Ecommerce Business Plan for Your Startup 1

Google remarketing and Facebook ads are among the most popular ways to reconnect with visitors. With a Google retargeting campaign, you can place your ads in front of your target audience while surfing the Google network and visiting partner websites.

You may use Google retargeting advertisements to ensure that your content appears when consumers search for products comparable to yours online. You’ll also be able to construct fully customized campaigns suited to your target audience’s preferences.

Google’s advertising technologies are among the most trustworthy in the world. They’ve been there almost as long as the search engine, and they’re still one of the most popular options for business owners and marketers looking to stand out online.

Because they are so adaptable, Google Ads retargeting strategies are particularly noteworthy. You can configure particular budgets based on your company’s needs, get incredibly detailed with your target demographic, and specify which triggers should initiate a retargeting campaign.

5. Facebook Ads

How to Make an Ecommerce Business Plan for Your Startup 1

Facebook retargeting is one of the most common methods of reconnecting with clients. Facebook reaches massive potential leads thanks to its billions of monthly active users. Its retargeting enables businesses to customize advertising on a granular scale, with dynamic content, to guarantee that the most relevant messages are delivered to prospects.

6. ReTargeter

How to Make an Ecommerce Business Plan for Your Startup 1

ReTargeter assists you in creating campaigns that are tailored to your specific business needs and will help you stand out from the crowd. With this high-quality tool, you’ll be able to keep your company in front of your target audience no matter where they spend their time online.

7. Criteo

How to Make an Ecommerce Business Plan for Your Startup 1

Criteo, a dedicated PPC advertising platform and retargeting solution, guarantees customers a large return on ad spending with its cutting-edge, dynamic retargeting technology. Based on machine learning and AI algorithms, this platform assists businesses in understanding their target demographic and presenting retargeting advertising on the appropriate channels.

Like many of the best retargeting firms, Criteo provides remarketing campaigns by embedding custom code on your website. This code enables the unique Criteo AI engine to track consumer engagement on your website.

8. SharpSpring Ads

How to Make an Ecommerce Business Plan for Your Startup 1

SharpSpring Advertisements, formerly Perfect Demographic, is a retargeting technology that lets you create dynamic retargeting ads and place them in newsfeeds, websites, and social media platforms for your target audience to see. You can use their comprehensive analytics to acquire up-to-date information on click-through rate (CTR), income, and conversions, as well as assess the impact of your campaigns to ensure you’re on the right track. 

9. Meteora

How to Make an Ecommerce Business Plan for Your Startup 1

Meteora is a fascinating retargeting solution that focuses significantly on “local” retargeting. It is designed to let brands target customers based on the stores and locations they visit. Businesses can use geofencing to create their remarketing efforts around certain places. This implies you may actively target increasing traffic to specific real-world locations.

10.  Perfect Audience  

How to Make an Ecommerce Business Plan for Your Startup 1

Perfect Audience is a retargeting platform that allows advertisers to re-engage with lost web visitors using Facebook and web banner ads. You can offer adverts to potential visitors on various mobile devices using mobile retargeting. Perfect Audience also allows you to retarget users of your business app.

11. RollWorks Account-Based Platform

How to Make an Ecommerce Business Plan for Your Startup 1

RollWorks, a NextRoll company, provides an account-based platform for ambitious B2B firms of any size to unify their marketing and sales teams and confidently grow revenue.

The RollWorks platform, powered by machine learning and an extensive account data foundation, assists you in identifying your target accounts, engaging them with digital ads, web personalization, email signatures, and sales automation, and finally, measuring the effectiveness of your programs. Overall, it is an essential platform for large and small marketing and sales teams who feel that an account-based strategy is just excellent B2B marketing.

12. Kickfire

How to Make an Ecommerce Business Plan for Your Startup 1

You can retarget and optimize ad spend across campaigns with Kickfire. KickFire displays the actual companies that are visiting and displaying real-time purchasing intent. Only about 2% of website visitors will turn into an inbound leads on average. KickFire allows you to reach in-market consumers earlier in their buying process and convert them into actionable sales prospects by tapping into the other 98% of your website traffic.  


Businesses can use digital marketing efforts to reach a specific audience and increase traffic to their website. Unfortunately, a single visit does not always result in a conversion. Today’s marketers should consider using retargeting platforms to boost the odds of higher conversion rates and more income.

When most websites attract visitors, only 2% of those visitors convert on the first visit. Those lost sales possibilities don’t have to be forgotten. Retargeting platforms are an excellent approach to re-engaging visitors and urging them to return to your site, where you can help them progress through the sales funnel. Retargeting does more than just increase conversion rates. It has the potential to raise online sales by approximately 20%. Overall, it is an efficient approach to maximize your advertising budget while increasing traffic and revenue.

I hope I gave you something helpful to step up your game!

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