Pixpa vs Squarespace? From themes to editors. The two most popular site builders have crucial differences.

#1 Introduction to my Pixpa vs Squarespace Comparison

Need clarification about Pixpa vs Squarespace? I get you! It’s a choice many people have doubts about! The good news is, I’m here to help you understand the differences so you can make your best choice! I’ve built and analyzed over 300 websites built with Pixpa and Squarespace, and I’m here to share my experiences with you.

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Pixpa vs Squarespace at a glance:

1. Two most popular website builders

Pixpa and Squarespace are the two top-rated website builders! Combined, they have over  1 million websites up and running. 

2. Aggressive feature releases

Pixpa and Squarespace have been releasing new features at the speed of light. They’re going head to head to become the most popular website builder. That being said, when one of them releases a popular feature, it won’t be long until the other releases it.

3. Main difference between Pixpa and Squarespace 

Pixpa is an all-inclusive platform that allows creative professionals to construct and maintain their Portfolio Websites more than Squarespace effortlessly. 

4. Incredible templates

Pixpa has 150+ templates, while Squarespace has 113. I’m sure you’ll find a beautiful one with both of them!

5. Disadvantages Pixpa ❌

  • Overlapping apps 
  • The checkout process could use some tweaking 
  • It would have been great if there were more customization options 

6. Disadvantages Squarespace ❌

  • It’s impossible to get custom solutions from the support
  • They don’t offer one-time pricing
  • The customer support isn’t amazing

#2 How to install Weebly or Squarespace

Installing Pixpa or Squarespace is super easy! Follow my steps, and you’ll have everything set up in less than 5 minutes. Pinky promise!

I split it up into 2 phases. Phase 1 is for Pixpa, and Phase 2 is for Squarespace.

Phase 1 – How to Install Pixpa 

Step 1: To start with Pixpa, visit its website first.

Step 2: Click the Get Started Free button. All the tools you’ll need to construct a one-of-a-kind website are there without any technical knowledge required.

Step 3: Sign up for an account.

Step 4: Choose a plan. Pixpa’s pricing options range from $6 per month for the Basic package to $12 per month for the Creator package, $18 per month for the Professional package, and $25 per month for the Advanced package.

Step 5: Get the ball rolling! Although the familiarity with markup languages such as HTML and CSS is helpful for every aspiring web designer, it is no longer needed. 

Phase 2 – How To Install Squarespace

Step 1: Go to the website of Squarespace and click on Get Started.

Step 2: Choose a template. Once you press Get Started, you’ll be prompted to choose a template. More than 100 visually appealing templates are already on the Squarespace website alone. 

Step 3: Look like a professional by setting up a domain. 

Step 4: Create a style for your website to establish your brand’s tone. 

Step 5: Add the pages you need and delete the ones you don’t.

Step 6: Configure SEO. The marketing section of your toolbar includes an SEO option where you can import your keyword list for ranking purposes. 

Step 7: Prioritize analytics! Data analytics is significant since it allows you to improve your performance. You can also utilize data analytics to make smarter decisions and monitor customer patterns and satisfaction.

Step 8: It’s time to party! Your Squarespace website is ready for use!

#3 Templates

The website templates provided by Pixpa are cutting-edge, mobile-friendly, and flexible to your specific tastes and needs! 

Pixpa Templates 

Pixpa Template 1 – Lean

Pixpa Template 2 – Davis 

Pixpa  Template 3 – Greenhorn

Squarespace Templates

Let’s continue with some amazing Squarespace templates.

Squarespace provides a fantastic selection of templates. Although aesthetics are subjective, I believe in Squarespace’s clean, contemporary templates. Just replace the placeholder content with your own, and that’s it; you got a website. You can adjust elements to make them just the way you like them.

Squarespace Template 1 – Personal

Squarespace Template 2 – Photography

Squarespace Template 3 – Restaurant

Travel Agency about us template

Winner: Wix and Squarespace have been useful to me when showcasing my creative work, but Pixpa does a better job of showcasing my photos and designs than anyone else. Pixpa’s drag-and-drop builder makes it possible to create any kind of custom page with a streamlined UI and attractive templates surpassing Squarespace and Wix (in my opinion).

#4 The Editor

It’s tough to compare the user interface of Pixpa and Squarespace, as it’s highly dependent on personal preferences. There will be tons of people who think that Pixpa has a better editor. But then again, others will say Squarespace wins.

I’ll start comparing the two for you to see the difference:


Anyone can streamline their online presence using Pixpa’s drag-and-drop website builder. It is easy to make changes, and you are not required to learn coding just to use this one. 

Pixpa advertises itself as a portfolio builder with integrated eCommerce capability. It should come as no surprise that not everyone will find this platform to their liking. However, if you want to create a visual portfolio and sell your photography, paintings, or other handicrafts online without breaking the bank, Pixpa is the perfect option. You can get your hands on it for a reasonable price, and it’s also functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Compared to Pixpa, Squarespace’s sections and content blocks are the building components of its pages. Content blocks are the various pieces that make up your websites, such as text, buttons, photos, maps, forms, and other features. In general, they are known as building blocks.

In addition, sections are stacked vertically on your website and include content chunks that are linked together. Even though you may build a part from scratch, you can also select from a library of pre-designed sections, such as the following:

Background pictures may be used in sections essential for a contemporary, full-bleed image feel. A section’s height, breadth, alignment, and colors may all be customized, but you must stay within this basic structure.

Winner: Both editors are user-friendly. Once you’ve figured out what you’re doing, editing becomes quick and simple, and you’ll love their clean menus.

#5 Ease of Use


Just like Squarespace, Pixpa is extremely easy to use. It’s a drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to create your site precisely as you see it on screen rather than dealing with ambiguous program code. Instead of dealing with too much complexity, you can move photos, buttons, and more around your page until you are satisfied. After all, they care a lot about user experience and happy users.


Squarespace is a website builder for beginners that allow users to construct websites without knowing any code. Anyone may take charge of the construction process and develop a website in their spare time. Furthermore, customers may choose a package with a name and hosting, eliminating the need to maintain or purchase these items independently.

However, one downside is that once you choose a template and edit it to your liking, it’s difficult to change to a different one. It means you have to start over.

Before ever paying, you can build and fully complete your website on Squarespace. This is super handy if you’re comparing different builders.

Winner: Squarespace’s UI is more streamlined and straightforward, particularly in content management! It may not be the most user-friendly website builder, but it is one of the greatest products of its kind. I’ve been using it for years, and I believe Squarespace provides the ideal balance of power, ease of use, and great design!

#6 Ecommerce

Can you use Pixpa or Squarespace for eCommerce? Yes, they’re both perfect for it. Let me show you why.


Pixpa is an excellent option for eCommerce. Its simple drag-and-drop editor allows you to start your online store without obstacles. All you have to do is select a theme, upload your products, configure shipping/taxes, and decide your preferred payment method! 

If I may add, Pixpa allows you to create two distinct sorts of shops. The first is a dedicated online store for physical products, and the latter is eCommerce galleries store for selling images. 

Online photo galleries are meant to sell tangible products like prints and digital files. Gallery functionality for online stores is included in all pricing tiers. In addition,  all options provide access to the aforementioned dedicated store, which is perfect for selling tangible goods and services online. 


Squarespace isn’t the greatest e-commerce platform, but it’s a great option for small and developing businesses looking for a fully integrated online store. Its two e-commerce plans contain various essential features, including Apple pay integration and incorporation of ShipStation.

Winner: Both options have great features that your online store will love! In addition, they offer specialized e-commerce price plans, allowing anyone to sell an infinite number of things.

#7 Features

Both Pixpa and Squarespace have a lot of features. I can’t think of any feature I would like to add. However, I imagine you want to know more about what features are included. So here we go.


Pixpa is a one-stop shop where creative types can set up shop, promote their work, and make a profit. After trying out Squarespace, Wix, GoDaddy, and WordPress, Pixpa is the best portfolio website builder I have ever used. It has an ideal combination of user-friendliness and powerful features! Check these out: 

  • Custom Domain 

Pixpa is one of the few website creation platforms that lets you use your domain name. Thanks to this perk, you won’t have to pay extra to avoid being tied down to a name you don’t like.

  • Client Galleries 

Client galleries are password-protected areas where consumers can view and buy photographs from a photo shoot or event. If you’re a photographer or event planner and want to sell your work online without the effort of creating your website, then this option is for you.

Remember that a gallery page is not just a gallery; it is a portfolio of your work because it best displays what you have done and can accomplish for your potential consumers. This is especially useful if your work involves photography, art, fashion, and weddings

  • eCommerce

Pixpa allows you to create two distinct sorts of shops. The first is a dedicated online store for physical products, and the latter is eCommerce galleries store for selling images. 

Online photo galleries are meant to sell tangible products like prints and digital files. Gallery functionality for online stores is included in all pricing tiers. In addition,  all options provide access to the aforementioned dedicated store, which is perfect for selling tangible goods and services online. 

  • Store and eCommerce galleries 

You can either provide a service or sell tangible goods on your website. Easy to incorporate into your existing Pixpa site. You can start selling your work in minutes, even if you don’t know how to code!

  • Mobile Gallery Apps

With Pixpa, you can build custom mobile gallery apps for your customers. Spread your workaround, raise your profile, amaze your customers, and grow your brand! 

  • Blog

Blogs are an integral aspect of your site. They aid in attracting targeted traffic to your site by providing useful resources to your target audience. Pixpa provides built-in blog features so you may post and publish your blogs regardless of where you are. Because of bandwidth constraints, many website builders need help to provide users with sites that load quickly. Now that you know Pixpa has unlimited bandwidth; you can rest assured that your website will load quickly without hiccups.


Now let’s continue with Squarespace.

  • Blogging

Squarespace is the only website builder that competes with WordPress. If you’re a blogger looking for a website builder, Squarespace is a great option.

  • Photographic Galleries

Squarespace has long been a favorite among artists and photographers thanks to its stunning picture galleries.

  • Scheduling Appointments

Visitors can arrange and pay for visits using Appointment Scheduling. There is a monthly charge, and options begin at $14.

  • Analytics

While Google Analytics may always be added, Squarespace offers its own analytics that seamlessly integrates with current Squarespace capabilities to measure sales per product.

  • Members Only Area

Members Area, which allows you to produce and manage premium content for registered customers, was introduced by Squarespace in 2020. It does come at a cost (monthly plans start at $9) and a transaction fee.

Winner: Pixpa is a website builder with many great features, but I love it most because it prioritizes visual content. This makes the builder ideal for anyone wishing to showcase their work online or make a buck.

#8 Pricing

Let’s talk about pricing. When comparing Pixpa vs Squarespace, price is an essential factor to consider. So, which platform is less expensive and which gives more value?

Let’s take a closer look.

Pixpa Pricing

Pixpa’s pricing options range from $6 per month for the Basic package to $12 per month for the Creator package, $18 per month for the Professional package, and $25 per month for the Advanced package.

A basic online portfolio is what the Basic plan is all about. You can only use it to shop online or write a blog with the functions present. The primary differences between the plans are the amount of available storage and the maximum number of products per store! 

A free trial period of 15 days with each plan allows you to evaluate the service and decide based on your experience. After your trial period ends, you must commit because Pixpa does not provide a free plan like many other website builders. But if you’re just starting, the standard plan is cheap and has everything you need.

You can make monthly or annual payments (for a maximum of one year at a time). Discounts are available if you pay for the service each year instead of monthly. Pixpa now only accepts payment through the three major credit card networks: Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. PayPal is not accepted as payment for your subscription.

In addition, all Pixpa plans are discounted by 50% for students. A discount code will be sent to your inbox as soon as you sign up for the free trial, and send an email to the support team containing your student ID.

Squarespace Pricing

Squarespace offers four pricing options like Pixpa:

  • Personal —  $23 per month
  • Business —  $33 per month
  • Basic Commerce — $36 per month
  • Advanced Commerce — $65 per month

With only $65 per month, you can access Squarespace’s most powerful commerce features.

Winner: Pixpa and Squarespace offer affordable plans for your needs and requirements! Pixpa offers some of the most affordable website-building plans available. You don’t compromise on quality to save money, either! 

#9 SEO

Both are great for SEO, but I’d have to give this round to Squarespace. All Squarespace designs are fully responsive, meaning your site’s design will simply adapt to look good on tablets, mobile devices, and desktop PCs. This not only makes your site more accessible to the masses, but it can also bring significant SEO value.

Pixpa is not the most cutting-edge regarding SEO and online promotion. Nonetheless, the builder does offer options for things like marketing pop-ups, cookie consent banners, and site- and page-level SEO. You can create customized marketing popups by changing the text and visuals to suit your needs. Thanks to this function, gathering email addresses from clients is a breeze.

Divi SEO Review

#10 Domains & Emails

If you already have a custom domain, you can connect it to your Pixpa website, as it offers a free domain name for the first year with all annual plan subscriptions. If you need help, you can purchase your domain name from any domain registrar like Godaddy.com, Name.com, or Register.com.

Please contact support@pixpa.com with any questions or concerns about purchasing the domain! If you want to use your existing domain name with Pixpa, you will need to add or amend the DNS settings in your domain management panel. The DNS settings can be updated through an online form on the website of many domain registrars. If you need to learn how to make these adjustments, contact your domain name registrar and ask them to help you.

#11 Examples

Look at both these examples to better understand what’s possible with each site builder.

Pixpa website example 

Benny Cuppini Photography (https://www.bennycuppini.com/)

Photographer Benny is from New York’s Queens neighborhood. He is a photographer based in New York City who specializes in photographing food and consumer goods. 

Squarespace website example 

Fat Choy NYC (https://www.fatchoynyc.com/)


Fat Choy is where you can taste and buy all kinds of Chinese food. 

#12 Customer Support

Everyone enjoys receiving assistance in many ways. That’s why website builders must provide a variety of assistance features. 

Pixpa vs Squarespace is a fascinating comparison regarding aid and assistance. Both have various options to obtain help, but figuring out what works best for you is crucial.


Help from Pixpa’s website professionals is available around the clock via email and live chat. Every time you have a question, you can count on getting an answer in less than 5 minutes!  If you have more questions about using Pixpa, check out their comprehensive guides and tutorials in the Help Center.


Articles, guidelines, and video lessons have always existed in the Squarespace knowledge base. In addition, you can register for webinars and participate in community forum conversations for more in-depth answers.

Winner: Regarding assistance and support, Squarespace comes out on top as it offers personal email help 24/7. It also offers a more user-friendly support center.

#13 Conclusion

Should you use Pixpa or Squarespace? It depends on what you need.

Choose Pixpa if you want to create a stellar web-based portfolio or resume. Then, choose Squarespace if you want to create a website, have content hosted, get a domain name, accept online payments, run an online store, monitor site traffic, and much more.

#14 FAQ

  • Which is faster, Pixpa or Squarespace?

It’s a draw! They function well without interruptions, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

  • Is Pixpa better than Squarespace?

Both are good and have lots to offer. Squarespace and Pixpa make it simple for users to construct highly appealing yet still functional websites.

  • Which is cheaper, Pixpa or Squarespace?

Pixpa, as it offers most basic plan for $12 per month!