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Keyword Research Statistics 2023 – 7 Mind-Blowing Statistics

In need of keyword research statistics for the coming year? Well, search engines–whether traditional platforms like Google or modern variations such as YouTube or SnapChat–remain a key driver of company sales online.

That’s thanks to 93% of online activities spurred by search engines, which in turn create more than 300% of website traffic and an $80 billion annual SEO industry in the US alone.

With the new year just a month and a half away, here are valuable keyword research statistics that show the future of SEO.

1. Short-tailed keywords make up 8% of search requests on Google and long-tailed keywords make up 50%

Incrementors highlighted that people formulate questions when they research on Google. These questions are often less than four words, which comprise 29% of the 10,000 monthly search volume. While long-tailed keywords (more than four words) are used by a majority in keyword research.

2. “Near Me” and “Where To Buy” are keywords often used by online shoppers before a purchase

According to Google, 82% of netizens use “Near Me” when they look for products online. Millennials make up 92% of those who use this word. This usage increased to 200% recently on mobile phones along with “Where To Buy”. While a 250% increase in mobile searches occurred for the keywords “store open near me” and “on sale + near me”.

3. 53% of shoppers research online before a purchase

Speaking of online purchases, Google adds that 53% of shoppers conduct research online before they make a purchase–whether this is in-store afterward. Shoppers want to make sure they make the best decision on which product to buy.

4. An average of 75.5% of marketers use keyword research in creating content for consumers and businesses

The Content Marketing Institute reported that marketers of business-to-business companies employ 78% of keyword research for online content preparation. While business-to-consumers companies employ 73% of keyword research in preparing content for the web. This is mostly done (87% of B2B) to address customers’ need for information than for the company’s goal for sales or promotions.

Keyword Research Used By Marketers

5. “Cricbuzz”, “Weather”, and “Facebook” are the top three keywords searched in Google in 2022

“Facebook” received 144,000,000 volume searches in the US and globally as per Ahrefs. This was succeeded by “Weather” with a search volume of 179,000,000 and “Cricbuzz” of 213,000,000. The other keywords in the top 10 used in Google include “YouTube”, “Amazon”, “Translate”, “Whatsapp Web”, “Clima”, “Sarkari Result”, and “Yandex”.

An interesting keyword used this year among the top 100 searches in Google is “Restaurants Near Me”, which ranked 99th for a volume of 23,600,000.

On the other hand, Semrush reported that “Facebook” is the top keyword researched with 203,900,000 volume as of August 2022.

Keyword Research Statistics

6. “How Many Ounces In A Cup” Ranked #1 among questions most-searched in Google this 2022

“How Many Ounces In A Cup” garnered a search volume of 3,860,000. This was followed by “How Many Centimeters Is In An Inch”, with almost half the search volume of the former at 1,960,000. This is slightly lower than that of “Cuando Cobro” at 1,910,000. An interesting question at rank 6 in the top 100 most used questions in Google is “Where My Refund”. This is something any business can make use of in their SEO keywords, ensuring relevant content on it is integrated into their website.

7. Keyword research is implemented on a broader scale involving 4 types of intent

According to ThatWare Founder Dr. Tuhin Banik, the four kinds of search intent–informational, navigational, commercial, and transactional–are implemented by users on a broader scale. This means it is important to integrate this into a buyer’s purchasing journey by modifying the keyword strategy to satisfy the different search intents.


Keyword research statistics offer great insights to businesses in the formulation of their search engine optimization strategies and overall advertising campaign. Thus, it would always be beneficial to a company to keep abreast of the current trends in keyword research.

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How does keyword research work?

Companies use keyword research to identify what words or search terms their target audience use on Google. Knowing what these words are help companies devise what content they should focus on and actually use often in their website and online marketing campaigns.

What tools to use for keywords research in 2023?

Since long-tail keywords (more than four words) have been found to be most used online, particularly in Google, ShoutMeLoud recommends using several online tools for an easy marketing win in 2023. These tools are SemRush, KWFinder, Lowfruits, Answer The Public, Google’s Auto Suggestion Tool, and Google’s Auto Suggest. While HiDigital recommends Keywords Everywhere, Keyword Surfer, Answer The Public, and Keyword Sheeter as robust tools for your general keyword research. Personally, I use Ahrefs and am totally fine with it. You might want to try it, too.

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