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How Often Should You Redesign Your Website? – Top 3 Pointers To Consider

If you’re wondering how often should you redesign your website, you’ve come to the right place for the answers! 

I have been an online presence consultant for several years now and have much to share on giving light to your predicament. My website actually contains epic website templates you can choose from for your redesign needs based on your particular business niche. 

I even talked previously about the top 10 signs that you need a new website. This time let’s particularly talk about a website redesign, which may entail revamping part and not the entirety of your online presence’s look and feel.

Before you do check out the website templates we prepared for entrepreneurs like you, let me tell you the top three pointers to consider when it comes to the frequency of redesigning your website. 

1. Necessity

Necessity is the mother of invention–or in this case reinvention in the context of redesigning a website. The first thing to ask yourself is why you need to redesign your website. Here are possible reasons:

  • a. Website Function and Features

Experts recommend that websites should be given a new design every two to three years. With the speed of technological advancements, more than three years would mean a totally passe design. A website’s function and features–important aspects that change alongside the new trends in technology and programming languages–will also determine the look and feel of your online presence. 

In the early 2000s, a website with a Macromedia Flash landing page or homepage was the sought-after design of companies the world over. It didn’t take long for this to change when bandwidth became a problem and it became a pushback against the need of people to get the information they need from a website. 

That and the emergence of new programming techniques that provided the same interactivity as Macromedia Flash did to websites at less the loading time of a landing page, pushed new designs for an online presence.

Another emerging technology that came in the years following 2010 is the increased use of the internet through mobile phones. Websites had to be redesigned to make them mobile-friendly. 

How Often Should You Redesign Your Website

b. Persistent Problems

In addition, Adlava highlights a website’s poor site traffic as an indicator for a redesign. Website traffic that shows a low conversion rate may mean the demand of users is not actually being met or there are hindrances to them getting what they need. An outdated design is one reason for this, especially where users do not easily see how to get what they need–whether it’s information, product, or service

Business2community elaborates that having a lot of broken links or non-working features on a website will push your users away and prevent them from purchasing your products or services, not to mention browsing your pages for a long time. 

These problems require a retailoring of your website’s design to ensure a smooth flow in user navigation that will lead to a sale or repeat purchases. Plus, increase your site traffic and visibility in search engines.

2. Branding

A common thing new businesses often miss out on in their marketing plan is aligning it with their website. Launching a new brand or image for your company would require you to redesign your website after it. If your business is acquired or partners with another business, there is also a need to do a website redesign. Thus, branding and other major business changes will also affect how often you need to redesign your website.

3. Aesthetics

First impressions last. Your business’ credibility online will be greatly affected by how your website looks and feels for its users. According to statistics, 48% of people rely on a website’s design in assessing the credibility of a business entity. 

If you invest a lot in having a presentable, decent, and cozy physical office for your business, shouldn’t you do the same for your online presence? The appearance of your office space does a lot in bringing in customers to your business. It’s pretty much the same for your website.

How Often Should You Redesign Your Website – Things To Consider

Now that you already know why and how often you need to redesign your website, here are what you need to factor in for your online presence’s new look and feel.

1. SEO-compliant 

A website that is ready for search engine optimization is a must these days. If you need help in this area, we can review your website and give you customized guidelines on how to make it optimized for search engines. A website that is search engine optimized is more visible online and leads to more site traffic and sales.

2. User-friendly structure

Navigability is part of planning the design of your website. You need to consider if it helps users easily access the information or product they need when they browse your website. You might also incorporate having a design that easily adjusts to different screen sizes of the users without them experiencing any hassles.

3. Easy-to-manage

When you create a new design for your website, remember that it is simple and easy to manage for future updates. That is, it is easy to implement changes on your own.

4. Conducive to sales

Another thing to remember is to incorporate functionality in the design that will allow the website to process orders online and track shipping, among other features. This would add services to your users at their convenience. Make sure that the website loads fast or that it will not negatively impact the experience of users. 

5. Social media visibility

A new website design that presents how users can get in touch with you through various social media platforms is a good sign that you are accessible to them at any time. More importantly, a website linked to your social media platforms is a must. This means any update you make on each of your social media platforms is seen as interactive content. Doing so improves your exposure online. This is also a good indicator that your website gets updated automatically because of the different feeds from your various social media platforms. 

In summary, Medium.Com identifies the following questions you should regularly ask yourself to determine if it is time for a website redesign:

  • Does your site look really modern or old?
  • Is your website’s design something you can be proud of?
  • Does your website function well?
  • Did you make a big business change such as coming out as a new brand?
  • Is your website faring well compared to your competitors?
  • When was the last time you updated your website’s content and features?



Why do I need to redesign my website constantly?

There is a need to redesign your website often to address a demand, to keep up-to-date with technology that affects your site’s functionality and features, and to ensure users have an ambient navigation experience that will lead to sales.

Who can help me with my website’s redesign?

My Codeless website recommends three expert web designers you can get in touch with if you wish to have someone do this for you. But we also provide various templates you can use to do your website redesign yourself even if you do not know any coding. Simply click this link and choose from the list the niche of your business to start off your website redesign adventure.


Should you need further help or if you have other questions, feel free to message me any time!