#1 Growth Hacking Case Study – How 1 Experiment Increased Revenue with 95%

Hey there!

It’s time for an inspiring growth hacking example.

Here’s what you can expect:

A – About the company

B – The challenge

C – The growth hack

D – How to implement it yourself

E – Growth hacking tool of the week

Grab yourself a cup of coffee and get comfortable. Here we go!

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(Speaking of percentages, you might be interested in Big Data statistics. Feel free to read this post about it.)

A – About the company

I wanted to start this series with one of my own websites. My Codeless Website.

→ It’s a website I started 2 years ago and is generating 80% of its revenue via affiliate marketing. 

→ The pages where I make most of my money are blogs like “The 25 Best Startup Website Examples”.

→ 95% of its traffic comes from people who do google searches like “startup website examples”.

B – The challenge

In a perfect world, somebody would read my blog, and click one of the affiliate links. For example, a link to one of my favorite WordPress Themes called “Elegant Themes”.

The more people click on these affiliate links and actually purchase the theme, the more revenue I generate.

The average revenue per affiliate sale is $100 :

→ I’m getting a 50% commission on all sales

→ The average order value is $200.

So my revenue calculation looks like this:

Monthly revenue = (Number of monthly visitors) X (% clicking on affiliate links) X (% purchasing the affiliate product)

In order to increase my monthly revenue, I need to increase at least one of these variables.

See, my most clicked affiliate button at the time was a black, squared, button that says 


At the time, 1.41% of my readers would click on this button.

Now here comes the growth hacking challenge.

At the time, 1.41% of my readers would click on this button.

Now here comes the growth hacking challenge.

C – The growth hack

In this growth hack, I decided to focus on increasing the % of people clicking on the affiliate links.

How did I do it? By testing.

Every week I would do an A/B test to see if I can increase this percentage.

Week 1:

A: Keep the same, black, squared button

B: Make the button pink

The result?

Oeh. Button B actually saw an increased click-through rate of 38%.

Let’s do another test:

Week 2:

A: Keep the text: ”VIEW TEMPLATE”

B: Change the text to: “VIEW TEMPLATE / DEMO →”

The result?

Oeh! Button B now saw an even higher click-through rate of another 14% higher than the previous version B.

Week 3:

A: Keep the button in a squared shape

B: Make the button look like a pill, with a border-radius of 45 pixels.

The result?

BOOM! The click-through rate actually increased by another 24%.


And next?

Well. I keep on experimenting every week.

And as expected, version B doesn’t always win from version A.


→ If that’s the case, you should go back to version A and see if there’s something you think you can improve.

→ Actually, over 75% of my experiments don’t outperform the status quo.

→ But that’s okay, it’s about learning from your experiments and trying to improve from there.

D – How to implement it yourself

Now there are many ways you can set up these A/B tests yourself.

My 2 favorite tools for this are:

→ Google Optimize

Elegant Themes built-in A/B test feature

Google Optimize is a great tool, after installing it, you can create A/B tests without even being logged in to your website. However, it does seem to make your website a little bit slower. 

In my case, I used Elegant Themes. If you already have their template, there’s nothing you need to set up. You can just click on any element and select ‘split testing’, it’s really that easy.

E – Growth hacking tool of the week

Now usually I would recommend a powerful growth hacking tool in this part of the email. However, I felt in this email I already talked about 2 A/B testing tools you might want to explore.

If you’re not doing A/B testing yet, I highly recommend it.

Next week’s growth hacking tool is going to be a cool one. It’s one I recently discovered and works like a charm!

Final thoughts

Is your website ready for A/B high conversions? Or does your website make your visitors feel like it’s 1990? If so, get in touch with our web design team. They can help you out!


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