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Growth Hacking Statistics 2023 – 17 Key Figures You Must Know

Are you looking for growth hacking statistics?

Perhaps you want some actual numbers on growth hacking to back up an article you’re writing. In any case, you found the right article.

Let’s dive into some actual key figures and facts about growth hacking.

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1. Every month, 53.000 people do a Google search for ‘growth hacking’

Monthly Searches Growth Hacking

2. Growth Hacking seems to be the most popular in France. Every month 8.200 people do a Google Search for ‘growth hacking’

France is followed by Brasil (7.500) and the United States (3.500) per month.

Growth Hacking Ranked Per Country

3. Setting up an automated follow-up increases your chances of converting a lead with 900%

Using automated email, Whatsapp, or Messenger messages increases the conversion of leads.

4. Paypal’s referral program caused a 7-10% daily revenue increase.

To launch Paypal, they launched a referral program that gave existing customers $20 when they invited a friend. The friend would also receive $20, making their cost of acquisition (CAC) $40. Paypal invested $60 million in this campaign.

5. Hotmail used a viral strategy that gained them 3,000 daily signups right after their launch

Back in 1996 Hotmail added an automated signature to every email stating: “P.S I love you. Get your free email at Hotmail”.

6. Growth hacking is popular – there are currently 7.940.000 blogs written about growth hacking

7. 68% of all business-to-business startups work without having a clear funnel strategy

This causes a huge opportunity for growth. If you are able to identify your funnel, you’ll be ready to start hacking it.

8. 98% of the website visitors do not purchase

Only 2% of all website visitors continue to purchase on average. This makes the revenue phase the most appealing for growth hacking.

Paying Customers Vs Bouncing Customers

9. Existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products compared to new customers

Upselling to your existing customers will yield greater results compared to acquiring new ones.

10. Only 18% of all startups focus on customer retention

This is a huge opportunity for improvement, as existing customers are worth more than potential new customers.

11. Referral customers are worth 16% more compared to normal customers

People who found your company via their network, will be more likely to stick to your brand.

12. The most popular article about growth hacking was shared 26.800 times on Twitter.

It’s a Medium article with 10 proven growth hacks for startups. You can read it here.

13. Every month 2.600 people do a Google search for “what is growth hacking”

14. A 2-second delay in page speed will increase your bounce rate by 103%

Having a fast website is critical to hacking your on-page results. We recommend WPX hosting for page speed optimization.

15. 45% of your website visitors are less likely to make a purchase if your website loads “slower than expected”

16. There are currently 7.000 growth hacking agencies listed on LinkedIn

17. Retargeting reduces cart abandonment by 6.5%


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